The 5 Best Flavored Decaf Coffees Of 2023

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Decaf coffee is a lifesaver for people who drink too many cups of coffee during the day just to enjoy the smooth, rich flavor. Flavored decaf coffee is a way to experiment with various flavor combinations without getting the jitters.

What makes for the best flavored decaf coffee? The best flavored decaf coffees are those that are the same blends and roasts as your favorite caffeinated coffees but don’t sacrifice any flavor with the decaffeination process.

In this article, we will tell you all about decaf coffee and how to find your perfect flavor. We have picked five of the best decaf flavored coffees for you to choose from. 

Decaffeinated Coffee 

Decaffeinated coffee, called decaf coffee for short, is coffee that has had at least 97% of its caffeine removed.

But what’s the point of drinking coffee that doesn’t have caffeine in it? Isn’t the boost of energy coffee gives us the reason we drink it? Well, that’s just one of the reasons. 

Many people want to enjoy the flavor of coffee and the experience of coffee drinking without getting all that caffeine.

Decaf can be enjoyed at any time of day and it won’t keep you up at night. Additionally, there are people who don’t drink coffee due to health conditions or a sensitivity to caffeine.

Others rely on that cup of coffee in the morning to get their digestion on the right track, but caffeine just isn’t their thing.

There are a few decaffeination methods coffee manufacturers use. Most methods include decaffeinating coffee beans with water, various organic solvents, and carbon dioxide. A popular decaffeination method is the Swiss water process. 

As for the nutritional value, decaf coffee is equally as nutritious as regular coffee minus the caffeine. 

How to Choose a Decaf Coffee

If caffeine just isn’t your cup of coffee, here’s what you should consider before buying a bag of decaf instead.

Decaffeination Method

Some people worry about chemicals in decaffeinated coffee, as many brands use chemical solvents to remove the caffeine from the beans.

However, experts claim that no matter what solvents are used in the process, they get washed away and don’t present any health risks. 

The Swiss water process is a chemical-free decaffeination process that includes the use of hot water and an activated charcoal filter.

As there are no chemicals involved in this method of decaffeination, many people consider it to be one of the healthier decaffeination methods. 

With this being said, there are no clear-cut distinctions about which method is healthy and which method is not. It all comes down to personal preference when you try coffees decaffeinated differently and pick one that best suits your palate.  

Ground or Whole 

Buying whole or ground coffee is a choice between convenience and freshness. If you want to experience the freshest coffee flavor and aroma, we recommend buying a bag of whole beans. 

Ground coffee tends to lose its freshness, especially once you have opened the bag. But if you are a coffee aficionado and go through coffee bags quickly, buying a bag of ground coffee is surely more convenient. 


Consider the blend of the coffee when buying decaf coffee. The beans may come from a single origin, such as 100% arabica. Or it may be a blend of beans from different origins. 

Start with single-origin coffees to learn about the flavor qualities of each and only then start trying blends to figure out what is it that you like. 


When buying coffee, the roast is one of the key properties of coffee you should pay attention to. You can choose between light, medium, and dark roasts. 

The darker the roast, the less acidic and crisp the coffee is. Dark roast coffees have a heavy body and a rich flavor. 

If you are not sure about the roast, starting with medium roast coffee would be a good idea, as medium roasts have a balanced flavor. 


There is a wide range of flavored decaf coffees. Decide what type of flavors you are more into.

Are you looking for familiar flavors, such as vanilla, hazelnut, and chocolate? Or do you want to experiment and go with bolder flavors, such as mint, fruits, or spices?

5 Best Flavored Decaf Coffees

Without further ado, here are five of the best flavored decaf coffees available on the online market.

