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7 Best Pancake Art Kits Of 2023

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Pancake art kits are a great way to entertain your kids and let them get creative. But it is not only kids that enjoy creating pancake art.

In fact, adults love indulging in the creative process of pancake art too and can get very elaborate with it. 

What are the best pancake art kits? The best pancake art kits contain tools made of high-quality materials. Choose a pancake art kit depending on your preferences and how good you are at pancake art. Additionally, consider the versatility and the price of the kit. 

In this article, we have ranked and reviewed the 7 best pancake art kits of 2021. We have also included a comprehensive buyer’s guide to pancake art kits in case you can’t make up your mind about the kit you need to buy. 

Why Buy A Pancake Art Kit?

Pancakes are a great breakfast option as they are both delicious and easy to make. But they can get boring, especially for kids. This is when pancake art comes into play.

To make pancake art, you need the standard pancake ingredients, food coloring, and a few tools to create various pancake designs. 

In pancake art, you use the pancake batter as a medium to create different images. Experienced pancake artists create pancakes on a griddle. But you can use your favorite non-stick pan too. 

Why Do You Need A Pancake Art Kit?

Buying a pancake art kit is an easy way to elevate your pancakes and make them more fun.  If you love pancakes and need a new creative hobby, making pancake art is what you should start doing.

While you may find this activity limited, there is actually lots of room for growth in pancake art. 

Additionally, pancake art kits are a great gift for kids and an ideal pastime for lazy pancake mornings. You can let your kids get creative with their favorite treats. 

Choosing a Pancake Art Kit – A Buyer’s Guide 

If you search for pancake art kits, you will find collections of various tools. In order not to buy a kit that you won’t be using, we recommend you make a few considerations regarding what the kit includes and how versatile it is.

You should also consider your pancake art skills so that buying the kit doesn’t turn out to be a waste of money. 

What Does The Kit Include?

Different pancake kits include different tools. If you want an all-encompassing pancake art kit that will allow you to create all kinds of designs, from simple to complex, buy a kit that comes with the following tools:

  • Squeeze bottles. These are bottles with thin tips that allow you to freehand pancake designs. They are also great for following templates. 
  • Molds. Many pancake kits include molds to make creating pancake art easy and fast. Molds also provide consistent results. 
  • Food coloring. When it comes to pancake art, many people imagine colorful pancakes. This is why a lot of pancake art kits come with food coloring. Food coloring is much needed by pancake artists who create complex images, such as movie characters, animals, etc. 

You may not need all of these tools in your pancake art kit. Buy a kit that includes your desired tools. 

How Good Are You At Pancake Art?

If you are new to pancake art or are buying the kit for your kids, we surely recommend looking into options that don’t require advanced skills.

Squeeze tubes, for example, certainly do. It is experienced pancake artists that use squeeze tools to create various images. 

If you are a novice but want to create pancake art with squeeze tubes, make sure to buy a kit that comes with templates. The templates will help you develop your skills using writer bottles. They can also be used by kids. 

Pancake kits that are most suitable for kids are the ones that include molds and shapes. Pans with built-in molds are a good 2-in-1 option if you are looking into buying a pancake pan too. 


While pancake kits make your pancake breakfasts much more versatile and fun, they can get repetitive too. This is the case with pancake kits that come with shapes and pans with molds. 

Though you can experiment with these tools too, such as adding sprinkles to the pancake batter or make pancake mixes of different colors, you will always end up with the same shape. 

The same goes for pancake art kits that include templates that you can follow to create fun pancake designs. 

The most versatile pancake kits are the ones that come with squeeze bottles. You can have pancake batter of different colors in each bottle and create whatever images and writings you want.

While these kits are better for experienced pancake artists, you can always start with a template or simple images. 


No matter what the pancake art kit includes, the tools it comes with should be of high quality

The plastic ingredients in the kit should be high quality. As for metal tools, stainless steel is the best option as if you take good care of it, it will remain non-stick and rust-free for a long time. 

Pancake kits with silicone molds should be made of BPA-free food-safe silicone. They should be heat resistant too, of course. 

Griddles and pans with built-in pancake molds should be non-stick and made of high-quality heat conductive materials. 

Price And What You Get 

Pancake kits are not very expensive. However, you should consider what you are getting in the kit.

A kit containing one pancake art tool may have the same price as a kit that comes with multiple tools, including bottles and molds. 

If you are new to pancake art, we recommend you buy a kit with multiple tools. Then you can add to your collection whatever want or you think you need. 

7 Best Pancake Art Kits 

We have ranked and reviewed the 7 best kits and tools for pancake art. No matter what tools you prefer to have in your pancake kit, you will certainly find an option that best fits your needs and preferences. 

Some of these kits contain everything you need to create pancake art, from bottles and batter dispensers to pancake molds.

Others are single tools for creating pancake art and diversifying the end results with the help of your imagination, food coloring, and other additives. 

RankProductWhat The Kit Includes
1.Presto PanGogh Pancake Art Griddle A griddle, templates, and squeeze bottles 
2.Whiskware Pancake Art KitA batter mixer, art bottle, two shapers, wire whisk 
3.Writer Bottles10 easy squeeze applicator bottles
4.Pancake Molds for KidsA pancake pan with 7 molds 
5.Genuine Fred CRACK-A-SMILE Silicone Pancake MoldA silicone pancake mold
6.Twdrer 10 Pack Pancake Mold10 stainless steel rings
7.IEBIYO Batter Dispenser with MouldA batter dispenser and molds 

1. Presto PanGogh Art Griddle 

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Presto PanGogh Art Griddle is a perfect gift for kids and adults that enjoy pancake art. This kit includes everything you need to create fun pancakes and experiment with shapes and images.

