5 Best Sugar Sticks For Coffee Of 2023

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Bitter coffee is simply not everyone’s cup of tea. There are people who absolutely love to add sugar to their coffee and sometimes, a huge amount of it! This is why you should consider using sugar sticks for coffee. 

Sugar sticks are an extremely convenient option if you want to sweeten your coffee’s taste. They are also suitable if you have guests around and you don’t know their sugar preferences. The best part is that they are also lovely to look at!

So, what is the best sugar stick for coffee? The best sugar stick consists of a subtle taste that won’t alter the coffee’s taste. It has a proper length and a good amount of sugar. It comes in neat packaging with a pleasant look. 

In this guide, we will help you find the best sugar sticks as per your requirements. So, read on!

Why Should You Consider Buying Sugar Sticks? 

Sugar sticks are not as common as other confectionery items. But, they are quite underrated for the purpose they serve. Given below are two major reasons why it’s a good idea to buy sugar sticks. 


Have you ever accidentally added an entire sachet of sugar to your coffee and then regretted it? Well, a sugar stick may solve your problem here. It can sweeten your coffee with just the right amount of sugar after you stir it

Moreover, it is also a convenient option if you have guests at home. You can simply offer them the sugar sticks if they want more sugar in their coffee.


Apart from convenience, sugar sticks have a lovely appearance. So, if you have a coffee or tea party at home, you can put the sugar sticks in the cups for serving. This would even make a simple cup of coffee look elegant and fancy.  

Things To Consider Before Buying Sugar Sticks 

Before you opt for any sugar stick packet, there are certain things to keep in mind for a successful buy! These include:  

Weight And Length

The very first thing you may want to consider is the amount of sugar the stick offers. It is given mostly in grams.

Some sugar sticks offer six grams of sugar whereas some may offer less or more. So, you can buy any depending on how much sugar you want to intake.

The length of sugar sticks also differs. It’s an important factor to consider as per your coffee cup’s length. Most sticks are 3-4 inches. If you have bigger coffee mugs, you may opt for large sugar sticks too. 


Proper and good-quality packaging is crucial if you’re planning to keep sugar sticks for guests and big events. Some sugar sticks come individually packed whereas some come all together in a box

We recommend individually packed sugar sticks as they are much easier to store and serve. 

Price and Quantity 

Sugar sticks are available in varying quantities and prices. You can buy a set of 10, 25, or even 100 sugar sticks! If you’re new to sugar sticks, you may order less and try them out. 

As for daily use, you may order sugar sticks in bulk as they become relatively cheaper!


Lastly, make sure that you check the ingredients for any allergens, preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors

Most simple sugar sticks consist of natural ingredients whereas some with added flavors may have artificial flavoring and color added to them. 

Now, let’s take a look at the five best sugar sticks that go miraculously well with coffee.

The 5 Best Sugar Sticks For Coffee 

If you don’t want to spend your time browsing through hundreds of sugar sticks, don’t worry because we have you covered!

After extensive research, we have come up with the five best sugar sticks for coffee depending on the quality, taste, and overall excellence. 

RankProductBest Feature
1.Candy Envy Cafe Rock Candy SticksBest overall sugar sticks for coffee
2.Barista Swizzle Sugar SticksNo added flavors or preservatives
3.Espeez Assorted SticksCome in assorted colors
4.Dryden & Palmer Swizzle SticksHigh quality sugar sticks
5.Roses Rock Candy Barista SticksGreat bulk option

1. Candy Envy Cafe Rock Candy Sticks

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The Candy Envy brand has come up with one of the best sugar sticks. They are available in two colors – amber and white.

The Amber sugar sticks have a lovely caramelized color for an elegant feel whereas the white sugar sticks have a simplistic appearance. 

These sugar sticks are available in mainly three quantities – 18, 36, and 100 units.

This is quite convenient as you can choose either one depending on your budget. 

When it comes to the flavor, these sugar sticks have a subtle tea flavor. But, don’t worry as the sticks won’t spoil your coffee! Instead, they will give a refreshing and sweet flavor to it. 

