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What Do Eggs Taste Like?

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Eggs are a staple in so many cuisines and households, but a raw egg can take on so many different forms and tastes when it is cooked, making it one of the most versatile ingredients you could use!

How you cook or prepare an egg definitely changes both its taste and texture, and this means it can fit into many different meals and appeal to different tastes.

What do eggs taste like? What an egg tastes like heavily depends on how it was cooked and what it was prepared with. While all types of eggs will have a similar eggy taste, raw eggs will taste very different from scrambled eggs, while scrambled eggs taste different from over-easy eggs, and so on.

So if you are curious as to what eggs taste like, we have made sure to cover all the bases below on how preparing eggs differently alters the taste, so you have a better idea of what an egg might taste like before you try it out!

Why Do Eggs Taste Different Depending On How They Are Cooked?

Fried eggs with raw egg picture, in basic style level of doneness set (Flipped & not flipped).

Eggs do taste different depending on how they have been cooked, and this is ignoring the fact that you might have added in different ingredients such as oil, milk, salt, and other seasonings.

It also depends on what part of the egg you use — so, whether you use both the white and the yolk, the yolk on its own, or the white on its own. So there are many different outcomes.

For example, frying an egg (and in the process browning it) will change the flavor of the egg quite drastically. This is due to the famous Maillard reaction, which browns the egg and gives it more of a nutty flavor.

This reaction doesn’t happen when you make scrambled eggs or an omelet, which gives you a more creamy taste, or when poaching an egg, where it is left soft and a little gooey.

Also, keep in mind the difference in taste between egg white and egg yolk. Egg yolk is fatty and quite rich-tasting, whereas egg white has a milder flavor that sometimes tastes very neutral.

To summarize — the taste and texture of the egg will depend on how you cook it, which part of the egg you use, and any additional ingredients you mix in with it all.

What Do Raw Eggs Taste Like?

Eating raw eggs might not sound all that appealing to everyone, but many people choose to eat raw eggs for the pure protein that they offer.

Raw eggs can also be added to smoothies or shakes so that they aren’t eaten on their own.

Raw eggs have a fairly bland taste — the egg white doesn’t have much flavor at all, while the yolk has a buttery, fatty flavor to it. While considered bland, it can be a bit of an overwhelming taste since it’s not something we’re used to eating.

The problem with eating raw egg yolks is more to do with the texture than the actual taste, as it is gelatinous, gooey, and buttery in your mouth.

It isn’t really something you would choose to eat just for the taste — it is more reserved for when you want an extra kick of protein instead.

It is also worth keeping in mind that raw eggs might contain bacteria such as salmonella; while it is rare, there is a risk.

What Do Scrambled Eggs Taste Like?

Scrambled eggs are a favorite of many. They are easy to make and offer up a quick and easy breakfast to enjoy at home!

The taste of scrambled eggs is very different from other egg cooking methods.

As the yolk is whisked in with the egg white and spread throughout the scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs have a richer flavor throughout.

The texture of scrambled eggs is creamy and firm at the same time, but if overcooked, it can be a little bit grainy.

When cooking scrambled eggs, adding butter to the pan does help create a creamier, fluffy, and buttery taste, which really is quite delicious.

A little bit of salt should be added to give scrambled eggs more flavor and to bring out the richness of the yolk and the blandness of the egg whites. Many people also add a dash of pepper for additional flavor contrast.

First, you start by whisking the egg together to fully incorporate the yolk and egg whites, and then you cook the egg.

Cooking eggs on low, steady heat will give you large, loose curds. Cooking the eggs on low heat and mixing it often will give you a creamier finish, and cooking them on medium heat will give you fluffy eggs without being dry.

Finely chopped spring onions or chives are often added to scrambled eggs to add a pop of freshness to the dish.

What Do Hard-Boiled Eggs Taste Like?

You either love hard-boiled eggs or you hate them, so understanding what they taste like before trying them out should give you a good idea of what side you stand on!

Hard-boiled eggs can be eaten on their own as a healthy snack, or they can be added to green salads or used to make egg salad.

When cooked, hard-boiled eggs have a savory and rich flavor. The egg white and the yolk are kept separate, so the white of the egg has a neutral flavor, while the yolk has a rich and buttery flavor, which balances each other well.

There can be a slight sulfur flavor or smell to hard-boiled eggs, which is often what puts people off, but there is nothing wrong with this — a little bit of salt and pepper (I love a dash of smoked paprika!) can hide this quite well. 

If you do not want the egg yolk to be hard and slightly chalky, then you could make soft-boiled eggs.

Soft-boiled eggs have fully-cooked egg whites, but the yolk is left slightly softer and runny.

This helps keep the richness and butteriness of the egg yolk, which makes the egg easier to eat.

What Do Over-Easy Eggs Taste Like?

Over-easy eggs are fried eggs that are fried and then flipped and cooked for a few minutes to set the egg whites, but leave the yolk runny.

The yolk is not cooked fully with over-easy eggs — it stays mostly in a creamy, liquid state. This does alter the flavor of the egg quite a bit!

The white of the egg stays fairly soft as it is not left to cook for too long. It has a mild flavor, with some saltiness and a bright taste to it. It can have a bit of chewiness to it, but this isn’t as present with over-easy eggs.

The yolk, which is left runny, has a slightly sweet and earthy flavor to it, with some savory notes too. It is creamy, buttery, and oh-so-soft in your mouth.

Some salt is all that is needed to bring out the flavor of over-easy eggs well!

