The Best Canned Tomato Sauce

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Tomato sauce is one of those canned items that you probably almost always have on hand. There are a lot of great meals you can create using tomato sauce; you can create all sorts of sauces, pastas, soups, pizzas, and delightful casseroles. 

If you keep your pantry full of basic necessities, this is one of those things you should always have on hand. You never know when you may need a can to throw together a quick meal. It’s a versatile item to use when you need it. 

The thing is, there are so many different brands of canned tomato sauce on the market.

What makes for the best canned tomato sauce? The best canned tomato sauces have a reliable and high-quality flavor profile, are made with natural and fresh ingredients and seasonings, and (preferably) contain Roma tomatoes, as they are the most flavorful.

In this guide, we will share with you our top picks for the best canned tomato sauces on the market.

We’ve sifted and sorted through all of the options to narrow down our top choices. We think you will find many great options in the following review.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Canned Tomato Sauce

We’ve shared with you our top 5 picks for the best canned tomato sauce options on the market, but it may also help you to know just what goes into that decision. 

We looked at some specific criteria as we made our decisions. Most notably, we wanted a flavorful and reliable sauce option for you.

We made an effort to choose options that were naturally-sourced and did not contain an excess of artificial ingredients. 

Here are a few of the measures we specifically considered:

  • Natural or organic
  • Flavorful and consistent
  • Multiple cans
  • Overall ratings and information 
  • Consistency of quality

You will notice that several of the products list the con of customers receiving dented cans. This is an unfortunate risk of ordering any kind of food online.

Once it’s shipped out, the company has no power over what happens to it before it lands on your doorstep.

However, if that’s the worst thing that people can say about a product, then the product isn’t the problem, right?

Typically, a lightly dented can is actually still usable in the end, as long as it has not been punctured and the food has not gone past its expiration date. Many of these companies are likely to offer a refund or replacement shipment as well.

We think you will be satisfied with any number of the options we’ve shared here. They are all top-notch options that won’t let you down! 

The Best Canned Tomato Sauces

You will find that we are partial when it comes to choosing tomato sauce or any other food.

We want good options and we want them to be consistent and reliable. We certainly don’t want to steer you wrong when you make a choice based on our recommendations. 

Below is a compact list of our favorites and their key characteristics.

Rank ProductKey Features
1.Hunt’s Organic Tomato Sauce100% natural ingredients, 12 pack, several flavors
2.Muir Glen Organic Tomato SauceNo artificial ingredients or additives, 12 pack, light seasoning
3.Contadina Tomato Sauce With Italian Herbs100% Roma tomatoes, smooth texture, 12 pack
4.Del Monte Tomato SauceMultiple sized packs, organic tomatoes, reliable taste
5.Tuttorosso Canned Tomato SauceFamily-owned USA business, 100% natural, 6 pack

In the following reviews, you will find detailed information about each listed product as well as the pros and cons of each item.

1. Hunt’s Organic Tomato Sauce

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Our top pick for canned tomato sauce comes to you from Hunt’s.

This company has been producing some of the best tomato sauce and related products on the market since 1888. It’s a name many of us know and trust in our pantries. 

This pack has 12 15oz cans in it. The tomato sauce is organic, with no artificial preservatives or ingredients.

It’s even considered keto-friendly. The ingredients are verified non-GMO. This tomato sauce is made with 100% natural vine-ripened tomatoes. 

It’s flavorful and delicious without all the extra ingredients that can quickly make an option unhealthy. Hunt’s goal is to draw out the flavor of your own culinary creations and compliment them perfectly.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Trusted brand for over a century
  • Other flavor options to choose from
  • A large 12-pack supply to fully stock your pantry
  • Simple and reliable
  • Flavored with natural herbs and spices


  • When purchased online, some customers mentioned that they received dented cans, which is always a risk of online shopping, as the company cannot control what happens to a package on its way to you.

2. Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce

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This organic option for tomato sauce is highly-rated across the board.

