11 Best Superautomatic Espresso Machines [2023]

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Superautomatic espresso machines are the next level of at-home coffee making.

They allow you to enjoy all your favorite espresso drinks at home, with no trips to the local coffee shops. You get perfect coffee from the comfort of your home – without getting out of your pajamas!

But what are the best superautomatic espresso machines? The best superautomatic espresso machines are made of durable materials, like stainless steel, particularly for the grinder as it’ll see the most use. They should allow for control over the brewing process, such as with coffee volume and temperature, and be programmed to make several different drinks.

This article is your guide to superautomatic espresso machines. Not only we will tell you what to consider before buying a fully automatic coffee machine but also suggest 11 options for you to choose from. 

What Makes Superautomatic Espresso Machines Different?

In the case of semi-automatic espresso machines (or some manual espresso machines), you have to take care of grinding the coffee, transferring it into the portafilter, and tamping.

Then you have to monitor the “pulling” of the espresso, knowing when to stop the flow.

Automatic espresso machines are only slightly different from their semi-automatic counterparts. The only major difference is that these machines are clever enough to stop pouring the shot after around 30 seconds. 

Superautomatic espresso machines do all the work for you, including grinding, filling up the portafilter and tamping, and pulling the espresso shot. Some will even steam or froth the milk for you. 

You can easily see why superautomatic machines are so desired. But if you’re not a retired barista, you may be at a loss when it comes to choosing the best one for your needs!

How to Choose a Superautomatic Espresso Machine

If you want to be your own barista (with a little less work!), then you should consider buying a superautomatic espresso machine. 

In fact, you may have an automatic or semi-automatic espresso machine and now want to level up and buy a fully automatic one. But do you know what makes these machines so longed-for by the coffee aficionados?

A superautomatic espresso machine is a serious purchase. You can’t buy a few to find the perfect one.

You have to make all the considerations before placing an order to get a superautomatic espresso machine that fits your needs and expectations. 

Here is what to consider before buying a superautomatic espresso machine:

Technical Parts 

With superautomatic espresso machines, the high quality and performance of the technical parts are especially important. Here are a few of the key parts you should pay attention to:

  • Grinder: The grinder of a superautomatic espresso machine gets a lot of use and it’s incredibly important. Thus, it should be made well and of top-quality material so that not it won’t break easily.
  • The grinders are typically made of either steel or ceramic.
  • While most people prefer ceramic grinders, stainless steel is considered best for automatic machines. No matter what material the grinder is made of, it should provide consistently ground coffee beans and operate as quietly as possible. 
  • Brewing Unit: There is a lot going on in the brewing unit of a superautomatic espresso machine. Thus, it should also be made of a durable material. It is best when the brewing unit is removable, too, so you can clean it thoroughly by hand. 
  • Thermoblock (Boiler): The thermoblock should heat up the water quickly – most models heat up within a minute or two – and be resistant to buildup since it can be a pain to clean.
  • Water Tank: The water tank of an espresso machine doesn’t need to be too big as the water may remain unused for a few days. And coffee with stale water isn’t something to look forward to in the morning. 
  • Bean Hopper: This is the compartment of the espresso machine that holds the beans. It comes in different sizes depending on the model and the overall size of the machine.
  • When evaluating the size of the bean hopper, think about how many people you usually make coffee for at a time. This will help you decide whether the machine will cover your needs or not.

Controllable Process

Superautomatic espresso machines do all the work for you. It seems like there is nothing more to ask for. However, there are still certain things you can control and this is exactly what makes some espresso machines unbeatable.

You should have control over the grind of your beans, making them finer or less fine depending on what you’re making. You should also be able to control the strength of the shots.

With certain superautomatic espresso machines, you can also control the temperature of your drink. 

Milk Steaming 

If you want to be able to make cappuccinos and lattes with your superautomatic espresso machine and not reach out for any other devices, then you need a machine with milk frothing and steaming functions built in.


While superautomatic espresso machines shouldn’t be anywhere near commercial size, they can only be so small.

This is logical as there is a lot going on in these machines with the grinding, water tank, and brewing.

However, you still have options when it comes to the size of the fully automatic coffee machines. 

If you have little countertop space, go with the ones that are comparatively smaller. These are the machines that are also slightly lower in price. 


A superautomatic espresso machine placed on the counter will make any kitchen look so much better. 

But if you want your espresso machine to suit your kitchen, choose it in a color that will complement the rest of your kitchen appliances and the overall interior of the room. 


Cleaning your espresso machine regularly is essential if you don’t want to let all the money you have spent on it to go to waste. 

