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11 Best Cotton Candy Flavored Wines Of 2023

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Cotton candy flavored wines?! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Well, neither had we, but with the wine market ever-growing and evolving, it is great to keep up with exciting new products like these! After reviewing our list, you’ll be on top of the latest trends at your next social club meeting, cocktail hour, or dinner party.

Cotton candy flavored wines are either wines made from cotton candy grapes, Schiava grapes, or wines that have been infused with cotton candy flavoring. These are extremely fun wines that are sure to make you take another sip.

So, what are the best cotton candy flavored wines? There are many great choices of cotton candy flavored wines and the best varieties come down to personal preference. We recommend first choosing a wine style, such as a sparkling wine, a red blend, or a rosé. Then, you can select the right bottle for you using some tasting notes.

Today, we have the ultimate guide to cotton candy flavored wines! We have included in-depth information on exactly what these wines are and how they are made.

Then, of course, we have compiled a list of our favorite cotton candy-flavored wines that can all be bought online.

We can all but guarantee that you will find a new favorite fun wine on our list today!

What Is Cotton Candy Flavored Wine?

Interestingly, cotton candy flavored wine is not made from cotton candy, nor is it commonly infused with actual cotton candy.

It is a normal type of wine that has been made with grapes the same way any other wine is, but what makes it special is that it has distinctive cotton candy flavors thanks to the grapes used.

From what we can tell based on our research, there are two definitions of “cotton candy flavored wines”. 

The first and more common of the two is wine specifically made from cotton candy grapes, which is a common varietal of the table and wine-making grapes. 

The second are wines that have flavors of cotton candy, but which are not made using the above-mentioned cotton candy grapes.

Instead, other grapes and a combination of wine-making techniques are used to produce cotton candy flavors.

These other grape varietals include Italian Schiava grapes or North American Niagara grapes. 

Cotton Candy Grapes

These are green and plump seedless grapes that have a very distinctive and recognizable cotton candy flavor.

The winemakers don’t even have to process the flavor profile all that much to enhance these naturally occurring flavors.

While many have claimed that these grapes have been injected with cotton candy essences, these grapes are non-GMO and are 100 percent natural!

The way they were created was by naturally breeding two varietals to create this unique flavor profile.

Cotton Candy Grapes Characteristics

Like we have said before, these are naturally bred grapes that aren’t infused with flavorings or exposed to chemicals to create a unique flavor.

They are very rare types of grapes and have been bred using two unique varietals, specifically focussing on vanilla flavors.

They are only in season between May and October. They are very hard to find in-store but look for them in early autumn.

You can also have a look at the Grapery’s website, the company that created this delicious grape, to see when they are at their peak.

Nutrition Of Cotton Candy Grapes

These grapes aren’t in any way more or less healthy compared to other varietals.

It also contains a ton of antioxidants and also has the ability to help reduce your body’s inflammation and lower your blood pressure.

They do have a higher sugar percentage (which makes sense considering they are sweeter in flavor) and therefore also have a higher calorie count.

One cup of cotton candy grapes contains almost twice the amount of sugar and calories regular green table grapes do.

Italian Schiava Grapes

These ancient grapes are used to produce Schiava wine, an extremely popular and common wine made in the Alps, specifically in Alto Adige.

Despite being popular there, because of its delicate flavors, it has unfortunately slipped under the radar in many other parts of the wine world.

When it comes to labeling and marketing this wine, there is a ton of debate surrounding terminology.

First, many wine drinkers refer to it as the “true cotton candy” wine.

Others merely label it as “cotton candy flavored wine” making the insinuation that cotton candy grapes weren’t used to produce it.

And, in different countries, this style of wine also goes by different names. In Germany, it is called Trollinger and in England, it is referred to as Vernatsch.

If you thought it couldn’t get more confusing, this wine has even more names depending on the region it is sold in. Edelvernatsch means “noble local” and is made from Schiava Gentile.

Kleinvernatsch means “tiny local” and refers to the most common varietal of Schiava used, called Schiava Grosso.

And finally, St. Maddelena means “slave” and refers to the specific wine-training process used that causes them to grow with fewer leaves. 

