9 Best Sugar Cane Juicing Machines [2023]

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Sugar cane juice is the new talk of the town! It makes a delicious sugary drink by itself, but it can also be used in a wide variety of beverages and even recipes. But, as we always like to say, fresh and homemade is better than store-bought.

So, what are the best sugar cane juicing machines for homemade juice? First, consider whether you want to buy a manually operated press or an electric one. Then, you absolutely have to look at the stability of the juicer, and the materials it is made from. Only choose presses that have stainless steel rollers as they won’t affect your juice in any way!

Today, we will be diving deep into the world of sugar cane presses. We will discuss not only sugar cane juice itself but how to vest extract it.

And, we have also included a list of our favorite sugar cane juicing machines that can be all conveniently found online.

What Is Sugar Cane Juice?

Sugar cane is a type of grass crop that produces granulated sugar as we know it. The canes are roughly between 6-20 feet (2-6 meters) tall and have thick fibrous stalks.

These stalks are pretty hard (in texture) and to produce sugar they must undergo a ton of processing to break them down.

While the stalks seem to be very dry, they are actually packed with moisture and people have begun to process them to get sugar cane juice.

Now, the processing part to make sugar cane juice is where it gets very interesting. Sugar cane has been around for thousands of years.

Throughout the millennium, naturally different tribes have developed different techniques to extract the sweetness from these plants.

It all started using hand pressing techniques, which are even still being used today!

The canes are pressed between two hard surfaces (sometimes even using other stronger canes) which then break the fibers, releasing the sweet juice they hold. It is believed that sugar cane juice originated in Hong Kong.

This technique has eventually led to the development of manual juice presses and of course, automatic (or electric) presses.

Sugar Cane Juice Uses

So, first and foremost, this juice can be consumed as-is as a refreshing beverage on hot summers days. It can also be incorporated into juices and smoothies made at home.

It is commonly used as an ingredient in other beverages. In Vietnam they make a drink called nước mía or mía đá. They add other juices (like kumquat juice) to it to help balance the sweetness. 

In Egypt, they call it asab and there are a few varieties available, the main one having the addition of lemon. And in Madagascar, this juice is commonly used to make an alcoholic drink called betsa-betsa.

Sugar Cane Juice Nutrition

Okay, so this part was actually really surprising! Sugar cane juice doesn’t actually consist of “liquid sugar” if you will. It consists of about 70-75 % water, 10-15 % fiber, and only 13-15 % sucrose.

Unprocessed, this product contains a ton of antioxidants, which is the main reason so many people consume it. It is also very high in electrolytes which aid athletes in their performance by raising their blood sugar level.

In Eastern medicine, where this juice originated, it is commonly used to treat many diseases including those related to the liver and kidneys. 

Unfortunately, it is still sugar and still contains a lot of it. One cup (250 ml) of sugar cane juice contains around 55 grams of sugar! That’s about 12-13 teaspoons!

In terms of fiber, because the cane gets juiced, a lot of it is removed and varying products claim different amounts of fiber. We would still recommend getting your fiber from plants instead of sugary beverages.

But, here comes the biggest downside, because this drink is becoming more and more commercialized, unfortunately, it loses its natural nutrients and benefits.

It is often marketed as an all-natural beverage, however, many manufacturers add a ton of preservatives and flavor enhancers to the juice.

Types Of Sugar Cane Juicing Machines

Now that we have covered all things sugar cane juice, let’s have a look at how to actually make it! The name “juicing machine” is quite misleading, as most sugar cane juices are obtained through presses.

There are two main types of sugar cane presses available on the market today. The first is a manual machine and the second an electric (or automatic).

The manual machines have an input slot where you insert your cane. You then have a crank that you turn to help feed the cane through two rollers.

These rollers press the cane flat, allowing the juice to release. The juice flows into a container that usually is fitted with a spout.

The electric or automatic sugar cane press basically has the same design and works in the same way; however, no manual labor is involved.

You simply place the sugar cane inside the input, press the start button and the cane is automatically fed through the rollers.

Why Can’t I Just Use A Blender?

First of all, the sugar cane itself is extremely hard—probably harder than your average blender can handle, let alone a juicer!

You can still use a blender; however, there is a lot more work involved and your juice will most likely have tiny pieces of fiber inside.

