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How To Reheat Cinnamon Rolls – The Best Ways

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Cinnamon rolls are the definition of delicious. Their warm, gooey, and moist texture is enough to take away your blues and uplift your spirits.

Storing and freezing cinnamon rolls may drain out their softness and moist texture. Because of this, if you wish to experience their goodness even after storing them, then you need to reheat them. 

So, how do you reheat cinnamon rolls? The best way to reheat cinnamon rolls is in the oven at 350°F for 10-15 minutes. This helps prevent sogginess and keeps the texture intact. 

There are other less time-consuming methods too. In this extensive guide, we will cover the best ways to reheat cinnamon rolls and how to do it. So, read on!

How To Reheat Cinnamon Rolls In The Oven 

The oven is the most convenient and the best option for reheating cinnamon rolls. Let’s see the step-by-step process of reheating in the oven. 

  1. Preheat the oven. It’s necessary to preheat the oven at 350°F or 156°C
  2. Arrange The Cinnamon Rolls. Taking a baking tray, arrange the cinnamon rolls, and cover the whole tray with aluminum foil. 
  3. Bake until they are warm. Keep the cinnamon rolls in the oven till they are warm. It may take about 10-15 minutes. If your cinnamon rolls were still frozen, it may take about 20-25 minutes

Quick Tip: For cinnamon rolls without frosting, consider brushing some butter on the top. This will keep the cinnamon rolls soft and gooey while also giving them a nice golden brown finish!

Pros Of Reheating In The Oven:

  • Uniform temperature for heating
  • Spacious for reheating a big batch of cinnamon rolls
  • No sogginess after reheating 

Cons Of Reheating In The Oven:

  • Time-consuming method
  • Cinnamon rolls may get a bit dry without foil 

So, if you have time and a big batch of cinnamon rolls, an oven is the best option for reheating cinnamon rolls!

How To Reheat Cinnamon Rolls In The Microwave

Are you in a hurry or just can’t wait to eat warm cinnamon rolls? Do you have sudden and unexpected guests at your home? A microwave is here to save the day! 

Microwave is the most time-saving option for reheating cinnamon rolls. Here’s how you can do it: 

  1. Arrange the cinnamon rolls on a microwave-safe dish and place the cinnamon rolls inside your microwave. Again, if they are without any frosting, brush some butter on top.
  2. Optionally place a microwave-safe glass of water along with the cinnamon rolls inside This is to keep the microwave from drying out the cinnamon rolls.
  3. Set the timer. Microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute

Then, take them out and savor all the warm and gooey deliciousness!

Pros Of Reheating In Microwave:  

  • An extremely quick method (takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute)
  • Suitable for a few cinnamon rolls

Cons of Reheating In Microwave:

  • Texture may not remain the same
  • Cinnamon rolls may become soggy
  • Not spacious enough for a big batch of cinnamon rolls 

So, opt for reheating in a microwave if you simply want to reheat a few rolls in no time!

How To Reheat Cinnamon Rolls In The Pan

If you don’t have an oven or a microwave, don’t despair! There’s always an option to reheat your cinnamon rolls in a pan. Let’s see the step-by-step instructions for it: 

  1. Take a pan and put it on the stove. Make sure it is on medium-low heat. High heat can cause the cinnamon rolls to burn and ruin your day!
  2. Let the pan warm up
  3. Arrange the cinnamon rolls in the pan. Then, put a lid over the pan to prevent dryness. 
  4. Reheat for about 10 minutes. You need to keep a cautious eye to prevent the rolls from burning.

After they have heated up enough, take them out from the pan and you’re good to go!

Pros of Reheating In Pan:

  • Easy accessibility 
  • Uniform warmth and temperature 

Cons of Reheating In Pan:

  • Risk of burning 
  • Requires constant attention 
  • Time-consuming method
  • Suitable for only a few cinnamon rolls 

Keep this method as the last resort if you don’t have an oven or microwave available. 

How To Reheat Cinnamon Rolls In The Air Fryer

Yes, you read it right! You can even reheat cinnamon rolls in an air fryer if you want to. This method is almost as efficient as the other methods.

So, here is what you need to do: 

  1. Preheat the air fryer to 350°f or 176°C
  2. Take the air fryer basket out and brush/spray some oil in it.
  3. Place the cinnamon rolls on the basket. If you have the ones with no frosting, consider brushing some butter on top. 
  4. Reheat the cinnamon rolls for about 3 minutes. If they are still not warm, heat them for 1-2 more minutes

Quick Tip: You can place parchment paper on the basket if you’re concerned about the icing melting and ruining the air fryer, but make sure to check out this article on how to properly do so! 

Pros of Reheating In Air Fryer:

  • Quick reheating 
  • Convenient option 

Cons of Reheating In Air Fryer:

  • Can reheat only a few cinnamon rolls at a time
  • Hard to clean the air fryer if you don’t use parchment paper
  • Soggy or burnt cinnamon rolls if you use more oil

So, if you are more comfortable with air fryers, go ahead with this method!

How To Store Cinnamon Rolls For Reheating

The best way to avoid your cinnamon rolls drying out while reheating is to store them well. Thankfully, we’ve got a few tips to keep your cinnamon rolls as fresh as possible!

Tip 1: Know Where To Store Them 

First of all, consider where you will store your cinnamon rolls. There are three ways to store them: 

  • At Room Temperature. If you’re going to devour your cinnamon rolls in less than 3 days, you can simply keep them out! This way you won’t have to thaw them or wait for a long time while reheating them. 
  • In the fridge. We suggest storing cinnamon rolls in the fridge if you need to store them for about 1 week. This will keep them fresh and not too frozen when reheating. 
  • In the freezer. Lastly, if you’re planning to store cinnamon rolls for more than 1 week, then the freezer is the best option. But, it may take more time to reheat frozen cinnamon rolls. You can store cinnamon rolls in the freezer for up to 3 months

Tip 2: Use An Airtight Container 

If you keep your cinnamon rolls out in the open, they may become dry due to moisture evaporation. Well, we don’t want that here!

So, the best way to stop the moisture from escaping is by using an airtight container. This will keep them somewhat moist

Tip 3: Wrap Your Cinnamon Rolls

If you don’t want to use an airtight container, you can opt for saran wrap or even aluminum foil. Just wrap them and put them inside a freezer bag for additional protection. 

When Do Cinnamon Rolls Go Bad? 

If you store cinnamon rolls at room temperature, then they remain fresh for up to 3 days. After that, avoid reheating them as they may go stale. 

If you have kept them in the freezer, they remain fresh for up to 3 months. But, the taste won’t be the same after 1-2 weeks as yeast-based products often lose their actual taste when frozen. 

Final Thoughts 

These four options to reheat cinnamon rolls are some of the best we’ve found and truly are a great way to warm up and enjoy their scrumptious taste. 

The best one is undoubtedly the oven as it prevents sogginess and keeps the rolls moist.

You can also opt for microwave or air fryer for quick heating. The last resort if you don’t have any of the three above is to use a pan and stove. 

Ultimately, the final decision depends on your preference!

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