How To Make Betty Crocker Cookies Better

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Pre-made cookie mixes, such as the great options from Betty Crocker, can be a real help when you need to make some cookies in a rush.

Betty Crocker cookie mixes also just offer a really easy way to make some delicious cookies fast, but sometimes the flavors can get old or fall a little flat.

However, with a few simple tricks, you can make Betty Crocker cookies taste better, and it isn’t that hard to do!

So, how do you make Betty Crocker cookies better? To make Betty Crocker cookies better, you can add a few ingredients to the dough, substitute an ingredient or two out for another, adjust the cooking time, and add in some extra toppings to take the cookies to the next level.

Read through all of the below tips and tricks on how to make Betty Crocker cookies better, to quickly whip up some delicious cookies in no time!

Can You Make Betty Crocker Cookies Better?

Before we get to the how-to, it is important to know why you can make Betty Crocker cookies better.

We are all eternally grateful for pre-mixed cookie boxes, but they definitely lack that homemade touch, and while they can be made quickly, you can taste the difference.

Most of the time, you only need to add wet ingredients to box cookie mixes, such as butter, oil, water, milk, or eggs.

While this is mostly standard across different cookie mixes, it does allow you some freedom for substitutions and ingredient choices, which make the cookies taste just that much better, and give them that homemade flavor.

How To Make Betty Crocker Cookies Better

Ingredient changes, preparation methods, cooking times, and added ingredients can all make Betty Crocker cookies taste so much better than normal.

Here are the best ways to improve the taste and texture of Betty Crocker cookies:

1. Substitute/Add Ingredients

  • Add Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure vanilla extract has some magical quality that makes a baked cookie remind you of home, and it is one of the easiest ways to give cookie mixes a home-baked touch.

Just a small amount of pure vanilla extract can make the cookies smell so much better, filling your home with that divine baked cookie smell, and also gives them a better flavor too.

  • Add Brown Sugar

Betty Crocker cookie mixes mostly include brown sugar already, but by adding in just a small amount of extra brown sugar, you can modify the cookies to be softer and chewier than they would’ve turned out.

The addition of extra brown sugar will also give the cookies a better homemade taste too, and together with added pure vanilla extract, will really improve everything about the cookies.

2. Use Butter, Not Margarine

Margarine is often used in baking because it is more affordable, but the extra expense of using real butter makes such a difference. 

You will be able to taste the buttery flavor in the cookies when real butter is used, and it is a great way to achieve that homemade taste. 

Not only will the butter give the cookies a richer, creamier taste, but it will help to crisp up the outside of the cookies, and make them thinner too.

Just make sure that you opt for unsalted butter, as you don’t want to add too much extra salt to the cookies and have them taste overly savory.

  • Use Coconut Oil

If you do not want to use butter or margarine, you should consider using coconut oil instead. It is best to use coconut oil in its solid-state, as this has a consistency similar to butter.

If you want your cookies to have a slight coconut flavor, then you can use unrefined coconut oil. When you want the flavor to be more subtle, refined coconut oil would be best.

3. Cookie Dough Preparation

  • Make Sure Butter Is Not Cold

One of the best tips to remember is to not use cold butter and to make sure your butter is at room temperature before adding it in with other ingredients to make the dough.

Room temperature butter is much easier to whip and combine with the other ingredients, and this is important to ensure that your cookies do not turn out hard and firm.

If you have forgotten to take the butter out the fridge, you can soften it in the microwave, but make sure not to melt it completely, as this will change how the cookies turn out.

  • Chill Cookie Dough 

The cookie mix might not always call for it, but you really should try to chill the cookie dough before baking it.

Chilling the cookie dough for only 30 minutes can go a long way to prevent your cookies from spreading out too thin in the oven, and will help to give you chewier, moist cookies.

Keeping the cookie dough in the fridge for 30 minutes also allows the dry components to absorb the wet ingredients better too, so the cookies have a richer taste and aroma.

  • Adjust Baking Time

The Betty Crocker cookie mixes will have a recommended temperature and baking time, but don’t be too limited by this. 

You can adjust the baking time to bake the cookies how you would like, whether you want them crispier or chewier.

Leaving the cookies to bake for a few minutes longer makes them crispier, and taking them out a little early means they will be softer and chewier.

The baking pan you use will also determine how your cookies turn out. Darker pans, such as steel or aluminum baking pans, will cause cookies to cook faster as they distribute heat quicker, so cookies baked on these are more likely to be crispier.

Add Extra Ingredients

Betty Crocker cookie mixes come in a few different flavors, and you can add in your own ingredients to create a special cookie mix of your own.

Just adding in a few extra ingredients can take your cookies to the next level, and nobody will be able to guess that they came from a simple cookie mix!

  • Chocolate Chips

Everybody loves a chocolate chip cookie, and you can add chocolate chips to just about every Betty Crocker cookie mix. You can even add them to chocolate chip cookie mixes for a double dose of chocolate.

Choose between dark, milk, or white chocolate, or use all of them to create the most decadent chocolate chip cookie yet!

  • Citrus Zest

Citrus zest from oranges or lemons can make for a fresh burst of flavor in your cookies. You can even combine white chocolate chips with lemon zest, or use orange zest along with dark chocolate chips for a classic flavor combination.

  • Dried Fruit

Chop up some dried fruit such as candied ginger, cherries, raisins, dried apricots, or more to give your cookies a fruity flavor.

A mix of dried fruit also works wonderfully to create homemade tasting cookies. To add even more flavor, you can throw in some chopped nuts with the dried fruit too.

  • Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut butter cup cookies are just delicious, and they are so easy to make. Simply chop up some peanut butter cups and throw them into the Betty Crocker cookie dough you are going to bake.

The peanut butter cups give a little crunch and nutty taste, while still offering a chocolate flavor too!

  • Granola

Granola cookies are great to enjoy throughout the day. You can either make your own granola at home or use pre-made granola. The granola can contain fruits, nuts, and coconut shavings, depending on what you prefer.

Add some of the granola into the cookie dough mix before baking. If you’re adding in quite a bit of granola, you might need to add in some more liquid so the cookie doesn’t dry out and become crumbly.

  • Marshmallows

If you love s’mores, you will love the taste of marshmallows added into a Betty Crocker cookie mix. The marshmallows will melt and toast in the oven as the cookies bake, and add such an incredible flavor to the cookies!

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few ways that you can make Betty Crocker cookies better, whether you choose to substitute some ingredients, change the dough preparation, or add in some of your own fun ingredients.

By following some of the above tips and tricks, you can make cookies from a Betty Crocker mix that taste as homemade as it gets, and taste so much better than the normal thing!

Related Questions

Why are my Betty Crocker cookies flat?

Sometimes, Betty Crocker cookies can turn flat if the butter used in the dough was too soft or if it was melted.

Make sure that the butter you use is room temperature, but is not too soft and that you do not melt it before adding it into the mixture.

It could also be that there is too much liquid, and to solve this, you can add in one to two tablespoons of flour.

Can you use milk instead of water for Betty Crocker cookies?

You can use milk instead of water in Betty Crocker cookie mixes, and this might add a creamier taste to the cookies.

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