Griddle Accessories (Every Must-Have) – The Complete Guide

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There is something about summer that makes you want to cook outside. Maybe it’s the long-lasting days, or most likely it’s the heat, but cooking outside with your friends and family is a summer tradition for many.

Though barbeques and grills have been the main cooking appliance for years, most recently griddles have taken the world by storm with their popularity.

Being a flat top, griddles are both more accessible to less experienced cooks and great for feeding large groups of people.

There are many different things you can do with a griddle, which means there are many different tools that make your cooking experience more enjoyable. 

So, what are the must-have griddle accessories? The must-have griddle accessories are flat metal spatulas, squeezable condiment bottles, a scraper, and long-handled tongs. All of these accessories represent the basics of cooking on a griddle.

Keep reading to learn which brands of accessories to purchase, what should be taken into consideration when purchasing these items, a full reviewed list of accessories, as well as kits that include all of the necessary griddle accessories! 

What Is A Griddle?

A griddle is a large flat cooking surface that is usually rectangular in shape. However, you can find small versions in a circular shape.

Griddles can be small and placed over a stove, just like you would do for a pan or a pot. They are also similar in size to a skillet.

They can be smaller, electric, and stand-alone—these are usually plugged into an outlet and used in a kitchen.

Griddles can also be gas-powered and stand-alone, similar to a barbecue, and they are used outside. These griddles cook food extremely quickly.

They can be made from nonstick aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, carbon steel, and cast iron.

For those who just want Saturday morning pancakes for your small family, an inside stovetop griddle or small electric griddle should suffice. 

The larger stand-alone griddles, however, are great for cooking for large crowds or cooking large quantities of food extremely quickly. They also help keep your kitchen free of a mess!

The surface of a griddle is extremely similar to a pan or skillet you would use on your stove. They have shallow surfaces with the sides of the griddle being just a few inches tall. 

Because of this, they are good for different kinds of food than you would traditionally cook on a barbecue.

What Do You Make on A Griddle?

Because griddles are flat tops, you want to cook foods that cook best in a pan or a skillet

The most popular foods to cook on a griddle are breakfast foods. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon to name a few. 

Griddles are also excellent for cooking mass amounts of hash browns or breakfast potatoes. With bigger griddles, you can even cook multiple breakfast foods at once.

Griddles also work wonderfully for burgers or other types of meats like hot dogs and sausages. You will not necessarily get grill marks as you would on a barbecue, but you still will get delicious meat.

This means making Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, patty melts, and all sorts of different sandwiches as well. It also is great for cooking large amounts of meat for tacos.

Another popular meal to make on the griddle is traditional Japanese Hibachi. With a griddle, you bring the Hibachi home to you! It is not only delicious, but it is a fun and interactive experience.

You can also use the griddle to cook up any vegetable. Zucchini, mushrooms, asparagus, you name it. 

Whatever you are making, the best part of the griddle is its ability to cook a lot of food at once. You can get your whole breakfast done on one cooking device in a timely manner.

What is the Difference Between a Barbecue and a Griddle?

You may be wondering what the biggest difference between a barbecue and a gas griddle is and why one would work best over the other! 


Well, a barbecue is different in that it has an open flame, grates that food can easily fall through, and a closable lid that makes the grill resemble a convection oven. 

Barbecues (or grills) add a smoky flavor due to the open flame, something a griddle does not. Most often, that is the biggest benefit to cooking with a barbecue. 

The grates make it so the food you cook gets a nice char, which also adds to the flavor. However, with the grates, you are limited on what kinds of foods you can put directly on the grill. 

Vegetables like asparagus or brussels sprouts may need to be wrapped in foil to avoid falling down the barbeque. 

Barbecues also tend to be hard to clean. Not only do you have to worry about scraping the grates, but you also have to clean out the bottom of the grill which can be a difficult and messy process.

The last big difference is the barbecue’s ability to close its lid to get a similar effect as a convection oven. This works great for ensuring your meats cook all the way through without getting torched on the outsides. 

Stand-Alone Griddle

Stand-alone griddles are powered by gas, much like barbecues, but they do not have a lid, grates, or an open flame. 

This kind of flat griddle tends to have more surface area and a much more even amount of heat distribution. The grill tends to be much hotter in some places, where the griddle has consistent temperature throughout.

