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9 Best Ceramic Cake Pans

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With the recent rise in interest in non-toxic bakeware, ceramic cake pans are making a resurgence!

Whether you’re on the lookout for a 100% ceramic pan or one with a durable ceramic coating, you won’t be disappointed with the versatility of these hardwearing cake pans.

But how do you choose the best ceramic cake pans? When choosing a ceramic cake pan you should look for one that is high quality, durable, and suitable for a range of uses with a shape and size that will fulfill your baking needs. Whether you choose a 100% ceramic pan or one with a ceramic coating will depend on what your intended use.

Are you looking to add to your home baking collection? Read on to learn what makes the best ceramic bakeware, and we’ll reveal our best ceramic cake pans!

What Are Ceramic Cake Pans?

You’ll see the word ceramic all over the place when it comes to cookware! This durable material resists heat and scratching and is also very easy to clean, making it highly popular for a range of uses.

Ceramic is used in two different ways in the manufacture of bakeware.

The majority of the time, you will see ceramic used as an outer coating for other materials, such as metal. These will be marketed as ceramic-coated bakeware, and they can be very versatile and hardwearing.

You will also find bakeware that is purely 100% ceramic cookware — that is, cake pans that are made purely from ceramic, and nothing else.

That’s right — no metal base, no non-stick coating, no hidden nasties, just 100% pure ceramic! This may also be referred to as classic or pure ceramic cookware.

Why Is Ceramic So Popular For Cookware And Bakeware?

Ceramic is made by combining clay with other elements and then firing it at high temperatures. This creates a versatile and hardwearing surface that is completely free from chemicals and other toxins that may leach into food.

shortbread dough for baking quiche tart and ingredients in ceramic baking form.

When people started becoming concerned about the toxic effects of other non-stick coatings, ceramic-coated pans became much more popular.

Most types of ceramic cookware are glazed, creating a smooth, non-porous surface that wipes clean easily.

The great thing about ceramic bakeware is that it comes in some great colors and designs, adding a splash of style to your kitchen.

Ceramic cake pans are very easy to clean, and most are dishwasher-safe. The ceramic surface is much more durable than other non-stick surfaces, although it should still be treated with care to prevent chips and scratches

However, as long as you take care of your ceramic cake pans and use them correctly, there is no reason why they should not last for many years of home baking.

How To Choose The Best Ceramic Cake Pans

Apricot Frangipane Tart

There is such a wide range of ceramic cake pans available that sometimes it becomes overwhelming to choose one for your specific needs.

From beautiful bakeware to colorful muffin trays, there really is a huge range to choose from!

If you are on the hunt for a new ceramic cake pan, here are some things you should take into consideration.

100% Pure Ceramic Cake Pans Vs Ceramic-Coated Cake Pans

Most of the cake pans you will see on the market are ceramic-coated, although you will come across some 100% pure ceramic cake pans too. But which type should you choose for your baking requirements?

Pure ceramic pans are loved by home chefs for their excellent heat retention and distribution properties.

This makes them excellent for cooking stews and casseroles, but you may find it difficult to achieve good results when baking cakes at first.

However, don’t rule out pure ceramic cake pans — with a bit of practice you may find them better than any other type of cake pan!

In contrast, ceramic-coated cake pans normally have a metal core, so will behave more like the cake pans we are accustomed to. The ceramic coating means that they are durable and have excellent non-stick properties.

Ease Of Use

Ceramic pans can be quite heavy, so you need them to be as well-designed as possible to make them easy to use. This is particularly important when you need to put a cake pan into the oven without spilling the contents!

Look for ceramic cake pans with edges or handles that are easy to hold and use. For larger pans, a double handle can be particularly useful. 

Quality Of Product

When it comes to ceramic bakeware, purchasing a cheap, poor-quality product is a false economy, as you will inevitably end up replacing it after a short time and therefore spending more money.

