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9 Best Burrata Substitutes

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There really is nothing quite like burrata cheese. It is rich in taste, creamy in texture, and the perfect cheese to put on pizza or serve with your favorite dish.

The problem, however, is that burrata cheese can sometimes be difficult to come by — if you are looking to use some in your meal, but cannot find any at the local grocery store, you would need a substitute!

What are the best burrata substitutes? The best burrata substitutes include mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, feta cheese, and (for a vegan option) cashew cheese. Which substitute you choose will depend on what you are cooking and how you are using the cheese, so this needs to be kept in mind.

While there really is nothing quite like burrata cheese, there are some substitutes you can use in its place when you can’t find any, or when you are looking for something different to use. Read on to find out what these best substitutes are!

What Is Burrata Cheese?

To find the best substitute for a certain ingredient, it really does pay to know a little bit more about the ingredient you are looking to replace.

Burrata is an Italian cheese made with cow’s milk or buffalo milk.

It is made with a mozzarella casing, and the inside is packed with a mix of stracciatella and butter, which forms a velvety, rich, soft cheese that oozes out once the casing is broken or cut into.

There are a few ways to serve burrata. A popular way to serve burrata is as a side dish, with the casing broken open and the inside seasoned with salt, black pepper, and olive oil, then dipping different foods into the cheese.

It is also a popular addition to Caprese salads, and it is also used as a topping on pizza that is cut into — this allows the inside soft cheese to ooze over the top of the pizza.

The rich and velvety taste and texture of burrata pair well with so many different flavors and ingredients — we like to make ravioli with it!

The Best Substitutes For Burrata

You might not want to replace burrata with any other ingredient because it is so rich and delectable, but if you can’t find any burrata to use, or if you are looking for a dairy-free option, one of the below substitutes might work well!

1. Mozzarella

Buffalo mozzarella

Just like burrata cheese, mozzarella can be made from either cow milk or buffalo milk, and it is also incorporated into burrata cheese too.

Mozzarella works well as a substitute for burrata in just about every case, but burrata cheese does remain creamier and butterier than mozzarella, so you will be missing out on this a bit.

While mozzarella does lack some of the velvety smoothness that burrata cheese has, it can be used as a successful substitute, and it is also quite a bit more versatile than burrata as it does have a slightly firmer texture.

The benefit of using mozzarella is that, like with burrata, it can be served hot or cold, and it holds up well in both preparations.

Mozzarella can be cooked and fried, used to top pizza, or sliced and served cold with a Caprese salad.

As mozzarella has a mild flavor, it will not overpower a dish or other ingredients, and it will not add too much of a different flavor to the dish, compared to what burrata would have.

To substitute mozzarella for burrata, try to use a very fresh, soft mozzarella, as it will be as close to the texture and flavor of burrata as possible. Packaged mozzarella is not very creamy, and does not have a very fresh flavor.

2. Cream Cheese

If you are looking to find a texture as similar to burrata cheese as possible, then cream cheese might be your best option!

It is smooth, creamy, and rich, although it can be slightly thicker than burrata, but this isn’t much of an issue.

When using cream cheese in place of burrata, it is best used at room temperature — it does not make for a good substitute for burrata at warmer temperatures, as it loses its texture. It is made from cow’s milk like burrata is, too.

It is most similar to burrata when kept at room temperature, or slightly cooler, so this makes it great for spreading, adding to the top of pizza, and using as a dip for various food items.

Cream cheese does have a slightly different flavor to burrata, with more of a subtle tang to it, but it does have some sweetness that allows it to pair well with different herbs and seasoning, just like burrata does.

3. Cashew Cheese (Vegan Option)

Vegan raw cheese from cashew nuts spread on the bread by knife on the white wooden background

You might be looking for a vegan substitute for burrata cheese — in this case, cashew cheese is the best option to choose.

Cashew cheese is not made from any form of dairy — as the name suggests, it is made from cashews, has a similar consistency to burrata, and is pleasantly malleable.

The soft texture of cashew cheese, as well as it being a healthy option when you want to avoid having milk, makes it a good ingredient to try out for many reasons!

When using cashew cheese in place of burrata, it works best in salads and sandwiches — mostly cold dishes.

Cashew cheese does have a different flavor to burrata, as it is made from cashews, and therefore has more of a nutty flavor, but the sweetness is similar to burrata, and it is a mild-flavored cheese that pairs well with other ingredients.

You can purchase cashew cheese from some specialty stores, but it is also an ingredient that can be made at home too, and it is definitely worth making yourself if it is a cheese you enjoy.

4. Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a popular replacement for burrata, even though the texture and taste can be slightly different.

Feta cheese does have a harder texture compared to burrata, with some varieties being soft, and others being more firmer.

It also has a saltier flavor, as it is often brined, and it is tangier than burrata.

While feta cheese is saltier than burrata, you can make up for this by reducing the amount of salt you add to a meal before adding the feta cheese in or removing another salty ingredient such as capers.

Feta can be used in place of burrata in either hot or cold dishes and works well in both.

Cold dishes such as salads and platters can benefit from the addition of feta cheese, whereas warm dishes such as pizza and pasta can feature feta in place of burrata cheese.

