What Is A Noodle Board?

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Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough space in your kitchen? Always running out of room when you’re preparing a meal?

Whether your kitchen feels cramped, your worktops are small or you just want more kitchen space, you might need a noodle board in your life!

So, what is a noodle board? A noodle board is a board that sits on top of your stovetop when the stove is not in use. It’s intended to utilize more counter space when you are not using the stovetop. It can also be used as a decorative item, to cover the cooker when it is not in use.

Let’s take a look at why noodle boards are the latest must-have kitchen item, and what to look for when choosing a noodle board. We have also reviewed what we think are the 5 best noodle boards for your kitchen.

What Is A Noodle Board?

Oddly, the modern-day noodle board does not have much to do with noodles! In its most simple form, a noodle board sits on top of the stove or cooker top.

The primary function of a noodle board is to cover up an area of the kitchen which some people might see as an eyesore, such as a stovetop.

A noodle board can either be a plain wooden board, stone, or even personalized.

Many people choose to use noodle boards solely for decorative purposes, and when you see the beautiful hand-crafted boards we’ve selected in our review you can see why!

However, there is no reason why your noodle board shouldn’t be functional as well as decorative. A noodle board can turn your stovetop into an extra area of work surface, giving you additional counter space in the kitchen.

Some noodle boards can also double up as cutting boards, a place to put hot pans, and even somewhere to roll out doughs and pastries.

However, it is important to check the manufacturers’ recommendation before using your noodle board as anything other than a decorative item.

Why Is It Called A Noodle Board?

Traditionally, noodle boards were used when chefs needed extra space for making noodles. If you’ve ever made fresh noodles you’ll understand the reason for this!

The noodle board sat on the stovetop and provided the extra space needed to make the pasta dough.

Nowadays, the term noodle board is used to describe a cover for gas and electric stoves. This doesn’t mean you can’t make noodles on your noodle board, but check the manufacturers’ recommendations first.

What Shouldn’t A Noodle Board Be Used For?

The functions of your noodle board will be dependent on the type you buy. You must follow the manufacturers’ recommendations to avoid damaging your noodle board. Here are some things that can damage your noodle board:

  • Chopping and cutting: If your noodle board is not designed to be used as a chopping board, knives and sharp objects may damage the surface.
  • Hot pans: Noodle pans that are suitable for hot pans are few and far between. Hot pans may cause burn marks on the noodle board, or cause the decorative surface to peel or bubble.
  • Liquids: If the surface of your noodle board is not sealed then it will be susceptible to damage from liquids and moisture.

How To Use A Noodle Board

To use a noodle board just pop it on top of your stove when it is not in use. Most noodle boards are not heat resistant, so ensure that your stove is completely cold before placing the noodle board onto it.

If your noodle board has legs, you may be able to adjust or remove these to make your board fit your stovetop perfectly.

After use, make sure your noodle board is clean and dry before putting it away. Bespoke and handmade noodle boards may warp easily or become moldy, so ensure that they are stored flat and in a cool dry place.

Keep out of strong sunlight as this may bleach wooden boards.

There are many different types and styles of noodle boards available, and it can be very confusing to find the right one for you! Some noodle boards are purely decorative, adding style to stovetops and covers.

Other noodle boards can be used as an extension of your worktop space and may have additional features.

If you are looking for a noodle board, here is what you should take into consideration. 


Noodle boards come in many different styles with a range of functions:

  • Counter space: These boards cover the stovetop and give extra worktop space. They are great for when you need extra room, perhaps for preparing lunches or a buffet.
  • Chopping board: Some noodle boards have been specially treated to make them suitable for use as a chopping board. This means you can slice and dice to your heart’s content without worrying about leaving knife marks on your board.
  • Water-resistant: If you are looking for a noodle board that will not be damaged by liquid splashes, purchase one with a water-resistant finish.
  • Heat-proof: Some noodle boards have been specially treated to be safe for use with hot pans.
  • Juice groove: This will collect liquids that accumulate and run off the noodle board during food preparation. 


These days, many noodle boards are just too pretty to be used as a cutting board! There truly are some beautiful noodle boards available, and many can be personalized to suit your kitchen.

If you’ve got a special chef in your house, or the kitchen is your domain, then a personalized noodle board can be a great addition to the kitchen.


It goes without saying that you’ll need to purchase a noodle board that fits your cooker top!

There are a range of different sizes of noodle board available to fit many different stoves. Bespoke noodle boards can also be made to your exact measurements.

Some noodle boards have adjustable and removable legs. These can be very handy for raising your noodle board above the level of the cooker top, making it easy to create a level working surface.

Handles & Edges

Noodle boards can be heavy and difficult to transport, especially if you want to move them whilst fully laden with dishes!

Look for a noodle board with handles and you will be able to easily transfer your prepared food from the kitchen to the dining room on the board. An edge around your board will help stop dishes from slipping off the side.

Our Recommendations

Maybe you want to make your kitchen look extra special, are searching for extra counter space, or need a multifunctional noodle board – how do you know which is the right noodle board for you?

Below are our top picks for the 5 best noodle boards.

RankBrandKey Features
1.Prosumer's ChoiceBamboo stove cover
2.Trademark InnovationsTempered glass stove cover
3.Lydia'sPersonalized wooden stove cover
4.CamcoJuice groove to collect liquids
5.MyGift'Shabby chic' aesthetic

1. Prosumer‘s Choice

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  • Bamboo stove cover.
  • Covers 4 standard-sized burners.
  • Expands kitchen workspace.
  • Non-slip adjustable & removable feet.
  • Raised edging to reduce mess.
  • Suitable for chopping.
  • Suitable for making and cutting dough.
  • Size: 29.5 x 21.3 inches.
  • Not suitable for hot pans.

