5 Best Folding Omelet Pans Of 2023

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There is nothing worse than a poor-quality fry pan for ruining a lovely omelet! Whether it sticks to the pan or ends up rubbery and unappetizing, it is so disappointing when your beautiful ingredients are wasted.

However, there is no need to struggle anymore. If you don’t already own a folding omelet pan, we strongly advise that you buy one right now! But how on earth do you choose the right one for you?

What are the best folding omelet pans? The best folding omelet pan should be comfortable to handle and lightweight. It should have a durable non-stick surface, with good heat retention and distribution. The folding mechanism and action should be easy to use, without the risk of burns or spillages.

Read on to learn what makes the best folding omelet pans and find the one that suits your omelet-making needs.

What Is A Folding Omelet Pan?

A folding omelet pan is a fry pan split into two halves, connected by a hinge. The two halves are normally semi-circular, although there are some circular folding omelet pans.

The folding omelet pan can be used as an open pan, directly on the stovetop. However, the folding and flipping action allows you to move the contents of one pan into the other.

Also, when one pan is left closed over the other, it has the same effect as putting a lid on your pan.

Why Do You Need A Folding Omelet Pan?

If you’ve been making great omelets in your normal fry pan or skillet for years, you might be wondering why you need a folding omelet pan?

Whilst we agree that you can make a good omelet in your normal kitchen pans, these handy gadgets give you a few great advantages!

Folding omelet pans are one of those tools you never knew you needed until you got one. To figure out why you need one, let’s think about what you need to make the perfect omelet to start with!

The aim when making an omelet is to turn beaten eggs into a light and fluffy delicious meal. If you make an omelet in a normal fry pan, this can be tricky!

The reason for this is that a normal fry pan gives direct heat to the bottom of the omelet, causing this to cook faster than the eggs at the top.

This is why many omelet chefs fold a circular omelet in half, allowing the eggs in the middle to cook through properly.

However, folding an omelet without it turning into an eggy mess is not always easy! Hands up if you’ve ever made an omelet that resembles scrambled eggs?!

A folding omelet pan makes this process so much easier and will give you the perfect omelet every time.

This is because it allows you to cook the omelet on both sides, without any tricky flipping or folding. The pan does all the hard work for you!

Ready to upgrade your omelet-making experience? Let’s take a look at how to pick the right folding omelet pan for your needs!

How To Use A Folding Omelet Pan

If you’ve never made omelets in a folding pan before, you might be a bit confused about how they work!

However, there is no right or wrong way to make an omelet in a folding pan, so try a few different techniques to figure out what works best for you.

The first method is to make your omelet on just one side of the pan. Ladle your beaten eggs into the pan, and when they are almost set you can close the lid and flip the pan, cooking the other side of the omelet.

This method also allows you to cook your fillings on the empty side, flipping them into your omelet halfway through cooking.

The other technique is to use both sides of the pan. To do this, pour half of your egg mixture into each side of the pan. When the omelet is almost cooked through, flip one omelet onto the other to combine the two halves.

But which of these two methods is the best? Well, we’d say that if you like a light, fluffy omelet, go for the first method. But if you like your omelet golden on the outside and slightly gooey in the middle, the second technique is the one for you!

How To Choose The Best Folding Omelet Pans

There is such a wide variety of folding omelet pans available that sometimes it becomes overwhelming to choose one for your specific needs.

From the most basic model right up to a snazzy multifunction folding pan, there really is a huge range to choose from!

If you are on the hunt for a new folding omelet pan, here is what you should take into consideration.

Type Of Folding Omelet Pan

As with any stovetop pan, the cooking surface is the most important part. The last thing we want to happen is an omelet that is welded to the pan, so a non-stick surface will be your best friend here!

You also need a pan that can reach high temperatures, and that will distribute the heat evenly through your omelet. Good heat retention will help your omelet to cook perfectly, resulting in a light and fluffy texture.

A fry pan that goes cold as soon as your eggy mixture hits the oil will only end in disaster!

The most durable types of non-stick pans are those with a stone-derived coating such as copper stone pans.

This will be able to withstand high temperatures and wipe clean easily after use. However, they can be heavy and might be difficult to fold and flip.

Many modern-day nonstick pans are coated with Teflon or other similar coatings, helping to keep them lighter than stone pans.

These are great to start with, but the surface may start to degrade and break down especially when used over high heat.

If choosing a Teflon non-stick pan, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to keep your pan perfect for as long as possible.


