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33 Foods That Start With J

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There are so many different foods out there – some which you might be familiar with and enjoy at home, and others that you did not even know existed!

While it wouldn’t be possible to list all of the foods in the world, we can help out a little to get you more acquainted with different foods.

Here are 33 foods that start with the letter J and some information about each to expand your culinary knowledge a little more.

33 Foods That Start With The Letter J

1. Jaboticaba Fruit

Jaboticaba fruit comes from the jaboticaba tree. The fruit has a red-violet color, and has a very particular taste – it tastes just like blueberry yogurt!

There are a few types of jaboticaba fruits – the white one tasting similar to sour lychees, and the Grimal types tasting like sweet grape candy. 

2. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is grown on the jack tree. It looks like a large, spikey melon, and surprisingly enough, it is mainly used in savory dishes, with a popular use being as a vegetarian-type pulled pork substitute!

The meat of jackfruit is very tasty and has a texture that is almost identical to pulled pork. The taste is a mix of pineapple and kimchi, which really does make for some interesting meals.

Vegetarians enjoy jackfruit as the main ingredient in many different dishes, prepared in various ways.

3. Jaffa Cake

Jaffa cakes are a well-loved treat, traditionally in Britain, but now available all over the world. Jaffa cakes are small, biscuit-sized cakes that have three layers.

The first layer is a Genoise sponge base, there is then a layer of orange jam and a top coating of chocolate. They might look like small biscuits, but they really are tiny little chocolate-covered cakes!

4. Jalapeno

A jalapeno is a medium-sized chili pepper, and when matured, the pod-type species of the Capsicum annum reaches between 5-10 cm long.

Jalapenos have a taste very similar to a serrano pepper but are not as hot. They have a fresh, green flavor, and their low heat levels make them popular in many dishes. When roasted, jalapenos have a rich, smoky, and earthy flavor.

5. Jam

Jam is a condiment that is most commonly made from pressed fruit, sugar, and at times pectin. Jam is most often cooked and is packed with as much sugar as it is with fruit. The sugar and fruit are cooked down together to form a thick consistency, and then cooled down and bottled.

Jam is commonly used to spread on sandwiches, toast, and muffins, but it can be used on cakes and to bake and make many different desserts. Many different fruits can be made to make jam – you can even make sweet bacon jam!

6. Jam Roly-Poly

A jam roly-poly is a traditional British dessert. It is made from suet, which is layered with jam, rolled up, and then steamed or baked.

It can then be pulled apart and enjoyed warm, and is more delicious when served with fresh cream or ice cream!

7. Jambalaya

Originating in New Orleans, Jambalaya has French, African, and Spanish influences – with inspiration from Jollof, paella, and jambalaya

This one-pan dish has a rich history and can be found as a staple meal in many homes in New Orleans and surrounds.

It is commonly made from andouille sausage, pork or chicken, and seafood such as crawfish or shrimp. It is full of flavor with the addition of celery, peppers, and onion. 

8. Jambon

Jambon is meat that is cut from the thigh of a hog, which is usually smoked. The pork is usually preserved, either by wet or dry curing, and it can be smoked as well.

This ham is usually eaten cold and can be eaten on its own or in a sandwich.

9. Japanese Plum

The Japanese plum fruit comes from the Japanese plum tree. The fruit looks just like an ordinary plum and has a sweet and tangy taste.

Many enjoy eating Japanese plums for their various health benefits, and the plums can also be used to make some sweet and tangy jam.

10. Java

Java is commonly used as another term to describe coffee, but it does actually refer to a particular type of Arabica coffee bean.

These java Arabica beans are grown on the island of Java. The beans produce a rich, buttery brew that has a delightfully sweet aroma. However, it is not as earthy as Indonesian coffee.

11. Jawbreaker

Jawbreakers are also known as gobstoppers. They are a type of hard candy that is usually round, and are about 1 to 3 cm in diameter – however, you can get giant jawbreakers that measure over 8 cm.

These are usually sucked on until the layers dissolve away until the center is reached, which sometimes can contain gum. They are full of sugar and definitely not good for your teeth!

12. Jellied Eels

Jellied eel might not seem like a very appetizing dish, but it is a fairly popular English dish that consists of chopped eels, which have been boiled and cooked in a spiced stock, and then allowed to cool, setting into a jelly.

Jellied eel is eaten cold. The actual texture of the jellied eel is delicate and soft, with a mild and slightly salty flavor. It is usually served with white pepper and vinegar to accentuate the flavors, although it is considered an acquired taste.

13. Jelly

Jelly is a sweet dessert made from gelatin or pectin and is made by boiling water and fruit juice together and letting it set in a mold, with the gelatin or pectin thickening it and giving it an elastic texture.

While most jelly is served sweet, there are savory versions of jelly as well.

14. Jelly Doughnut

A jelly doughnut is also known as a jam doughnut – and is downright delicious! It is a full doughnut (with no hole in the center) that is filled with jelly or jam.

There are quite a few versions of the humble jelly doughnut, such as the German Berliner or the British jam doughnut, all with the doughnut bread and the sweet jam filling.

15. Jell-O

Jell-O is an instant jelly that is sold in ready-to-use sachets or boxes in the grocery store. There are many different flavors of Jell-O available.

Usually, you need to dissolve and mix the Jell-O powder in boiling water, and then add in cold water, pour it into a mold and leave it to set in the fridge. Jell-O is one brand name of instant jelly but is the most well-known of them all.

16. Jerky

Jerky is a popular snack, it is lean trimmed meat that is cut into strips and then dehydrated to prevent the meat from going off. The meat is cut very thin and cooked on a rack at a very low temperature to dehydrate the meat.

