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How to Store Crumbl Cookies

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Crumbl is a cookie empire that has been operating since 2017. They have over 300 stores in the United States and are actively growing.

So naturally, when you have an amazing freshly baked product that reaches a nation, more people have questions about it!

One thing we are regularly asked is how do you store Crumbl cookies? These cookies don’t store the same as mass-manufactured alternatives. So, you can choose to place them at room temperature, in a fridge, or freeze them for months.

You will always need an airtight container. But, the exact way you prepare them for storage differs a bit due to their frosted tops.

So, today we will explore the best practices for storing Crumbl cookies. We will also look at how you can keep the cookies fresh for as long as possible and how to keep them pretty.

This way, you can stack up on these delicious artisan sweet treats!

What Makes Crumbl Cookies Special?

The main thing that makes Crumbl cookies special is their remarkable freshness. Customers can see their cookies being baked right in front of their eyes. 

If you order their cookies online (at their website), they are also baked to order. And, if you buy some Crumbl cookies in their shop, they are never more than a day old.

There are many other reasons why this brand is far superior to many others. They use very high-quality ingredients which makes the flavor of the overall cookie a lot better.

The company also has new flavors on a weekly basis to keep things interesting while avoiding overstocking on a ton of different cookies.

This is another way they avoid selling old or stale cookies. Plus it allows them to make cookies as they are needed!

But, what we possibly like most about them is their incredibly creative and fun cookie flavors. And, it doesn’t hurt that they are beautifully decorated too!

Currently, some of their most popular cookie flavors include Fried Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Lemonade, Walnut Fudge Brownie, and Ruby Chocolate Chip.

They also have more classic flavors like Milk Choc Chip, Chocolate Sprinkles, Snickerdoodle, and Molten Lava!

What Makes Storing These Crumbl Cookies Difficult?

Now, you may be wondering why there is an entire article dedicated to these cookies. What makes them so difficult to store?

The main reason these cookies need alternative methods of storing is because of how they are decorated. A lot of Crumbl’s cookies look like regular traditional ones. However, some are decorated like cupcakes

For example, their Cotton Candy Cookie is a delicious vanilla cookie with a cream cheese frosting on top. The Fried Ice Cream Cookie has a smooth white chocolate buttercream frosting instead.

So, if you want to keep these cookies as beautiful after storage as when you got them, you can’t just toss them together in a bag or container.

store crumbl cookies

However, there are some techniques you can use to help keep them from squishing!

The second reason you’ll need to store these cookies with extra care is because of how fresh they are. These are essentially homemade cookies — not anything like the bags you buy in a store!

Homemade cookies naturally don’t contain any chemical preservatives or stabilizers. So, you need to make sure you store them well to prevent them from drying out or going stale instantly.

Crumbl cookies do have a shorter shelf life than mass-produced cookies.

How to Store Crumbl Cookies

So, there are three main areas you can store your cookies — at room temperature, in the fridge, or inside the freezer.

The way you store these cookies (in bags or containers) differs for each.

Again, you want to keep them fresh! But you also likely want to keep them pretty.

Storing Crumbl cookies in any of these areas will naturally cause changes to the cookie — some for the better and some for the worse. But, at the end of the day, you have to decide what you want to achieve when storing the cookies!

crumbl cookies

For example, to keep them as fresh as possible, storing them at room temperature is best. But, that won’t make them last very long.

Storing them in the fridge will extend their shelf life, but it will change the texture a lot and the cookie will lose its fresh crunch.

There are also quick ways to store cookies and more lengthy processes you can follow. The quicker methods are better suited for short-term storage. The longer methods work best for long-term storage

Let’s first have a more in-depth look at how the different locations affect your cookies.

How Storage Location Affects the Cookies

So, most people store their cookies at room temperature. And, just because some Crumbl cookies have frosting on top, doesn’t mean this has to change.

Just like cupcakes, frosted cookies keep well at room temperature.

However, the downside of storing the cookies at room temperature is that their quality diminishes very quickly.

Most people say that you should eat your Crumbl cookies on the same day you receive them, otherwise they won’t be the same.

Now, storing cookies in the fridge is a way to make them last longer. Especially if they have perishable toppings! Even the frosting will last longer when stored in the fridge.

But, as we all know, baked goods do become somewhat dry and stale inside the fridge. And, if you have a frosted cookie, you can’t just pop it back into the oven to revive it.

So, understand the pros and cons before just leaving them there. If you don’t mind slight changes in texture, then the fridge is the best way to go.

And finally, you can store your Crumble cookies inside the freezer to extend their shelf life for months! But, as with all frozen items, their texture and flavor will never be the same.

If you properly thaw them, you have the best chance of having a decent cookie. If you don’t, your cookie may just end up being soggy, crumbly, and bland.

So, you may be feeling a little discouraged at this point. However, these are worst-case scenarios.

If you follow our methods exactly and use the cookies within the recommended time, they will be near perfect!

Method 1: At Room Temperature

You shouldn’t keep your freshly made Crumbl cookies at room temperature for more than 2 days.

After that, they will start to rapidly go stale. Many people even claim that they aren’t as good after a day (but we don’t agree with this entirely).

If you use our storage technique, your Crumbl cookies will be perfectly fine for roughly 2-3 days. After that, they will start changing, but they won’t be inedible.

