11 Best Gummy Worm Brands Of 2023

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Everybody has a favorite gummy worm flavor! We know what ours is, at least—apple!

Nowadays, though, the five classic flavors of gummy worms have evolved into many different brands and varieties of this classic treat.

However, with so many brands on the market now, it can be a little confusing to know which candies are worth trying and which ones worth tossing. So, we’re here to help you out!

So, what is the best gummy worm brand? The best gummy worm brand is the one that offers excellent and diverse flavors, proper packaging, allergen-related information, and a solid quantity. It’s also helpful to find gummy worms that stay away from using any kind of artificial flavoring or coloring in their product.

After thorough research, we’ve listed the 11 best gummy worm brands that you have absolutely got to check out. Let’s dive right in!

What’s A Gummy Worm? 

Gummy worms have been an object of fascination for many people since childhood. Who even came up with the idea of creating a sweet candy shaped like a worm?!

While the origin of relatively gummy worms is unknown, we can probably better understand them by looking at the history of gummy candies as a whole!

It is said that a similar type of chewy confectionery to the ones we have today were first produced by Fryers of Lancashire in 1864. These gummy candies (which were shaped like babies, oddly enough) became a huge hit!

By 1918,  the Bassets in Sheffield also started producing them, distributing them more popularly under the name Jelly Babies.

Years later, gummy candy shaped like bears were produced by a company based in Germany.

As more time went on, all sorts of different shapes began to pop up from various companies, ranging from bottles and rings all the way to frogs and sharks. And eventually, along came our famed little snack, the gummy worm!

Gummy worms have a sweet and tangy flavor to them. They are mostly available in bright neon colors and have mouth-watering fruity flavors combinations. 

Each gummy worm is a combination of two or more flavors like cherry and lemon, strawberry and grape, orange and lime, apple and orange, and so on.

However, it can be difficult to always recognize flavors just by seeing the color of gummy worms.

Different brands use different colors to denote various flavors. For example, Trolli has clear gummy worms as apple-flavored whereas Haribo use the translucent worms as pineapple.

Gummy worms are made using gelatin, which gives them their chewiness, along with corn syrup, sucrose, water, and starch primarily.

If you’re vegan, remember that gelatin is a non-vegan ingredient, so keep your eyes out for brands that avoid using this ingredient.

Things To Consider Before Buying Gummy Worms 

If you’re planning to buy a bag of gummy worms, here are a few things you should keep in mind when hunting for the perfect treat:


Gummy worms are available in different flavors. While some packs have as many as 12 flavor combinations, others have 5 or less flavor combinations.

There are individual flavors available as well. So, check out the flavors available in the packet before adding them to your cart and decide whether or not these are up to your liking. 

Nutritional Information

If you are tracking your calories, take a look at the calories per serving written on the packets. Some brands have 100 calories per serving, others have 120 calories per serving. You can also get as low as 90 calories per serving as well.


Make sure you check for any preservatives, ingredients, artificial colors, and artificial flavors that you may be allargic to before making a buy.

The main allergens to look for in gummy worms are gluten, peanuts, nuts, wheat, milk, egg, fish, and crustaceans

The 11 Best Gummy Worm Brands 

Now, let’s take a look at some of our favorite gummy worm brands! Below, we have compiled a detailed list of the 11 best gummy worm brands that you absolutely need to try! 

RankBrandBest Feature
1.Albanese Candy Mini Gummi WormsBest overall gummy worms
2.Surf Sweet Gummy WormsNo artificial colors
3.Black Forest Gummy Worms CandyMade with USDA organic ingredients
4.Farley’s & Sathers Gummy Worm CandyA classic, beloved gummy worm brand
5.Trolli Sour Brite CrawlersDelicious sour flavor
6.Yummy Earth Organic Gummy WormsMade with real fruit juice
7.Dr. Snack Gummy WormsGreat bulk option
8.The Natural Confectionery Co. Sour SquirmsNo artificial flavors
9.Yupik Mini Gummy WormsMini versions, perfect for parties
10.Haribo Sour S’ghettiFat-free
11.Smart Sweets Gummy Worms81% less sugar compared to other brands

1. Albanese Candy Mini Gummi Worms

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These gummy worms definitely make our top pick for just how delicious they are. And they’re even pretty healthy to boot!

They are one of the best gummy worms as they are gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free, and low on sodium.

There are 12 amazing flavors in one packet. These flavors include cherry, pink grapefruit, lemon, pineapple, mango, green apple, strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry, lime, orange, and grape.

