7 Best Steam Pudding Molds Of 2023

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While not very popular in the US, steamed puddings are a well-loved pudding variation in Europe and England in particular. But if you want to make steamed puddings, you’ll need a steam pudding mold. 

What are the best steam pudding molds? The best steam pudding molds are made of high-quality heat-resistant materials. A good mold should also have a lid to cover it or a rim to secure aluminium foil around.  The size and design of the pudding basin are a matter of preference. 

In this article, we will tell you what you should consider when buying a steam pudding mold. We have also picked the 7 best steam pudding molds you can choose from. 

Why You Should Get a Pudding Steamer 

A popular way to cook puddings aside from baking them in the oven is steaming. Steamed puddings can be both sweet and savory. 

Pudding molds, designed for steaming puddings, are often referred to as pudding basins. They give the pudding a nice shape and make sure that it is evenly cooked. 

Aside from the pudding mold, you will also need a pot or a saucepan where you will be boiling the water and that will fit your steam pudding mold.

You will also need a kind of wedge of crumpled aluminum foil to keep the pudding basin off of the bottom of the pot. Keeping the base of the pudding mold of the saucepan is important for an evenly steamed pudding. 

With whatever mold you end up choosing, it’s also important to make sure that the mold you use can withstand high temperatures. Additionally, you should be able to remove the pudding from the bowl undamaged. 

If you have been baking delicious puddings in the oven or making custard-like puddings that don’t require baking, then you should certainly try making steamed puddings too. 

The good thing about steamed puddings is that they are easier to make. You don’t even have to turn on the oven!

Additionally, while oversteaming your pudding isn’t something we recommend you do, extra minutes of steaming won’t harm the pudding.

This isn’t the case with puddings baked in the oven as leaving them in the oven longer than needed will leave you with a burnt dessert. You’ll only need to make sure the steaming water is halfway up the sides of the pudding basin. 

Choosing a Steam Pudding Mold

A properly steamed pudding turns out soft and juicy. But to get good results, you not only need to follow the right steaming instructions but also have the right tools. 

You can always come up with a makeshift steamer with things you have in your kitchen. But the most important component in the entire process of making a steamed pudding is having a good pudding basin. 

You can find a range of steam pudding molds on the market. They come in various materials, shapes, and sizes. Before you buy one, here are a few things to consider. 


Pudding basins designed for making steamed puddings come in different materials, the most popular of which are aluminum, steel, ceramic, and plastic. 

The key is buying a pudding basin that can withstand the heat of steam. While you surely have something suitable in your kitchen you can steam the pudding in, buying a mold that is labeled as a pudding steamer is important.

This way you know you are getting a mold that can withstand high temperatures as well as conduct the heat evenly. 


Choosing a steam pudding mold depends on how many people you usually make pudding for.

For large families, a big and wide pudding basin is needed. But if you are making the pudding for yourself or two people, go with a mold on the smaller side or buy mini pudding molds for individual portions. 

To decide on the size of the pudding mold, also think about the pot or saucepan you will be using with it. If you have a steamer, measure it before you buy a pudding basin. 

Lid or No Lid 

When cooking the pudding by steaming it, you need to close the basin tightly so that the mixture inside cooks properly. 

You can buy a steam pudding mold that comes with a clamp-on lid or you can buy a simple heat-resistant pudding basin. For a pudding mold that comes with no lid, you will have to make a little effort for a makeshift cover

While a makeshift lid takes a minute or two to make, it is quite an easy task. All you need to do is to cover the basin with an oiled layer (whether with butter or vegetable oil) of greaseproof paper, followed by a piece of aluminum foil.

You will then need to secure the cover by either folding the aluminum foil over the edges or by tying a string around the basin, always making sure that it holds the paper and foil cover firmly. 

If the process of making a makeshift lid for the pudding mold isn’t something that bothers you, you can buy any lidless pudding basin that suits you best. 

Top Handle 

The good thing about steam pudding molds that come with a lid is that they, for the most part, also have a top handle that makes pulling out the hot mold easy and safe

If you are using a plain pudding basin with a makeshift lid, make sure to create a handle for it.

To do so, thread a second piece of string under the string you have tied around the rim of the basin. The string will help you remove the pudding from boiling water without burning yourself


A secondary consideration for a steam pudding mold is its design

At the beginning of the 20th century, people were using molds of different shapes to steam puddings. Everything from an empty can to a ceramic basin worked. 

Nowadays, however, classic pudding molds have a flat bottom and tapered sides. They also have ridges on the sides that imprint a pattern on the steamed pudding.

Many pudding molds also have a tube in the center which makes them similar to Bundt pans

You can also buy a plain pudding mold with smooth sides if this is what you like for your puddings. However, make sure the plain bowl has a rim to help in securing a cover.


Depending on the material, steam pudding molds may or may not be dishwasher safe. If you need something that is easy to clean, go with a ceramic or plastic basin that can be washed in the dishwasher. 

Buying a basin that is non-stick is another property that eases the cleaning process of the mold. 

7 Best Steam Pudding Molds 

Here are seven of the best steam pudding molds you can buy. No matter what your preferences are regarding the material, size, and design of the pudding mold, you will surely find an option below that should work for you. 