The sugar stick’s length is around 5.5 inches which is suitable and comfortable enough to stir. Every sugar stick is wrapped individually and kept in a tub.

This makes it ideal if you simply want to put the sugar sticks on the table for guests or store it for long. 

Keep in mind that the Amber sugar sticks contain refined or artificial colors like a caramel color. Rest assured, these sugar sticks are a must-have!

2. Barista Swizzle Sugar Sticks

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Matchaccino is a well-known brand for its amazing Macha products.

However, did you know that they sell amazing sugar sticks too? 

Again, Barista Swizzle Sugar Sticks are available in two colors – amber and white.

You also get three quantity options – 25, 50, and 100 units. So, you can opt for one as per your requirements. 

Talking about the flavor, these sugar sticks don’t have any added flavors or preservatives. They have an all-natural and basic sugar taste. They weigh around six grams, which is perfect. 

These sugar sticks are packed individually, so you can carry them wherever you go or serve them to your guests easily. 

Here too, the Amber sugar stick may contain artificial caramel coloring. Another thing to remember with these sticks is that their length is somewhat smaller in reality.

So, they work perfectly well with small coffee cups but aren’t ideal for large mugs. 

3. Espeez Assorted Sticks

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Coffee with a colorful twist is a sight to behold!

Hence, these colorful sugar sticks from Espeez are simply great for parties or celebratory occasions, like bridal or baby showers. 

Espeez Assorted Sticks come in a variety of colors and flavors.

But, the good thing here is that these sticks have a dominating sugar flavor instead of any other. This works quite well for coffee if you don’t want the flavored sugar sticks to ruin its taste. 

These sugar sticks are available in many quantities today. Moreover, if you don’t want an assorted box, you get an option to choose one color from various colors too. 

Unlike the normal sugar sticks, Espeez ones are 6.5 inches in length, out of which sugar makes up for 5 inches with 22 grams of weight! This is surely a treat for all sweet coffee lovers out there. 

Another thing we like is how these sugar candies come with individual packaging in a proper tub. They’re quite affordable for what you get!

According to the manufacturers, these sticks are completely gluten-free and nut-free. Yet, they contain a lot of artificial colors and flavors which you may want to consider before buying. 

4. Dryden & Palmer Swizzle Sticks

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If you want high-quality sugar sticks, then Dryden & Palmer swizzle sticks come highly recommended by us.

You can get them in three quantities – 10, 30, and 70 units

These sugar sticks are slightly on the expensive side but they’re worth it due to the pure and natural sugar used.

They also measure around 5 ¾ inches with the actual sugar comprising around 4 inches. Hence, they are perfect for any cup of coffee, hot or iced!

Talking about the packaging, every sugar stick here is packaged well and makes it suitable for events and proper storage. 

Moreover, as these swizzle sticks don’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or allergens, they’re completely safe. 

5. Roses Rock Candy Barista Sticks

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The last on our list today is Rock Candy Barista Sticks from the Roses brand.

These sugar sticks are simply excellent if you are planning to buy them in bulk.

They come in a box of 100 units

Rock Candy Barista Sticks have a lovely amber color that suits the brown tones of the coffee. Hence, giving a simple cup of coffee an extremely elegant look.

The ingredients used are high-quality and give your coffee the right amount of sweetness.

These sugar sticks are also free of gluten and artificial flavors. They may contain artificial caramel colors. So, if you’re allergic to food colorings, we recommend opting for white sugar sticks. 

There’s only one drawback to these sticks – they don’t come packed individually. However, if you don’t want to tear the wrapper every time, then this is a huge benefit!

Final Thoughts

Sugar sticks are absolutely beneficial for all coffee lovers and event hosts. They add the perfect amount of sweetness to the drink, offer convenience, and look beautiful.

In fact, they can make a simple beverage, be it coffee or any other, look stylish and ready to serve during events. 

So, choose your pick from our list above, and enjoy your cup of coffee the way you like it!

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