Schiava Wine Characteristics

These grapes produce a light red wine with a very distinctive cotton candy flavor, usually accompanied by undertones of cherry, and lemon. 

It is a relatively easy-drinking wine that is quite dry. This is a common characteristic of wines produced in the Alto Adige region.

The wine is grown in cooler climates, giving it a slightly lower ABV (alcohol by volume) content, about 12% on average.

Buyer’s Guide For Cotton Candy Flavored Wines

Choosing wine is a very personal process and depends entirely on your own flavor preferences. What one person absolutely loves, another might hate.

So, today we will help guide you through the choosing process. 

It won’t necessarily point out which wines are “better” compared to others, but it will help you narrow down your choice and make it easier to find one that fits your needs in our list below.

The first and biggest decision you have to make is about the type of wine you want. If it’s really important to you, you can also look at the types of grapes used.

Then lastly, but equally important, you have to look at the flavor profile.

Other factors you can consider are the year the wine was made in or bottles, the price of the wine, and the region it is from.

Style Of Wine

Style of wine basically refers to the type of wine you have. There are nine main styles of wines that are globally recognized.

These refer to the way they were made more than specific grapes used. These include;

  • Full-bodied red wines
  • Medium-bodied red wines
  • Light-bodied red wines
  • Full-bodied white wines
  • Light-bodied white wines
  • Aromatic white wines
  • Rosé wines
  • Dessert and fortified wines
  • Sparkling wines

Cotton candy flavored wines are more often than not either a light-bodied red wine, a rosé, a dessert or fortified wine, and a sparkling wine.

Have a look at exactly what these wines are to help narrow your choice.

Light-bodied red wines are the lightest of red varietals and have subtle flavors that pair amazingly well with most foods. 

Rosé wines are usually fruitier wines with delicate floral flavors – somewhere between a white and red wine, sometimes even a blend of the two.

Dessert wines are incredibly sweet wines that are made by stopping the fermentation process earlier. This leaves more sugar in the wine, creating a uniquely sweet flavor profile.

And finally, sparkling wines are the bubbly ones, similar to Champagne and MCC. They have a sweeter flavor profile and a ton of fizziness. 

Type Of Grapes

Okay, so now that you have chosen a style, you can start looking at some other characteristics. Arguably, the type of wine is the next most important step. 

Each style of wine uses specific grapes (or types of grapes) to create that unique flavor profile. So as an example, light-bodied red wines often include Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Blaugrankisch. 

These are all brighter grapes with thin skins that have very little tannins. 

As we have mentioned, cotton candy flavored wines are often made using cotton candy grapes or Schiava grapes. So, you can decide which one you like best (or want to try first).

There are however other types of wines that have been made using a blend of different grapes.

So for example, you can find a full-bodied red wine (such as a cabernet sauvignon) with hints of cotton candy thanks to the addition of a bit of cotton candy grapes.

Tasting Notes

The next factor we would consider to help narrow down our decision is the tasting notes of the wine.

This not only includes the flavor but the aromas and mouthfeel of the wine.

There are a ton of tasting notes for virtually every wine available online, usually at the wine producers’ website.

This will help guide you through what you like and what you don’t like.

For example, if the wine is described as being dry, and you know from experience that you do not like dry wine, then keep searching.

You can also be daring and choose a wine you know nothing about. This will help you expand your wine knowledge and palate.


Yes, unfortunately, you have to take into account the price. Luckily for everyone, cotton candy wine and even Schiava wines aren’t that expensive.

Taking the price into consideration isn’t necessarily about the quality of the wine, but more about what you can afford and what you are willing to pay.

Trust us, we have had some pretty amazing $5 wines! And, we have had some awful $100 wines!

At the end of the day, whatever you like is what you should drink, and no price tag can tell you otherwise!

11 Best Cotton Candy Flavored Wines

After that massive amount of information, we feel about ready to pour ourselves a glass right about now!

Here are our top picks for cotton candy flavored wines that can all be found online. We tried including as much style variety, region variety, and price variety.

This will not only help you find one you know you will love but also experiment and taste ones from different areas.

