11 Best Gummy Bears Of 2023

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You just can’t beat a good bag of gummy bears, but there is nothing more disappointing than anticipating opening a bag of fruity, chewy, delicious gummy bears, just for them to be bland and underwhelming.

To ensure that nobody has to go through this, we have compiled a complete guide on the best gummy bears, and how to make sure you choose the most delicious ones out there!

Which are the best gummy bears? The best gummy bears will pack a punch of fruity flavor, will have the perfect chewiness, and also see to your dietary needs. There are the traditional sugary gummy bears to choose from, as well as some which are vegan, or which contain some really beneficial ingredients.

There is quite a bit that goes into choosing the best gummy bears, so keep reading to find out how you should pick out your next bag, and our recommendations for the best gummy bears on the market!

How to Pick Gummy Bears

There are a few factors one has to consider when deciding on a pack of gummy bears, and there are a few factors that make a pack of gummy bears a good pack of gummy bears!

Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing gummy bears:

Gummy Bear Taste

Taste is why we are all eating gummy bears. We want that burst of fruity flavor with each little bear that we eat.

Gummy bears are a treat, and you don’t want to waste your treats on underwhelming gummies that just don’t hit the spot.

So, to ensure that you are satisfied with your gummy bears, you should choose a brand that is known for its good flavor, and will give you that satisfaction that only candy can give!

Range of Flavors

Some of us have our favorite gummy bear flavors, but if you like to try out something different, or enjoy a few different flavors, you should look for a gummy bear brand that offers a range of flavored gummy bears.

For most, the standard flavors are strawberry, lemon, cherry, orange, and so on, but there are some brands that have brought out some really creative gummy bear flavors.

It is always fun trying out new flavors, and you never know if one of the new flavors of gummy bears will be your favorite!

Ingredients Found in the Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are not necessarily part of a healthy diet, as they are supposed to be enjoyed as a treat on occasion.

However, some gummy bear brands have tried to make the candy healthier by using less sugar and more natural ingredients to give the gummy bears color and flavor, such as vegetable juice and beet extract.

These do work towards making the gummy bears a slightly healthier treat!

Vegan Gummy Bears

If you follow a vegan diet, then you will need to be careful when it comes to the brand of gummy bears you pick out. Most gummy bears are made with gelatin, which commonly contains animal byproducts.

There are some vegan-friendly gummy bears available, which avoid using gelatin made from animal byproducts, so you will have to look for these if you follow a vegan diet.

Packet Size

This might seem a bit redundant, but you should think of the packet size of gummy bears before buying them. For sharing, it might make sense to buy a big sharing packet.

If you are wanting to enjoy the gummy bears as a treat on your own, then maybe buy a smaller bag, or a party pack with lots of small bags to enjoy over a few days or weeks.

This also helps avoid gorging on the whole bag, and instead, you can easily limit yourself to a smaller portion!

Gummy Bear Brand

When it comes to gummy bears, the brand does matter.

The most well-known and well-loved gummy bear brands do offer the best quality and the best taste, and you can be sure that their gummy bears will be consistently good time and time again!

They’ll also on average be made with better ingredients and have little to none harmful or banned preservatives or food colorings.

The 11 Best Gummy Bears

Now for the fun bit, here are our 11 favorite gummy bears on the market!

We have found the best of the best, covering all the different varieties, such as standard gummy bears, vegan gummy bears, and those that have been made to be a little bit healthier.

Have a look through the list below and choose one (or a few) to try!

RankBrandBest Feature
1.HariboBest overall gummy bears
2.AlbaneseBest fat-free gummy bears
3.Black ForestMost convenient packaging
4.Project 7Best vegan gummy bears
5.Happy YummiesBest assorted bag of gummy bears
6.Smart SweetsFree from 150 banned flavors, preservatives, and colors
7.Ferrara Candy CompanyBest mini gummy bears
8.Candy ShopBest packaging design
9.SandersBest chocolate-covered gummy bears
10.Surf SweetsUses organic cane sugar
11.YumEarthBest peanut-free gummy bears
BonusLovely Co.Great vegan option for gummy bears

1. Haribo

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Haribo are an all-time favorite when it comes to gummy bears, and their Goldbears Gummy Bears are as popular as can be.

The Goldbears Gummi Candy have a great taste and gummy texture, and just tick all the boxes when it comes to great gummy bears!

The 5-pound bag is perfect for families who love to share out candy every now and then, and it will last quite a while at that. 

Haribo keeps things simple, only having 5 flavors of gummy bears available in the pack, but these are all rich, fruity flavors that are distinctive and wonderfully sweet.

The gummies also have a wonderful texture, perfectly chewy without leaving a gummy texture behind in your mouth.

