The 3 Best Glass Freezer Containers

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When you read freezing instructions, it seems like everything tells you to use heavy-duty freezer bags. Which is totally fine! Our own instructions often have them in many of our recommendations. 

At the same time, we recognize that not everyone likes to use bags and prefers instead to use reusable dishes. When it comes to the freezer, glass containers can be a really great option but it’s important to know your containers are suitable for the freezer. 

What is the best glass container for the freezer? The best glass freezer containers are a multi-pack from MCIRCO that has color coding and a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They are great in the oven but can also be used for reheating in the microwave and oven. 

In this guide, we will share with you our top 3 picks for the best glass freezer containers on the market. There are a lot of really great options out there and we just want to share the top 3 to give you a reliable selection. 

Keep reading to learn the 3 best glass freezer containers and more! 

The 3 Best Glass Freezer Containers Reviewed

In these reviews, you will find a detailed overview of each container on our list. We will share them in ranked order, starting with our top pick. Each review will also have a quick list of pros and cons for your reference. 

RankGlass Freezer ContainerNumber Of Containers Per Set
1.MCIRCO Glass Food Storage Containers10
2.BAYCO Glass Food Storage Containers8
3.Prep Naturals Glass Food Storage Containers5

Let’s get to it! 

1. MCIRCO Glass Food Storage Containers

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These glass containers are with high-quality borosilicate glass. This type of glass is super strong which means it can handle extreme temperature changes.

These containers are great for everything from basic storage to freezing to reheating. You can even go from the freezer to the oven. 

The lids should not go in the oven. These have color-coded lids to separate the sizes and make it easy to identify what is what.

All parts are also dishwasher safe. These are leak-proof so you never have to worry about spills. They are also 100% stackable.

You get 10 containers and 10 lids with 5 different sizes, so you have plenty of functionality and your selection of the size you need, with a size for everything! 


  • 10 pieces – 5 sizes
  • Strong glass that can handle temp changes
  • Airtight color-coded containers
  • Leak-proof to ensure no mess


  • Some purchasers have had issues with the snaps not locking into position properly

2. BAYCO Glass Food Storage Containers

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This option is perfect if you want uniform glass dishes all the same size. Each of these is a 30-ounce container and you get a package of 8 containers and 8 lids.

These are clear and simple, with no colors. You can purchase the same type of pack with other sizes as well. 

The lids should never be placed in the microwave, oven, or dishwasher but the entire dish is freezer-safe.

The glass dishes can be placed in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. You shouldn’t take this glass dish from the freezer to the oven. 


  • Smart snap locking lids
  • Dish is safe for freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher
  • 8 pack of 30 oz. containers
  • Spill and leak-proof design


  • While the containers say 30 ounces, they seem smaller when using

3. Prep Naturals Glass Food Storage Containers

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This is a slightly more expensive option but also well worth the cost. This is a 5-pack of dishes and lids and they are all the same size (30 ounces).

They are perfect for meal prepping and freezing. The glass dish is freezer, oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe. The lids are recommended for freezer only

These are made with high-quality borosilicate glass so they will not crack easily and they can go directly from the freezer to the oven with no issues.

They have smart locking lids that will not leak or spill. 


  • Smart locking lids
  • Can go from freezer to oven
  • 5-pack of 30-ounce dishes
  • High-quality glass 


  • The lining is not secured well on the lid and can easily come off when washing or removing the lid

Related Questions

We hope you find this guide to the best glass freezer containers to be a helpful resource. We encourage you to check out the question and answer section for some additional information. 

Is It Safe to Go from Freezer to Oven?

It is typically recommended that you let your dish come to room temperature or that you place your dish in the oven even during the pre-heat process so it can heat slowly. Some dishes can handle the extreme temperature change while others cannot. 

Is There a Maximum Heat Glass Can Handle?

Be sure to check the details of your glass dishes before heating them. Most are made to be oven-safe up to very high temperatures but every dish is different. 

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