The size of folding omelet pan you choose will depend on how many people you are cooking for, and whether you want individual omelets or a family-sized one to share.

The majority of omelet pans come in the perfect size to make a one or two-person omelet. If you’re cooking for a hungry crowd, then pick a larger model otherwise you’ll be stuck by the stove for hours.

Remember that you will also need to store your pan after use, so don’t buy a huge one that takes up all your spare cupboard space!

Ease Of Use

If you’re looking for a new kitchen gadget, the number one priority for most people is ease of use. Your folding omelet pan should be simple and comfortable to use, without making any unnecessary mess.

Look for an omelet pan with ergonomically designed handles, which will feel comfortable to hold. Ideally, the handles should be heat-resistant, to avoid accidental burns.

Remember that you are going to have to flip this pan when it is over the heat, so safety is paramount here!

Weight is also an important factor to consider. People with weak, stiff, or painful hands will struggle to flip and turn a heavy pan.

You should also take into account how the two sides of the pan are held together when it is flipped – you don’t want an eggy mess all over your stovetop!

The 5 Best Folding Omelet Pans

From a simple split fry pan to the expensive multifunction versions, there are so many folding omelet pans to choose from! Here are our top picks for the 5 best folding omelet pans!

RankProductBest Feature
1.TECHEF Purple Non-Stick Frittata and Omelette PanBest overall folding omelet pan
2.Nordic Ware Divided Skillet Omelet Pan & PoacherCan also be used to poach eggs
3.Gotham Steel Nonstick Copper Double Omelet PanCool-grip ergonomic handles
4.Korkmaz Duplo Nonstick Double Sided Omelette PanMagnetic locking system
5.Double Sided Green Frittata and Omelette PanTitanium steel pan

1. TECHEF Purple Non-Stick Frittata and Omelette Pan

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If you’re looking for a pan to make the perfect semi-circular light and fluffy omelet, then this is the one for you!

The 2 halves of this pan are coated with a Teflon non-stick cooking surface, which will distribute heat evenly throughout your omelet.

And when it comes to time to flip your omelet, it will pop perfectly from one side of the pan to another!

The longer handle of the pan stays cool enough to handle, and the silicone grabbers help you to hold the smaller handle closed during flipping.

This pan is dishwasher safe, but as with most non-stick pans, this may reduce the lifespan of the Teflon surface.

After use, the surface of this pan will wash clean easily in warm soapy water and store away neatly ready for the next time you fancy an omelet!

2. Nordic Ware Divided Skillet Omelet Pan & Poacher

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This neat little omelet pan can do more than just 1 job!

This clever little pan also helps you to poach the perfect eggs!

The 2 semi-circular pans have a non-stick surface and fold together easily, resulting in fluffy omelets.

The 3 individual egg poachers sit inside one side of the pan and can be removed easily when you don’t want to use them.

Both of the handles have stay-cool grips, helping to avoid accidental burns. The non-stick cooking surface will clean easily after use in warm, soapy water.

3. Gotham Steel Nonstick Copper Double Omelet Pan

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We love the long cool-grip ergonomic handles on both sides of this folding pan, making it easy to grip and turn without the risk of burns or spillages!

The 2 round ceramic pans have a triple layer of durable non-stick coating, meaning you can cook omelets without the need for oil or butter.

So although you won’t get traditional semi-circular omelets with these pans, you will get a great cooking experience without any hassle!

4. Korkmaz Duplo Nonstick Double Sided Omelette Pan

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If you’re looking for a pan that will do more than just cook an omelet, then this is the perfect one for you!

This double-sided non-stick pan has the perfect surface to create light and fluffy omelets, with the bare minimum of mess and fuss.

The 2 square pans can also be used as individual pans, great for frying a multitude of different foodstuffs.

When you want to combine the 2 pans, they have a clever magnetic locking system, keeping them tightly closed during flipping.

The cooking surface of these two pans is a granite-like coating with excellent non-stick properties, and the aluminum die-cast body conducts and retains heat efficiently.

The handles are made with Bakelite, making them highly temperature resistant.

5. Double Sided Green Frittata and Omelette Pan

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This double-sided titanium steel pan gives great thermal conductivity, helping to save both energy and time.

This will make perfect omelets, as well as give you the option of frying a multitude of different foodstuffs. 

The 2 pans fit snugly together, retaining heat and steam inside the omelet pan once you have flipped it.

After use, the non-stick surface is easy to clean, and will store away neatly in the cupboard ready for your next omelet eggstravaganza!

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