Muir Glen’s product label shows the only ingredients to be organic tomato puree, sea salt, organic onion powder, citric acid, and organic garlic powder.

This option is rated USDA organic

This sauce does contain light seasoning, including sea salt. All seasoning is organic and sea salt is a healthier variety than iodized salt that most canned goods contain. These tomatoes are sourced straight from California on organic farms.

This pack has 12 15oz cans. The best thing about this brand is that it has a nice, light flavor but is also made with wholesome ingredients. There are no trans or saturated fats and no cholesterol. 


  • Large supply of 12 cans
  • USDA certified organic
  • Sourced from tomatoes grown in California, USA
  • Light and natural seasonings
  • No artificial ingredients or additives


  • When purchased online, some customers mentioned that they received dented cans, which is always a risk of online shopping, as the company cannot control what happens to a package on its way to you.

3. Contadina Tomato Sauce With Italian Herbs

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Contadina is another well-known tomato product brand.

Their brand is based more on Italian dishes, as you can see from the addition of Italian herbs to this sauce. It’s robust and flavorful and totally reliable as well. 

This sauce is made with 100% fresh Roma tomatoes. This is a smooth sauce that will work nicely for any dish, but especially for Italian cuisine.

On the ingredient list, you will find Roma tomato puree, sea salt, citric acid, garlic powder, basil, and oregano. This option contains 320 mg of sodium, which is similar to its competitors. You can get a 12-pack of 15oz cans


  • 100% Roma tomatoes
  • A consistent and reliable company
  • Smooth sauce texture
  • Italian seasoning for flavor
  • Always fresh 


  • When purchased online, some customers mentioned that they received dented cans, which is always a risk of online shopping, as the company cannot control what happens to a package on its way to you.

4. Del Monte Tomato Sauce

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Del Monte is yet another reliable brand many of us are familiar with for canned goods. Their quality has remained consistent throughout the years.

The taste is always great and the company manufactures their product in the USA. 

You can purchase these Del Monte cans in packs of 8, 24, or even 48 if you really want to stock up. These cans are slightly smaller at only 8oz, so that is something to be aware of.

Del Monte’s tomato sauce is organic, although we are not provided with a full ingredient list or nutrition label. 

This tomato sauce is advertised as having no artificial flavors or preservatives, but you should know that it is also noted to have high-fructose corn syrup included in it. It is lightly seasoned, mostly with salt. 


  • The flavor is consistent and reliable
  • Well-known and trusted brand
  • Available in multiple sized packs
  • A smaller can size for those who don’t need 15 ounces
  • Highly-rated across the board for quality and flavor


  • Advertised as having all natural ingredients but does contain high-fructose corn syrup

5. Tuttorosso Canned Tomato Sauce

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This brand is one you might not recognize, but the sauce is highly-rated and certainly worth a second glance.

Tuttorosso is a family-owned company that cares deeply about the quality of their product. 

This mixture contains less than 2% for seasoning from onion powder, garlic powder, citric acid, dehydrated bell peppers, and other natural flavors. 

This tomato sauce has no artificial flavors or preservatives and is fat-free as well as cholesterol-free. This option is labeled as the #1 best-selling Italian-inspired tomato brand in the USA. It’s flavorful and well-made. 


  • Family-owned company
  • Natural with no artificial additives
  • USA-made and noteworthy
  • No canned flavor, preserved with steam


  • Quite a bit more expensive than competitors

Related Questions

We hope that you find this guide to the best canned tomato sauce to be a valuable resource. 

We invite you to review the following question and answer section for some additional information that could be helpful for you. 

Is Tomato Sauce the Same as Pasta Sauce?

While you can use a can of tomato sauce to make pasta sauce, the two are not truly the same. Most pasta sauce options contain tomato sauce with additional seasonings. Pasta sauce is a type of tomato sauce. 

Can You Make Your Own Tomato Sauce?

If you have a supply of tomatoes at home that you need to use up before they go bad, it is possible to make your own tomato sauce and can it. This can be a bit of a long process, so be prepared to spend a day working on it. 

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