The lack of grates makes cooking a lot cleaner than a barbecue. Griddles have a small hole towards the back to catch any grease or excess food that can be easily discarded once the cooking is done. 

This also means you can put just about anything on the griddle. Unlike the barbecue, you do not have to worry about losing any of your food to the grates.

Some people prefer grills because of their lids; however, there are accessories you can buy for your griddle that accomplish the same type of cooking

Griddles also get hot extremely fast and cook your food even quicker. 

Griddle Must-Have Accessories

When buying a griddle, there are tools and accessories you must have before you even begin. These are the tools that are necessary for a smooth and successful cooking experience. 


When purchasing spatulas for your griddle there are a couple of things you need to consider!


Because you are cooking on essentially a very large skillet, the griddle becomes extremely hot. This means you must have a material that will withstand the heat.

You must purchase spatulas that are made with stainless steel. Unfortunately, there are no other options when it comes to griddle cooking. 

Stay away from any spatulas made of wood, plastic, or any other material that easily melts. 

Length And Shape

The griddle spatula comes in a few shapes and lengths. 

For shapes, the end of the spatula can be either square or round. Round spatulas work well for moving food, like potatoes or vegetables, around. They are not the best for flipping. 

For a smooth flipping process, you will want a square spatula. Square spatulas tend to have more surface area than round ones and it makes flipping things like burgers or other cuts of meat a lot less risky.

For length, it’s best to get either a 5-inch or 8-inch spatula. Both are useful for griddle cooking. 

The 5-inch is great for smaller items like pancakes or burger patties, where the 8-inch works well with moving and flipping larger amounts of food, like bacon or taco meat. 

Holes Or No Holes

The last thing you need to consider when buying griddle spatulas is whether you want holes in your cooking accessory. 

Spatulas without holes are great for keeping food intact; for example, when flipping hash browns or taco meat. 

However, spatulas with holes are great when moving food that tends to be extremely greasy or juicy. For example, holed spatulas work great for transporting bacon.

So, What Spatula Do You Need?

We recommend having at least two spatulas when starting off on your griddle cooking journey.

It may seem excessive, but they all serve different purposes, so having at least two options will make your cooking experience more enjoyable.

Thankfully, most often spatulas are sold in packs together to make the process of choosing a spatula much easier.

The 3 Best Spatula Packs Of 2021

If you’re missing this essential from your griddle kit, worry no longer! We’ve got you covered with 3 amazing recommendations below.

1. HaSteeL Metal Spatula Set of 4

Check Current Price on Amazon

For the best value pack, and to get spatulas of all shapes, sizes, and with and without holes, this HaSteeL pack is your best option.

They come with aesthetically pleasing wooden handles and just about every spatula you will ever need.

It comes with a short 5-inch squared spatula, two 8-inch rounded spatulas (one with holes), and even a scraper (which we will talk about in just a minute).

Considering the price and variety, this is an excellent set that will hit your every griddle need.

2. Anmarko Professional Spatula Set

Check Current Price on Amazon

This Anmarko set is great for those who care most about having a variety in shape and length of your spatula. 

This set comes with three spatulas, an 8-inch rounded one, an 8-inch squared one, and a 5-inch squared one

The quality of these spatulas is high, and they also sport an aesthetically pleasing wooden handle

The one thing they do not come with is a spatula with holes. However, if that is not important to you then this is a great starter spatula kit for your griddle.

3. Patelai 2 Piece Flat Top Metal Spatula

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you are looking for the bare minimum to get started at an extremely affordable price, this Patelai set is for you. 

It comes with two 8-inch spatulas, both rounded, and one with holes.

As they are not squared, they may not be as good as flipping items, but for the price point, you can’t beat getting one with and without holes. 

If you plan on making things like bacon, taco meat, or hash browns, this set would work great for you. 

Again, this is a great starter set for those who just want to get more comfortable with griddle cooking without a large investment.


The next accessory that you must get for your griddle is a scraper. A scraper is exactly what it sounds like: a metal tool meant to clean and scrape any extra bits of food leftover on the griddle

Some scrapers even work as choppers that cut up meat or vegetables right on the grill. 

Like the spatulas, the only material that works for a scraper is stainless steel. Any other material would warp or melt on the griddle stove. 

