What Can I Make With Flour, Water, and Sugar?

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Water, flour, and sugar are foundational ingredients that can make quite a lot of delicious recipes.

If you have ever wondered what you can prepare from just these three ingredients, then you are at the right place!

What can I make with flour, water, and sugar? These three ingredients can make a full day’s worth of meals. You can start by making pancakes for breakfast, a loaf of bread for lunch, fritters as a quick evening snack, pasta for dinner, and an easy-bake “water cake” for dessert! 

Check out our guide below to learn just how much value you can wring out of these simple ingredients!

Essential Ingredients 

Water and sugar are at the center of most recipes and there is a lot that you can do with just these two ingredients — especially when it comes to flavoring and adding moisture.

However, you need something that can bind everything together and add volume. This is where flour comes in!

Back in the early days of human civilization, we were mostly focused on the cultivation of wheat and using it as one of our primary food sources to make nutritious recipes. 

Flour has had such a huge impact on the human diet that its importance and role have reverberated across time. 

This one ingredient provides not only texture, but also mass. In a rather poetic way, to work its magic, flour needs to be activated using moisture. 

Water and flour are truly a magical combination — they can transform two seemingly ordinary and discrete ingredients to make something that is truly extraordinary.

Of course, when we say “magic,” we are referring to basic chemistry! Flour contains two important proteins called glutenin and gliadin

When mixed with water, these two proteins form together to create gluten. Gluten is a structural protein that literally gives dough its shape and consistency.  

A plain mixture of water and flour is great for making flatbreads and other types of unleavened bread products. 

But things get interesting when you add sugar into the equation!

The Role of Sugar

Sugar isn’t just for flavoring! It plays a vital role in bread making and is responsible for important chemical reactions that result in a softer and more delicious dough. 

For example, when added to water, flour, and a yeast mixture, sugar provides food for yeast, which in turn processes the sugar to produce carbon gas

This gas is the reason why bread leavens and becomes 2-3 times its original size. The added air in the dough makes for a very soft and “airy” mixture that can be used to make all sorts of baking goods. 

Even without yeast, sugar can still subtly improve the overall quality of the dough — but you need to know how to properly incorporate all the ingredients to get the most value out of them.

Ratios for Mixing Water, Sugar, and Flour

You might think that making a simple dough or batter using these three ingredients should be easy — right? Wrong! 

flour and water

You need to incorporate all of these ingredients in the right proportions to get a tasty and texturally balanced dough or batter.

To help you visualize the uses of these three ingredients, we recommend starting with the end in mind. 

As a general rule of thumb, consider what you are trying to bake or cook using these ingredients and then make the necessary adjustments for the best results!

Ratio for Bread

If you want to make bread, then you will have to use an approximate ratio to get a balanced and smooth dough.

Here’s a quick ratio to help you get started:

For every 3 cups of flour, add 1 cup of water and about 1-1.5 cups of sugar. 

The sugar content can be tweaked according to your preferences, but in most cases, this ratio will produce a delicious loaf of bread.

You can even eyeball the ratio until you get the right consistency!

bread dough

To do this, start with your desired amount of flour and sugar in a bowl. Then using a spoon, create a well at the center and then slowly fill the well halfway with plain water. 

Collapse the pile of dough around the well into the water, then slowly begin to mix. Incorporate the rest of the dough until you have used up all of the excess water. 

From here, continue adding 1-2 tablespoons of water until you get just the right consistency.

Remember: the dough needs to be completely homogenous and should not have any leftover dry flour around its surface. Please also make sure that the dough isn’t overly watery. 

Ratio for Batters

Apart from making dough, you can also make a liquid dipping batter using these three ingredients. 

This type of batter is perfect for making fritters or other fried food that require a crispy coating!

While most batters have added ingredients to enhance the crunch and texture of the coating, you can still get quite a lot of crunch using a simple combination of water, flour, and just a bit of sugar.


Want to make things even more interesting? Then we recommend making a batter for fritters!

Top the fritters with seasonings or introduce other ingredients like meat and vegetables to truly take things up a notch.

Here is a great starting point for making a water, sugar, and flour batter:

For every 1 cup of flour, add 0.5 cups of water and sugar to taste.

You can adjust the quantity of water to change the consistency of the batter. Don’t go for an overly watery battery or it might splatter and spread when it hits the hot oil. A watery batter might not even adhere properly to food surfaces.

Try to go for a thick batter instead! 

If you require more water, then we recommend adding a few tablespoons at a time until you get the right consistency. Just make sure that you properly incorporate all the excess water to get an idea of the texture of the batter.

That’s it! We have covered the basics of incorporating water, flour, and sugar — now let’s take a look at what you can make using these ingredients.

Delicious Three-Ingredient Recipes

To make this guide easier to follow, we will divide it into different sections. Each section will explore a recipe that you can make at home using water, sugar, and flour!


Everyone loves pancakes for breakfast — and the heart of this delicious breakfast food is just a simple combination of water, sugar, and flour.

Sure, modern pancake recipes have far more ingredients, but even if you take away all the “improvers” and “enhancers” you can still make a great stack of delicious pancakes with just three ingredients.

Most pancake recipes call for eggs, milk, and butter — but there was a time when people used to enjoy much simpler pancakes too. There is even a name for these types of flat cakes: Poorman pancakes!

These pancakes will be chewier and denser, but they will still taste great, especially if you supplement the flavor using your favorite toppings. 