Look for ceramic cookware that is robust and durable, and avoid cheap and flimsy versions. A top-quality brand will offer a warranty with their products, allowing you to replace them if they are faulty or become damaged!

Ease Of Cleaning

The joy of ceramic cookware is that it is easy to clean and should just wipe clean in seconds. Baked-on food should soak away easily, but look out for fiddly areas where food could get trapped.

Most ceramic cookware is marketed as dishwasher-safe, but you might consider limiting the number of times you pop your new cake pan into the dishwasher.

Handwashing will help to preserve the cooking surface for longer, as well as reduce the risk of chips and cracks.

Best Ceramic Cake Pans

From beautiful bakeware to colorful muffin trays, there really is a huge range of ceramic cake pans to choose from!

Below are our top picks for the best ceramic cake pans for you to choose from.

RankProductKey Features
1ZONESUM Round Ceramic Deep Cake PanTop quality ceramic cake pan suitable for a multitude of uses
2Patisse Ceramic Series Round Springform Cake PanDurable steel springform cake pan with a ceramic cooking surface
3GreenLife Bakeware Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Round Cake Baking PanHeavy-duty steel pan coated in a smooth ceramic non-stick cooking surface
4CasaWare Blue Granite Ceramic Coated Fluted Ring Cake PanPerfect for making fluted ring cakes
5SWEEJAR Round Ceramic Cake Baking PanMultifunctional round cake pan with easy-carry ridged handles
6KOOV Ceramic Square Brownie Cake PanSuper-stylish blue glazed square brownie pan
7Sweese Ceramic Porcelain Tart Pan With Fluted EdgesFluted-edge cake pan perfect for making any type of baked goods
8Wisenvoy Ceramic Muffin Cupcake PanDouble pack of colorful and stylish ceramic porcelain muffin trays
9BRONYPRO Deepened Nonstick Donut Pan With Ceramic CoatingA fun donut cake tray with a durable ceramic coating

1. ZONESUM Round Ceramic Deep Cake Pan

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We think if you’re going to spend money on a good quality ceramic cake pan, you may as go for one that fulfills as many roles as possible!

That is why we’ve selected this ZONESUM ceramic baking dish as our top pick, as it can not only be used to bake cakes but also doubles up as a pie pan, casserole dish, or roasting tray. You can even use it to make delicious desserts such as cheesecakes!

With a diameter of 9.6” and depth of 2.5”, this ceramic cake pan is the perfect size for turning out beautifully round cakes.

The smooth sides mean the cooked cake will slide out easily, leaving just a small amount of residue that can be wiped off easily.

This durable dish has excellent heat distribution properties, ideal for creating a good crust on your baked goods! Unlike many cake pans, it has two carry handles, which are helpful considering this dish is slightly heavier than most cake pans.

2. Patisse Ceramic Series Round Springform Cake Pan

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Many home bakers are a bit scared to try a springform pan, as we’ve all heard horror stories about when they go wrong!

However, the tightly locking closure system and smooth non-stick ceramic cooking surface mean you are guaranteed success with this cake pan, and it is a worthwhile investment if you want to take your cake baking to the next level.

This pan should only be cleaned with a soft sponge and soapy water to keep it in the best possible condition. It is also necessary to season the pan before it is used for the first time, but the instructions for this are simple and easy to follow.

3. GreenLife Bakeware Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Round Cake Baking Pan

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GreenLife ceramic bakeware has long been a bestseller, and it is easy to see why!

They have managed to recreate the traditional metallic cake tin in ceramic form, by coating a heavy-duty steel core with a hardwearing ceramic coating.

The result is the great heat retention and distribution that we come to expect from a metallic cake tin, along with the smooth non-stick properties of a ceramic pan.

There are two slight downsides to this cake pan, but the good points definitely outweigh the bad points.

Firstly, it does not have any carry handles, so you might find it tricky to put into and take out of the oven. Second, it is not dishwasher-safe and should be wiped clean by hand.

