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A&W Breakfast Hours (And Menu)

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The A&W chain is known for its delicious burgers and draft root beer, but some people love visiting A&W to enjoy the breakfast menu on offer.

If you love A&W burgers and sides but want to try out their morning meals, you would need to find out what time they serve breakfast, so you don’t miss out!

What are A&W breakfast hours?

A&W breakfast hours can be tricky to navigate, as different locations have different breakfast hours, and not all A&W locations actually serve breakfast. For the locations that do, you will need to check specific breakfast times.

If A&W breakfast is something you want to try out, read on for more information regarding the breakfast hours, as well as the breakfast menu you can expect!

What Is A&W?

A&W, also known as Allen & Wright Restaurants, is an American chain of restaurants that are well-known for their signature burgers, draft root beer, and root beer floats. It is considered the oldest restaurant chain in America.

The menu at A&W ranges from hamburgers to hot dogs, chicken, and French fries – all the classics you can expect from an all-American chain. Some A&W locations also serve breakfast, and many feature drive-throughs as well.

Does A&W Have Breakfast Hours?

A&W does feature breakfast hours, and you are only able to order breakfast within this time frame.  The breakfast hours do vary between various A&W locations, as the different locations open at different hours – so breakfast can be served earlier or later at certain places.

The breakfast hours are not all that clear on the website, so you will have to go to the specific location you want to visit to check the opening hours, to determine when you can order breakfast.

Even though most A&W locations close late in the evening, they do not serve all-day breakfast so expect to only be able to order off of the breakfast menu in the morning, until just before lunchtime.

What Are A&W Breakfast Hours?

The breakfast hours at A&W do vary between different locations. The breakfast venues of A&W do serve breakfast from when they open, which differs, but most do stop serving breakfast at 11 am.

Most A&W locations open their doors at around 11 am, but this would be too late to open for breakfast. So, the locations that open for breakfast tend to open around 7 am. Some might open earlier or later than this, but it is generally early enough to serve breakfast.

Generally, A&W chains that serve breakfast open at 7 am and stop serving breakfast at 11 am, so you have 4 hours to get your breakfast orders in!

Do A&W Breakfast Hours Vary?

Most A&W locations that serve breakfast open at 7 am and stop serving breakfast at 11 am, but while this is the case for most, it is not true for all locations.

a&w breakfast

It is advised to check up on the opening hours of the A&W you are wanting to visit, to view their opening time, and to check when they might stop serving breakfast.

You don’t want to assume that they open at 7 am, only to get there early and they only open a few hours later.

You can go onto the A&W site, type in your location, pick the restaurant you want to view, and take a look at the opening hours.

Is A&W Strict With Breakfast Hours?

A&W is strict with breakfast hours, and they pull their breakfast menu from ordering once breakfast hours are finished, which is usually 11 am.

To ensure you are able to order breakfast, make sure to get there well before breakfast hours close, as you don’t want to get there too late to enjoy a delicious A&W breakfast.

Once the breakfast menu has stopped for the day, you will more than likely not be allowed to order off of the breakfast menu, and you will have to order off their regular menu which features their famous burgers and other items.

So, if you are wanting an A&W breakfast, you will need to plan to get there in time, or you will be out of luck!

Do All A&W Locations Serve Breakfast?

It is important to note that not every A&W location serves breakfast, so you do need to look up this before heading over to an A&W.

There are many A&W locations that actually do not serve breakfast, maybe more than those that do, so you cannot just show up and expect breakfast.

One way to tell if an A&W serves breakfast is to look at whether they open up early or not. A&W’s that open at 7 am most likely serve breakfast, but those which only open at 11 am do not serve breakfast.

All A&W locations serve their signature burgers and other main menu items, as well as the famous draft root beer and root beer shakes, but not breakfast, so count yourself lucky if you have a breakfast-serving A&W near you to enjoy!

How to Check if A&W Near Me Serves Breakfast?

We highly advise that you check whether or not the A&W you are wanting to visit actually serves breakfast before heading over for your morning meal, as many do not. Luckily, this is made fairly easy when using the A&W website.

You can type in your location, and view the restaurants near you. If they serve breakfast, the breakfast symbol will show next to the location. You can also then check on the opening hours of the restaurant, which should be around 7 am for those that serve breakfast.

Alternatively, you can filter down the search by clicking the breakfast box, to find the closest A&W near you that opens for breakfast, and you can make a trip out there.

Using this search, you can also see whether or not the A&W you want to visit has a drive-through, whether you can sit down, and whether fresh root beer is served on site too!

Once again, check the opening time of the A&W near you, as most breakfast locations open at 7 am, but others can open a little bit later, and serve breakfast a little later in the day. You want to be prepared when you go for breakfast!

Does A&W Have a Breakfast Menu?

A&W does have a breakfast menu, and the breakfast menu features some classic breakfast items, as well as some A&W specials. 

While A&W does have a breakfast menu, keep in mind that not all A&W locations serve breakfast, so only a few will have a breakfast menu.

The breakfast menu at A&W isn’t all that extensive, but it does feature a good range of breakfast items that will suit most tastes and preferences.

