Snickers Vs Milky Way

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Snickers and Milky Way are two of the most popular chocolate bars in nearly all parts of the world. Everyone knows them and very few people don’t like indulging in these chocolate-rich treats. 

Similar in many aspects and manufactured and marketed by the same company, Snickers and Milky Way are still very different.

What are the differences between Snickers and Milky Way? These two chocolate bars, despite containing a few of the same ingredients, have different textures and flavors. While they come in the same sizes, they don’t have the same nutritional value either.

In this article, we have compared all aspects of Snickers and Milky Way chocolate bars. Read on to learn about the history, ingredients, varieties, and nutrition facts of these popular candies. 

What Are the Differences Between Snickers and Milky Way?

Snickers and Milky Way are two of the most popular chocolate bars eaten all around the world. And while these candies are very different, similarities cam be found if we compare the two.

1. History 

Both Snickers and Milky Way are manufactured and marketed by Mars, Inc. This American confectionary company makes almost all the chocolatey treats we eat and love, including Bounty, Twix, and M&M’s. 

Though it feels like Snickers is the candy that has been around forever, Milky Way actually did come earlier. This chocolate bar was first manufactured in 1923.

It was the first filled candy bar and it took the brand 3 years to complete the research for starting to manufacture it. Milky Way was a success for the brand right from the beginning. 

Snickers, on the other hand, originated a few years after Milky Way. Mars introduced this candy bar in 1930.

The chocolate bar bears the name of the manufacturer’s family’s favorite horse and was sold under the name Marathon bar in the UK until the 90s. 

One of the main differences between Snickers and Milky Way is that the former is available in one variant globally while the latter has two variants. Milky Way has a global version – the bar with a blue wrapper, and the US Milky Way version. 

The US version is sold in the United States and Canada and is very similar to another candy bar sold in the US – Three Musketeers. 

2. Ingredients 

Snickers and Milky Way are, of course, both chocolate bars, and it is not surprising that some ingredients are used in the making of both candies. 

Both chocolate bars contain milk chocolate. The milk chocolate used in these bars contains sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, lactose, skim milk, milkfat, soy lecithin, as well as artificial flavors.

There is also added sugar, corn syrup, salt, and egg whites in Snickers and Milky Ways. The manufacturer uses artificial additives for both candy bars. 

But there are ingredients unique to each of the two candy bars. Snickers contain peanuts and Milky Ways contain malted barley.

These are the two ingredients that provide the unique texture and flavor characteristics of each chocolate bar. 

As you can tell from the ingredients of both Snickers and Milky Ways, the traditional versions of both chocolate bars are unsuitable for vegans due to the dairy products used to make them.

3. Flavor

Considering that Snickers and Milky Ways contain many similar ingredients, it is only natural that they have similar flavor notes. 

With this said, Milky Ways taste like chocolate-malt nougat and caramel. They are topped with delicious milk chocolate. 

Snickers are also covered in milk chocolate. However, the layers inside make them taste different from Milky Ways. There are more layers in Snickers than there are in Milky Ways.

There is a layer of nougat, caramel, and peanuts in a Snickers bar. And all of these lay beneath a thin layer of chocolate. 

4. Texture 


The texture of Milky Ways and Snickers is rather different. This obviously has to do with the ingredients used to make them. 

Milky Ways feel lighter and softer than Snickers. The latter has more of a chewy to it.

The peanuts in Snickers enhance the crunchier texture of the chocolate bar. 

The caramel layer in both Milky Ways and Snickers adds a slight pull to the candies but doesn’t make the bars overly chewy. 

5. Popularity 

Milky Way

Snickers is the clear favorite when it comes to candy bars, far surpassing the appeal of Milky Way.

It’s no secret why: Snickers has always been able to combine flavors and textures in a way that gives consumers something unique. 

Couple that with its classic slogan that sparked its popularity even more so many years ago – “Snickers Satisfies” – and there’s really no competition for which candy bar reigns supreme.

Part of the reason why Snickers enjoys its status as one of the most popular candy bars around the world is that not every country has access to Milky Way. 

Unfortunately, Milky Way is not available everywhere, but with 12 different flavors of Snickers sold in some countries, it’s no wonder why the popularity of Snickers hasn’t declined since its introduction. 

6. Varieties  

One of the biggest differences between them is that Snickers has only one variant available on a worldwide basis, while there are regional versions of Milky Way. 

While some regions like the United States and Canada get the regular caramel-nougat version of Milky Way, other countries, such as those in Europe, can purchase special Milky Way variants alongside it. 

Additionally, both Snickers and Milky Way also offer a variety of flavors. 

Milky Way bars come in a few different exciting varieties of the original that are sure to delight your taste buds. 

Simple Caramel is reminiscent of the original but with a rich, smooth buttery caramel center. Midnight Dark is packed full of dark chocolate and caramel swirls, while Crispy Rolls up the ante with crunchy rice crisps mixed into the creamy caramel center. 

For those looking for an even bigger twist on this childhood favorite, Salted Caramel offers sweet caramel mixed with delicious salty notes for a unique flavor combination like no other. 

The Snickers universe also offers a delightful range of various versions. The Snickers Almond will tantalize your taste buds with its crunchy roasted almonds and crispier wafer that is smothered in creamy nougat and smooth milk chocolate. 

