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Can You Put A Plate In An Air Fryer?

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There are so many different meals and recipes you can cook using an air fryer, and the utensils and cookware you use for these do differ.

You might have a meal to cook or warm up in the air fryer that you would need to place on a plate.

However, can you put a plate in the air fryer? A plate can be placed in an air fryer, as long as the plate is heat-proof and rated as oven safe. You would not be able to put a thin plastic plate in an air fryer, but you can use appropriate ceramic, glass, and metal plates.

Learning what you can and cannot place in an air fryer definitely helps you broaden the meals you can cook!

Placing Plates In An Air Fryer

It is generally okay to place a plate in an air fryer, as long as the plate is suitable to be used under high heat, usually indicated by the plate being oven-safe.

This means that the plate is safe to use when exposed to high heat, no matter what the material is.

There is also no limitation to the material that can and cannot be used in an air fryer (such as not using metal in a microwave), so there is more freedom this way.

Almost all types of oven-proof plates can be used in an air fryer, such as ceramic, glass, and metal plates. The one limiting factor is that the plate fits into the air fryer properly, which could be a problem if you have a small air fryer.

If you have an oven-proof plate in the kitchen that fits into your air fryer, there is no reason that you cannot use it!

The Problem With Using A Plate In An Air Fryer

The one issue that you might have when using a plate in the air fryer is that the plate might end up blocking the airflow.

An air fryer depends on this airflow to properly and evenly cook food, and blocking the airflow with a plate will give you uneven cooking results.

Be careful with the position that you put the plate in when placing it into the air fryer, to ensure that none of the vents are blocked and that there is still good ventilation and airflow for the food to cook.

Can You Use A Plastic Plate In An Air Fryer?

It is not advised to use a plastic plate in the air fryer, just like you would not place a plastic plate into the oven. Along with plastic plates, you cannot place plastic utensils in an air fryer either.

The very high temperature in the air fryer will end up melting and destroying the plastic plate, and the food that was placed on top of it as well.

It is best to avoid using any plastic when using an air fryer, to avoid any unnecessary mess, and possibly a destroyed air fryer!

Can You Use A Silicone Plate In An Air Fryer?

It is safe to use a silicone plate in an air fryer if the silicone has been rated as oven-proof.

There are more and more silicone baking and cooking plates and trays on the market, and as long as they are oven-proof, it is fine to use them in the air fryer.

Once again, you just have to make sure that you are not blocking any air vents when placing the silicone plate into the air fryer.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve looked at which plates can be placed in the air fryer, let’s take a look at a few related questions!

Can you place glass in an air fryer?

You can place glass in an air fryer if the glass is heat-proof and can be used in the oven. Glass can be a great option to hold food while being cooked in the air fryer, as long as it allows for proper airflow.

Can you put aluminum foil in an air fryer?

You can place aluminum foil in an air fryer, and it can be placed on the basket. The aluminum foil might block the vents, so it is worth checking this.

Baking paper or an empty basket is best in an air fryer, and it is easy enough to clean after.

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