Rank Product Best Feature 
1.Mrs. Anderson’s Pudding Mold Non-stick anodized aluminum 
2.KitchenCraft Master ClassFunctional top and side handles 
3.Mason Cash In The ForestDishwasher-safe 
4.KitchenCraft MiniFour mini pudding molds 
5.EasyShopForEveryoneVersatile steam mold with a lid
6.Dr. Oetker ClassicLarge capacity pudding mold 
7.KitchenCraft Plastic BasinLightweight microwavable basin

1. Mrs. Anderson’s Pudding Mold 

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Mrs. Anderson’s pudding steamer is one of the best traditional steamers you can find on the market.

It is made of aluminum. As aluminum is a good heat conductor, the pudding mixture in it will heat evenly and bake evenly

The surface of the aluminum is anodized. Anodized aluminum is naturally non-stick. This makes the cleaning process of the steamer easy and mess-free. Anodized aluminum is also scratch-resistant.

It is recommended to buy aluminum pudding steamers that are anodized as they have increased corrosion resistance

The capacity of this pudding steamer is 1.6 liters. You can make a pudding that will easily feed your entire family. 

Mrs. Anderson’s steam pudding mold has a tube in the center which makes the puddings look similar to Bundt cakes. It also comes with a tight-fitting lid that locks in the moisture for a soft pudding.

The lid comes with a top handle for easy removal of the pudding steamer. 

The manufacturer recommends hand-washing the steamer with warm soapy water. Make sure to dry it thoroughly to avoid any rust issues. 

2. KitchenCraft Master Class 

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If you don’t want to make an aluminum foil lid, then this pudding steamer is another great option. 

This pudding steamer is made of carbon steel.

While the heat conductivity of carbon steel is not as great as that of aluminum, it is still very good. Puddings made in a carbon steel pudding mold turn out evenly baked. 

Most importantly, they don’t stick to the mold. This makes the process of taking out the pudding and serving it quick and easy. Aside from being non-stick, carbon steel is also rust-resistant

The capacity of this Kitchen Craft steamer is 2 liters. It is perfectly sized for puddings for a large gathering or family event. 

The lid of the steam pudding mold closes tightly. It has a riveted top handle and side handles for enhanced convenience. This steam pudding mold is also dishwasher, freezer, and oven-safe

3. Mason Cash In The Forest 

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This basin by Mason Cash is a great ceramic option for anyone interested in steamed pudding.

This pudding basin has a protruding rim.

This is an important feature for steamers that come without a lid as it makes it easy to tie a string around the basin. 

This cream color ceramic pudding basin has a capacity of 0.9 liters which is perfect for anyone that wants to make a small pudding that won’t leave any leftovers.

The exterior is embossed with a forest design. This design not only makes the basin look uniquely beautiful but also provides additional grip

The base of this Mason Cash ceramic steamer is vented. The air trapped inside the basin escapes through the vents resulting in a nicely cooked pudding. 

You can wash this steam pudding mold in the dishwasher as well as place it in the microwave and in the freezer. 

4. KitchenCraft Mini 

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Pudding basins with a one-liter capacity may turn out too big for you if you are cooking only for one or two people.

In this case, buying a set of small pudding molds is a wise decision.

The capacity of each of these molds is 6 fluid ounces which makes a perfect portion for one person. 

This set of mini pudding molds by KitchenCraft includes 4 anodized aluminum molds that work well for steam puddings as well as no-bake desserts.

While anodized aluminum is non-stick, the manufacturer recommends greasing or lining the molds before use. 

Make to avoid using these anodized aluminum molds in the microwave and wash them with warm soapy water. 

5. EasyShopForEveryone 

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If you are not after the traditional pudding shape, then this flan mold will cover your needs.

Made of stainless steel, this round mold will make good steamed puddings as well as flan, cheesecake, tart, etc. 

This stainless steel mold is rust-resistant. It is also dishwasher-safe which makes cleaning this mold effortless.

Even if you decide to hand-wash the mold, you won’t have to spend a lot of time doing it as the surface is non-stick. 

The stainless steel lid has a handle to make it easy to take out the mold from the pot with boiling water. The lid closes tightly with the help of clips.

This is important not only during the cooking process of the pudding but also for keeping it fresh afterward. 

6. Dr. Oetker Classic 

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This is another classic steam pudding mold made of high-quality aluminum.

The mold has a non-stick coating for mess-free cooking and easy cleaning.

Having a capacity of 2.6 liters, this pudding steamer is perfect for large family gatherings. 

This mold has a tube in the center and ridges on the sides similar to a Bundt-cake pan. The mold comes with a lid made of the same material.

The lid has a securely riveted handle so that you can remove the mold from the pot without burning yourself. 

7. KitchenCraft Plastic Basin 

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If you are looking for a lightweight pudding basin, then this plastic steam pudding mold by KitchenCraft would be your best choice. 

This pudding basin works well with the microwave and the pressure cooker.

You can use this basin for not only steamed puddings made in the microwave but also reheating leftovers too. 

The material this medium-size pudding basin is made of is BPA-free non-toxic plastic that won’t leak chemicals into your food.

The good thing about this plastic pudding basin is that it is lightweight and dishwasher-safe

This pudding basin comes with a lid, so you won’t have to make a makeshift lid. Thanks to the lid, you can also store the leftover pudding in this basin, preventing it from drying out. 

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