9 Best Egg Tart Molds Of 2023

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Traditional egg tarts have fluted sides with beautiful ridges. In order to achieve this, you need to use a good egg tart mold, and surprisingly these can be difficult to come across!

If you are wanting to make your very own egg tarts at home, you will need to choose a good quality egg tart mold that helps you achieve beautiful little tarts that are evenly baked.

So, which are the best egg tart molds? The best egg tart molds should be thick and rigid in order to help keep the shape of the egg tart throughout the baking process. It should allow for even heat distribution, and also be made from a material that is durable and long-lasting such as aluminum or carbon steel.

To help you find a good egg tart mold that ticks all of these boxes, we have created a buyer’s guide on what you should look for, as well as some of the best egg tart molds on the market!

What Is An Egg Tart?

To begin, an egg tart is a small pastry that is made with a crispy, flaky crust, which holds a creamy custard center. This is baked in the oven, where the custard center browns and blisters on the top, adding to the flavor of the little tart.

The main ingredients in egg tarts are flour, butter, sugar, egg, custard, and milk. While simple, they hold a delicious, smooth, and creamy filling that is milky and custardy, with a hint of sweetness!

There are tarts found all around the world, with different cultures making egg tarts of their own. Egg tarts are popular in Portugal and China, as well as many other places around the world.

Egg Tart Molds

To make an authentic egg tart, you need the right egg tart mold. There are some factors and things to look for in an egg tart mold that will help it be the right one to use, and which will help make the most delicious egg tarts at home!


What the egg tart mold is made from is possibly the biggest factor to consider. The material of the egg tart mold will determine how well it bakes, how long it lasts, and the non-stick properties as well.

These are the different materials that egg tart molds can be made from and the pros and cons of each:


Aluminum is a popular material when it comes to baking accessories. Baking trays made from aluminum are generally affordable and work well to conduct heat evenly.

The only problem with aluminum is that it scratches and dents easily, and does not last all that long.

It is best to choose thicker aluminum egg tart molds rather than thin ones. Aluminum is mostly non-stick, making removing the tarts easy.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a great choice for egg tart molds and for baking overall. The carbon steel molds have a non-stick coating so that the egg tarts are easy to remove without any cracking or breaking.

Carbon steel is durable and conducts heat wonderfully, you just need to make sure that you do not scratch away at the non-stick coating, or the mold might begin to rust.

One downside is that carbon steel does not conduct heat as well as aluminum, but it still does a good job of it so it isn’t necessarily a problem.

Disposable Egg Tart Molds

Disposable egg tart molds are not ideal, but they do work well if you need to make quite a large quantity and don’t have enough solid tray molds to make them in a short time.

These are usually made from aluminum, which means they conduct heat well but they often lack the proper design, so the egg tarts will not have the signature fluting on the side.

Once baked, you cannot use the molds again and they should be disposed of. While affordable, this does create quite a bit of waste.

Tray Egg Tart Molds

If you do not want single molds, you could look for fixed tray molds. These have rows of egg tart molds in a single tray, so you can bake multiple tarts using just one tray, instead of worrying about multiple individual molds.

Using these trays might offer some convenience, but it also makes it more difficult to remove the tarts once baked. They are generally non-stick, but it is difficult popping the tarts out one at a time.

The 9 Best Egg Tart Molds

Here are the best egg tart molds on the market at the moment, which will give you gorgeous little tarts at home! We have included a few different types so you can pick the one that would suit your needs best!

RankProductBest feature
1.Miecux Egg Tart MoldsBest overall egg tart mold
2.Amytalk Egg Tart MoldsBest carbon steel egg tart mold
3.Disposable Egg Tart MoldsMost convenient egg tart mold
4.Weilan Mini Egg Tart MoldsMost versatile egg tart mold
5.Obtanim Mini Tart PansBest stainless steel egg tart mold
6.Stainless Steel Egg Tart MoldsBest large egg tart mold
7.HQDeal Egg Tart MoldsEasiest to use for small egg tarts
8.DOITOOL Egg Tart MoldsMost durable egg tart mold
9.X-Haibei Mini Egg Tart TrayBest silicone egg tart tray

1. Miecux Egg Tart Molds

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These reusable aluminum egg tart molds from Bezall are perfect to use in any kitchen.

They’ll give you authentic-looking egg tarts time and time again.

Made from high-quality, thick, food-grade aluminum, the molds are non-toxic and safe to use in the kitchen.

Being non-stick, the tarts are easy to demold and the molds themselves are easy to clean. They will not discolor or chip over time.

With the waved sides of the mold, you will get the fluted sides on your egg tarts, giving them a very traditional look.

20 egg tart molds are included in this set and all are sturdy and reliable enough to be used over and over again in the kitchen, producing perfect little tarts each time!

2. Amytalk Egg Tart Molds

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The Amytalk 12 Pack Egg Tart Mold is made from 100% carbon steel material, which is food-grade safe and durable.

Being reusable, you can bake endless egg tarts at home without having to purchase more molds than this one set.

The mold tins have a heat resistance of up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and will withstand the high heat of the oven without discoloration.

You can choose the 2.6-inch diameter molds, or upgrade to the bigger 3-inch molds, depending on the size of the egg tarts you are wanting to make.

With even heat distribution and a non-stick coating, these molds are a breeze to use in the kitchen, and go a long way in helping create some beautiful tarts!

3. Disposable Egg Tart Molds

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If you need to bake a large number of egg tarts, this 300 piece set of disposable aluminum molds might just be what you need!