All of the Haribo gummy bears are produced in a nut-free factory, so they are perfect to be enjoyed by those who suffer from nut allergies. 

The gummy bears are all naturally flavored, and the pack includes the delicious and classic flavors of pineapple, lemon, raspberry, orange, and strawberry, covering all of the favorites!

The colors of the gummies are bright too, so you can easily pick out your favorite flavor from the bag.

You can never go wrong with a bag of Haribo Goldbears Gummi Bears, and they will really satisfy your sweet tooth!

2. Albanese

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The Albanese Gummi Bears is the best choice for you if you love exploring new flavors that are as delicious as can be!

Each of the gummy bears in the 5-pound pack has a fresh fruit flavor and wonderfully soft chew, which makes them one of the best choices out there.

The gummies are made fat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, so they see to a wide range of different diets.

They make for the perfect snack during the day, without adding too many calories to your overall count.

To make them even more friendly to different diets, the gummy bears are peanut-free, tree nut-free, MSG-free, and contain no artificial sweeteners.

They’re an allergy-friendly snack, without lacking that burst of fruity flavor that everyone loves.

The 5-pound bag is perfect for sharing the delicious candy out with the family, or for keeping it at home as your very own sweet stash!

3. Black Forest

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The Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears are known to be super juicy and super tasty.

They are as fruity-fresh as you could hope for and are made with real fruit juice to give each bear an authentic taste.

To make them even more appealing, the Black Forest Gummy Bears are also fat-free and gluten-free, so they are suitable to be enjoyed as a treat when on a diet too!

Being soft and chewy, they are ideal for adults and kids, and all ages will enjoy the authentic fruity flavor that the natural fruit juice gummies give.

All parts of the gummy bears, from the flavoring to the coloring, are all organic. The fruit-flavored gummy bears have been certified organic by the USDA, so you can trust that you will be giving your family the best.

Made with real fruit juice, you can really taste the difference in each bite, with the flavors being pronounced and fresh, and the texture of the gummies being soft and easy to chew.

Available in small 0.8-ounce bags, this is the perfect treat box to keep in your pantry for when the sweet tooth comes calling!

4. Project 7

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Enjoy guilt-free gummy bears with the Project 7 Low Sugar Sour Fruit Gummy Bears!

There are only 3 grams of sugar in each bag of the gummy bears, with no sugar alcohols or IMO’s.

They are the perfect low-carb treat for the whole family.

The Project 7 Gummy Bears are high in fiber, low on carbs, and low on sugar, making them perfect for those who are on a weight loss diet, or those who are looking for a healthier treat for the whole family.

The gummies are made from a vegan, plant-based recipe, and do not use gelatin. They are naturally colored with whole foods, such as turmeric, and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Ticking all the boxes, being low-sugar, low-carb, vegan, and free from artificial additives, these gummies are still incredibly delicious and juicy and serve a good cause too.

Project 7 supports 7 non-profit organizations, so the gummies do good as well.

Whether you choose to have these gummies as a treat on your diet, or as a healthy alternative for your family, the Project 7 Gummy Bears really are a perfect choice!

5. Happy Yummies

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Any gummy bear connoisseur has to try the Happy Yummies Gourmet Gummy Bears, featuring flavors from all over the world!

Some of the flavors include champagne, banana taffy, sparkling grape juice, milkshake, and Pina Colada. Each bear has a different color and even different shapes.

The multi-color bear features different strips of colors, all of which have a different flavor. There is even a big gummy bear that has a mystery flavor!

The bag is resealable, which means the gummy bears can be kept fresh and safely stored away in the cupboard. 

You will absolutely love discovering the different flavors included in the pack, whether it is the cherry chili or standard green apple, there are flavors for everyone to enjoy.

The only issue is that it is a considerably small bag, so you will need to hold back on finishing them in one go!

Take your gummy bear tasting around the world with this pack, and try out all the weird and wonderful flavors, while enjoying the soft and chewy texture the gummy bears have.

6. Smart Sweets

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The Smart Sweets Fruity Gummy Bears are perfect for when you are needing to watch your sugar consumption.

The gummies are low in sugar and low in calories, containing ingredients such as vegetable juice and tapioca.

The gummy bears are also completely free from GMO products.

The gummy bears are free from over 150 banned flavors, preservatives, colors, and other ingredients, making them healthy and better suited to certain diets.

There are no hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup found in the gummies either.

Natural ingredients are used to make these juicy gummy bears, and you can definitely taste the authentic fruit notes in the different flavors, and taste the fresh juiciness in the texture of the gummy bears as well.

Some of the natural ingredients used to make the gummy bears include tapioca, chicory root, and vegetable juice.

These all add to the authentic taste while keeping the gummy bears relatively healthy.