The meat is often salted and spiced before dehydration, to give the jerky a certain flavor. Jerky is different from biltong as it is sliced and then cured, whereas biltong is spiced and left to marinate for 24 hours, and then hung to dry in a large piece, and then sliced after dehydration.

17. Jellyroll

Jellyroll is another name for Swiss roll. It is a cylindrical cake that contains jelly. It is made from a flat rectangular sponge which is layered with jelly and then rolled up.

This can be sliced and served at tea time or as a dessert. The sponge is light and delicate but holds up well with the jelly inside.

18. Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichokes are a part of the sunflower family. The flesh of the artichoke is white, nutty, and sweet, and tastes very similar to chestnuts when they are raw.

These artichokes are baked in their skins and have a texture similar to potatoes when cooked, and the mild taste of artichoke hearts as well. They are very similar to other tubers such as turnips or potatoes.

19. Jésuite

A jésuite is a triangular, flaky pastry that is traditionally filled with frangipane cream, and then topped with powdered sugar and flaked almonds.

This pastry originated in France and is still served in its traditional form. The pastry has a wonderful lightness and flakiness, and the powdered sugar and frangipane cream add wonderful flavor in contrast to the nutty almonds sprinkled on top.

20. Johnnycakes

Johnnycakes are cornmeal flatbreads, which were a staple food in early America. The cakes can be made from either white or yellow cornmeal mixed with hot water or milk and salt. Sometimes, the cakes can be sweetened with some sugar.

Leavening agents are used to make Johnny cakes, allowing them to rise slightly and be soft when cooked.

21. Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is a popular dish in West African countries, such as Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, and the Gambia. Jollof rice is cooked over a wood fire and allowed to burn at the bottom, which gives the rice a distinct smoky flavor.

There are a few different variations of Jollof rice depending on where in West Africa it is being cooked, but most share the spicy, smoky flavor which it is so popular for.

22. Jook

Jook is an East Asian rice porridge, which is most commonly served savory. It is popular in Hong Kong and is also known as congee. There are many different ways to serve jook, but it is commonly served as a savory dish.

If you are sick, it is said that you should have jook cooked plain with water.

23. Jordan Almond

A Jordan almond is also known as a dragée or confetto. It is a bite-sized confectionery which is made from an almond coated in a sweet candy. These come in many different colors and are popularly given as favors at weddings.

The sweet confectionery on the outside provides a good contrast to the earthy, nutty almond interior.

24. Jostaberry

Jostaberries look similar to blueberries or currants and have a taste that is similar to a blackcurrant, with a strong gooseberry flavor. The gooseberry flavor is stronger in an unripened jostaberry, and the blackcurrant flavor stronger in a ripe one.

The fruit develops well in the late summer, hanging off the tree it grows on, and the fruit can be eaten raw or used to make jams, chutneys relishes, or desserts.

25. Juice

Juice is a drink made from pressing or extracting the natural liquid inside fruit and vegetables. However, it also refers to liquids and drinks that are flavored with certain concentrates, or which come from other food sources, such as clam juice.

Juice is also produced when meat or other food is cooked, and often cooking juices are reserved to be used to make a reduction, a gravy, or a sauce.

26. Jujube

Jujube is a small fruit that is also known as a Chinese date. It is native to Southern Asia but is also popular around the world.

The fruit contains a seed or pit on the inside, and when ripe, jujube has a dark red or purple color and often appears wrinkled. It provides vitamin C and antioxidants and is believed to improve skin appearance and reduce acne.

27. Julep

Julep is a cocktail or mixed alcoholic drink that is made of bourbon, mint, sugar, water, and crushed ice. 

This drink is served in a tall glass and can also be served with a spirit, liqueur, wine, or even fortified wine. There are special julep tin cups that it is served in, but Collins glasses can also be used as well.

28. Julienne

Julienne is a way to cut or slice vegetables and fruit. It is known as a French cut, and the vegetables, such as carrots, celery, or potatoes, are cut into long, thin strips, which look very much like matchsticks.

Julienne vegetables are used in many dishes and are popular when cooking up stir-fries.

29. Jumbles

Jumbles are very simple butter cookies that are made with flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. They are often flavored with vanilla, but can also be flavored with anise or caraway seeds, or almond essence.

These can be baked into different shapes and are great to decorate with frosting and sprinkles.

30. Juneberries

Juneberries are also known as Saskatoon berries. They are a dark-colored fruit that grows in the Canadian prairies. 

The flavor of juneberries is very similar to dark cherries or raisins, but are milder than blueberries. Juneberries are a good source of iron and have high levels of calcium, protein, magnesium, antioxidants, and potassium.

31. Juniper Berry

Juniper berries are the female seed cone which is produced by various juniper trees. They have a slight piney flavor and have hints of fruitiness and pepper. 

Gin is traditionally made using the flavoring of juniper berries, and if you have had gin before, you would be acquainted with the taste of them. Riper juniper berries are used for cooking and can be used to make preserves and other desserts.

32. Junket

Junket is a milk-based dessert that is made with sweetened milk mixed with rennet. Rennet is the digestive enzyme that helps to curdle milk. Long ago, the dessert was known as curds and whey – which pops up in some nursery rhymes and songs.

Junket is not as popular as it used to be, which is a shame, as the custardy dessert with milk, sugar, and flavorings really is quite delicious and still deserves to be enjoyed by many.

33. Jambu

Jambu fruit is also known as wax apple, love apple, and java apple. It has a bell-like shape. While it looks like a pear with a waxy skin, it tastes similar to a sweet apple and is quite juicy.

The jambu fruit has a beautiful reddish-pink color, with a lighter colored flesh on the inside.

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