Made from food-safe aluminum foil, the disposable egg tart molds are reliable in helping to shape and bake egg tarts.

These are easy to use and are non-stick for easy de-molding.

The diameter of the egg molds is 2.83-inches, which is the traditional size of an egg tart.

They are ideal to use for celebrations, catering, and for bake sales, when you need a large number of egg tarts baked and tinned without having to let go of any of your reusable molds!

With 300 in the pack, there are more than enough egg tart molds for you to use. Just note that you will not achieve the fluted sides using these molds, but that won’t be too much of a problem if your tarts are delicious!

4. Weilan Mini Egg Tart Molds

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For when you want small molds that are versatile in the kitchen and are capable of baking more than just egg tarts, these are a great choice.

Made from high-quality aluminum, these smooth-side tart molds feature 4 layers of hard-anodized aluminum.

This aluminum heats up quickly and distributes heat well while also being scratch-resistant and durable.

The molds are reusable and incredibly sturdy and will last for years in the kitchen.

They are the right size to make egg tarts, but can also be used to make other pastries and desserts too, either by baking or steaming.

They do have straight-edged sides, so you will not achieve the ridges and fluted sides of a traditional egg tart, but if this doesn’t bother you then they make for great molds!

There are 25 molds in the pack, which should see to all of your egg tart needs when you feel like baking at home and making a special treat for the family! Simply wash the molds with some warm water and mild soap once done.

5. Obtanim Mini Tart Pans

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These mini tart pans from Obtanim are made from high-grade stainless steel.

This stainless steel has high strength, good thermal conductivity, and is lightweight but still durable.

The one-piece design of the molds makes them hygienic and easy to use.

They are non-toxic, anti-oxidizing, and offer perfect baking results. Being non-stick, the egg tarts can be popped out from the molds easily after baking.

Durable, lightweight, and with the ability to conduct heat well, all 20 of the egg tart molds in this set, with fluted sides for the authentic finish, help bake beautiful little egg tarts at home.

6. Stainless Steel Egg Tart Molds

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These egg tart molds are slightly larger than usual, with a diameter of 3.74-inches.

That just means you get to enjoy more egg tart in one serving!

The molds are made from strong stainless steel, which is oxidation and corrosion-resistant, so you know they will last for a long time in your kitchen.

With a non-stick surface, they are easy to clean and you can remove the egg tarts from the mold effortlessly.

Included with the kit is a super handy egg beater, which is also made from high-quality stainless steel. With this are 18 egg tart molds, with fluted sides and checkered bottoms to help bake consistent egg tarts over and over again.

Use the molds to bake some great egg tarts, some pies, tartlets, mini cakes, fruit puddings and so much more!

7. HQDeal Egg Tart Molds

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This 12 pack of carbon steel egg tart molds make for the perfect addition to any kitchen.

The molds are made from 100% food-safe carbon steel, which is non-toxic and has no odor. The molds are durable and reusable, and have an ideal heat conductivity, giving you evenly baked tarts each time.

With a non-stick design, the chrysanthemum patterned egg tart molds are easy to use and produce beautifully designed egg tarts.

The non-stick bottoms help to easily demold the tarts without damaging the fluted sides and ridging along the top.

These are super useful little molds to keep in the kitchen, for baking egg tarts and other little pastries on a small scale, with great results each time!

8. DOITOOL Egg Tart Molds

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This small set only contains 6 egg tart molds, but they are high-quality and will last forever in the kitchen.

Made from stainless steel, the molds are durable and hygienic. They help to brown the outside of the tart perfectly for the best finish.

The design of the molds gives the tarts a beautiful fluted finish, with deep ridges and edges. The stainless steel material allows for good thermal conductivity and allows the molds to be lightweight too.

Being non-stick, you can easily pop the tarts out of the molds with little effort, and wash them with some warm soap and water before using them again.

9. X-Haibei Mini Egg Tart Tray

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Another option to consider would be a silicone mold tray.

Silicone is a favorite among many home bakers.

It is easy to work with and has non-stick properties.

Removing the egg tarts from the silicone tray is easier than a fixed metal tray, as it is more flexible.

There are 12 molds in one tray, with fluted sides to help you bake egg tarts at home. The silicone has great non-stick properties and helps to bake the tarts evenly throughout.

Easy to clean and easy to use, this is a good option if you want to use one tray to bake your egg tarts, instead of using multiple individual molds.

Silicone trays are also available in a range of fun colors, so you can match them to your kitchen!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gone over some of our favorite egg tart molds, let’s answer some questions that you might have when making or researching egg tarts.

What is the difference between Portuguese egg tarts and Hong Kong egg tarts?

Portuguese egg tarts are made using puff pastry, whereas Hong Kong egg tarts are made with a shortcrust casing. The ingredients used to make the custard differ as well.

Are egg tarts healthy?

Don’t let the name fool you, egg tarts still contain fats and carbs that make the little tarts hold quite a bit of calories. The pastry, butter, and sugar make it a treat rather than a food that should be eaten often!

Do I need to refrigerate egg tarts?

Egg tarts should be refrigerated if you are not going to eat them straight after being made. Allow them to cool down to room temperature before placing them in a suitable container to be stored in the fridge.

You can eat egg tarts cold, at room temperature, or warmed up. Do not warm up an egg tart more than once after it has been baked, as this could lead to the egg tart spoiling.

Do egg tarts taste like eggs?

Egg tarts taste more like custard than they do like egg. Portuguese egg tarts are made with egg yolks and heavy cream, which give them a wonderful richness, whereas Hong Kong egg tarts use the whole egg and evaporated milk.

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