5 Best Powdered Sugars of 2023

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Powdered sugars are crucial ingredients if you’re an amateur or professional baker. They make frostings and icings velvety smooth and cookies and cakes tender and moist. Any recipes that require creamed butter will be made infinitely more perfect by using powdered sugar.

With such an important ingredient in question, we’ve carefully narrowed down the top 5 best powdered sugars.

So what are the best powdered sugars? The best powdered sugars include Wholesome Sweetener’s organic powdered sugar, Domino confectioners sugar, C&H powdered sugar, Member’s Mark powdered sugar and, for those of you trying to minimize white sugar in their diet, Swerve Sweetener confectioners.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss what powdered sugar is and why it’s important to your baking technique, as well as explain why we’ve chosen these particular products as our favorite powdered sugars of the year.

What is Powdered Sugar?

Powdered sugar is essentially standard, white granulated sugar that has been ground extensively until it becomes nothing more than a powder.

At this point, an anti-caking agent is added to keep the sugar dry and prevent any clumping. The most common added ingredient is cornstarch.

Confectioners Sugar vs Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar goes by many names, one of which is confectioners sugar. They are exactly the same product and you can substitute one for the other in any situation.

Similarly, icing sugar and 10x sugar is also the exact same product and can be swapped without hesitation.

5 Best Powdered Sugars – Reviewed

Rank Best Feature Powdered Sugar Brand
1 Organic and fairtrade Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Powdered Sugar
2 Tradition & reliability Domino Confectioners Sugar 10X Powdered Pure Cane Sugar
3 Perfectly acceptable C&H Powdered Sugar
4 7 pound bulk option Member’s Mark Powdered Sugar
5 Sugar alternative Swerve Sweetener, Confectioners

1. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Powdered Sugar

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Wholesome Sweeteners provides a very high, premium quality powdered sugar that is not only organic, but it’s also fair-trade.

The cane sugar is hand-cut, sustainably, and ethically harvested which is good for the environment and the community in Paraguay that is producing the sugar.

You can feel good about using this sugar in all your baking as a health-conscious, socially conscious choice. 

Key Features

  • 12x powdered sugar is an even finer grind than conventional powdered sugar, making sure your sugar will dissolve almost immediately into your mixture for luxurious results, even in the most finicky of recipes
  • Made with tapioca starch instead of cornstarch which is perfect for anyone who is trying to avoid corn products
  • The organic cane sugar and extremely fine powder creates a rich, creamy sugar that has the slightest hint of toffee flavor

Biggest Drawback: It is a bit more expensive than some of the other powdered sugar options that can be purchased in larger, bulk quantities. If you expect to pay premium prices for premium products, this won’t surprise or dismay you.

2. Domino Confectioners Sugar 10X Powdered Pure Cane Sugar

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Domino is one of the most reliable sugar brands currently on the market. They were founded in 1807 and continue to produce consistent sugar today.

There is certainly something to be said for tradition, and there’s no fear of this product being discontinued any time soon. 

Key Features

  • 10x is a very fine grain of powder, creating a silky smooth texture for all your recipes, including icings and glazes
  • Contains cornstarch to prevent caking and ensure your powdered sugar stays fresh for the long-term
  • Is available in 4lb bags for truly prolific bakers and bargain hunters alike

Biggest Drawback: The biggest complaint about this product is not about the product itself, but rather about the confusion around the title including “10x”. 10x is the grind of the sugar, not how many bags you get in your order. As long as that’s clear you should be very happy with the delivery.

3. C&H Powdered Sugar 4 lbs

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If the first two suggestions do not appeal to you for any reason, C&H is a very standard, reliable powdered sugar.

There is nothing about it that truly stands out as revolutionary, but when it comes to ingredients for our baked goods, different is not always better anyways.

C&H produces a good quality product that is in line with its competitors and a great choice if the price or shipping time is better in comparison to other products. 

Key Features

  • Pure cane sugar, perfectly white in color that won’t impact color-sensitive recipes
  • Also available in smaller, 16oz boxes which can be more convenient for storing and easier to use

Biggest Drawback: There’s no mention on the packaging about the size of the grind. Most powdered sugar is 10x, and C&H does seem to be comparable to other sugars of its class, but there is no specific information discussing this.

