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Red Rose Tea (Flavors Ranked)

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Aah, you really can’t go wrong with a lovely cup of tea!

When it comes to the variety of types and flavors of tea available, the Red Rose brand has a quite impressive and expansive lineup.

It’s no wonder why Red Rose tea is so popular, but you might be wondering which flavors are the best.

So, what are the best Red Rose tea flavors? The most popular variety of Red Rose Tea is the original black tea. There are many other great varieties as well, including lemon cake, English breakfast, and orange pekoe following closely behind. Of course, this all depends on personal preference.

Do you want to try out the many flavors of Red Rose tea but aren’t sure where to start? We’re here to help with a list of all of the best Red Rose tea flavors, ranked in order!

Red Rose Tea

Looking for a refreshing alternative to your usual brand of hot drinks?

Caffeine-free flavored teas have boomed in popularity recently, although many people still prefer to stick to traditional caffeinated teas.

The Red Rose brand continues to rise in popularity due to its delicious range of innovative flavors.

Red Rose is a popular brand of hot drinks with a range of natural fruit flavors.

Whether you are looking for a high-quality traditional tea or a new and exciting fruity tea, Red Rose has plenty of options for you.

Also, Red Rose tea has zero calories and no artificial sweeteners – the great flavor and natural sweetness both come from natural fruit flavors.

When it comes to tea, the team at Red Rose really are passionate about their hot beverages! They have developed an extensive range of teas, including three different types of breakfast teas.

Additionally, they’ve created a variety of different herbal mixtures to suit every taste, with teas created to help you relax and relieve stress.

What Makes Red Rose Tea So Popular?

More and more people are trying to reduce their caffeine intake these days and finding a satisfying substitute for coffee can be difficult.

When brewed to perfection, Red Rose black tea and breakfast tea are great choices if you want a healthy hot drink with less caffeine than coffee.  

That doesn’t mean it isn’t full of flavor though, as the clever people at Red Rose have figured out the perfect blend of natural tea and fruit flavors to make these refreshing beverages!

There is no way to know exactly which flavor of Red Rose tea you will like the best, as they are all quite different.

We hope our top 20 list and descriptions below will help you pick one – or why not try them all?!

The Flavors

The great flavor and natural sweetness of Red Rose comes from natural tea and fruit flavors. These refreshing drinks do not contain any sugar or sweeteners and are all zero-calorie.

Red Rose tea fans love the amazing taste and aroma of these hot drinks, and also the fact that they do not leave any unpleasant aftertaste. 

When it comes to flavors, the Red Rose tea brand really does have an impressive range!

There are over 20 different types of Red Rose tea available, with some coming in both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions.

Plus, these flavors aren’t just the everyday herbal teas we are all used to – some of them sound good enough to eat as a dessert!

The Packaging

Okay, we know it’s what is inside that counts, but the Red Rose tea range really does have great packaging!

Each delicious flavor comes in its own beautifully designed and distinctive box, which looks gorgeous on any pantry shelf.

And then we have the free figurines! If you haven’t come across these yet, Red Rose regularly runs a promotion where they put themed ceramic figurines in their boxes of tea.

These figurines can become highly collectible, and some of them date back to the 1960s.

The most recent collection was World Monuments in 2020, but no word has been released yet about what the next collection will be.

Caffeine Levels

One of the best things about Red Rose tea is that it makes it very simple for you to watch your caffeine intake.

Many of the flavors in the range are caffeine-free, so you can enjoy a hot beverage without worrying that you will have a sleepless night.

Those that do contain caffeine are at much lower levels than coffee, and it is also simple to calculate with the amount of caffeine per bag marked on each box.

How To Drink Red Rose Tea

One thing is for sure – these gorgeous little bags of herbal loveliness deserve to be served at their full potential!

Luckily, the Red Rose team are as passionate about this as we are, providing detailed tea brewing instructions on their website.

When preparing tea, there are two things to take note of: temperature and time.

To make a hot tea in a cup, simply place your teabag in the cup. If you are using a teapot, add one teabag for each cup of tea you will be pouring.

Bring a kettle or pan of water to a boil. The optimum tea brewing temperature is thought to be 212 degrees Fahrenheit, but boiling point will be fine!

Pour the hot water into the cup or teapot, and allow the tea bags to steep for a minimum of 3 minutes.

This is the minimum period of time required to allow the full flavor to develop. If you can wait that long, give it 5 minutes to brew properly!