If you are someone with food allergies, this brand is for you as it sells allergy-friendly gummies. Their gummies are peanut-free, tree nut-free, MSG-free, and have no artificial sweeteners.

These small worms are big on taste, so you should undoubtedly check them out if you haven’t!

2. Surf Sweet Gummy Worms

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If you are looking for organic gummy worms, Surf Sweet is the brand for you!

This brand does not use any artificial colors. Instead, they use fruit essences for flavor and organic fruits and vegetables for the color.

That’s not all! These little worms are also gluten-free.

Also, they are available in 6 different flavors that include cherry, strawberry, lemon, orange, grapefruit, and grape.

Just like the last product, they are allergy-friendly too. They are free of some of the most common food allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, fish, sesame, shellfish, wheat, and sulfites

3. Black Forest Gummy Worms Candy

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These gummy worms are made with USDA organic ingredients and are gluten-free and fat-free.

The packaging is awesome as they come in a resealable bag to preserve the freshness of the candy!

This brand features five organic flavors: cherry, orange, lemon, apple, and pineapple.

4. Farley’s & Sathers Gummy Worm Candy

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As the brand says, you can enjoy these gummy worms whether you are 5 years old or 105 years old!

These gummy worms are a true classic, available in 5 different flavors that include cherry, pineapple, apple, lemon, and orange.

They also have 120 calories per serving. The gummy worms are very chewy and have a great taste.

Here’s a little fun fact about this brand: Sathers is one of the oldest gummy worm brands out here! So, you don’t have to worry about their quality. They’re a tried and true brand!

5. Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

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These gummy worms are just as famous as the ones we just mentioned, maybe even more!

They have some super cool neon colors coated with sugar to give you the right amount of sweet-and-sour flavor.

They are available in 3 flavor combinations: orange-lime, cherry-lemon, and strawberry-grape

Moreover, they have a resealable packet so that you can eat till your heart is full, close it up, and then reopen it again later!

6. Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Worms

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This pick definitely has some unique flavors, which we absolutely love!

The 4 flavors include pomegranate pucker, sour apple tart, mango tango, and perfectly peach. But that’s not all!

They are made with real fruit juice and have no artificial flavors or colors.

They also use USDA organic products and are climate pledge friendly.

And for all the health-conscious people out there, they are gluten-free, fat-free, and nut-free! 

7. Dr. Snack Gummy Worms

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If you are looking for a bulk option for a great price, the Dr. Snack Gummy Worm is your best option.

The 5-pound bag has chewy and soft worms in different colors like red, yellow, and green.

The gummy worms are made to be sold in bulk online.

This is great, as you can easily find them here and get them delivered to your doorstep. Talk about convenience!

8. The Natural Confectionery Co. Sour Squirms

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These sour squirms are sold through Cadbury. They are made in Australia and have no added artificial flavor and color.

They are covered in sugar to give you the perfect balance between sweetness and sourness!

This brand offers 5 unique flavors: wild blackcurrant, juicy orange, delectable smooth banana, ripe raspberry, and tangy lime.

9. Yupik Mini Gummy Worms

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These Yupik gummy worms are mini versions of normal gummy worms. How cute!

They are available as a combination of 2 flavors. They are soft, chewy, and fruity.

You will get a light sour flavor with a sweet gushy touch. 

They are ideal for partying, gifting, snacking and Halloween treats.

10. Haribo Sour S’ghetti

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Now, these little “worms” aren’t really worms, but are actually meant to be little strands of candy spaghetti!

But they do sort of look like worms! And most importantly, they’re delicious!

The brand Haribo, based in Germany, is a worldwide favorite when it comes to gummies.

You can find it on Amazon as a pack of 12, 5-ounce bags. They are sour multicolor strands shaped like worms that are coated with sugar.

They have 3 flavors: apple, strawberry, and blueberry. They are fat-free and have around 110 calories per serving.

11. Smart Sweets Gummy Worms

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With just 4 grams of sugar and 110 calories in each pack, the Smart Sweet Gummy Worms are a perfect low-sugar option!.

They have 81% less sugar than other gummy worm candies as they are smartly sweetened with allulose and monk fruit.

But that’s not all; according to the brand, these gummy worms are quite healthy due to their fiber content!

Additionally, you also get 3 flavor combos in each pack: blue raspberry and cherry, pink lemonade and peach, and strawberry and pineapple.

For all the people looking for healthy options, this is it. They are both vegan and organic without any compromise on the mouth-watering flavor!

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