Mars Vs Hershey Chocolate – The Differences That Matter

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Mars and Hersheys are possibly the biggest rivals when it comes to all things chocolate, and just about everyone will have one which they prefer over the other.

Understanding the rivalry between the two means understanding the differences they have, and why they are both so popular.

What are the real differences between Mars and Hershey’s chocolate?

The obvious difference between Mars and Hershey chocolate is that they are two separate brands, and therefore two different types of chocolate. Most people consider Mars chocolates to be sweeter, while Hershey chocolates are a little on the bitter side.

Looking past the rivalry that the two companies have, we are going to have a deeper look into the differences that matter between the chocolates, so you can decide which one is best for you!

What Are Hershey’s Chocolates?

Hershey’s chocolates are one of the biggest brands in America, and it is known for its distinctive taste.

Hershey’s chocolate is also one of the few brands that still use fresh milk to make milk chocolate, which is why it stands out among the rest.

You can find Hershey’s in different flavors and sizes, so there is a flavor out there for each taste!

What Are Mars Chocolates?

Mars chocolates, or Mars bars, are a favorite of many.

The candy bar is made with nougat, toasted almonds, and caramel, and is coated with milk chocolate on the outside.

They are sweet and chewy and full of flavor.

Mars bars are available in a range of sizes, and the same Mars brand makes some of the best chocolates out there, such as Milky Way bars, Skittles, M&M, Twix, and Snickers.

What Do Hershey’s Chocolates Taste Like?

Hershey’s chocolates are loved by many, and hated by others! For some people, Hershey’s chocolates taste acidic and sour, and not what chocolate should taste like at all.

For people outside the USA, who didn’t grow up with the taste of Hershey’s chocolate, the chocolate can taste not quite so good.

The reason for this is that Hershey’s is made with milk that has been through a particular process that creates butyric acid, which is a chemical that is also found in sour milk and rancid butter.

This is what gives the chocolate that sour taste.

However, for those who are used to the flavor, Hershey’s tastes delicious.

What Do Mars Chocolates Taste Like?

Mars bars are more universally enjoyed than Hershey’s chocolates, although some people find them to be a little too sweet.

Made with caramel and nougat, and wrapped in a milk chocolate coating, Mars bars are super sweet, but they also have the creamy, toasted flavor of the nougat, with the caramel flavor in there too!

Each bite is full of flavor and texture, which makes Mars a super popular chocolate bar.

What Different Types Of Hershey’s Are There?

The most popular Hershey’s bar is the standard milk chocolate, but there are other variations to the original flavor.

Some other flavors of Hershey bars include Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Cookies ‘N’ Creme, Special Dark Chocolate, Symphony (with milk chocolate and almond toffee) and Krackel (with crisped rice)

These are just the flavor variations of the standard Hershey’s bar, there are many other chocolate bars and products that fall under the Hershey’s brand.

What Different Types Of Mars Bars Are There?

The traditional Mars bar, made with caramel and nougat, coated in milk chocolate, is full of flavor as it is, but there are other variations of Mars bars.

Some of the variations of Mars bar include Mars Gold, Mars Maple, Mars Almond, Mars Red and Mars Lite. Some of these are only available in certain countries.

While considered a completely different chocolate, the most popular variation of a Mars bar is Milky Way, which is made under the same brand, but is arguably as popular as the original Mars bar is.

What Sizes Are Hershey’s Chocolates Available In?

Hershey’s chocolates are available in a few different sizes, and the size you pick will depend on how you enjoy eating your chocolate.

Hershey’s are available in the standard bar size, miniature bars, a 1 lb bar, a giant 7 oz. bar and an XL bar. 

What Sizes Are Mars Chocolates Available In?

Mars bars are available in a variety of sizes too. The most common size is the 51 gram standard bar, but you are also able to buy smaller Mars bars that come in a multi-pack.

These are great for snacking at home, or for parties!

There aren’t as many different sizes available compared to Hershey’s, but with the bars being so full of flavor or sweetness, you don’t need as big a bar!

What Other Candy Does Hershey’s Make?

Hershey’s are known for their popular Hershey’s bar, but the brand actually makes many different popular chocolate bars, many you probably didn’t realize were made by the company.

Some of the popular candy bars made by Hershey’s include Almond Joy, PayDay, Krackel, Mr. Goodbar, Kit Kat, Take 5, Heath, and a few more.

The other varieties include Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Drops, and Reese’s!

What Other Candy Does Mars Make?

Mars bars are popular enough on their own, but the Mars brand makes some other very popular candies and chocolate bars as well.

The confectionery items that the Mars bars brand makes includes Milky Way, Galaxy, Skittles, M&M’s, Twix and Snickers.

These are all super popular chocolate bars on their own, and they are all made by the same brand!

What Are The Differences Between Mars And Hershey’s Chocolates?

It is fairly easy to compare Hershey’s chocolate and Mars bars, as they are two very different chocolate bars made by two different companies.

When comparing the two, most of the focus falls onto the companies and the history and rivalry they had with each other.

However, we think that chocolate bars deserve all the attention, and it is worth diving a little deeper into the differences between these two chocolates.

The biggest difference between the two is the taste. Mars bars have a complex, decadent flavor, and are made from nougat, caramel and milk chocolate.

Hershey’s chocolate on the other hand, is a plain milk chocolate that is made from real milk, and while some people love the flavor, others who aren’t used to Hershey’s consider the chocolate to have a sour taste.

Mars bars are sweeter than Hershey’s bars, and for some, Mars bars are a little too sweet. 

When it comes to sizing, Hershey’s are available in a variety of sizes, whereas Mars bars are available in fewer sizes and variations.

Is Hershey’s Or Mars Bigger?

Both Hershey’s and Mars are popular chocolates, but one company is bigger than the other. 

Hershey’s comes out quite far ahead as the leading brand in the market, with Mars following a little way behind.

This is only an indication of the USA market, as Mars would be more popular in European countries where Hershey’s aren’t as popular.

The close market share that the two have is why they are considered to be two of the biggest rivals in the chocolate world!

Should I Try Hershey’s Or Mars Chocolate?

There is no clear answer as to whether you should opt for a Hershey’s or a Mars chocolate, and rather, we’d recommend you try both!

Hershey’s are not as sweet as Mars bars, so if you prefer things a little less sweet, and maybe on the more tangy/sour side, then Hershey’s would be a good option.

However, if you prefer your chocolate bars to be sweet, and if you are looking for a mix of flavors, then Mars bars, with milk chocolate, nougat, and caramel would be a great choice!

Mars Vs Hershey Chocolate – The Differences That Matter

Mars and Hershey’s chocolates are rivals when it comes to market share and being everyone’s favorite candy, and instead of looking at the rivalry between the two companies, we wanted to take a look at the differences between the chocolates themselves.

If you grew up eating Hershey’s, then it is likely your favorite chocolate bar, and you wouldn’t notice a strange flavor at all.

However, if you are trying a Hershey’s bar for the first time, and are used to the sweeter Mars bar, you might notice a tangy or sour taste.

The flavor between the two chocolate bars is different, with one being sweeter than the other, but they are both super popular chocolates made by huge candy brands.

Related Questions

Why is Hershey’s chocolate considered the best?

Many people consider Hershey’s chocolate to be the best chocolate, as it is made with farm-fresh milk, unlike many other chocolate bars.

Are American chocolates different from British chocolates?

American chocolates and British chocolates do taste different, and this is for good reason. British chocolates are usually made with a higher fat content and contain more cocoa, whereas American chocolate typically contains more sugar.

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