If you are hesitant about the practicality of replacing milk with water then think of it this way: not only can you make great pancakes using a water mixture, but these pancakes will be completely dairy-free

Simple Bread

This is one of the more obvious options that you can go for with these three ingredients.

Making bread is easy — humans have been making simple loaves of bread using just sugar, water, and flour for centuries!

Before we learned to harness the power of yeast, people used to make highly nutritious but noticeably denser bread, but this isn’t a bad thing! 

Some people still prefer to go with traditional bread instead of opting for yeast-risen bread. 

Unleavened bread is equally tastier and can be used in several ways! The best way to use it would be to top chili, gravy, or other leftover food over thick slices of this type of bread. 

Not only will it be very satiating, but it will also taste great! 

While you could add other ingredients to make the bread taste better, we recommend that you stick with the traditional combination of just these three ingredients to make a very forgiving and customizable loaf of bread. 


Flatbread is a famous unleavened dough that can be made using nothing but water and flour

You could add a bit of flavoring using a sprinkle of sugar, but in most cases, many people prefer a simple flatbread, like Matzah, that can be used with a range of main courses and side dishes.

Flatbreads are extremely easy to make.

Start by making a simple dough using the ratio mentioned above. Then simply let the dough rest for a while before rolling it out. Flattening the dough not only makes it more manageable, but also helps it bake evenly. 

Flatbreads can be cooked on a cast iron pan and can also be baked in the oven. You can even add other flavoring ingredients to make things interesting! 

We recommend adding herbs or a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to add a dimension of flavor, but if you want to keep it simple, then you could just bake a batch of plain chewy flatbread!


This one may seem like a stretch, but you can truly make great-tasting tortillas using a simple mixture of flour, sugar, and water.

To make the dough, begin by mixing the ingredients until you form a soft dough. Then use a rolling pin to flatten the dough. 

We recommend a ¼-inch thickness, but you can adjust the texture just the way you like it. Cut out tortilla shapes and then simply bake, fry, or cook them in a pan until they are crispy

The best thing about this recipe is that it will produce extremely forgiving tortillas, which means that you can truly experiment with the ratio in different ways. 

The sugar in this mixture is great for caramelizing the tortillas. Not only will this add flavor, but it will also make them irresistibly crunchy


Did you know that you can make basic pasta using just three ingredients? 

Pasta usually requires eggs, but you can also make an even simpler pasta using just flour, water, and a bit of sugar for flavoring.

The beauty of this recipe is that it follows the same ratio and mixing techniques that we have discussed above — however, you will have to adjust the sugar content accordingly.

All you need to do is to make a basic dough using the recommended ratio above and then let the dough rest for 30 minutes.

Gently knead the dough a few times before flattening it. Then shape the pasta strands and voila! You have created instant pasta within one hour!

Can this type of pasta hold its own when compared to other traditional varieties? Maybe not, but it is still an undeniably delicious and easy way of making pasta at home. 

It provides more or less the same mouthfeel and may even be better at soaking sauces or other flavoring ingredients. 

Baked Goods

If you think that you can’t make delicious baked goods without using eggs, milk, or butter, then think again!

A simple combination of water, sugar, and flour is all you need to form the basis of several mouthwatering cakes, doughnuts, muffins, and more.  

Sure, you might benefit by adding other flavoring ingredients, but if you only have these three ingredients then you can easily make many inexpensive, dairy-free treats

We recommend trying out a simple “Water Cake” that combines water, sugar, and flour along with other optional flavoring ingredients to make a quick and simple easy-bake cake! 

Want a more traditional treat? Then go for doughnuts! Did you know that you can make doughnuts using both dough and batter mixtures? 

Most people know the fried dough variety of doughnuts, but you can also bake equally delicious donuts using a simple batter made using sugar, water, and flour.

Just pour the batter into doughnut molds and bake them until they are ready. You can similarly make muffins or other baked goods using the same strategy! 

Final Thoughts

Just keep in mind that the best way to think about what you can make using these three ingredients is to deconstruct everyday recipes. 

While milk, eggs, and butter can add a lot of texture to foods, they aren’t always required to make delicious bread-based recipes.

Sometimes all you need is a cup of imagination and a sprinkle of bravery to pursue these simple recipe ideas! 

Related Questions

Now that you know how to make delicious recipes using just water, sugar, and flour, here are some related questions.

Can You Make Pizza Dough Using Water, Sugar, and Flour?

Yes. You can make a classic flatbread crust using these three ingredients.

Traditional pizza dough is made using yeast or a starter, but you can still make a delicious and texturally complex crust with just a simple mixture of flour, water, and a bit of sugar for flavor.  

We recommend adding herbs or a drizzle of oil for the best experience, but if you are in a hurry, then you could just go ahead with a simple combination of these three ingredients. 

How Long Does a Water, Sugar, and Flour Mixture Last?

Most doughs can last up to 8-12 hours at room temperature before requiring refrigeration.

You can expect a simple sugar, water, and flour dough to last about 5-10 days in the fridge, or about 2-3 months in the freezer. 

The reason why this type of dough can last this long is that it doesn’t contain dairy or eggs — you should still be mindful of its quality and safety before using stored dough. 

Can You Use Flour Substitutes to Make Gluten-Free Recipes?

Yes. Most of the recipes that we have discussed above can also be made without using all-purpose flour. 

You can try any flour substitute to get more or less the same result, but you might not be able to accurately replicate the original texture of flour in certain recipes like flatbread and fritters. 

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