What Ice Cream Brands Does Kroger Sell?

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Kroger is one of the largest grocery store chains in the USA, and they are known for their variety of all different types of goods.

When deciding on a large grocery chain to choose from, other names such as Walmart and Target pop up as well, so it is difficult to choose which might be better for you. One way to decide is to look at the variety the store provides, and in this article, we are looking at ice cream!

What ice cream brands does Kroger sell?

Luckily for ice cream lovers, Kroger has a fairly large ice cream selection, and the variety on offer suits different tastes, needs, and preferences. From creamy vanilla ice cream to deluxe flavors, Kroger does tend to have it all.

Read on to find out all the different ice cream brands you will find at Kroger!

Ice Cream Brands at Kroger

Kroger isn’t known as one of the largest retailers for nothing – they really do have a wide selection of different items, and one of these impressive selections is the ice cream that they have on offer.

Below are some of the most popular ice cream brands sold at Kroger, giving you a good idea of what you can expect to find in the frozen aisle!

Kroger Deluxe

This list definitely needs to start with Kroger’s own ice cream brand – Kroger Deluxe. Kroger Deluxe, being a store brand, is fairly affordable, and it comes in a range of different flavors and varieties.

ice cream brands

Some of the most popular flavors include vanilla, cookies and cream, mint chocolate, mermaid sparkle, chocolate, and more.

As it is Kroger’s own brand, it is often on sale too, and along with the affordable price, you get a great quality ice cream for a very reasonable price tag.

Haagen Dazs

Any ice cream lover knows that Haagen Dazs is quality ice cream, and the premium ingredients used make this one of the most loved ice cream brands around!

Haagen Dazs

While it is considered a premium ice cream, the secret to Haagen Dazs success is keeping the ingredients simple. Quality, simple ingredients are used to make incredibly indulgent ice cream, such as coffee ice cream, which is only made with cream, milk, cane sugar, egg yolk, and coffee.

Kroger has quite a good range of Haagen Dazs flavors available, but this might vary per store, so it is worth checking out online.

When shopping for Haagen Dazs at Kroger, you will notice that the 14 ounces is the most popular size stocked.

Private Selection

Private Selection is another brand owned by Kroger. It is the premium brand of food items sold at Kroger, and this means it carries quite a higher price tag compared to Kroger Deluxe ice cream.

Private Selection

However, this price tag does come with some incredibly decadent and delicious ice cream, with interesting flavors including Maine Blueberry Belgian Waffle Cone, Brown Butter Bourbon Truffle, Pistachio and Honey, and Amaretto Cherry Cordial.

This is a great Kroger-owned brand to try out if you are looking to treat yourself to a different flavor of ice cream made with premium ingredients.

Ben & Jerry’s

No ice cream brand collection can be called complete without Ben & Jerry’s, and Kroger pulls through by having quite an extensive Ben & Jerry’s selection.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is known for having many different ice cream flavors, so you cannot expect Kroger to stock them all. Therefore, you will not find all of the flavors available, but there should still be a decent selection to choose from. You can also check online at the location near you.

Some Kroger stores can stock up to 20 Ben & Jerry’s flavors, so unless you have one specific flavor that you will only buy, you will definitely be able to find one that you will love!


Whether you know it as Edy’s or Dreyer’s will depend on which side of the US you are on, with Edy’s being sold in the east and Dreyer’s in the west.


Edy’s/Dreyer’s are best known for creating Rocky Road ice cream, and how lucky we are that they did! Being experimental, they were one of the first brands to make ice cream flavors beyond strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

They now have a range of flavors to choose from, many of which you can find in most Kroger stores.


Breyer’s is considered one of the oldest ice cream brands around, which can be dated all the way back to 1866. Since then, it has become one of the most popular ice cream brands sold across the US, with a good portion being sold in Kroger.


You will find flavors such as Mango, Dulce de Leche, Cookie Duo, M&M’s, Apple Pie, and even carb-smart ice creams in various flavors as well. Breyer’s has over 40 different ice cream flavors to choose from, so you are sure to find at least a few at Kroger that you love.


Tillamook was created with a small collection of dairy farmers as a dairy co-op, focussing on the quality of the products used to make dairy items.


The company makes a range of dairy products, including ice cream, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and butter, all centered around good dairy.

There are over 25 flavors of premium ice cream to choose from in the Tillamook range, and you can also find ice cream sandwiches and frozen custard, which should also be stocked at Kroger as well, but this can vary depending on location.


Rebel is an ice cream for those who love ice cream, but not the calories and carbs that come with it! It is marketed as a healthier version of ice cream, as it is low-carb and high-fat, being a relatively new brand at the same time.


The ice cream is suited for a keto diet, as it is made with healthy fats and fiber, keeping you satisfied for longer. Some of the flavors in the Rebel range include Egg Nog, Mango Sorbet, Peppermint Chip, Coconut Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet, Pistachio, Lemon Sorbet, and Orange Cream.


Alden’s is a great organic ice cream brand that is made with non-GMO, organic ingredients, with dairy from cows who are not treated with hormones or antibiotics.


There is no junk in this ice cream, only quality ingredients that are all from healthy, sustainable sources. You can find both dairy and non-dairy varieties, as well as ice cream sold in sandwiches and bar form too.

Some of the most popular Alden’s flavors include Vanilla Bean, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chip, and Chocolate Chip.

Halo Top

Halo Top is an ice cream brand made for those who do not want all the calories that come with traditional ice cream. It is a healthier alternative to ice cream, as it has fewer calories and less sugar too. You can find both dairy and non-dairy options.

Halo Top

Other varieties that Halo Top offers include sorbet and frozen yogurt, which are available in different flavors too. Kroger should have a good variety of all of these, but it might be worth checking with your local Kroger first, as it isn’t as big an ice cream brand as some of the other household names.


Even the Creamalicious name gives away what you can expect from this decadent ice cream brand! This brand incorporates premium ice cream with southern-style baked goods to create incredible indulgent flavors.


Examples of these southern-style ice cream flavors include Caramel Pound Cake, Peach Cobbler, and Pecan Pie – all family favorites!

These flavors are all great to try if you want something out of the ordinary, and if you are looking to treat yourself on your next trip to Kroger!


Lactaid is a dairy ice cream that does not contain lactose, so it is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant, or lactose sensitive.


There isn’t always the biggest range of Lactaid available at Kroger, but you can expect to find the favorites, such as Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Vanilla!

What Ice Cream Brands Does Kroger Sell?

Kroger is known for their variety, and for being a large grocery store, so you can expect a good range of ice cream brands to be sold!

From Kroger’s own brands of Kroger Deluxe and Private Selection to Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, and the lactose-free Lactaid, there is an ice cream brand and ice cream flavor for everyone at Kroger, and you will not be disappointed with the selection that they have on offer!

Related Questions

Where is Kroger’s Brand Ice Cream Made?

Kroger’s brand of ice cream – Kroger Deluxe and Private Selection, is made at Springdale Dairy in Cincinnati.

Does Kroger Sell Ice Cream Cones?

Kroger has a great selection of ice cream, and a great selection of ice cream cones too. Along with ice cream cones, you will find a good selection of toppings and sauces.

Does Kroger Deluxe Have Eggs?

Kroger Deluxe ice cream is made with eggs unless stated otherwise. It also contains dairy and dairy derivatives.

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