What Does An Ostrich Egg Taste Like?

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If you have ever seen an ostrich egg you may be shocked at its appearance. It looks like a ginormous version of a chicken egg.

Considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, ostrich eggs, like chicken eggs, have become a specialty breakfast and are cooked quite often just like a chicken egg is.

However, there are some major differences between the two eggs including size, texture and taste.

So, what does an ostrich egg taste like? An ostrich egg tastes very similar to a chicken egg except a bit sweeter, slightly buttery and, a bit more potent and intense, and with a fluffier and softer texture.

Keep reading to learn more about ostrich eggs and their nutritional benefits, the similarities and differences to a chicken egg, as well as the different ways to cook an ostrich egg. 

What Does An Ostrich Egg Taste Like?

Many people who have had the chance to try an ostrich egg claim it tastes fairly similar to a chicken egg.

It looks almost identical to a chicken egg when cooked so it can be misleading at first bite.

However, ostrich eggs do tend to be a lot more intense and potent in their flavor than chicken eggs. They also are more buttery and have a hint of sweetness to them. 

The taste of ostrich eggs is not for everyone and oftentimes it is because people go into eating an ostrich egg thinking it will taste just like a chicken egg. The intense flavor of the ostrich egg makes them an acquired taste.

Special Qualities Of An Ostrich Egg

If you have never seen an ostrich egg you may be wondering why they are considered special or an exotic delicacy. 

First, they are giant in size and the biggest egg from a bird. Ostrich eggs are so big they equate to almost 24 regular size chicken eggs. They weigh anywhere from 3-5 pounds.

Ostrich eggs have an extremely thick shell that cannot be opened by hand or cracking on a counter like a chicken egg. They are so thick they require a hammer or another tool to break them open to get the egg out.

Nutritional Benefits Of An Ostrich Egg

Ostrich eggs have many different health benefits that make them worthy of trying or incorporating some way into your diet.

They are extremely high in protein, vitamin A and vitamin E.

Similar to chicken eggs, they are also high in B12, riboflavin and folic acid (which is said to be great for pregnant women!)

They are low in sodium, but high in iron and magnesium.

These nutritional benefits closely resemble those of a chicken egg; however it is important to keep in mind the size of the egg. 

Ostrich eggs are so large they should be shared or eaten at different times as consuming the whole thing would be like consuming 2 dozen chicken eggs and would be nearly impossible. 

However, this means that the health benefits can be shared with friends and family around a brunch table.

Ostrich Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs

It seems almost unfair to compare the two eggs because their sizes do make them quite different. However, we can see some differences between the two.

Obviously their size, shell and taste are similar, yet different from one another.

The other big difference is that ostrich eggs have a higher content of vitamin A, E and magnesium where a chicken egg is more rich in vitamin D, B6, B12 and selenium.

Overall, both types of eggs offer good and different health benefits to their consumers. 

How To Cook An Ostrich Egg

One great thing about ostrich eggs is that they can be cooked the same way chicken eggs are cooked so if you consume chicken eggs, you should have no issue with cooking an ostrich egg.

The only difference is a matter of time; ostrich eggs take longer to cook than chicken eggs. 


The first way to cook an ostrich egg is scrambled. You’ll first need to make a hole in the shell. Make sure you have cut all the way through the eggs membrane.

Simply pour the egg out of the shell into a bowl and cook the ostrich egg in a skillet over the stove with a little butter or olive oil. Keep in mind the cook time will be a little longer than a chicken egg.


An omelet will be made very similar to a scrambled ostrich egg and just like an omelet made with chicken eggs

Simply whisk together the ostrich egg then cook like you would a chicken egg omelet. Don’t forget to add your favorite toppings like veggies or breakfast meat.


The last way you can cook an ostrich egg is boiling it, like you would If you wanted a hard boiled chicken egg.

All you need to do is fill a big pot of water get it boiling and put the ostrich egg in there

The ostrich egg can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to fully cook depending on its size, so it is the least reliable way to cook an egg

You can cut a small hole at the 1 hour mark to check on the membrane. If it is still liquidy, let it boil for a little while longer.

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