We love this noodle board, as it is not only made from beautiful bamboo but also does exactly what the name says – it can be used to make noodles!

The Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Stovetop Cover will sit easily on top of your stove or cooker, giving you an extra surface to chop and prepare food. It can be used to knead and roll out dough, and will not be damaged by knives or cutters.

The raised edges to this noodle board will help to keep your food prep contained in one area, leaving less mess to clean up. Bamboo is more durable than hardwood or plastic boards, and will also be gentle to your knife blades.

With a spill-resistant surface that prevents stains, this noodle board can be easily wiped clean in seconds with a paper towel.

Catering for a buffet or party? Moving your prepared food is made easy with the ergonomic dual handles on this noodle board – it would make a lovely centerpiece for any dinner table!

This noodle board is not suitable for use with hot pans, but we figure if you’re using it to cover your stovetop then you’re most likely preparing cold food anyway!

If you want to use it for hot dishes then we would advise using a pan trivet or stand.

2. Trademark Innovations

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  • Tempered glass stove cover.
  • Covers two standard-sized burners.
  • Expands kitchen workspace.
  • Suitable for hot pans.
  • Suitable for cutting.
  • Size: 20.5 x 12 inches.
  • Silicone rubber feet.

This noodle board is a clever design that covers half of a standard cooker top. As it is suitable for hot pans it is a great choice if you are looking for extra counter space while preparing hot food.

The tempered glass is suitable for cutting and chopping and is resistant to knife marks and scratches.

The beautiful tempered glass has a stunning marbled effect, making it a stylish addition to any kitchen.

The silicone rubber feet will protect your cooker top from marks and scratches and will prevent the board from sliding about on the stove.

This noodle board truly is a great all-rounder, making use of your unused kitchen space and giving you extra room to chop and cook hot dishes. It is effortless to wipe clean and can be stored easily after use.

3. Lydia’s

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  • Decorative personalized noodle board.
  • Not suitable for cutting, hot pans, or liquids.
  • Covers four standard burners.
  • Available in a range of designs and colors.
  • Made to order.
  • Bespoke sizes available.

OK, so not everything in your kitchen has to be functional – we’ve included this noodle board in our top five just because it is beautiful! These personalized noodle boards are made to order and we think they’d look great in any kitchen.

Made from reclaimed wood, this noodle board comes in a range of finishes – natural, rustic-stained, weathered, shabby chic, white wash, and antique.

Special colors can be selected for the artwork and bespoke images and monograms can be included.

These noodle boards are not for use as a chopping board, and hot pans and liquids may cause irreversible damage to the surface.

However, if you are just looking for a little extra room or simply want to hide an unsightly cooker then this beautiful board may be the one for you!

4. Camco

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  • Bamboo stove cover.
  • Covers 4 standard-sized burners.
  • Expands kitchen workspace.
  • Non-slip adjustable & removable feet.
  • Juice groove to collect liquids.
  • Suitable for chopping.
  • Suitable for making and cutting dough.
  • Size: 29.5 x 21.3 inches.
  • Not suitable for hot pans.

This durable and tough bamboo noodle board is perfect if you need some extra space for chopping and preparing foods. The bamboo surface is gentle on knives, helping to keep them in good shape.

Bamboo is also lighter than other woods, making this noodle board easy to lift and maneuver.

The Camco Bamboo Stove Top Work Surface has a built-in juice groove that collects excess liquid, keeping your stove and countertops clean. The adjustable legs make it easy to position this noodle board around your stove burners.

This noodle board is a great choice if you are looking for extra space, especially when catering for buffets or parties. It is elegant enough to be used as a serving tray and would make a lovely addition to any dinner table.

5. MyGift

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  • Beautiful ‘Shabby Chic’ decorative noodle board.
  • Covers 4 standard burners.
  • Handles for easy carrying.
  • Rubber feet.
  • Can be used as a cutting and dough board.
  • Size: 29.9  x 25.6 inches.

This lovely noodle board is a great option if you want something decorative which is also functional. With a shabby chic finish, this board will cover your stovetop and give you an attractive surface to store kitchen supplies.

The MyGift Shabby Whitewashed Solid Wood Jumbo Sized Stove Top Cover has rubber feet to protect stovetops and counters from scratches.

The raised edging will prevent food and items from falling from the tray, and the handles give you the option of using the tray to serve food

Take note that this noodle board is larger than most of the other options, so check it will fit your stove before ordering! The large size can also make it difficult to carry, especially if you are using it as a tray.

The manufacturers state that this noodle board can be used for cutting and as a dough board. We’re not 100% convinced that this wouldn’t damage the board, so it might be advisable to be cautious about how you use this beautiful board!

Closing Thoughts

It is clear to see that noodle boards are a great addition to your kitchen.  Even the most basic model will provide extra counter space and hide your cooker.

Other types may give you more room for chopping and food prep, and even extra space for hot pans.

We love the aesthetic appeal of beautiful, personalized noodle boards, but our top pick would have to be the multifunctional Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Stovetop Cover.

This noodle board not only looks stylish but can be used for many different tasks, such as chopping food and as a serving tray.

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