4. Member’s Mark Powdered Sugar

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If you are a serious baker with extra space in your pantry, this is the powdered sugar for you.

Most sugar, powdered or not, is available in 1 pound, 2 pound, and 4 pound bags. Maker’s Mark has graciously packaged their powdered sugar in a 7-pound bag.

Admittedly, it can be heavy to lift, but it’s well worth it if you bake regularly and don’t want to be bothered by replacing your powdered sugar every month.

Key Features

  • 7 pounds bulk supply for serious bakers
  • 10x ultra-fine grind, ideal for all powdered sugar usages
  • Resealable bag, extremely useful for long-term storage of a bulk product

Biggest Drawback: The biggest drawback of this sugar is not necessarily unique to this brand, but is a common risk for bulk-sized baking product deliveries: the packaging.

The packaging is not the worst, by a long shot, but if it has to go through a long haul with questionable transferring, it may show up at your doorstep damaged. This is true of many products ordered online, however.

5. Swerve Sweetener, Confectioners

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If you are trying to reduce your consumption of sugar but still want to satisfy your sweet tooth or commit to bringing goodies to the next bake sale, Swerve Sweetener’s confectioner’s sweetener is a perfect alternative to standard powdered sugar.

Key Features

  • Contains 0 net carbs, which is not only diet-friendly but Keto friendly as well
  • Texture is a perfect replacement for powdered sugar in any and all recipes
  • Made from erythritol which doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste of many other alternative sweeteners

Biggest Drawback: No artificial sweetener will taste exactly like sugar, so if you’re sensitive to flavors you may notice a difference in taste. You may love it or you might hate it, it is a very personal experience.

Some people also experience negative physical reactions to artificial sweeteners so it’s always a good idea to trial a small taste first to see if/how your body will react. Most people find this sweetener tasty and healthy, but no product is right for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Powdered Sugar

We hope you enjoyed learning about the 5 best powdered sugars. In case you have any additional questions, we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions about powdered sugar below.

What is a good confectioners sugar alternative?

If you are trying to follow a recipe that calls for confectioners sugar and you don’t have any, the best alternative is to make your own (see the next question).

However, if your goal is to find a healthy substitute for powdered sugar that isn’t actually sugar, our favorite option is the Swerve Confectioners sugar replacement detailed above.

The texture is a perfect replacement for powdered sugar in recipes and it’s made from erythritol which is considered a safe, healthy, and natural sugar alternative.

You can also try stevia, monk fruit, or other sugar alternatives if you have a preference for a flavor that you are already aware of. Just be cautious that the type of alternative you’re using doesn’t affect the texture or consistency of your baked good.

How to make icing sugar at home?

The most important secret to your success when trying to DIY icing sugar is to make sure you have a powerful blender or food processer, ideally one that is designed for making flour. You also must make sure that your machine is 100% completely and totally dry, without a spec of moisture to ruin your results. 

With those two elements in mind, all you have to do is blend granulated sugar with some cornstarch until you’ve created a fine powder. The cornstarch is critical because it will keep your sugar from caking or sticking to itself.

It’s a good idea to use a spatula to mix your sugar around a few times between blending to be sure that there are no large granules left in the mix.

You can even test it with your fingers. If it feels grainy in the slightest, continue blending. The smallest amount of left-over texture can impact your recipe so it’s better to over blend than under process.

Powdered sugar vs granulated sugar in cookies?

In any recipe that calls for powdered sugar (or confectioners, icing, or 10x sugar), substituting granulated sugar should be done with a healthy degree of caution.

Powdered sugar is usually called for in recipes that require the sugar to melt, as a powder will melt much more smoothly and quickly than granulated sugar.

In cookies, specifically, using powdered sugar helps keep your cookies soft, moist, and tender without risk of the sugar becoming caramelized or crispy.

In addition to melting more evenly, the cornstarch in powdered sugar helps maintain the perfect cookie consistency without chewiness.

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