What Does Octopus Taste Like?

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Do you look at unusual foods like octopus in the grocery store and wish you knew how to cook with them?

But what if you don’t like the taste of them? Octopus is an intriguing type of seafood that many people haven’t tried because they don’t know if they will enjoy the taste.

So, what does octopus taste like? Octopus tastes very similar to squid. The flavor is best described as a milder version of white chicken or pork meat, with a hint of the sea. When cooked on the grill it will caramelize, bringing out a delicate sweet flavor.

We absolutely love octopus, and we would like to convince you to give this unusual seafood a try! So, we’re going to take an in-depth look at these eight-legged sea creatures and figure out how to make the most of their lovely flavor.

What Is Octopus?

It may be that you’ve never come across octopus for sale, as for a long time it was only found in specialty seafood markets.

Or maybe you’ve seen it in the shopping aisles or on a menu but bypassed it as you didn’t know what it was like or how to cook it.

However, octopus is very popular with seafood lovers, and is surprisingly easy to prepare and cook. It offers great health benefits as well as incredible flavors.

People love octopus for its versatility and ease of preparation, and it can be cooked using a range of different methods.

But what exactly is an octopus? Octopus is a type of seafood and is classified as a mollusk. Mollusks are soft-bodied invertebrates.

Many mollusks, such as snails and clams, have a hard shell to protect the body, however, the octopus does not. Octopi are part of the cephalopod group, along with squid and cuttlefish.

These strange sea creatures are very odd in appearance, and instantly recognizable to most people! They have eight long, trailing appendages surrounding a small body that can alter its shape to fit through small gaps.

These appendages are sometimes referred to as tentacles or legs, but the correct terminology is octopus arms.

Octopus is regarded as a delicacy in many parts of the world, particularly Japan, Korea, and Mediterranean countries.

How Is Octopus Eaten?

The most consumed part of the octopus are the eight long arms. These strange, rubber-like limbs have suckers along them, which helps the octopus to move around easily.

The head of the octopus is also edible, although less commonly found in shops and seafood markets.

It is important that the mouthpiece, ink sac, and intestines are removed before the octopus is eaten. The octopus will also need to be carefully cleaned, so if you are buying a whole fresh octopus be prepared to get your hands dirty!

Octopus is a versatile food that can be prepared and cooked in several ways. It can be boiled, seared, grilled, or fried. Octopus can be used in stews or soups, served with pasta or salad, or even barbecued.

It is actually very easy to cook and often takes less time than meats such as chicken or pork.

Some dishes even serve octopus raw, but if this is your first octopus experience we would recommend cooking it first!

What Does Octopus Taste Like?

The flavor of cooked octopus is best described as very mild and subtle, like squid or calamari.  Unlike some kinds of seafood, it does not taste fishy or have a flavor of the seaside.

It is similar in flavor to the white breast meat of chicken or pork. The taste of the octopus itself is so subtle that some people think it is flavorless, but it does work well with many different flavors. 

The way octopus is prepared and cooked can greatly affect the flavor. If it is boiled or added to casseroles the flavor can be quite mild, whereas frying will intensify the flavors of the octopus.

If cooked well, the octopus will take on a hint of delicious sweetness, which works perfectly with the delicate seafood flavor.

When consumed raw, octopus tastes much more like the sea—salty and sweet.

What Is The Texture Of Octopus Like?

In its raw state, the texture of octopus is quite smooth and rubbery. It can be quite slimy, although if it is prepared correctly the slimy texture will be removed. 

When cooked, octopus retains the smooth, rubbery texture, but it can also become quite chewy. The level of chewiness depends on the cooking method used, and well-cooked octopus will almost melt in the mouth.

The exterior of the octopus tentacle can sometimes take on a crunchy texture, depending on how it is cooked.

What Does Octopus Smell Like?

A freshly caught octopus will simply smell of saltwater.  Octopus is best consumed when it is as fresh as possible.

Once caught, octopus will quickly begin to deteriorate and smell fishy – this means it is past its best and should not be consumed.

Octopus will smell differently depending on how it has been cooked. Rather than having a strong smell itself, it tends to take on the aromas of the ingredients it is cooked with.

So, if you season your octopus with a tomato-based sauce, it will smell of tomatoes! You might detect a slight undertone of saltiness as well.

What Does Octopus Taste Like When It Is Boiled?

Octopus is rarely boiled in water alone, as it has a very mild flavor when prepared in this way. In fact, octopus boiled in water would be virtually tasteless!

When prepared in this way, octopus is normally served with a dipping sauce or in a salad with a dressing. Boiled octopus can also be seared on the grill for extra caramelization.

But when other ingredients and flavors are added, the taste and texture of the octopus really start to come alive!