It is also worth noting that the breakfast menu can vary between A&W locations, with some featuring a full breakfast menu, and others offering a more limited breakfast menu.

What Is on the A&W Breakfast Menu?

The A&W breakfast menu varies between locations, but most serve the same items and you should find a range of options that suit all different tastes.

(Not all of the below items will be available at all locations, and looks, prices, and menu’s will vary)

The breakfast items offered at A&W range from small, quick-bites, to larger breakfasts for the hungrier morning goers. 

Here is a list of the different breakfast items you might find at your local A&W:

  • All Canadian Special
  • Pancakes – 3 Pieces
  • Breakfast Wrap
  • English Muffin Cheese and Egger
  • Cheese and Egger
  • English Muffin Beyond Meat Sausage and Egger
  • Plated Classic Bacon and Eggs
  • English Muffin Sausage and Egger
  • Sausage and Egger
  • English Muffin Back and Egger
  • Bacon and Egger
  • Classic Bacon and Eggs
  • Pancakes Combo 3 Pieces

You will need to check the breakfast menu at the A&W near you to see the full extent of their breakfast menu, as there might be some items listed above that they do not serve, and you don’t want to go there expecting to order a certain item, only to find that your A&W doesn’t serve it!

When ordering your breakfast meal, you can add a signature draft root beer to enjoy!

What Are Popular Breakfast Items at A&W?

The breakfast menu at A&W features some great meals, but if you battle to find a breakfast item to order, you might want to know which are the most popular items!

Here are a few of the most popular breakfast items ordered at A&W:

Bacon and Egger

The Bacon and Egger is a classic breakfast meal – an English muffin-turned-sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese. It is the perfect on-the-go breakfast with all the classic ingredients you could want!

bacon and egger

Sausage and Egger

If you prefer sausage for breakfast, rather than bacon, then the Sausage and Egger should be your breakfast order at A&W. It is a simple breakfast – an English muffin bun made with a sausage patty, an egg, and a slice of American cheese.

sausage and egger

Cheese and Egger

The Cheese and Egger is a great option for those who do not want any meat with their breakfast. It is an English muffin bun with a single egg and cheese, which is simple, but perfect for a quick and delicious breakfast on the go.

cheese and egger

Classic Bacon and Eggs

There is little that beats a classic bacon and egg breakfast, so when in doubt, the Classic Bacon and Eggs will be a great option.

classic bacon and egger

It features rashers of streaky bacon, two eggs done your way, and two slices of toast.

All-Canadian Special

The All-Canadian Special is for those who love a big meal for breakfast. The two sausages, rashers of streaky bacon, hash browns, two slices of toast, two eggs, and tomatoes, will hit the spot just right, and give you a great start to your morning!

all-canadian special

Does A&W Serve Vegetarian Breakfast?

While A&W is known for their burgers, chicken, and hot dogs, they do offer vegetarian options, and this includes some items on their breakfast menu too.

There are breakfast menu items that do not contain meat, such as pancakes, or the English Muffin Beyond Meat Sausage and Egger.

So, if you follow a vegetarian diet, you will not be left hungry when visiting an A&W as you will find some great meat-free options, and a few substitutions you can add to a meal to make it meat-free and vegetarian.

You will, however, have a harder time finding a vegan-friendly meal, so make sure to check up on the A&W breakfast menu you will be ordering from before heading out, to make sure there is something suitable for you to eat.

What Time Does A&W Close?

Like with the opening times, different A&W locations have different closing hours. Most close later in the evening, around 9 pm, but depending on the location, could finish earlier or later than this.

Before going to the A&W near you, check on the closing time, to make sure you give yourself enough time to get there before closing, so you can order your meal and maybe even sit and enjoy at the restaurant instead of getting takeaway.

Do All A&W Locations Have Drive Through?

Not all A&W locations have a drive-through, and at some, you will need to park and go inside the restaurant to order your takeaway.

A&W has made this easy to check, as you can go onto their website and check if the A&W locations near you feature a drive-through or not so that you can properly plan ahead of time.

Keep in mind that drive-through hours might vary, and seasonal hours might come into effect as well, so always use the resources that the A&W website offers to check all of the necessary information before going out for dinner or breakfast, or a lunchtime meal!

A&W Breakfast Hours and Menu

Some A&W locations serve breakfast and those that do tend to open up earlier than those that do not. The breakfast hours at A&W vary between locations, but most which serve breakfast open up early, some as early as 7 am, and others a little later.

There are breakfast hours that need to be followed at A&W, as most stop serving items off of the breakfast menu at around 11 am. Once again, this might vary between locations, but you can check up on this using the A&W website, and checking the location near to you.

The breakfast menu at A&W is not all that extensive, but it features some great classic breakfast items, some of which are ideal for on-the-go eating in the morning when you are rushing to work, and others that are great for a sit-down breakfast, followed by a signature draft root beer!

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Are the Canadian A&W Restaurants the Same as the USA Ones?

The A&W restaurants in Canada were part of the same chain as the American A&W, but they have been separate for a good few decades now, and are owned and operated independently.

Does A&W Serve Burgers All Day?

A&W serves burgers all day, even when they are serving items off of their breakfast menu – you can always order a signature burger.

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