The kit includes a canvas-colored griddle with a non-stick cooking surface. The griddle is compact and easy to use.

You can set the griddle at your desired temperature with the help of the knob in the upper corner. 

The sides of the griddle are cool-touch. Additionally, they nicely frame the cooking surface and you can get good photos of your pancake art. 

This Presto pancake art kit includes four squeeze bottles. Two have fine tips for narrow lines and two have standard tips for filling in larger surfaces.

While you can free-hand whatever image you want, you can also use the templates that come with the griddle. 

These templates help the user learn how to use squeeze bottles to create pancake art and are an easy way to start your journey as a pancake artist. 

Aside from making pancakes, you can also use this griddle to make French toasts, grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs, etc.

So, this kit is a great investment for your kitchen – it helps you in your regular cooking tasks but also lets you get creative with your food. 

2. Whiskware Pancake Art Kit

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Whiskware pancake art kit is one of the best art kits you can find on the market.

If a non-stick pan is all you have and you are on the hunt for a pancake art kit that includes everything you need to start creating pancake art, then the Whiskware kit it is. 

This kit includes a batter mixer. The BlenderBall wire whisk that comes with it allows you to easily blend all the ingredients.

With the help of this batter mixer, you get pancake batter without clumps. Aside from mixing, the batter mixer comes in handy in storing and pouring the mix. 

The kit also includes an art bottle with a finer tip. This squeeze bottle comes in handy when drawing images and making letters. 

There are two pancake shapers in the kit. With the help of these shapers, the process of making pancakes is quick and effortless.

But the result is still fun and creative pancakes. 

3. Writer Bottles 

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If you have experience in creating pancake art and now want to elevate your skills and start using writer bottles, then this set of squeeze bottles is a great option for you. 

There are 10 easy squeeze applicator bottles in this set, including 5 bottles with a 2-ounce capacity and 5 smaller bottles with 1-ounce capacity. 

These writer bottles are ideal for working with pancake batters of different colors. As the bottles are transparent, you can easily see what color batter is in them. 

You can adjust the thickness of the tips of squeeze tubes. The plastic tips can be cut to be made bigger.

However, be careful to not bring the plastic tips of the bottles too close to the hot pan or griddle.

They are not heat-resistant and will melt when they come into close contact with a heated surface. 

4. Pancake Molds for Kids 

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These pancake molds are a great way to create pancake art if you are in need of a nonstick pancake pan too. 

This pan makes seven mini pancakes with various fun designs imprinted on it, such as animals and smiley faces.

Made of die-cast aluminum, the pan has great heat conductivity and a double-layer nonstick coating. 

The nonstick finish of the pan allows you to not only flip the pancakes easily but to clean the pan easily too. The latter is important as the pan can’t go into the dishwasher. 

To make pancakes made with this pan even more creative, you can add sprinkles or food coloring to the pancake mix. Or both, if you want your breakfast to be extra fun. 

The pan has a comfortable ergonomic handle and a hanging hole for easy storage. This pancake pan is also quite versatile as it is not only pancakes that you can make in it. 

5. Genuine Fred CRACK-A-SMILE Silicone Pancake Mold 

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If you already own different tools for pancake art, then buying molds like this can help you diversify your collection

This CRACK-A-SMILE silicone mold can help you create intricate-looking pancake art with the help of only one shaper.

You can use pancake batters of different colors to achieve better results. Pouring whisked eggs in some of the compartments will also work. 

The manufacturer recommends spraying the mold with cooking spray to ensure the pancake batter or eggs doesn’t stick to it. 

The silicone material of this Genuine Fred pancake mold is BPA-free and food-safe.

The mold is heat-resistant so you don’t have to worry about burning it. It is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. 

6. Twdrer 10 Pack Pancake Mold

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Are you looking for an art kit that is not only for creating fun pancakes? Then you should certainly consider this Twdrer rings set. 

There are 10 stainless steel rings in this set with different shapes, including a classic round shape, a star, a heart, animal shapes, etc. 

While these molds are more commonly used for frying eggs, using them for pancakes is also possible.

You will get uniform pancakes of creative shapes. Food coloring, sprinkles, and other additives will help you make your pancakes even more original.

The molds are made of food-grade stainless steel They are sturdy, durable, and non-stick. 

7. IEBIYO Batter Dispenser with Mould 

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If it is your dream to make pancakes of the same size and thickness, then this kit is what you need.

The IEBIYO pancake art kit includes a clever batter dispenser and two types of molds for fun pancake designs. 

The batter dispenser has a built-in mixer that provides clump-free pancake batter.

It is operated by hand which means that you don’t need to use any electricity to whisk your batters to perfection.

The dispenser pours the batter in the right amount and to the last drop so that you don’t waste any product. 

The container is see-through which makes it easy to see how much is left in the dispenser.

The handle of the dispenser is designed nicely for a comfortable grip. The dispenser is also dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning. 

The set comes with molds to help you make different-shaped pancakes. You can use this set for muffins, crepes, and waffles too

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