The more removable parts the espresso machine has, the easier it will be to keep it clean – and the longer it will last.


It’s certainly important to consider the fact that any superautomatic espresso machine will be a little on the pricier side of things. 

Buying this type of coffee machine is an investment. You’re guaranteed a lifetime of use out of a purchase, but it’s still a good chunk of money to put down, so make you take some time to find one that suits your preferences. 

When buying a superautomatic espresso machine, be ready to spend at least $500 on it. Some top-shelf espresso machines may cost a few thousand. You decide how much you are willing to pay for a fully automatic espresso machine. 

If you’re not sure of the investment, you may want to buy separate milk steamers, grinders, and smaller espresso or coffee makers separately. You’ll have to do the work, but it is a more cost-effective method.

11 Best Superautomatic Espresso Machines 

Choosing a superautomatic espresso machine is not an easy task, so we’ve gone ahead and picked the 11 best superautomatic espresso machines for you to choose from.

You can pick your favorite depending on the features you are looking for in a fully automatic coffee machine. 

RankProductBest Feature
1.De'Longhi Super Automatic Espresso MachineEasy to clean
2.Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso MachineAuto milk frother
3.Breville Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Espresso MachineAlmost commercial quality
4.De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine10+ drink options
5.Philips Carina Compact Super-Automatic Espresso MachineFront-loading water tank
6.Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso MachineUser-friendly
7.Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine15+ drink options
8.Hipresso11 different drink options
9.Hanchen G10Commercial grade water pump pressure
10.Saeco XelsisErgonomic design
11.MEROLAffordable option

1. De’Longhi Magnifica

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Key Features:

  • Steel burr grinder
  • Twin brewing system
  • Advanced frother 
  • Easy to clean 
  • 1.8L of water tank capacity
  • Charcoal water filter 

If a superautomatic espresso machine is the first serious coffee-making machine you are buying, then this De’Longhi is a fantastic pick. 

Firstly, it has all the needed drink options – single and double espresso, cappuccino, latte, and Americano. 

Secondly, it is easier to maintain and clean compared to other espresso machines. The drip tray, waste bin, and water tank are all removable. Cleaning the funnel from the ground coffee only requires a plastic knife, also! 

And lastly, the control panel is easy to use. Set the temperature, strength, and size of the coffee grind, and the machine will do the rest. 

If you enjoy the milk steaming and frothing process, then the advanced manual frother that comes with this machine is something we think you’ll appreciate.

With the adjustable manual cappuccino system, you will be able to create drinks with long-lasting foam. 

2. Philips 3200 

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Key Features:

  • Durable ceramic grinders 
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Removable brewing unit
  • 12-step grinder adjustment 
  • User-friendly touch screen design 
  • Compact design 

With the Philips 3200, you can enjoy espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, or simply hot water with only a touch. 

Once you decide what coffee drink you want, you can adjust the strength, temperature, and coarseness of the grind, as well as how much coffee you want in the cup. 

If the drink of your choice includes frothed milk, simply fill up the frother with the desired amount and it’ll make a creamy, foamy, delicious espresso.

If there is milk left in the frother and you don’t want to waste it, you can transfer it into the fridge for the next use. The removable frother of this espresso machine is convenient and incredibly easy to clean. 

3. Breville Oracle

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Key Features:

  • Conical burr grinder
  • Precise water temperature
  • Adjustable grind
  • Adjustable milk temperature and consistency
  • Automatic frother 
  • 8 customizable coffee settings

If you are ready to pay a higher price for a fully automatic espresso machine, then this Breville superautomatic espresso machine is an amazing choice.

This espresso machine is so advanced that it will make your kitchen feel like a professional coffee shop.

Every stage of the coffee making process, be it espresso or flat white, is automated.

All you have to do is to select the drink from the touchscreen and customize the settings. This includes the grind size, milk temperature, and foam consistency. 

The machine tamps 22 grams of ground espresso for a shot to make your drink feel like it’s being made by a barista right in front of you. 

With this Breville fully automatic espresso machine, your coffee will never taste bitter or ashy. This is due to the precise temperature control and optimal water pressure features

4. De’Longhi Eletta

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Key Features:

  • Adjustable grind settings
  • Cup warmer
  • Over 10 possible drink options
  • Automatic milk frother 
  • Long-lasting rich foam
  • Easy cleaning

The De’Longhi Eletta fully automatic espresso machine is another expensive option that is certainly worth the price. 

If you want your coffee machine to operate consistently, then this is the machine for you.