This will only benefit you in widening your pallet and even experimenting with flavors.

RankNameKey Features
1.Duplin Winery Cotton CandyVery sweet with a distinctive cotton candy flavor
2.Diamond Estates Cotton Candy RoséMedium sweetness with a complex flavor profile
3.Earl Stevens Sparkling Cotton CandyCrisp sparkling wine at a great price point
4.Urban Vines Carnival CandySweet white wine with naturally occurring cotton candy flavor
5.Baron Herzog White ZinfadelFruity flavor with undertones of cotton candy
6.St Julian Cotton CandyMedium-bodied rosé that isn't overly sweet
7.Purple Toad Cotton CandyStrongly flavored red and white grape blend
8.Alvaro Palacious Quinon De Valmira Rioja, 2017Very unique and expensive red wine
9.Gatlinburg Cotton Candy, 2018Bold red blend with strong notes of cotton candy
10.Bluegrass Candy WineSmooth flavor and enriched with blue raspberry cotton candy sugar
11.Bulgariana Cabernet Sauvignon, 2015Rich fruity flavor with a cotton candy aroma

1. Duplin Winery Cotton Candy

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This is a type of rosé blend that has a very sweet flavor profile. While it is easy-drinking, some may prefer something a little less sweet.

However, if paired correctly, it will help neutralize the wine’s sweetness and give it an overall more appealing flavor.

This wine has very distinctive cotton candy flavors that are closely followed by hints of vanilla and a variety of summer berries.

This wine is produced in North Carolina by the Duplin Winery and has been long praised as one of their best wines.

It is also a light wine with only 11 % ABV (alcohol by volume).

2. Diamond Estates Cotton Candy Rosé

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We cannot get enough of this light rosé! It has a very fun flavor palate that we would say is on the more complex side.

The first flavors you will pick up are cotton candy and bubble gum, making you instantly feel like you are back at a carnival!

Other flavors you can expect include mostly red fruits like plums, raspberries, and cherries.

These flavors also directly translate to the aroma of the wine.

While this may all seem overwhelmingly sweet, we would more describe it as a medium sweetness thanks to the red fruits.

This wine is 11% ABV and is best served with fresh salads, fruity desserts, spicy salsas and dips, and salty snacks.

3. Earl Stevens Sparkling Cotton Candy

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You may have seen this cotton candy wine on the shelves before and it is arguably one of the most common and popular.

It is also one of the more affordable easy-drinking wines you can find today.

This is a very crisp and refreshing sparkling wine and is considered a Brut-styled wine. Brut sparkling wines basically refer to dry sparkling wines.

Some have also referred to the style as a typical California-styled sparkling wine (the region it is produced in).

This wine has slight hints of cotton candy with undertones of vanilla and oak.

It is an un-aged wine that hasn’t been stored in wooden barrels, so the oak must come from the grapes it is produced from.

This sparkling wine pairs amazingly well with white meat, specifically chicken and whitefish.

It will help elevate the natural meaty flavors without being overpowering.

4. Urban Vines Carnival Candy

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Urban Vines have always produced extremely fun and playful wines, and this Carnival Candy one is no different!

We would describe it as a sweet light-bodied white wine made from grapes that grew in the Great Lakes region. 

The grapes were slowly fermented to allow the naturally occurring cotton candy flavors to stay there and be enhanced.

This wine only has an 11% ADV which is pretty standard for this style. It is best paired with poultry and pork dishes.

To be even more specific, any type of flavorful white meat (chicken might be too bland for this wine).

5. Baron Herzog White Zinfadel

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This is another Californian-produced wine that is surprisingly versatile!

It has a ton of fruity aromas and flavors that pair well with a wide range of dishes and ingredients.

There are definitive notes of strawberry and raspberry, and undertones of cotton candy.

This white zinfandel has a very fresh flavor, crisp texture on the palate, and bright color in the wine itself.

We would highly recommend pairing this wine with fresh white fish, and light poultry dishes.

You can try to push your flavor pairings a bit and serve it with some pork, but only recipes with fruitier flavor profiles.