One thing to note is that there are only four flavors in the pack, but if you are not too fussy about this, then it is a great option for a healthier treat to keep at home.

7. Ferrara Candy Company

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These mini gummy bears are not only super cute, but they are super tasty as well!

They offer up a wonderfully soft chew and sweetness that hits all the right spots!

These make for the ideal snacking size, and you can portion out many different snack bags using the 5-pound bag.

The mini gummy bears are exceptionally soft and almost melt in your mouth.

Their small size makes them great for kids, but they are also perfect to top on ice cream and other desserts too.

Available in 4 flavors, these will be a favorite in your home for snacking and topping on different desserts!

8. Candy Shop

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What could be better than a whole lot of gummy bears packed into a gummy bear plastic container?

All 2 pounds of these gummy bears are held in a reusable bear-shaped container, which doubles up to keep the gummy bears fresh while stored away. 

The gummy bears are fat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, so they are suitable for a variety of diets.

All fruity flavored, they are ideal to serve at a party or keep packed away in the cupboard for when you need a little pick-me-up.

There is a good assortment of colors in the pack, all with a soft, chewy texture that all ages will enjoy.

As long as the gummy bear jar stays sealed, you will enjoy fresh and soft gummies until they all run out.

The 2-pound jar holds more than enough to share with the family or to enjoy on your own over time. You will love the fruity flavors!

9. Sanders

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If you are looking for something a little different and are a fan of chocolate too, then you definitely need to try these gummy bears!

The gummy bears come in a variety of flavors, but each one is covered with a coating of milk chocolate.

The rich, decadent chocolate plays so well with the sweet, fruity flavors of the gummy bears – it is absolutely delicious!

Made with high-quality ingredients, the gummy bears do not contain high fructose corn syrup, no trans-fat, and no artificially hydrogenated oils.  

These are very loved by those who prefer their gummy bears dipped in chocolate,

The gummy bears still have a juicy, fruity flavor and texture, and the chocolate still tastes like high-quality milk chocolate, not just a waxy coating.

They are a definite must-try!

10. Surf Sweets

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The Surf Sweets Gummy Bears are made with natural ingredients that are all non-GMO and which are healthier than most other gummy bear brands!

Organic cane sugar is used in place of high fructose corn syrup to reduce the overall bad sugar found in the gummy bears.

They are also free from the top 10 food allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, and so on.

Naturally flavored, each gummy bear is made with fresh fruit juice. Some of the flavors include cherry, grape, strawberry, grapefruit, lemon, and orange, so everyone will have their favorite flavor in the pack!

Made with organic and natural ingredients, the gummy bears are packed with vitamin C and contain no total fat, so you can definitely indulge in a few once or twice a week without feeling guilty!

11. YumEarth

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YumEarth is a brand created by two dads who wanted to treat their families to some yummy candies, without all the bad stuff! 

The gummy bears are made with the simplest ingredients and are gluten-free, dairy-free, and peanut-free.

They are also free from synthetic dyes and contain no artificial flavors or high-fructose corn syrup.

You can be confident when giving them to your child that they contain only the best ingredients. 

If you are wanting to treat your family to some yummy gummy bears, but kick out all the bad ingredients that they often come with, this is a great option!

Bonus: Lovely Co.

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For those who follow a vegan diet, the Gelatin-Free Sour Honey Gummy Bears are the perfect treat!

When ordering these gummies, you will get 6 smaller packs, so you have a few portions of treats waiting in the cupboard.

The gummy bears are juicy and taste as fresh as can be, with each small bear packing a real punch of flavor.

They are chewy yet still soft, and the perfect balance between sweet and sour.

You will love being able to enjoy gummy bears again thanks to these delicious gelatin-free bears that still taste so great!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve shown you our 11 favorite gummy bears (plus one!), let’s answer some questions we thought you might’ve had while reading this article.

Are gummy bears unhealthy?

Gummy bears have never been considered a healthy food. Most commonly, they are made from lots of sugar, which is something we need to try and avoid in our diets.

However, more brands are trying to cut down on sugar and other bad ingredients found in their gummies, and instead use natural, healthier options.

Many gummy bears are now made from vegetable juice and cane sugar.

Why are gummy bears addictive?

Gummy bears might feel addictive because of their high sugar content. The more sugar you eat, the more sugar your body will crave. This is why you will find yourself going back for more!

Why do bodybuilders eat gummy bears?

Bodybuilders like to include gummy bears in their diet because the dextrose and corn syrup both help to absorb carbohydrates fast, which helps with muscular endurance and recovery.

As these ingredients don’t have to be broken down through the usual digestive process, they are absorbed into the blood much quicker, and then the muscles.

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