Every cup of coffee you get will have the perfect temperature. If you pick cappuccino or latte, the foam will have the perfect consistency and richness. You can customize the settings every time you need a change

With this espresso machine, you can use not only coffee beans but also pre-ground coffee that you can fill in the second chamber. It doesn’t just have to be regular ground coffee; it can also be your favorite decaf specialty

De’Longhi espresso machines are known for being easy to clean. If cleaning your coffee machine is one of the tasks you dread, this espresso machine is one of the easiest options you can go for

5. Philips Carina 1200-Series

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Key Features:

  • Compact design
  • Auto frothing feature
  • Programmable drink options
  • 1.8L water tank capacity 
  • Ceramic grinder 

If you are looking for a moderately-priced fully automatic espresso machine, then this Philips Carina coffee machine is a great option. 

It has everything you are looking for in a fully automatic coffee machine.

It grinds the beans to your desired coarseness, brews your favorite coffee, and froths milk in case you are in the mood for a foamy drink. 

This coffee machine is also AquaClean compatible, meaning you can place an AquaClean water filter in the tank of the espresso machine for better-tasting coffee. It will also help you go longer without descaling the machine

6. Gaggia Brera

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Key Features:

  • Milk frothing for lattes and cappuccinos
  • Easy to access dregs drawer
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly LED display
  • Rapid steam technology

The Gaggia Brera superautomatic espresso machine is one of the easiest espresso machines to use on this list.

Its LED display and push-button controls are simple and intuitive. It is also very easy to clean as you have quick access to the dregs drawer, drip tray, and the water tank of the machine. 

The Panarello wand on the machine will froth the milk to the perfect texture for your cappuccinos or lattes. If you choose to drink Americano or tea, the machine will use the wand to fill up the cup with hot water. 

Due to its rapid steam technology, brewing a cup of aromatic espresso won’t take you too long with this coffee machine. 

7. Saeco PicoBaristo

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Key Features:

  • Ceramic grinder
  • 15 drink options 
  • 1.8L water tank capacity 
  • Touch screen display
  • Automatic milk frother

The Saeco PicoBarista superautomatic espresso machine is great for those who want to enjoy many different coffee drinks at home.

With this espresso machine, you will get to select from 15 possible options. Additionally, you can customize them and save them to one of the 6 user profiles to save time in the mornings. 

This coffee machine is relatively easy to keep clean. You do have to take out the removable parts and clean them properly. However, it’s very easy to do and doesn’t take too much extra time. 

The AquaClean water filter will keep the water tank free of buildup for up to 5000 cups of coffee. And the Hygiesteam function will keep the entire milk circuit clean by steaming it. 

8. Hipresso

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Key Features:

  • 11 varieties of coffee
  • Long-lasting conical burr grinder
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • 1.8L water tank capacity
  • Dual heating system

This Hipresso superautomatic espresso machine is an incredibly robust, multi-functional coffee machine.

If you’re looking for something that’ll give you a full-bodied, well-developed cup of espresso every time, this is it.

This machine has a bean-to-cup feature that allows you to choose from 11 different drinks, from a Latte Macchiato all the way to an Americano.

9. Hanchen G10

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Key Features:

  • 5.0” large touch screen
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Six outlet design
  • 2.0” display screen
  • Commercial grade water pump pressure

If you’re looking for a superautomatic espresso machine that practically takes care of itself, then the Hanchen G10 is for you.

With one touch and you’ll have access to a variety of different drinks.

A built-in automatic cleaning system also makes this machine as effortless as possible, while simultaneously providing you with amazing beverages.

10. Saeco Xelsis

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Key Features:

  • 1.7L capacity
  • Programming based on user profile
  • 3.5″ large touch screen
  • Double thermo blocks
  • Ergonomic design

The name of the game here is customization, and the Saeco Xelsis lets you customize everything.

Milk and espresso volume, dose, temperature, texture, you name it.

The machine also has a Hygiesteam system that keeps the drinks creamy and delicious while also helping clean the Xelsis as well.


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Key Features:

  • LCD screen
  • Personalized temperature and coffee volumes
  • 10.6 ounce large sealed bean container
  • 2L side-loading water tank
  • Professional disc grinder

The MEROL superautomatic espresso coffee machine is a versatile, built-to-last kind of espresso maker.

An adjustable grind knob helps you determine how coarse you want your grounds, which will help you get a bolder or lighter cup of coffee, depending.

It’s a more affordable model as compared to some of our other picks here, so if you’re trying to keep an eye on your wallet, this is a great pick.

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