6. St Julian Cotton Candy

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This is another fascinating wine that we cannot get enough of! It is a medium-bodied rosé with a very “neutral” sweetness.

What we mean by this is that it is sweet, but not overly like rosé can be and is known for. 

It has an 11% ABV and about 9% residual sugar (the amount of sweetness you basically pick up).

This beautifully pink wine has the aromas of bubble gum, strawberry, and raspberry.

And regarding its flavors, you can expect some strawberries, cotton candy, and bubble gum. 

It pairs wonderfully with meatier dishes, which is surprising for a rosé-style wine.

You can pair this wine with BBQ chicken and beef, smoked meats and smoked charcuterie, salty and very umami cheeses, and finally, the more predictable, red berry-flavored desserts.

7. Purple Toad Cotton Candy

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This wine is produced by the Purple Toad Winery in Kentucky.

This wine has a very unusual flavor profile that no one seems to exactly pinpoint, yet it is still addictingly delicious.

It is made with a blend of red grapes and white grapes, but unlike most other cotton candy-flavored wines, this one definitely has added cotton candy flavoring.

Likely due to this, it has arguably the strongest flavor out of all of the wines on our list.

Other definitive flavors consumers pick up include mostly red fruits, with some mentioning brunt sugar.

And in terms of sweetness, we would say it is the perfect mix between dry and sweet.

8. Alvaro Palacious Quinon De Valmira Rioja, 2017

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We had to include this wine, but we also apologize because this is one of those jaw-droppingly expensive wines.

This red blend has been produced in Rioja, Spain.

It is an incredibly unique wine and usually, red wine blends don’t contain these cotton candy flavors.

Unfortunately, we don’t know which grapes this flavor comes to form or even if it comes from the grapes.

On the palate, this wine has a very chalky and earthy texture that makes you think of limestone soils.

In terms of flavor, you can expect noticeable cotton candy flavors with cherry undertones. It is an elegant wine that pairs well with many red meat dishes but also goes great with more tamed flavors.

9. Gatlinburg Cotton Candy, 2018

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This is another mind-boggling red blend with notes of strong notes of cotton candy.

Again, we cannot say for sure where this flavor comes from, but every consumer agrees, it is an exceptional wine. 

There are strong red fruit flavors with undertones of peach and blueberry.

It is definitely a very bold wine with above-average tannins and acidity.

It is also more dry than sweet. All-in-all it is a very complex wine that pairs with a ton of food.

We would highly recommend pairing this wine with red meat like beef or lamb, and even veal. Make sure the dishes are hearty and rich in flavor.

You can also pair it with poultry, but we would then recommend either something like turkey or a heavy chicken dish.

10. Bluegrass Candy Wine

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If you need something fun and exciting, you have to try this Cotton Candy wine from Bluegrass.

Just looking at the packaging makes us feel like a kid in a candy store before it’s even opened!

This is a very smooth wine made using Moscato grapes. Moscato grapes are a very common grape varietal used for fortified wines like this one.

But, that is not where the unique cotton candy flavor comes from. This is another wine that has been enriched with blue raspberry cotton candy sugar

While you might raise an eyebrow pouring it into your glass, don’t let the pretty blue color fool you into thinking that it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

After one sip you’ll know exactly why it earned a place on our list of the best cotton candy flavored wines.

It is best paired with desserts, light cheeses, and salty crackers, but can also easily be enjoyed alone when served cold.

11. Bulgariana Cabernet Sauvignon, 2015 

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Last but not least, we have a delicious medium-bodied red wine made from cabernet sauvignon grapes.

These grapes are a hybrid grape of cabernet franc (red grape) and sauvignon blanc (white grape). 

While this wine doesn’t have strong cotton candy flavors, it certainly comes through in the aromas.

On the nose, you can expect some black plums, blackberry, brown spices, and a subtle hint of cotton candy.

On your palate, black fruits like blackberry, black cherry, and dried plum translate strongly. Overall, the tannins are smooth and it is a definite elegant wine.

While you’re likely to have never sipped on a wine quite like this, do still give it a try – you may even fall in love with it!

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