13 Best Gummy Bear Molds Of 2023

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Eating gummy bears is fun. But making them at home is even more entertaining. However, to make gummy bears at home, you need a silicone mold. 

What are the best gummy bear molds? The best gummy bear molds are made of food-grade pliable silicone. It is also good when the mold comes with a dropper to ease the process of making gummy candies. The size of the gummy candies as well as the number of cavities on the mold is a matter of preference. 

This article includes a buyer’s guide to gummy bear molds as well as a list of the best gummy bear molds of 2021. 

Buyer’s Guide

Making gummy bears at home is a fun activity both for adults in kids. While making homemade gelatin candies takes time, the process is fairly easy and fun.

Additionally, commercially manufactured gummy bears are full of preservatives and chemical additives. Homemade gummy bears, on the other hand, contain only a few simple ingredients.

All you need is gelatin (flavored or unflavored), water (or other liquid), and sugar, honey, or citric acid depending on the recipe. 

But most importantly, you need a gummy bear mold to make these gelatin candies at home. 

There are plenty of gummy bear molds on the market. Here are the things to consider when buying one. 


Nearly all gummy bear molds are made of silicone. When buying a gummy bear mold, make sure the material is soft and pliable. If not, you will have a hard time getting the candies out once the liquid is set. 

Additionally, make sure the material is claimed to be food-grade

Size Of The Mold

As you need to place the mold in the fridge to set the candies, consider its size when making a purchase to make sure it will fit easily into your fridge.

If your fridge is always packed, buying a silicone mold that is on the smaller side is a good idea.

If you will be using the mold as an ice tray too, consider the size of the freezer. 

Number And Size Of The Cavities

There are numerous options for gummy bear molds when it comes to the number of cavities. If you want to make a big batch of candies in one go, pick a mold that has at least 50 cavities. 

You can buy a mold that makes gummy bears of the same size as the popular gummy candy companies.

But you can also find molds that make bigger gummy bears. The choice is yours. The only thing to keep in mind is that the larger the cavities the longer they will take to set. 

What Does The Set Include? 

When buying a gummy bear mold, make sure it comes in a set with a dropper. The dropper will help you easily fill up the cavities. It is a time-consuming and tedious task to fill up the small bear cavities without a dropper. 

And it’s good when the mold comes with more than one dropper as you may lose one. Additionally, you may need multiple droppers when making gummy bears with your friends or kids

If you want a gummy bear mold but don’t want to get bored of making the same bear-shaped candies, buy a mold that comes in a set with silicone molds with different-shape cavities. Some have cavities of different shapes all on one mold. 

The 13 Best Gummy Bear Molds 

We have ranked and reviewed the 13 best gummy bear molds you can buy. Pick one that suits your preferences as far as the number of cavities and the gummy bear candy size is concerned. 

RankProduct Description
1.CAKETIME Gummy Bear Molds 4 silicone molds with 50 cavities each 
2.Lizber Newest Generation Gummy Bear Molds3 silicone molds with 53 cavities each
3.The Silly Pops Gummy Bear Mold 2 molds with different-shape cavities 
4.Unique Extra Large Gummy Bear Mold 2 molds, 37 extra-large cavities each 
5.CAKETIME Large Gummy Bear Molds 4 molds with 35 large cavities each 
6.Gummy Bear and Worm Gummy Candy Molds4 molds, 2 shapes – bears and worms 
7.Bigger Gummy Bear Mold3 molds, 35 cavities each 
8.The Silly Pops Large Gummy Bear Mold 3 molds, 5 different shapes 
9.Medium Sized Gummy Bear Making Kit Makes 34 medium-size gummy bears
10.Newest Generation Gummy Bear Molds 4 silicone molds with 50 cavities each 
11.DIY Giant Gummy Bear Mold One 8-inch silicone bear mold
12.Gummy Bear Candy Molds 4 molds with different shapes 
13.Bear Silicone MoldAn 8-inch silicone bear-shape mold

1. CAKETIME Gummy Bear Candy Molds 

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If you need gummy bear molds to make a large batch of regular-sized bears, then this CAKETIME set is for you.

It includes 4 molds. Each mold has 50 cavities. The set also includes two droppers

These CAKETIME gummy bear molds are made of platinum silicone which is the ideal silicone material used for products that will be in contact with food. 

Platinum silicone has exceptionally high quality due to the platinum used as a catalyzer. Put simply, this silicone variety is pure and flexible without any harmful additives. 

These molds are also non-stick and easy to clean. Aside from being safe to go into the fridge and freezer, you can also put these molds in an oven as hot as 445°F

2. Lizber Newest Generation Gummy Bear Molds

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The perfect set of gummy bear molds to buy if you are planning to make colorful jelly candies with your kids. 

The set includes 3 molds that come with droppers of corresponding colors. Each mold has 53 cavities

The molds are made of 100% food-grade silicone. The material is BPA-free and non-stick. Once gummies are set, you can remove them from the cavities with ease thanks to the pliability of the material. 

While these molds are non-stick and easy to wash by hand, you can also wash them in the dishwasher in case you have failed to make a good concoction for the candies and it has all gotten stuck in the cavities. 

These silicone molds are also heat resistant to 450°F and freezer-safe to -40°F

3. The Silly Pops Gummy Bear Mold 

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If you love gummy bears but would like to have some versatility with your candies, then these Silly Pop molds are for you. 

The 2 molds have a row of bear cavities to make traditional-looking gummy bears.

The rest of the molds includes cavities for making lions, penguins, monkeys, and the gummy worms everyone loves.

The dropper that comes with the molds makes the process of filling up the cavities much easier and waste-free. 