However, there is one big factor to consider: handle length.


Handheld scrapers do not have a handle at all. They are rectangular pieces of stainless steel that have a handle that is directly touching the scraper itself. 

They work great for cleaning the griddle, which is their main purpose. 

The best part about handheld scrapers is their ability to also chop up the food. In a quick flick of the wrist, you can chop up all your meat or vegetables before you even take them off of the griddle. 

This is great for cooking large quantities of food or for saving a dish by not using a cutting board. 

The one downfall to the handheld scraper is the proximity your hand is to the griddle. It can get extremely hot and your hand can potentially get burnt. 

Longer Handle 

The other option for scrapers are those with a handle. The handle can be anywhere from 6-inches to 16-inches long. 

The 6-inch ones work just as well as the handheld one in both scraping and chopping food; they look identical except the small handle. 

The pro to this is that there is a bit of distance between your hand and the grill, so you can avoid any heat while still having the scraping and chopping benefit. 

The scrapers that are longer than that tend to be the best at cleaning the grill. They are long so your hands stay away from the hot griddle, and they also have a guard to protect your hands from any hot food hitting them. 

The one downfall to the longer scrapers is their inability to chop food. Where the other types have multiple uses, the longer scrapers really only work to clean the griddle. 

The 3 Best Scrapers Of 2021

A scraper is an absolute must for any griddle pro. Read on to check out which ones we think are the best picks to add to your kit!

1. Anmarko Stainless Steel Metal Griddle Scraper Chopper

Check Current Price on Amazon

This Anmarko handheld scraper is great for both cleaning and chopping food on your griddle. 

It is made with durable stainless steel and has a non-slip rubber handle that makes the scraping and chopping process easy and comfortable.

On one side, it has a helpful measurement conversion chart that helps you convert ounces, tablespoons, and more into cups. This is great for griddle and non-griddle cooking.

This is a great scraper for those who want multiuse out of this tool. Not only is it fantastic for your griddle, but it also works well to cut dough if you are a baker. 

The one downfall is its length as it can get really hot when using it on the griddle. 

2. Cuisinart Multipurpose Griddle Scraper

Check Current Price on Amazon

This Cuisinart scraper will give you the best of both worlds.

It is long enough to keep your hand far enough away from the griddle and still able to chop your meat and veggies on the griddle. 

The 6-inch handle makes it a safer option than a handheld scraper, and the stainless steel makes it durable and long-lasting. 

If multiple purposes for your kitchen tool are important to you, this is the best option.

3. Cuisinart CCB-500 Griddle Scraper

Check Current Price on Amazon

This Cuisinart scraper is best for those who care most about safety.

With its 16-inch handle, this scraper keeps your hand far away from the hot griddle. 

Not only is the length good for safety, but it also comes with a splash guard that protects your hands from getting grease or hot food on your hands when you are cleaning. 

It also has a knob grip that helps you apply pressure and keep control of the scraper to ensure the griddle gets as clean as possible. 

The one downfall to this scraper is its inability to cut food or have another purpose. 


Tongs are another tool that are important to your griddle cooking experience. 

Like the other tools, it is important that your tongs are made from metal or stainless steel to avoid melting or morphing on the hot griddle. 

The only thing you need to consider when buying tongs for a griddle is their length.


The length of your tongs can make a difference when cooking on the griddle. 

Just like the scrapers, the closer you are to the griddle the hotter your hand becomes. This may be an issue for some. 

Short tongs work better for functionality. Being closer to the food makes tossing chicken or bacon an easier process. However, you may need to take breaks as your hand heats up.

Long tongs are a bit more awkward and hard to control at times, but they keep your hand far away and safe from the heat

Ultimately, it is up to you– you must decide if functionality or safety is most important. 

The 2 Best Tongs Of 2021

Without tongs, how would we even go about picking our freshly cooked food up off the hot griddle? Here are some amazing, durable, and affordable picks if you’re looking for a new set of tongs!

1. Oxo Good Grips 16 Inch Tongs

Check Current Price on Amazon

Overall, these Oxo tongs are the best option out there. 

They are 16-inches long, made with stainless steel to remain durable, and come with non-slip handles to make the turning process a breeze.