1.Don Francisco’s Vanilla NutMedium roast arabica, nutty
2.Door County Coffee Chocolate CherryMedium roast arabica, sweet
3.Lion Coffee Vanilla MacadamiaLight roast arabica, bright flavor
4.Cameron’s Coffee Highlander GrogArabica, rum, butterscotch, caramel
5.New England Coffee Hazelnut CrèmeMedium roast arabica, smooth

We’ve chosen a few familiar flavors as well as a few more out-of-the-box flavor profiles so that you can grab exactly what you think you’ll like or experiment with new combinations to your heart’s content.

1. Don Francisco’s Decaf Vanilla Nut 

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This is a decaffeinated coffee with vanilla nut flavoring for those who want to stay in their comfort zone.

The nutty aroma with hints of vanilla paired with the flavor of medium-roast arabica beans is a combination many people will love.

As you know, there is always a negligible amount of caffeine left in the beans even after the decaffeination process.

With Don Francisco’s decaf coffee, it is brought to a minimum. According to the manufacturer, this ground coffee is 99.7% caffeine-free.

With 140-year expertise in the field, Don Francisco knows what every coffeeholic is looking for in their drink. Even though this coffee lacks the caffeine and the energy boost it comes with, its quality does not disappoint.

2. Door County Coffee Chocolate Cherry Decaf 

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If chocolate cherry cake is your favorite dessert, then this Door County Coffee is bound to become your new favorite coffee drink, whether you are a regular or a decaf coffee drinker. 

This high-quality medium-roast coffee is infused with dark chocolate and cherry flavor.

Coffee, chocolate, and cherries – a combination that won’t leave any coffee lover indifferent. 

A bag of this Door County decaf coffee features 100% arabica beans. The 10oz bag is enough to make up to 84 cups of coffee in a regular drip-style brewer. 

You may be worried about the calories seeing the word chocolate on the packaging, but the good thing about this flavored coffee is that it contains zero grams of sugar, fat, and carbohydrates per serving.

So, you can enjoy your favorite chocolate and cherry flavor without the calories!

3. Lion Coffee Vanilla Macadamia Flavor 

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Do you want to experience familiar flavor notes but with a twist so that it doesn’t get boring? Then this Lion Coffee Vanilla Macadamia Flavor coffee is a good pick for you. 

With the pairing of vanilla and macadamia nuts indigenous to Australia, this coffee will give you tropical vibes with its unique flavor notes. 

The premium Arabica coffee beans are ground. They are hand-picked, roasted, and packed following the highest standards.

As the beans are light roasted, you will experience a brighter and crisper flavor with this decaffeinated coffee. 

The manufacturer uses the Swiss water process decaffeination method, which eliminates the use of chemical solvents. 

4. Cameron’s Coffee Decaf Highlander Grog 

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Cameron’s Decaf Highlander Grog coffee is for the bold. It features flavored coffee that tastes like rum with butterscotch, caramel, and vanilla.

This is surely something to try if you are on the hunt for a decaf coffee with a unique flavor profile. 

Cameron’s coffee is ground. As the beans are roasted in small batches, this ground coffee comes extremely fresh.

So long as you don’t leave the bag open after using it and it doesn’t take you months to finish it, you will enjoy pre-ground coffee of maximum freshness. 

Cameron’s coffee is a 100% specialty-grade arabica coffee. Only 10% of arabica beans in the world are of such high quality. 

This rum and butterscotch coffee contains both natural and artificial flavors for a rich-tasting drink. 

5. New England Coffee Hazelnut Crème 

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New England Hazelnut Crème coffee features a rich nutty undertone that most people like. This coffee is 100% decaffeinated arabica.

This means that aside from the rich hazelnut crème flavor, this coffee has a soft, smooth flavor.

The beans are medium-roasted in small batches. This means that they are fresh.

As this New England Coffee comes ground, the fact that it is small-batch roasted is of key importance. 

Being a medium-roast coffee, the flavor of this hazelnut crème coffee is balanced, with the acidity being neither too high nor too low. 

To brew New England Hazelnut Crème coffee, you only need a tablespoon of it and 6 ounces of cold water for the perfect flavor. 

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