4. CasaWare Blue Granite Ceramic-Coated Fluted Cake Pan

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Have you ever wondered how home bakers manage to turn out beautifully-fluted ring cakes? Well, here is the answer!

The ceramic cooking surface of this high-quality cake pan distributes heat evenly throughout the cooking process, creating the perfect crust.

When baked, your cake will slip out of the mold with ease, thanks to the stylish granite ceramic non-stick surface.

The surface of this cake pan is not quite as durable as some of our other top picks, but if looked after carefully it should last for many years.

It is advisable to wipe it clean with a damp cloth rather than immerse it in water, and you should stick to using silicone utensils if possible.

5. SWEEJAR Round Ceramic Cake Baking Pan

Check Current Price on Amazon

This multifunctional baking pan is a great size for a multitude of kitchen tasks, not just great cakes!

With a diameter of 9 inches, it can be used to bake cakes and other desserts, as well as main courses such as roasted meat, lasagna, or casseroles.

The ridged handles make lifting this cake pan in and out of the oven easy, and the stylish design means it wouldn’t look out of place in the center of your dining table.

This ceramic cake pan boasts a super-smooth cooking surface that is resistant to stains and incredibly easy to clean. It is safe to use in all ovens up to 500°F, as well as the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and even freezer.

The long-lasting ceramic base has great heat retention and distribution properties, making it easy to bake cakes and pastries with a firm, crisp crust.

6. KOOV Ceramic Square Brownie Cake Pan

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How beautiful is this glazed square ceramic cake pan!

It is perfect for making brownies, as the professional-grade ceramic cooking surface has great heat distribution which will cook the crust to perfection.

Made from high quality stoneware, this is not the lightest cake pan you will find, but the conveniently placed handles make it easy to transport to and from the oven.

It can be used in the oven with temperatures of up to 500°F and is also safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

As well as being perfect for cakes and brownies, this ceramic cake pan can also be used for cooking lasagna, gratin, casseroles, and many other dishes.

And when you’re finished, you’ll want to display this eye-catching dish in pride of place in the kitchen, just to show off the stunning blue glaze!

If you’re a fan of this pattern, you can complete the set with other items in the range including casserole dishes, ramekins, and serving dishes.

7. Sweese Ceramic Porcelain Tart Pan With Fluted Edges

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The beautifully fluted edges of this ceramic cake pan will add a delicate ruffled edge to the outer crust of your cake creations.

It can also be used for baking cheesecakes, quiches, pies, and many other baked creations.

The stain-resistant ceramic cooking surface is durable and scratch-resistant, and the smooth glaze makes it a piece of cake (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) to clean afterward.

This isn’t the deepest ceramic cake pan we’ve come across, so if you like to make thick layers of cake this isn’t the one for you. But it is versatile in many other ways, and we think you’d end up using this ceramic bakeware nearly every day.

8. Wisenvoy Ceramic Muffin Cupcake Pan

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In recent years the bakeware market has been flooded with poor-quality muffin pans, but if you want one that will last for years, then this durable ceramic porcelain tray will do just that. 

You can bake a total of 12 mini cakes with this pan set, consisting of two trays with six muffin wells each.

The premium ceramic surface is hand-painted with a bright and colorful pattern that is resistant to staining, odors, chips, and cracks.

They can be used to make muffins, cupcakes, individual tarts, pie cups, and much more! They are even freezer-safe, so if you get bored of cakes you can swap to making individual frozen desserts instead.

9. BRONYPRO Deepened Nonstick Donut Pan With Ceramic Coating

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For our final selection, we’ve gone for a cake pan that is not only great quality but fun as well!

This ceramic-coated donut pan will take your donut-making skills to the next level, as it has great heat distribution and a top-quality non-stick coating.

The deeper than standard donut-baking holes means you can make delicious donut-shaped cakes that have a light, crisp crust and deliciously fluffy center.

This cake tray is oven-safe for temperatures up to 450°F, and the non-stick ceramic cooking surface is designed to last for many years of heavy use.

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