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Green Tea With Coffee (Do They Mix?)

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When it comes to seeking out a caffeine boost, there are multiple ways to accomplish the task. And, with the ever-evolving market of caffeine-containing products, you’ll never have to get into a rut with your daily drink.

Some people simply turn to soda but unfortunately, soda is not the healthiest option to consume on a regular basis. Other people turn to things like green tea, coffee, and other similar drinks.

If you prefer a hot drink or you want a much healthier alternative, either of these might be a good choice depending on how you prepare them. They’re also great year-round since you can drink either hot or cold.

But, do green tea and coffee mix together? Can you combine green tea with coffee? Coffee and green tea can be mixed together or drunk in tandem in separate cups.

Consuming them together can contribute to health benefits, such as increased energy and focus, better-regulated blood sugar, improved heart and skin health, and strengthened immune and digestive systems.

As we learn more and more about the benefits of different items, people are trying new things. In this guide, we will talk about mixing green tea and coffee together and just what to expect.

We will talk about ways to combine them, how they taste combined, and cover some of the basic health benefits that are said to be possible from drinking them together. 

Keep reading to learn more about the concept of combining green tea with coffee. 

Mixing Green Tea and Coffee 

You might consider coffee and green tea to be drinks that are typically consumed at different times of the day. Coffee is probably on your mind first thing in the morning, while a cup of green tea sounds delicious later in the day.

This is all well and good but what happens when you combine the two together? That’s exactly what we are here to uncover today! 

It’s unknown just where the idea came from to mix green tea and coffee but it’s thought to have originated in Chinese culture.

On that same note, mixing tea and coffee combinations has also been popular in Western culture, including specifically with the Dutch.

They have drinks named Coff-Tea as well as Tea-Espresso and the theory is to mix both to create one tasty drink. 

The thing is, people don’t realize the combination already exists so then they decide to try it and they claim they invented it.

What you should know is that mixing tea and coffee is nothing new. You might hear it called several different things like Kopi Cham or Spreeze but they all refer to this unique drink. 

Green Tea vs. Coffee

When you consider green tea and coffee separately there is much to know. These drinks are actually very similar but also very different at the same time. 

Both green tea and coffee are produced from plants. They also both have their own health benefits to them, depending on how they are prepared.

A key difference to point out is that coffee is typically considered higher in caffeine while green tea is typically considered more tied to health benefits. 

We will talk more about health benefits here in just a bit. On the taste front, both of these drinks also tend to be considered slightly bitter.

green tea with coffee

This is why so many people add sweeteners and things like that to their coffee or tea products. 

Here’s the thing. You really don’t have to figure out which is better. You don’t have to alternate them or try to figure out when you should drink which one.

You can simply mix them! In this case, it doesn’t have to be a competition at all. They mix really well but you do need to get your ratios just right to avoid flavor issues

Those who have tried it pretty much never go back and often it ends up becoming their top drink of choice.

You get energy from the double caffeine but you also get the health benefits on both sides of the spectrum. 

Green Tea and Coffee Taste

One thing you might be concerned about is the bitterness. Both green tea and coffee and often known for being slightly bitter.

We know that a lot of people will add milk, creamer, sugars, and other sweeteners to try to mask that bitter flavor and they do it for both green tea and coffee. 

If you’re familiar with the bitterness, then mixing the two together might make you wary right? The thing is, you are going to be pleasantly surprised if you give it a try. Yes, both coffee and green tea can be bitter. 

However, they are bitter in different ways and for different reasons. So what happens when you mix them is that the bitterness of each actually becomes complementary to each other.

In the end, there is little to no bitterness at all in the drink. Of course, this is really dependent upon knowing how to mix to get the best flavors.

green tea and coffee

You’ve got to get the ratio of coffee to tea right for the best results so be sure to look for tips and options for the best ways to mix and prepare. 

Oh, and you should know that you can still add creamers and sweeteners to the mix if you want to as well.

However, the best way to mix these two drinks is to simply keep them pure as they are meant to be enjoyed.

If you are going to add, try adding just a little bit of milk as this is the perfect way to blend the drinks together. 

Here are a few tips for preparing to avoid bitterness:

  • Prepare fresh green tea using a low temperature.
  • Avoid boiling water and then add a tea bag to the boiling water as this will make green tea more bitter.
  • Avoid steeping the green tea for too long.
  • With coffee, use a light or light to medium roast.
  • Use high-quality coffee beans.
  • Grind coffee beans fresh for each use.

Green Tea With Coffee- How to Combine Them?

We mentioned earlier that the trick to getting a really good drink is knowing how to mix coffee and green tea together to get good results.

You can also add milk. Some people like to add cinnamon or even citrus and these are totally up to you. 

However, the key is to really understand how much to add of everything for the perfect blend. 

We recommend starting with an even amount of green tea and coffee. We also recommend adding the same amount of milk as you do green tea and coffee.

This is how the drink is typically prepared, rather than just tea and coffee. 

This is pretty simple but you may need to do some measuring as well. In this scenario, you would be combining equal proportions.

For example, if you use 1 cup of green tea, then you will also use 1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of milk in the combination. 