To use feta cheese in place of burrata, choose a fresher, softer version of feta cheese — this will have less of a tangy flavor, and the softer texture will be more similar to burrata cheese.

5. Queso Fresco

Queso fresco is a great substitute to use in place of burrata cheese, and it is definitely worth a try if it is a cheese that you have never tasted before.

Like burrata, queso fresco is made from cow’s milk, and it has a delicate flavor and a smooth texture that is similar to burrata, which makes the cheese so enjoyable.

While queso fresco does have a delicate flavor, it is usually aged for up to 6 months, which means that the flavor will be stronger than that of burrata — this is something to take into account when using it in place of burrata.

However, you can find milder versions of queso fresco, too!

Queso fresco can be used in a few different ways as a substitute for burrata. When heated up, it melts evenly and it does not become stringy once it has melted. This makes it a good substitute for burrata for pizza, pasta, and other warm dishes.

Another way to use queso fresco is to sprinkle crumbled pieces of the cheese onto a meal once it has been cooked, and enjoy the bright and fresh flavor that the cheese brings to a meal this way.

6. Ricotta

Italian ricotta cheese, a soft cheese resembling cottage cheese made from the whey of sheeps milk and used primarily in the making of desserts

Ricotta cheese is an easy substitute to use in place of burrata, especially if you don’t want to add too much flavor or change the texture of a dish, and want to keep it mild and neutral flavored.

Burrata and ricotta are fairly similar, but ricotta does have a milder flavor.

This is why it is the top choice for pasta dishes and lasagna, when freshness and light creaminess is needed, but not an overpowering flavor.

Ricotta cheese is made from hot whey and liquids leftover from the production of other types of cheese, which explains the light, neutral flavor and why it is a softer cheese compared to others.

Ricotta can be used in place of burrata in pizza, pasta, and other dishes, whether it is a hot or cold meal, as ricotta is delicious when used either way. The mild flavor means it is a popular cheese used in desserts, too!

7. Brie Cheese

Brie is a delicious cheese that can be used in so many different ways!

While it holds a slightly different flavor profile compared to burrata, and a different texture too, it can work as a substitute in a few different meals.

Brie cheese is made from cow’s milk, just like burrata is, and it is a popular cheese that can be found in just about any grocery store.

The flavor of brie is stronger than burrata and it has more of a tang and aroma to it, but some brands of brie can be more subtle. It is a soft cheese found in a rind that can be sliced and used, similar to burrata.

You can use brie cold or at room temperature, just like burrata, whether serving it in a salad or placing it on a platter for dipping or enjoying with crackers.

It can be used in hot meals too, and is a popular topping for pizza, like burrata. When heated, brie cheese does melt and it becomes a smooth, gooey consistency that is simply delicious!

8. Cottage Cheese

You might not automatically think of cottage cheese as a suitable substitute for burrata, and it does seem fairly different, but it can work well if you have some in your fridge and need a quick replacement for burrata.

Like burrata, cottage cheese is soft and has sweet notes to it, which is why it can work in place of burrata.

It is, however, best used cold or at room temperature, and replaces burrata well as a dip or a spread on crackers or for other food items.

There are different types of cottage cheese available, such as smooth or chunky — when it is used as a replacement for burrata, it is probably best to choose a smoother cottage cheese, but this is up to your personal preference.

There are also flavored cottage cheese options, but a neutral, plain-flavored cottage cheese would work best as a replacement for burrata.

9. Tofu (Vegan Option)

Tofu is a plant-based protein, and while it is not a cheese, it can be used as a substitute for burrata when you are looking for a neutral-flavored, vegan option, and when you are not necessarily worried about having a soft, spreadable texture.

If you follow a dairy-free or vegan diet, then you likely would include tofu in your diet already, but it might not have crossed your mind to use it in a similar way to burrata cheese!

The best way to use tofu in place of burrata is when serving it with different ingredients to dip or to mix together, such as in pasta or on a platter. It is a very mild flavored substitute that holds on to seasoning and other flavors well.

Not only can tofu be used as a substitute for burrata, but it can be used in place of other proteins too, and it can fill out a meal wonderfully!

Final Thoughts

Burrata is a popular cheese used in Italian cuisine, so you won’t have much trouble finding it if you’re browsing fresh grocery stores in Italy, but it might not be the same when you return to the United States.

Finding burrata outside of Italy can be tricky, or the burrata you do find might be on the pricier side. In this case, you would be looking for a suitable substitute to use in its place to achieve the same flavor and texture!

When looking for the best substitute to use in place of burrata, you do need to consider what you are making, whether you are serving a hot meal or something cold, and what changes in flavor or texture you would be happy with.

Burrata can be used in a multitude of ways, so there are quite a few different substitutes that work well in its place!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve learned all about burrata cheese and its top substitutes, here are some additional questions that we thought you might have.

Is burrata cheese the same as buffalo mozzarella?

Burrata and buffalo mozzarella are similar, but they are considered two different types of cheese.

Burrata cheese is a thin pouch made from mozzarella, which is filled with a soft and creamy curd cheese called stracciatella.

Does burrata melt well?

Burrata cannot melt like other cheese types as it is a curd, stringy cheese that does not have the properties needed to melt.

It is best when eaten as is and when not heated too much, even if it means adding the cheese to a heated meal once it has been cooked.

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