After about 5 days you will likely not enjoy them as much anymore (but again, they’ll be edible).

Step 1: Choose Your Container

To start, grab any type of airtight container — you can even use zip-lock bags

Just make sure whichever one you choose is free of any odors and grease as the cookies will instantly start absorbing these aromas and flavors. In the end, it will ruin their own flavor and make them spoil faster.

We found that glass containers with airtight lids always work best. And, they are much more environmentally friendly!

Step 2: Insert Your Cookies

Next, you can place the cookies into the containers in two ways. It depends on the type of cookie you bought.

If you have plain un-garnished cookies, you can stack them sideways into the bag or container. This is a great way to save some space.

But, if you have frosted cookies, you will need to store them in a single layer in the container. If you want the cookies to remain pretty (for a party or a gift), then you cannot stack them on top of each other or sideways.

But, if you are just storing leftover cookies and don’t care what they look like, feel free to just gently place them on top of each other.

Step 3: Store Them in a Cool, Dry Area

Now, no matter which type of Crumbl cookie you have (but especially if you frosted ones), you have to store them away from heat.

This includes storing them away from any direct light and sunlight. You should also not keep them close to heat sources like a microwave, fridge, or oven.

Keep your container in a cool place away from any humid and wet areas.

Method 2: Inside the Fridge

Next up, we look at storing your cookies inside the fridge.

Many people claim that you have to store buttercream-frosted cookies inside a fridge. This isn’t true.

Just like buttercream frosted cakes and cupcakes, they keep perfectly fine at room temperature.

The real reason you may want to consider storing them in a fridge is when it’s really hot or if you need to keep the cookies for a couple of days

If it is super hot, the frosting could separate. This can cause it to fall off of the cookie and make it look unappealing.

When storing your cookies inside the fridge properly, you can expect them to easily last up to 7 days. But keep in mind that they will not come back out with the same fresh texture that they originally had. 

Step 1: Choose a Container

For storing cookies in the fridge, we always use an airtight container and not zip-lock bags. Because a fridge is usually very full, the bags tend to get squished. So, to at least keep the cookies intact the best you can, use an airtight container.

If you won’t be having the cookies within a couple of days (at all) you can wrap the container with plastic or saran wrap to make it extra airtight.

Step 2: Add Your Cookies

Again, as with the room temperature step, if you have plain cookies, you can store them upright or stacked. But, if they are frosted and you want them to remain pretty, store them in a single later.

If you want to, you can also wrap each plain cookie with some wax paper. This will prevent the moisture of one from spreading onto the others. It is an extra step, but it could help preserve the shelf life of the cookies.

Step 3: Place the Cookies Inside the Fridge

Finally, close your container and place the cookies at the top of the fridge. Never place them near raw or cooked meat, aromatic or pungent vegetables and fruits, or open condiments as they will absorb the odors and flavors. 

Also, keep them in the back of the fridge if you are keeping them there for a while. The back of the fridge is always colder than the front.

Method 3: In the Freezer

Last, but not least, for long-term storage, freeze these cookies for up to 6 months.

To freeze your cookies, you need to wrap them individually.

The process is a lot more time-consuming. But again, if you want them to be any good after you thaw them, they have to be stored properly.

We do recommend using them within 1 month for the best results.

Step 1: Freeze the Cookies Individually

Any frosted or garnished cookie has to be pre-frozen. Place each cookie inside a zip-lock container, or gently wrap it with plastic wrap.

Then, place all of the frosted cookies in a single layer on a lined baking sheet. Place them in the freezer for 1-2 hours so they can start freezing.

Step 2: Place Them Inside the Container

Next, stack the semi-frozen cookies inside a large container. When freezing, you can also stack the frosted cookies on their sides. The frosting won’t squish from the weight of the others or misform.

Then, close the container. Wrap it in a layer of aluminum foil. This foil layer will add an extra protective layer against freezer burn. If you’d like, you can label the foil with the contents.

Step 3: Freeze the Cookies

Place the container in a safe area within the freezer. Try not to stack too many items on top of it unless it is made of hard plastic or glass.

How Long Do Crumbl Cookies Last?

To recap — Crumbl cookies are very fresh and made to order.

If you’re an advent baker you know fresh homemade products never last as long as store-bought mass-manufactured ones.

crumbl cookies in a box

So, these cookies will only last up to 5 days at room temperature — and even then, only if they are stored well.

Crumbl cookies can last up to 1 week inside the fridge. The less you open the container, the better the cookies will be by day 7.

And finally, frozen Crumbl cookies can last for months on end. But, as we recommend for all frozen items, always use them within a month.

How to Revive Stale Crumbl Cookies

The only way to revive stale or old Crumbl cookies is if you bought plain un-decorated ones.

If you have decorated cookies, you will need to disassemble and re-assemble them first. It is possible, but we doubt anyone has the time or willpower to do this.

The best way to revive a stale cookie is to re-bake it. It sometimes works, but not always. However, it’s the best option you’ve got.

So, place the plain cookies on a lined baking sheet. Then, bake them for 10-15 minutes in a preheated oven at 360ºF (180ºC). This will help re-crisp the cookies and help concentrate their flavors.

Once baked, allow them to cool completely at room temperature. If you’d like you can re-decorate them.

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