The 5 Best Manual Espresso Grinders Of 2023

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If you enjoy every step of the coffeemaking process, you have probably searched for a good manual grinder at least once. It is especially challenging to find an espresso grinder as the grind size has to be just right. 

What are the best manual espresso grinders? The best manual espresso grinders are made from sturdy materials. The burr especially should be very durable. Most importantly, a manual grinder for espresso should have adjustable grind settings as beans should be ground differently for different coffee makers and processes

Keep reading to learn how to choose the best manual grinder and what are our top picks for the five best espresso grinders. 

How to Choose a Manual Coffee Grinder

If you don’t mind spending extra time and effort on grinding coffee first thing in the morning, then manual espresso grinders will be a great purchase for you. 

But before you buy one, there are a few things to learn about these coffee tools. 

1. Grind Settings

A manual coffee grinder might seem to be a simple tool at first sight. But the great thing about it is that today all good hand grinders come with the feature of adjusting the coffee grind size.

You don’t simply need a tool that will grind coffee beans. You likely need an espresso grinder. Something that will grind the beans to a fine texture. This is the secret to a smooth and rich-tasting espresso. 

The good thing about a quality espresso grinder is that you can adjust the setting to fit other processes. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, it’s worth having a machine that gives you French press grinds one day and espresso the next.

Unlike regular coffee, you need a fine grind for espresso. Espresso grind is something in-between powdery and gritty. Thus, you need your grinder to have the feature of adjusting the grind size. 

The perfect espresso texture differs from the regular coffee grind significantly. It resembles the texture of table salt.

Most other coffee grinds you’re likely to use will be coarser and grittier, if only a little. Turkish coffee is one of the exceptions as its preparation includes grinding beans to powder. 

But your pour overs and drips and French presses will all be at least a little coarser.

It is also important for the grinder to be user-friendly. Make sure adjusting the settings for different grinds is easy. 

2. Material 

Do you want a grinder that will serve you a long time and provide you with consistently good espresso grind? Then pay attention to the material. 

This refers to not only the material the grinder is made from overall but the material of such important parts of the grinder as the burrs. The burrs of quality grinders are typically either steel or ceramic. 

The common materials for manual coffee grinders are stainless steel, plastic, and wood.

If you don’t mind a heavy grinder, a stainless steel one will be great for you. If you are looking for something light that you can travel with, plastic grinders will be your best bet.

Additionally, pay attention to the material of such parts of the grinder as the handle.

It is often most comfortable when the handle is made of silicone. Ergonomic designs are also always nice. If it has both, then you have come across a very thoughtfully designed grinder.

3. Price

There are a number of hand grinders on the market and all fall into different price categories. 

You may compare the prices of manual and electric coffee grinders and see that you find both types of grinders at similar price points. So, why not buy a grinder that will the job for you?

Here’s what you should know. You can buy a twenty-dollar electric grinder and a hand grinder at the same price or even lower. But the latter in almost all cases will be better-made. 

A lot more goes into the manufacturing of electric grinders, which is understandable. Thus, if it is sold at a very low price, it should make you think that it is not of the best quality and won’t be a long-term investment. 

Finding an affordable electric grinder is not an indication of quality. In the meantime, a hand grinder may be reasonably priced and of high quality at the same time. 

If you are just getting into manual grinders, you can start with something affordable yet of good quality.

If you are your own barista at home and enjoy every step of making coffee, you’ll want to invest in a top-quality manual grinder even if it has a slightly higher price point. But make sure it fits all your needs, too. 

5 Best Manual Espresso Grinders 

If you love the espresso-making process, here are five of the best manual grinders on the market:

RankBrandKey Features
1.Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder80g capacity, ceramic burr, multiple grinds
2.Porlex Stainless Steel Coffee GrinderStainless steel, 30g capacity, multiple grinds
3.Hario Ceramic Coffee MillPortable, ergonomic, easy to use
4.VEVOK CHEF Manual Burr Coffee GrinderSettings for grinds, 48g capacity, easy to use
5.Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean GrinderWood and cast iron, ergonomic, easy to clean

Whether you are looking for an affordable option or a long-term investment to your coffeemaking tool collection, we feel confident you’ll find an option to meet your needs.