You need a hard-core blender to make sure these fibers are properly blended and a good filter to help remove them.

Buyer’s Guide For Sugar Cane Juicing Machines

The first and arguably the most important decision you have to make is whether you want to buy a manual or automatic press.

Manual Presses

These presses are manually operated, so naturally, require some labor. However, the press has been designed in such a way that you can easily operate it without having to apply strenuous amounts of strength.

The presses are naturally bulky and have to be heavy to prevent the press from moving when you are cranking it.

They also tend to be designed in such a way that you can adjust a bunch of tiny things like the size of your input nozzle.

Something like this will ensure that the cane doesn’t move and gets properly pressed. It also allows you to press different ingredients, making it a more versatile machine.

Manual presses work at a much slower pace compared to a machine, but some will argue that this allows the juice to retain more nutrients. The output of the juice is also naturally much lower compared to electric presses.

Electric Presses

Electric presses are much more convenient and work much quicker. It doesn’t require a lot of labor (if any), it has a much bigger juice output, and it can press even the hardest of ingredients.

These machines are quite the force to be reckoned with and can also be used to juice other ingredients. They will be a great option if you are planning on making a lot of pressed juice.

The biggest downside to electric presses is that they use electricity and that they are sometimes quite loud (some models).

They also require regular maintenance and you run the risk of overheating the machine, especially when it is trying to press the harder ingredients.

And finally, the electric models are usually more expensive compared to the manual models; however, the price often brings you a ton of fun features like adjusting the power settings and adjustable speed settings.


So, now that you have decided which type you want, another factor to consider is its stability. These presses use a lot of power and need a solid base that will prevent them from moving.

The presses usually tend to be large and bulky, but some models are made from cheap and lightweight materials, which is what causes them to move and fall over.

Easy To Use

This not only refers to the actual making of the juice but also the cleaning of the press. Obviously, you want a press that works for you.

If you choose a manual model that requires a ton of physical strength, it takes the fun out of juicing. And, if you have an electric model that is complicated to use, it also isn’t fun.

When it comes to cleaning, you need to be able to easily clean every inch of the machine to ensure you don’t have any build-up or mold growth! 

The 9 Best Sugar Cane Juicing Machines

Below, we have assembled a list of our favorite cane sugar juicers that are all conveniently available online.

These include a wide range of sizes, output capacity, and also functionality. We can almost guarantee that you will find the perfect press for your home or business!

RankProductBest Feature
1.Ridgeyard Manual Sugar Cane JuicerBest overall sugar cane juicing machine
2.Shikha Electric Commercial Cane Juice PressJuice output of roughly 280 kg per hour
3.Taishi Commercial Electric Sugar Cane JuicerLow noise press
4.Vevor Manual Sugar Cane PressAdjustable roller size
5.Samger Hand Wheel Sugar Cane JuicerMade from stainless steel
6.Promotor Electric Cane JuicerAdjustable knobs for different ingredients
7.Trobest Greenstar Elite Slow JuicerDesigned with two powerful twin gears
8.Intbuying Commercial Cane Press With 3 RollersHas 3 food-grade solid stainless steel rollers
9.Taishi Manual Sugar Cane ExtractorPainted cast iron base

1. Ridgeyard Manual Sugar Cane Juicer

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This is a fantastic option for making pressed juice at home, in the office, at your local juice shop, or even at restaurants.

It is a manually operated press that has been designed in such a way that cranking feels effortless.

It will give you a juice output of roughly 50 kg per hour.

It has also been made from food-grade stainless steel that will not affect the color or flavor of your pressed juice and will also ensure that you get a clean product.

The stainless steel material also means that the press is rust-resistant and easy to clean. A simple hot cloth will do the trick!

And, unlike a lot of manual models out there, this one separates the juice from the cane (and fibers) extremely well, even running it through a filter to ensure you get the cleanest product possible.

2. Shikha Electric Commercial Cane Juice Press

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If you are looking for a high-yield cane juicing machine, this is the option we recommend highest.

It is built to juice and gives you an output of 280 kg per hour!

This commercial press is made from 304 food-grade stainless steel which will not corrode or rust, will not affect your juice in any way (flavor or color).