However, keep in mind that your personal taste also heavily comes into play, so feel free to adjust to your own flavor preferences in this mixture.

If you want more coffee, go ahead and add more coffee. You can do the same with tea or milk as well.

While the starting point is 1:1:1 as a ratio, this can totally be adjusted to your own flavor preferences. The key is just to combine all three for a tasty and healthy drink. 

Here are some extra tips that you might want to consider as well. 

Make It Iced

You can turn your delightful tea, coffee, and milk combination into an iced drink as well and it works just fine.

In this case, we recommend brewing them both cold or simply icing them to cool them once you’ve brewed the different parts. 

iced drink

If you prefer iced to hot or you enjoy both, this is a great option as well for enjoying your coffee and tea drink any way you like it.

You don’t have to change your ratios, you simply brew cold and/or add ice to the drink! It’s a great way to change it up a bit as well. 

Flavored Tea

We’re focusing on specifically using classic green tea, but you can also use other types of teas or flavored green tea as well.

We’re sure you’ve noticed at the grocery store that the selection of varieties of tea seems to grow by the day.

For mixing with coffee, black tea is a popular choice and some people also love to use options like peppermint or spiced tea as well.

If you want to stick with green tea, but branch out a bit, try any of the various flavors that green tea comes in.

Also, don’t be afraid to add extras like citrus, cinnamon, or other spices to make the flavors your own. It’s really up to you how you want to put your signature on your drink.

Change Your Coffee

Just like you can change your tea flavors, you can also change your coffee. If you’re feeling like the coffee flavor is too strong or too bitter, switch to a lighter roast.

If you want stronger coffee flavors, you can use a medium or even a dark roast!

You can also use different coffee flavors. They have coffee out there just about any way you could possibly imagine it so you have tons of possibilities here!

Switching up your coffee and using a different kind of flavor will, as you’d imagine, give you a different taste result in the end. 

Make It Yours

While the initial “recipe” for making green tea and coffee together is simply using coffee, green tea, and milk, you can change it up and make it yours. 

As long as you keep green tea and coffee in the mix, you are going to reap the health benefits said to come from this combination.

If you want to change up the flavor or add something to the flavor, you can still add your choice of sweetener, creamer, syrup, and more to make it how you want it! 

Health Benefits of Combining Coffee and Green Tea

Here’s the thing. Both coffee and green tea are known for having health benefits to some degree.

They are both primarily natural and are sourced from plants. They also contain natural sources of caffeine as well as antioxidants. 

coffee and green tea

When you combine the two, what you will see is an increased caffeine boost as well as hearty antioxidant properties.

The anticipated health benefits of this combined drink are regulated blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation, and improved mental abilities. 

Here is a quick overview of some of the basic health benefits associated with a mix of green tea and coffee together. 

More Energy

Both green tea and coffee typically have caffeine in them so it would stand to reason that you get extra caffeine and extra energy from combining the two together, right? 

When you mix green tea and coffee, you get a higher energy boost. This can be really great in the mornings when you’re waking up or the afternoons when you hit that mid-day struggle time. 

You have double the caffeine, which means you have a higher energy boost from the combination.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to try a decaffeinated blend instead but otherwise, this is a great option for energy!

It’s far healthier than grabbing a soda or energy drink as well. 

Improved Focus and Thinking

It’s said that a combination of green tea and coffee can also improve your mental abilities. We think this is probably directly related to that caffeine and the energy boost you will experience.

However, the benefit is that you have more improved focus and clearer thinking when you enjoy this drink. 

It’s like your brain is rejuvenated so you are sharp and focused on your tasks. 

Antioxidant Properties

Green tea specifically is known for being an antioxidant and coffee also contains some of those properties.

When you combine coffee and green tea together, you’re helping to rid your body of things like illness, free radicals, and even inflammation. 

The antioxidant properties are great for your immune system as well as your digestive system and may be beneficial for weight loss as well. 

Regulated Blood Sugar

The other benefit often associated with mixing green tea and coffee is that they help reduce blood sugar levels.

If you fight high blood sugar or perhaps you’re a Type 2 Diabetic, you might benefit from this added boost in keeping your blood sugar levels under control. 

The combination of tea and coffee can help reduce blood sugar levels, a benefit through to come primarily from the coffee portion of the drink. 

Heart and Skin Health

Another potential benefit thought to be associated with combining coffee and green tea is that the antioxidant properties can be useful for your skin as well as your heart health.

Coffee and green tea are both packed with nutrients so those nutrients provide associated benefits such as this. 

Combining the two together simply enhances the amount of nutrients you might benefit from in the drink.

Much like the other properties, coffee and green tea also contain high amounts of Vitamin C and E, which is where they can benefit your immune system. 


In closing, green tea and coffee are really great on their own, but they can be even better when you combine them together.

The combination of the two provides complimentary flavors that blend really well together. 

The flavors are exceptional but you can also enjoy the health benefits that the combination of coffee and green tea provide for you as well.

You might just be pleasantly surprised at how great this combination tastes but also at what it could do for your health as well. 

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