1. Khaw-Fee Manual Coffee Grinder 

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Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder has all the chances of becoming your first coffee grinder. It is affordable yet of truly high quality. 

Whether you like regular drip coffee that requires a medium grind, finely milled Turkish coffee or espresso that needs to be ground to perfection, the Khaw-Fee grinder will do the job. 

The burr of this coffee grinder is ceramic and yet it has a quiet grinding action. The stainless steel handle is very sturdy. 

The ground beans accumulate in a glass jar that you can seal with the lid and store some ground coffee for later use. You never know when you will need another shot of espresso throughout the day. 

Here are some other facts about this coffee grinder that you should know: 

  • You can grind 80 grams of beans at once.
  • This grinder comes apart easily. Thus, you can give it a deep clean in no time. 
  • The silicone base ensures that the grinder doesn’t slip and remains stable while you are grinding. This is will ensure a consistent grind and perfectly find grind for espresso. 

2. Porlex Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

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If you have had some experience with manual grinders and are now looking into investing in a good one, then look no further.

This Porlex Jp-30 hand grinder is a great option for those who don’t mind spending a little more on a quality coffee tool. 

Being made of stainless steel, this coffee grinder looks sleek and elegant. But the best part about it is not the appearance.

This compact manual grinder can grind the beans from French press to powder. Espresso grind, which falls somewhere between the two, can be achieved with this manual grinder with ease. 

The capacity of this grinder is 30 grams. 

Here is why this coffee grinder is worth your purchase:

  • Being made of stainless steel, this grinder is very sturdy and static-free. 
  • The ceramic conical burrs will not rust and will last you not less than 10 years. 
  • There is a spring constructed into this grinder to provide a consistent grinding action even for a coarse grind. 

3. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill 

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Hario Ceramic Mini Slim Plus Coffee Mill is one of the most compact coffee grinders you can find on the market.

Nonetheless, it will grind enough coffee for two shots of espresso. What else do you need for a perfect morning?

One word to describe this coffee grinder is easy. You can easily adjust the grind size, grind the beans with no effort due to the high-quality ceramic burrs, and easily detach the powder receiver. 

Here’s what makes this coffee grinder so good:

  • This is a portable coffee grinder perfect for traveling. It is slim and lightweight. 
  • The ergonomic design of the grinder ensures a nice grip.
  • It has a strong hexagonal adapter for the handle. You can be sure that it won’t break. 

4. VEVOK CHEF Manual Burr Coffee Grinder 

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The Vevok Chef manual coffee grinder is a real find if you are looking for a grinder that combines quality, convenience, and a reasonable price point. 

With a glass container that holds around 48 grams of ground coffee and stainless steel burrs that ensure the longevity of this product, the Vevok Chef coffee grinder is a great investment. 

Here is why it is one of the best espresso grinders you can buy:

  • It comes with six precise grind settings with no room for error. 1-2 grade is for espresso. You will never have to worry about not knowing how to adjust your grinder for espresso ever again. 
  • This grinder is easy to carry around. 
  • The sturdy and well-designed handle ensures balanced grinding. 

5. Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder 

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Some people just love wooden kitchen tools. If you are one of them and a wooden hand grinder fits your kitchen aesthetic, then Akirakoki manual grinder is something up your alley. 

The body of this grinder is very sturdy. It is carved from a single piece of high-quality wood. The top and the handle are made of iron and are very sturdy. 

This grinder will work perfectly for espresso lovers. But if one day you are in the mood for a coarse grind coffee, you can do it too with this grinder. 

Here is what makes this grinder unique:

  • It has a cast iron burr. Not only is it very durable but it also doesn’t produce heat while grinding. The burrs don’t affect the oils in the beans. Paired with the right grind size, your espresso will turn out impeccable. 
  • The handle has an ergonomic design and provides an easy and smooth grinding action. 
  • It is easy to disassemble this grinder and clean it.

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