These gummy candy molds are so fun that you can use them as chocolate candy molds and ice cube trays too.

You can also freeze fruit juices to chill your cocktails in the most amusing way. So, these molds make a great present not only for kids but for adults too. 

4. Unique Extra Large Gummy Bear Mold 

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Anyone that loves gummy bears and DIY-ing will surely appreciate this gummy bear set as a present. The set includes two bear-shaped molds.

Each mold has 37 cavities that make extra-large bears. The gummy bears you get with this mold are twice the size of regular bears

The silicone material the mold is made of is BPA-free. It is heat resistant to 450°F and can go into the oven if you have decided to use the mold to bake some mini treats.

Cleaning this gummy bear mold is easy too as you can wash it in the dishwasher. 

The set comes with two droppers to help you fill up the cavities with no mess. 

5. CAKETIME Large Gummy Molds 

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Another great gummy bear mold set by CAKETIME. This one, however, makes larger gummy bears. Each cavity makes 1-inch tall bears.

The volume of the cavities is 3.5 ml. So, you get more of your favorite jelly goodness in each piece. 

This gummy bear set includes 4 food-grade silicone molds. Each mold has 35 cavities and can go into the oven, microwave, and freezer

As these silicone molds have a non-stick property, cleaning them is a quick and easy process. But if you still don’t want to wash the molds by hand, the dishwasher will do the job for you.

6. Gummy Bear and Worm Gummy Candy Molds 

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What is the next best shape of gummy candies after bears? It’s the gummy worms!

This is why this set makes one of the best purchases for anyone loving classic gummy candies. 

In this set, you get two molds with bear-shaped cavities and two that make fun jelly worms.

The number of bear cavities on each mold is 50 and you can make 20 gummy worms with each mold too. So, if you make a large batch of jelly concoction, you can make 140 candies at a time

The silicone material of the molds is BPA-free. They are flexible which allows you to remove the gummies undamaged from the cavities. 

7. Bigger Gummy Bear Mold 

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A set of 3 silicone molds that makes 1-inch tall gummy bears.

Each mold has 35 cavities and comes with a dropper to make the candy-making process easy and enjoyable

The manufacturer uses high-grade silicone for the molds.

You can use these molds not only to make gummy bears but also fun-shaped ice cubes, chocolate candies, and more!

The pliable silicone material allows you to remove the candies maintaining all the intricate details on the bears. Cleaning the molds is easy too, thanks to the non-stick quality of the material, 

8. The Silly Pops Large Gummy Bear Molds

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If you are looking for silicone molds to make various gummy animals, including bears, then this Silly Pops set is your best bet. 

This set includes 3 molds. Each mold has 5 rows of different animals: bears, monkeys, lions, mammoths, and penguins.

The height of the candies is 1.1 inch which is slightly larger than regular gummy bears. 

These non-toxic silicone molds are non-stick and can be used for any mixture, including chocolate and gelatin.

If you want to make sure that the candies don’t stick, simply spray the molds with cooking spray before filling up the cavities using the dropper. 

9. Medium-Sized Gummy Bear Making Kit 

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The good thing about homemade gummy bears is that you can make your favorite sweet treats bigger!

This gummy bear mold by The Modern Gummy is a great option for those looking for a silicone mold that makes medium-sized bears. 

The bears turn out with a height of 1.25 inches. And you can make 34 gummy bears at a time.

The set comes with a measuring cup to help you get the jell concoction right as well as a handy dropper. 

As the cavities on this mold are relatively larger, you can use them to make bite-size chocolate candies as well as bear-shaped ice cubes of the perfect size. 

10. Newest Generation Gummy Bear Molds 

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If you want to replace the store-bought gummy bears with homemade ones for your kids, then these are the molds to buy.

With these molds, you get bears of nearly the same shape and size as the commercially manufactured variety.

Use flavored gelatin and different colors and the kids will notice no differences. 

This gummy bear mold set includes 4 silicone molds each with 50 cavities. Don’t lose the droppers that come with the mold as filling up those little cavities without them will be a rather challenging task.  

11. DIY Giant Gummy Bear Mold 

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Have you ever watched videos of people making giant gummy candies and wanted to do the same?

If yes, then this extra-large gummy bear mold is for you!

This large bear-shaped mold is made of non-toxic food-grade silicone.

The gummy bear you make with this mold is equivalent to 1050 regular-size gummy bears. You can make it with your favorite recipe or use one of the two recipes that come with the mold. 

You can use this mold for chocolate and cakes too. What can be better than making your favorite treats but in an extra-large size?

You also get 5 gift bags with this mold. Make a giant gummy bear and gift it to a friend that enjoys eating these chewy candies. 

12. Gummy Bear Candy Molds 

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This is another great set for gummy candy lovers that includes four molds with different cavity shapes.

You get a mold not only for making gummy bears but also, dinosaur, heart, and mini donut-shaped candies. 

The total number of cavities is 200. As for the gummy bears, you can make 50 of them in a single batch

The molds in this set are made of high-quality food-safe silicone. They are non-stick and flexible to make removing the candies easy.

These silicone molds are heat resistant to 445°F and can go into the freezer the temperature of which is as low as 40°F

13. Bear Silicone Mold 

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Another silicone mold you can use for your giant bear creations.

You can use the 7.8-inch mold to make a large gummy candy in the shape of a bear or fill it up with chocolate.

This mold also works for making mini bear-shaped cakes. 

Made of silicone, this mold is soft and elastic. This is important; unlike with numerous small gummies which afford a few mistakes, the giant one should be removed undamaged.

The inner surface of the mold is very smooth which provides its non-stick quality and further eases the process of removing the bear from the mold. 

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