These tongs are both safe and practical and would make an excellent addition to your griddle accessories. 

2. 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Tongs

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you’re looking for a deal, these 304 cooking tongs are for you. 

You get two tongs for basically the price of one and you have options for your sizing and color. 

You can get 9-inch and 12-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch, or 14 and 16-inch in four different colors

These tongs would work best for those who like to have options. They are not as sturdy as the Oxo tongs, but they get the job done.

Oil Bottles

To successfully cook on a griddle, you need a lot of oil or butter to keep the food from sticking or burning. 

Because of that, squeezable oil bottles are a necessary accessory. Because a lot of griddle cooking happens outside, you want to make sure that your oil bottles are made with plastic. Glass bottles can be a hazard.

The only other consideration you need to make is about the cap. Specifically, whether to get a twist-off or pop-off.

Lid Type

For oil bottles, you can get one that has either twistable lids or poppable lids. Both work fine, but they have their individual pros and cons. 

Twistable lids are great for avoiding messes. Because they have to be physically twisted, as long as the lid is closed the oil will stay put. 

However, the downfall to this is griddle cooking happens quickly, and having to twist the lid can be stressful when trying to add oil quickly. 

Poppable lids are great for their ability to open and close quickly during griddle cooking. However, they have a tendency to not stay shut and can make a mess if accidentally knocked over or put in an odd spot.

Ultimately, it’s up to you: efficiency or cleanliness. 

The 2 Best Oil Bottles Of 2021

These oil bottles are some of our absolute favorites. Make sure to check these out if you’re in need of one!

1. AxeSickle Plastic Condiment Bottle

Check Current Price on Amazon

These bottles are a great option for a popup lid. 

Made of clear plastic, you can easily see what is inside and how much you have left. 

Another perk is the measurements on the side for the possibility that you want to also use these bottles for making dressings or sauces. 

2. Update International Squeeze Bottle

Check Current Price on Amazon 

These squeeze bottles are great for those who care most about avoiding a mess. 

They have a top that seals by turning the lid and this ensures no spillage when closed. 

They are clear so you can see inside; however, unlike the AxeSickle ones, there are no measurements on the side. 

The one other downfall to these bottles is the opening of the bottle can be hard to do with one hand.

This means when cooking in a hurry, you might not be able to get the bottles open as quickly as you’d like.

Griddle Accessory Sets

Fortunately, there are many available sets online that carry all these tools for one price.

Additionally, many of the sets come with other fun accessories that help elevate your griddle cooking.

The 3 Best Griddle Sets Of 2021

If you just got yourself a griddle and you’re starting from scratch, then we cannot recommend these griddle sets more. These are some of the best on the market that we’ve come across!

1. Yekale Griddle Accessories Kit 17 Pcs- The Ultimate Set

Check Current Price on Amazon

This Yekale Griddle kit is not for the faint of heart—it is for the ultimate griddle cook. 

It comes with the basic accessories of a spatula (3 I might add!), scraper, tongs, and oil bottles.

However, it also comes with egg molds, outside salt and pepper shakers, sauce brush, cleaning brush, a basting cover, and a bag to carry it all in!

This kit is truly the ultimate one on the market. With the extra tools, you can make perfect eggs, steam vegetables, and have a spatula and scraper for every type of food. 

If you are looking to take your griddle cooking to the next level, this is for you!

2. GrillGoat Griddle Accessories 11 Pcs -The Middle Set

Check Current Price on Amazon 

This GrillGoat kit is perfect for those right in the middle between extremist and minimalist.

It comes with three spatulas of different shapes and sizes, two scrapers, tongs, and oil bottles so it has all of the necessities.

However, it also includes egg molds for making the perfect round eggs

This kit has you covered for the basic needs but adds a little extra with the egg molds. This kit is perfect for those who like a little variety, but don’t need the extra bells and whistles that the Yekale kit offers.

3. MARLBSIDE Griddle Accessories 7 Pcs- The Minimalist

Check Current Price on Amazon

The MARLBSIDE kit is great for those who want just the bare minimum, or those just getting started.

It contains 2 spatulas, one with and one without holes, a pair of tongs, two scrapers, and two squeeze bottles

Compared to the other kits, this is the most simple and best way to get you started. If you keep things simple on the griddle, this kit is for you.

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