For a stronger tea, add more teabags rather than leaving it to brew for longer.

Extending the time will most likely make the tea bitter, rather than giving a stronger flavor.

Once your tea is at the desired strength, add whatever you desire – milk, sugar, lemon, honey, or whatever floats your boat!

To make iced tea, brew as above them allow the tea to cool. Pour into tall glasses over ice, and enjoy!

Red Rose Tea – Flavor Rankings

Okay, here we go! We did some research and taste testing to rank all the available Red Rose Tea flavors.

However, which tea you prefer also comes down to personal preference, and some flavors will always be more popular than others.

RankFlavorKey Features
1.Red Rose Original Black TeaOriginal, most popular variety
2.Red Rose Lemon Cake TeaNaturally sweetened, zesty flavor
3.Red Rose English Breakfast TeaDelicate, aromatic flavor
4.Red Rose Orange Pekoe TeaBold with citrus notes
5.Red Rose Original Black Tea DecafBold flavor with no caffeine
6.Red Rose Earl Grey TeaBlend of herbal and citrus flavors
7.Red Rose Irish Breakfast TeaFull bodied and savory
8.Red Rose Canadian Breakfast TeaDelicate, yet rich flavor
9.Red Rose Caramel Apple Pie TeaNaturally sweetened and decadent
10.Red Rose Immunity Strawberry Rose TeaFloral notes, promotes natural immunity
11.Red Rose Strawberry Cheesecake TeaDelicate, sweet flavor
12.Red Rose Iced TeaRefreshing, best served cold
13.Red Rose Bold Black TeaUnique, strong flavor
14.Red Rose Mellow Black TeaMild, smooth flavor
15.Red Rose Rejuvenate Turmeric TeaEnergizing, contains turmeric
16.Red Rose Bananas Foster And Sugar Cookie Tea Double PackTwo naturally sweetened varieties
17.Red Rose Daily Comfort Ginger And Lemon TeaAids to sooth digestion
18.Red Rose Find Focus Sage And Apple TeaAssists with focus and mental clarity
19.Red Rose Rest Easy Sweet Chamomile TeaGreat for drinking before bedtime
20.Red Rose Blueberry Muffin TeaNaturally sweetened, dessert-like flavor

1. Red Rose Original Black Tea

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It just goes to show that, more often than not, the original is the best!

Red Rose Original Black tea is the most popular type of tea from the brand.

It combines orange pekoe and pekoe cut black tea leave to give a perfectly balanced and great tasting tea.

Caffeine: 25-40mg per bag

2. Red Rose Lemon Cake Tea

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A fairly surprising entry for the number two slot is this ‘sweet temptations’ lemon cake tea!

Flavored with lemon, apple, and rosehip, this calorie-free treat is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

It also contains natural stevia sweeteners.

Caffeine: Zero

3. Red Rose English Breakfast Tea

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Aah, the traditional English breakfast tea!

Now we all know how much the English love their tea, and this version from Red Rose is definitely a worthwhile contender.

Made with a specially selected blend of black tea, which gives a more delicate and aromatic flavor than the original black tea.

Caffeine: 25-40mg per bag

4. Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea

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If you are looking for a bold and punchy breakfast drink, then orange pekoe is the one for you.

None of the subtle, aromatic flavor of English breakfast tea here – this is a smooth and satisfying hot drink that will get you raring to go in the morning!

Caffeine: 25-40mg per bag

5. Red Rose Original Black Tea Decaf

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Watching your caffeine intake doesn’t mean you can’t have a decent cup of tea!

With this carefully blended decaf tea, Red Rose have managed to recreate the flavor and intensity of their original black tea, without the caffeine buzz.

Caffeine: <7mg per bag

6. Red Rose Earl Grey Tea

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If you’ve never tried the delights of Earl Grey tea before, then the Red Rose version is a great place to start!

Earl Grey is a premium tea, with herbal and citrus overtones.

This is created by blending black tea with natural bergamot flavor, and orange and lemon peel.

Brewing Earl Grey tea is a centuries-old tradition and one we would highly recommend you try!

Caffeine: 25-40mg per bag

7. Red Rose Irish Breakfast Tea

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Another breakfast tea that falls into the ‘full bodied’ category, Red Rose Irish Breakfast tea will definitely kickstart you in the morning.

We’re sure you’ll love this punchy and flavorsome hot drink.