Plus, it can directly come into contact with the ingredients to ensure the most possible juice can be extracted.

It is very easy to use, can press a wide variety of ingredients, but naturally comes at a higher cost and is very bulky—but then again, it is designed for commercial use.

3. Taishi Commercial Electric Sugar Cane Juicer

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We wanted to put this commercial juicer right below the Shikha one, simply to point of that the only difference between these is price.

This model is generally a bit more expensive.

There are minor differences in the look, but overall, you won’t go wrong with either of these models.

One thing we will say is that this model is known to be a low-noise press. It can also juice a variety of ingredients, have adjustable knobs to ensure your sugar cane fits snugly, and finally, also has a juice output of roughly 280 kg per hour.

4. Vevor Manual Sugar Cane Press

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We must say, we absolutely love the look of this manual press.  Yes, it is still bulky, but it has a more professional and less commercial look to it. 

The manual press has been designed to work effectively.

It works with a multi-gear system that effectively separates the juice from the fibrous cane.

All the parts are also very easy to clean and are made from high-quality stainless steel and cast iron to ensure longevity.

It has an output of 50 kg per hour, which is pretty standard for manual presses. However, you can adjust the roller size that can affect the speed of juicing and save you a lot of time.

5. Samger Hand Wheel Sugar Cane Juicer

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This is a very easy to use (and fun to use if we’re being honest) manual press.

The handwheel allows you to control the exact pace at which you are juicing, allowing you to apply more power to harder ingredients. 

All parts touching the food are made from stainless steel and will give you a healthy juice.

It will not affect the color or flavor of your juice in any way. This manual press also produces about 50 kg juice per hour and is perfect for smaller operations.

6. Promotor Electric Cane Juicer

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This is another commercial cane juice press that is made from anti-corrosion food fade stainless steel to give you the best of both worlds.

It is a very durable product made from the best materials to ensure a long product life.

And, because of the stainless steel, you can rest assured knowing your juice won’t be affected in any way.

It is very easy to use and can be used for a variety of ingredients, all at the press of a button. And, it has adjustable knobs to help you get a tight fit on the cane, ensuring it doesn’t move.

7. Trobest Greenstar Elite Slow Juicer

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Okay, so we had to include at least one blender-type of juicer. But, this one will actually get the job done!

This slow juicer has been designed with two powerful twin gears that will be able to crush the cane effortlessly.

The gears rotate extremely slowly, ensuring the juice doesn’t heat up due to friction, and to ensure the most possible juice is extracted. 

This juicer also comes with a reverse button in case something gets stuck—this is a feature that electric presses don’t have.

8. Intbuying Commercial Cane Press With 3 Rollers

Check Current Price on Amazon

This is a beast of a commercial press.

It works with much more power compared to other commercial presses.

It also gas 3 food-grade solid stainless steel rollers that can be switched to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise.

All of these features allow this juicer to extract about 300 kg of juice per hour!

Despite being more powerful, it doesn’t necessarily use more power compared to other models. It is thanks to the design that allows this press to be more effective, saving you time and money!

9. Taishi Manual Sugar Cane Extractor

Check Current Price on Amazon

This is another well-designed manual cane press that will look great in any home kitchen, not only commercial spaces.

Its painted cast iron base elevates the look and it has smooth shiny stainless steel finishes.

The functionality of the press itself is also excellent.

This press can produce 50kg juice per hour, has 3 heavy-duty gears that ensure you can easily turn the crank with the least about of effort.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve looked at some of the absolute best sugar cane juicers available, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject!

Is sugar cane juice safe to drink?

There are some health concerns surrounding raw sugar cane juice. This is mainly due to the unhygienic conditions under which most of these juices are sold.

However, there are a ton of steps you can take to juice your sugar cane without any risks!

How do you clean sugar cane before juicing?

A lot of people prefer to scrub the sugar cane with water using either steel wool or a soft cloth. This helps remove the waxy layer on the cane itself and any impurities like dirt or dust.

How long will freshly pressed sugar cane juice last?

If kept at room temperature, it will only be at its best for 4-8 hours. However, if stored in glass bottles inside the fridge, it can last between 2-3 weeks!

You can even freeze your freshly pressed juice and keep it for up to 3 months!

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