If you’re looking for something crispier yet, then have a bite of the Snickers Crisp bar, which oozes malt flavors paired with creamy caramel. 

The Hazelnut version combines delicious chunks of hazelnuts and creamy caramel pressed between layers of Snickers iconic crisped rice and milk chocolate. 

Topping this off is the must-try Snickers Brownie which combines chewy chunks of brownie pieces with peanut-packed nougat and milk chocolate – the perfect way to indulge in your cravings!

7. Sizes 

The original full-size Milky Way is 1.84 ounces and a full-size Snickers bar is 1.86 ounces. However, both Milky Ways and Snickers come in a few different sizes.

You can find Milky Ways and Snickers minis, original singles, fun-size bars, and 2-to-go bars. If you like eating these chocolate bars as snacks, we recommend buying a bag of minis or fun-size bars. 

These are smaller than regular-size bars. By eating a Milky Way mini or a fun-size Snickers bar, you won’t get as many calories and won’t increase your daily sugar intake as much as you would with a full-size bar.

And still, you will get to enjoy the rich chocolatey flavor of your favorite treats. 

8. Nutrition Facts 

Whether you are eating Snickers or Milky Ways, they’re not particularly healthy to eat on a regular basis. With this said, it is always good to learn about the nutrition facts of your favorite treats. 

When comparing 100 grams of Snickers and Milky Ways, it becomes clear that Snickers are higher in calories. If you have ever eaten both of these chocolate bars, you have certainly felt that Snickers makes you feel fuller quicker than Milky Ways do. 

But despite the fact that Snickers are higher in calories, they contain less sugar than Milky Way. So, if your concern with chocolate bars is their sugar content, Snickers is a better option than Milky Way. 

Additionally, Snickers contain fewer carbohydrates and more protein than Milky Way. The cholesterol levels of both chocolate bars are the same in 100 grams of these candies. 


Milky Way
Total Fat24 g17 g
Carbohydrates63 g71 g
Dietary fiber 1.9 g1 g
Sugar 47 g60 g
Sodium189 mg167 mg
Protein 7 g4 g
Cholesterol 9 mg9 mg 

Which One Is Healthier Snickers Or Milky Way? 

As we have already mentioned, neither of these candy bars can be considered healthy.

But if you have to choose between the two, eating Snickers might be a better option if you want the chocolate bar to keep you full.

A ‘fun-size’ Snickers bar contains enough protein to keep you feeling full until you enjoy your balanced meal. 

A Milky Way, on the other hand, is a good chocolate bar to eat as a snack. Two mini Milky Way candies don’t contain a lot of calories.

While you can certainly have a healthier snack altogether, eating sweet snacks like bite-size Milky Way candies from time to time won’t do you any harm. 

How Snickers and Milky Way were Named

Milky Way’s namesake (at least according to Mars, Inc., the candy maker) is a malted milkshake being sold at the time called simply “Milky Way.” What began as a reference to a popular beverage has become an iconic piece of Americana. 

Snickers were named after something way more special than peanuts and chocolate: one of the favorite champion horses of Frank and Ethel Mars, the founders of Mars. 

The couple was passionate horse breeders, and when they decided to create a line of Milky Way bars in 1930, they named their new Peanut Butter cup bar after their incredible horse – thus beginning a legacy that has lasted for over eighty years.

Related Questions 

Are Milky Ways And Three Musketeers The Same?

Milky Ways and Three Musketeers are very similar. But they are not the same.  Three Musketeers is also manufactured by Mars, Inc.

The main difference between the two candy bars is that Three Musketeers is lighter than the American version of Milky Way. Additionally, it lacks caramel topping and is smaller. 

Are Snickers And Milky Ways Gluten-Free? 

Snickers and Milky Way have been the favorite candy bars of many people over the years. While they are both considered to be classic treats, there is one major difference between them – gluten! 

Snickers are gluten-free, making them a great option for those who cannot eat gluten. However, if you’re craving the delicious caramel, nougat, and chocolate of a Milky Way bar, then unfortunately, you will be skipping out on this one as it does contain gluten. 

Whether you are gluten-free or simply looking for a tasty treat to enjoy, Snickers can satisfy your sweet tooth while still sticking to dietary restrictions.

Are Snickers And Milky Ways Vegan? 

For those individuals following a vegan lifestyle, Snickers and Milky Ways are unfortunately not an option. 

While the ingredients may be vegan-friendly – things like peanuts, cocoa mass, and sugar – the manufacturers of these treats add milk derivatives to them, making them non-vegan-friendly. 

That’s why it’s important for vegans to take the time to read labels carefully when shopping for treats or snacks. By doing so, they can make sure that their indulgences are completely animal product-free.

Snickers Vs. Milky Way: Which One Is Healthier? 

Needless to say, both Snickers and Milky Way are sugary treats, so they are not healthy compared to healthy snacks like fruits or nuts. 

However, when comparing just these two sweet treats, Snickers is definitely the healthier option. It has enough protein to satisfy hunger yearnings and keep you from feeling depleted until the next meal. 

This is an important feature considering that we need protein to maintain our energy levels and ward off fatigue throughout the day. All in all, Snickers is healthier than Milky Way and provides energy without making you feel heavy or uncomfortable after snacking.

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