Created with a special blend of black tea, this flavor will suit those of you who like your tea rich and full of flavor.

Caffeine: 25-40mg per bag

8. Red Rose Canadian Breakfast Tea

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It is no surprise that seven out of our top eight Red Rose teas are breakfast blends!

Although herbal teas are rising in popularity, many of us still prefer a ‘proper’ cup of tea in the morning.

Red Rose Canadian Breakfast tea is a delicate blend of black tea, giving you the perfect rich and smooth cup of tea to get your day off on the right foot.

Caffeine: 25-40mg per bag

9. Red Rose Caramel Apple Pie Tea

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Now, what a treat this one is!

Part of the ‘sweet temptations’ range, Red Rose have created a naturally sweetened herbal tea with delicate hints of apple and caramel.

Reviewers recommend adding a splash of cashew milk to turn this into a truly indulgent delight!

Caffeine: Zero

10. Red Rose Immunity Strawberry Rose Tea

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This is the first entry in our rankings from the Red Rose ‘wellness’ range, aimed to promote natural immunity.

Created with a delicate blend of rose petals, hibiscus, and rosehips, topped with a hint of strawberry sweetness, this drink not only tastes delicious but is also packed with Vitamin C.

Caffeine: Zero

11. Red Rose Strawberry Cheesecake Tea

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Oh my, strawberry cheesecake in a cup!

This delicate blend of apple, hibiscus, rosehip, and strawberry is naturally sweetened with stevia, giving you an indulgent treat with zero calories.

Reviewers describe it as a hug in a mug!

Caffeine: Zero

12. Red Rose Iced Tea

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If you’re a fan of iced tea, this black tea blend from Red Rose makes a light and refreshing cold drink.

Plus, as it comes in family-sized bags, you can easily knock up a jug of chilled tea for the whole family without wasting your precious breakfast tea.

Caffeine: 25-40mg per bag

13. Red Rose Bold Black Tea

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Now, this is a tea that is as bold and punchy as most cups of coffee!

If you’re one of those people who needs to hit the ground running in the morning, this bold black tea blend will definitely fill you full of get up and go.

The stronger flavor wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste as an everyday tea, but perfect for when you need that extra bit of motivation.

Caffeine: 25-40mg per bag

14. Red Rose Mellow Black Tea

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At the opposite end of the spectrum, here we have the Red Rose Mellow Black Tea.

This will give you a smooth and relaxing hot drink, with a mild flavor.

If you’re new to tea drinking, this is a great place to start!

Caffeine: 25-40mg per bag

15. Red Rose Rejuvenate Turmeric Tea

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This next tea is part of the Red Rose ‘Wellness’ range and contains a delicious turmeric and orange mix.

These flavors mingle to provide a relaxed yet energizing herbal injection to your everyday routine.

Caffeine: Zero

16. Red Rose Bananas Foster And Sugar Cookie Tea Double Pack

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Double bubble! Here we have a twin pack of two delicious naturally sweetened flavors.

This first, Bananas Foster, combines warm caramelized banana and sweet cinnamon spice mix with a hint of vanilla.

The second, Sugar Cookie, smells just like the contents of your cookie jar – minus the calories!

Caffeine: Zero

17. Red Rose Daily Comfort Ginger And Lemon Tea

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If you struggle with tummy issues from time to time, look no further than this sip!

Perfect for soothing digestion and giving you aromatic relief from life’s daily pressures, this ‘Wellness’ blend combines ginger and lemon to make a perfectly balanced herbal tea.

Caffeine: Zero

18. Red Rose Find Focus Sage And Apple Tea

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Struggling with a long day in the office?

This ‘Wellness’ sage and apple tea blend will clear the cobwebs and help you to find new levels of mental clarity and focus

Caffeine: Zero

19. Red Rose Rest Easy Sweet Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile has traditionally been used for centuries to aid sleeping for good reason!

This Red Rose blend should certainly do the trick if you are suffering from stress and sleepless nights. 

Caffeine: Zero

20. Red Rose Blueberry Muffin Tea

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With natural flavors and sweeteners, Red Rose has made an impressive attempt at recreating the flavor of a blueberry muffin in this herbal tea.

While it is last on our list, it’s certainly not least.

There are higher ranking contenders in the “Sweet Temptations” collection, but if you were to buy a multipack of all four we don’t think you’d be disappointed with this one.

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