For this reason, the most common method for boiling octopus is in a stew or casserole. It will absorb other flavors well, adding a slightly salty taste of the sea to your dish.

Octopus casseroles are particularly popular in the Mediterranean, with lots of regional variations available. Our favorite is ‘Estofat de pop i patata’; a Catalan octopus stew with potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, and paprika.

What Does Octopus Taste Like When It Is Roasted?

When octopus is roasted it takes on a completely different flavor to boiled octopus. Roasted octopus has a sweeter flavor, as the carbohydrates in the octopus have been caramelized and turned into sugars.

Roasted octopus can be drier and chewier than a boiled octopus, and for this reason, it is normally wrapped in foil and baked. It is best served with a rich sauce or side dish.

What Does Octopus Taste Like When It Is Fried Or Grilled?

Fried or grilled octopus is simply delicious, and many cooks believe this is the best way to cook octopus!

When fried or grilled, octopus gets the same sweet taste that roasted octopus develops, but it also soaks up other flavors along the way.

Octopus prepared in this way also stays juicer and more succulent than roasted octopus.

We think that if you’ve never tried octopus, then grilling is the way to go! The dark, caramelized stripes on the tentacles look incredible, and the flavor is light, delicate, and absolutely sublime. 

Is Octopus Good For You?

Octopus has a few great health benefits, and most nutritionists agree that this unusual seafood is very good for you.

It is a good source of protein, low in fat but rich in vitamins and minerals. Octopus is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are linked to a range of heart benefits.

Octopus also contains taurine, an amino acid that can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Antioxidants are also found in octopus—compounds thought to protect your body from oxidative stress.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gotten to look at all things octopus, let’s take a look at a few more related questions on the subject!

How do you buy octopus?

Octopus is normally bought when fresh or frozen. In some countries, it is possible to buy live octopus, but we would not recommend you try this!

These creatures should be dispatched humanely by a trained professional, and it is not a job for an amateur.

So, how do you buy octopus? If you’ve never tried cooking with octopus before, the best place to start is by purchasing frozen octopus. This is not always that easy to come by, but it is the easiest form of octopus to cook.

Frozen octopus will have already been prepared before freezing, and it may have even been sliced or split into portions.

For many foods, the frozen version is inferior to fresh. However, this is not the case with octopus! Frozen octopus will often be more tender when cooked, and retains a delicate, fresh flavor.

If you can’t get hold of frozen octopus, then the next option would be to buy it fresh. When selecting fresh octopus make sure you give it a good sniff—it should smell of nothing but saltwater.

If it has started to deteriorate it will smell fishy and should not be purchased.

Fresh octopus may not have been prepared, so you could have some work to do here! It is always worth asking at the fish counter if they will prepare it for you, as this is a service worth paying a small fee for.

If you have just bought octopus arms, then the preparation of these is not too difficult. The alternative is to buy a whole octopus, which will require quite a lot of work before you can eat it!

What is octopus similar to?

It can be hard to find exotic kinds of seafood like octopus in some grocery stores, as they are often only stocked in specialist markets and stores.

This can be a big disappointment if you’ve got a recipe that requires octopus. But don’t give up, we can always find a substitution!

If your recipe calls for octopus but you don’t have any, what can you use instead?

The closest alternative to octopus is probably squid, also known as calamari. They are very similar in taste, especially when roasted or fried. However, squid is not as juicy and tender as octopus.

You could also consider using thinly sliced strips of white pork or chicken meat as an octopus substitute. These are both quite mild in flavor, although they will not soak up other flavors as well as octopus will.

Another alternative is different types of seafood. Prawns have a similar texture to octopus, firm yet juicy, although their flavor is slightly fishier.

If you are looking for a vegan or vegetarian alternative to octopus, vegan squid substitutes made from plant-based derivatives are also available.

Is octopus poisonous?

There are over 300 species of octopus, and every single one of them is venomous!

Although octopus attacks on humans are relatively rare, some of these beautiful cephalopods are capable of killing a human. Luckily, most octopi are only mildly venomous.

So, what happens when we want to eat octopus – are they poisonous?

Luckily, octopus is safe to eat when prepared correctly and poses no risk to humans. The one exception is the blue-ringed octopus, found in Australia.

This tiny octopus, the size of a golf ball, contains enough venom to paralyze or kill 26 people! 

Research has also found the presence of heavy metals in octopus tissue, including toxins like lead. These levels are below the standards set for safety in humans; however, consuming too much octopus could lead to health issues.

People who have allergies to shellfish, such as oysters, scallops, or shrimp, should avoid eating octopus. Octopus contains the same proteins which cause allergic reactions in people with shellfish allergies.

Octopus heads are a risk for cadmium poisoning, even when consumed in small quantities.

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