What Do Over-Medium Eggs Taste Like?

Over-medium eggs differ from over-easy eggs as they are cooked for a little bit longer.

The egg is cracked into a frying pan, cooked for a little while, and then flipped and cooked for a minute or two until the yolk has been set.

This does firm up the yolk more, but it does not cook it completely so that it is still creamy, but not runny

The egg white will brown a little more with this method as it is cooked for longer, so it does have more of a nuttier flavor to it, but it is not so browned that it changes its taste completely. 

As it is cooked more, the yolk is beautifully creamy and velvety.

Many people consider this the best way to cook eggs because you get the best and creamiest butteriness from the egg yolk without it needing to be runny, and the egg whites are still soft, even though slightly chewy.

What Do Over-Hard Eggs Taste Like?

Two eggs cooked over HARD, seasoned with pepper on a white plate.

Over-hard eggs are made by cracking the egg into the frying, cooking it for a few minutes, and then flipping it over and cooking it until the egg yolk has completely set.

While some people prefer over-hard eggs, it does make the egg yolk quite hard and crumbly, and it can lead to the egg whites being quite chewy.

The egg yolk will still have a rich flavor, but it will be quite dry and crumbly, which isn’t always a pleasant feeling in your mouth.

The flavor of the egg will be slightly earthy, nutty, and savory, but fairly mild.

What Do Poached Eggs Taste Like?

Poached eggs are eggs that are removed from the shell and cooked in hot water, poaching them until they are cooked to your preference.

It does take some skill to get poached eggs right, as it is a delicate way of cooking them.

If done right, poached eggs are soft and flavorful and don’t require any additional ingredients such as oil or butter to cook.

Poached eggs should be firm, but they can become rubbery if they are overcooked. The yolk can be left runny or semi-firm, and it should add some creaminess and richness to the fairly neutral-tasting egg white.

Poached eggs are not as full of flavor as some other egg options, as they are not cooked with other ingredients and are cooked in boiling water.

However, this makes them great to serve with other food items — such as a hollandaise sauce, avocado, or bacon.

What Do Omelets Taste Like?

Omelets are very versatile, and they can hold many different flavors.

To cook an omelet, you need to beat eggs together and fry this in a frying pan with some butter — you do not stir the egg as it is cooking, as it needs to be set into a firm shape.

Once the bottom of the omelet is cooked (and you’ve placed your toppings), you flip half over itself and allow it to cook until done.

The beauty of omelets is that you can add in so many different ingredients before folding it over, such as ham, tomato, bacon, chives, and more.

A very popular ingredient added to omelets is cheese — many people love adding cheese to their omelets as it removes some of the eggy flavors!

While omelets can taste similar to scrambled eggs, they are not as creamy and they have quite a different texture. The similarity comes in with the yolk being incorporated along with the egg white, so it has a rich flavor throughout.

What Types Of Eggs Are There?

Goose turkey chicken and quail eggs isolated on white background.

The most common type of egg consumed is chicken eggs, and even these come in different shapes and varieties.

However, there are other types of poultry eggs that are consumed, all of which have a flavor of their own.

Here are some of the other types of eggs commonly enjoyed.

Duck Eggs

Duck eggs taste similar to chicken eggs, and are fairly similar in size too. However, the flavor of duck eggs is richer and creamier than chicken eggs and they have a more buttery texture to them.

Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are much smaller than chicken eggs. They are popular in different cuisines and can be cooked similarly to how chicken eggs are cooked.

Quail eggs are considered tastier than chicken eggs, as they have a higher yolk-to-egg ratio, meaning they are richer and have more flavor.

Goose Eggs

Goose eggs are almost double the size of chicken eggs, and they have a very eggy flavor to them. They can be used very much in the same way as chicken eggs, but they are more seasonal so coming across them can be tricky.

Ostrich Eggs

Ostrich eggs are not common, but they are definitely edible. They are huge in size compared to chicken eggs, and they are packed with some good nutrients as well.

The taste of an ostrich egg is similar to that of a chicken egg, but the egg flavor is stronger, and there is a lot more yolk in the egg too.

Turkey Eggs

Turkey eggs are not something you might come across in the grocery store, but you might be able to source them from farmers. They have a similar flavor to chicken eggs but are slightly bigger.

Final Thoughts

Fried Eggs

Eggs have a mild flavor from the egg whites, and a rich creamy flavor from the egg yolk, but what the eggs eventually tastes like does depend on how it is cooked.

Whether over-easy, poached, hard-boiled, scrambled, or eaten raw, an egg can take on many different tastes and textures, so there really is some type of egg for everyone!

Eggs can also be cooked with so many different ingredients, so you can hide the eggy taste slightly if you prefer, or just enjoy eggs on their own for the great protein kick that they offer.

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients to use in the kitchen!

Related Questions

Can eggs have a sweet taste?

Eggs have a very neutral taste, but eggs can take on some sugar and a sweeter taste when used to make french toast or crepes. 

Does a chicken’s diet affect the taste of an egg?

The diet of a chicken can affect how the egg tastes, but not to such a big degree.

Eggs that come from your backyard will likely taste better than eggs that come from the store, as they would be fresher, and their flavor would still be fresh and rich.

Which type of egg is the healthiest?

Poached eggs are considered healthiest as they are cooked without oil or butter. However, as they are commonly served alongside other ingredients, be sure to consider how healthy the entirety of the meal is instead of just the poached egg.

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