17 Best Sugar-Free Drinks From Starbucks

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Just about everyone loves a quick trip to the local Starbucks. They have SO many flavors and combinations, from healthy drinks to the unhealthiest of drinks and everything in between.

Starbucks has coffees, teas, fruity drinks, and then some. They have a little something for everyone. 

Once you start going to Starbucks, it almost becomes an addiction where you simply can’t go too many days without your Starbucks fix. If you know, you know, right?

The thing is, if you’re trying to make healthy choices, you need to be mindful of the ingredients and some Starbucks drinks have a lot of sugar in them. However, they also have options that are sugar-free!

What is the best sugar free drink from Starbucks? To make a sugar-free drink, you’ll have to order options that can go without the sugar or ask for sugar-free syrup instead. There are a few other off-menu alternatives to some classic drinks as well.

They really have a lot of sugar-free items on their menu – remember that they have something for everyone. You can personalize drinks but you can also familiarize yourself with the sugar-free choices so you know your options right away. 

In this guide, we will share with you the 17 best sugar-free drinks from Starbucks. This is not an all-inclusive list, but just the options narrowed down to the top 17 to choose from!

We will talk about choosing your drink, and give you drink names so you can start trying them for yourself.

Stick with us to learn the 17 best sugar free drinks from Starbucks and more! 

How To Choose A Sugar-Free Drink from Starbucks

Before we unleash some of the best sugar free drink options for you, we wanted to take a moment to talk about choosing a drink. We’ve got 17 options to share here, but there are far more than that out there. 

How can you possibly choose from the multitude of options that Starbucks has to offer? It can be so overwhelming, right? Check out these tips!

What To Avoid

A good way to figure out appropriate drinks or even alter your favorite drink to make it sugar-free is to understand the ingredients – or at least understand what ingredients you can avoid to have a healthier drink. 

The first ingredient we recommend avoiding is dairy-free milk. While lactose might be an issue, these types of milks often have sugar added to sweeten them and that’s something you want to avoid.

If you really want milk in your drink, opt for cow’s milk. While it has natural sugars, it does not generally have added sugar. 

Next, you will probably need to avoid most of those liquid sweeteners and syrups that are flavored. All of these are used for either sweetening purposes or for adding specific flavors, and they are packed with sugar. 

Starbucks does have some sugar-free syrups like vanilla and cinnamon dolce so you can also look for alternatives like that. 

The sauces and toppings also generally are not a great choice. Things like caramel or even strawberry puree all have sugars in them. The same goes for sweet cream cold foam and whipped cream too. 

Type Of Drink

Just because you want sugar free doesn’t mean you are stuck with black coffee. There are a number of flavored drinks, coffee drinks, and tea drinks that can be ordered and made with a sugar-free recipe.

The thing you want to decide before you get started trying to choose a flavor is the type of drink you are after. 

The good news is that you can change it up every time you order. Maybe today you want a good sugar-free coffee. But maybe tomorrow you will be in the mood for tea instead. There are options for sugar free drinks in all of these categories. 

The 17 Best Sugar Free Starbucks Drinks

Without further ado, it’s time to take a closer look at your drink options. We’ve put together a quick list of 17 sugar-free drinks that are the absolute best options from Starbucks. 

Each drink will be followed with a brief description so you know just what you’re looking at.

As we browse these options, know that we tried very hard to find you versatile choices so you can choose from any type of drink category and be satisfied.

1. Pink Drink Alternative

You know that beloved Pink Drink is certainly not sugar-free, so what can you order when you want something similar but don’t want all the sugar? This drink is going to take you off-menu, but it’s the perfect alternative to a pink drink. 

Here’s what you order: passion tango iced tea with heavy cream, four pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, and freeze-dried strawberries. 

This will get you something very similar to a pink drink but it leaves out the coconut milk as well as the extra strawberry addition, both of which contain added sugar. 

It’s delicious and refreshing! 

2. Black Coffee/Americano

You really can’t get any more sugar-free than your staple brewed coffee, right?

This coffee is just your standard hot water with coffee or you can upgrade to a Café Americano with espresso instead. You get a warm drink that has all the caffeine you’re really after. 

If you like black coffee, this is a great option! If you need to change it up or add a little flavor, you can ask for a couple of pumps of one of Starbucks’ sugar-free syrups as well! 

3. Nitro Cold Brew

Give yourself the delight of a cold brew with the combination of creaminess that you typically only get from adding things like cold foam or whipped cream.

This cold brew is infused with nitrogen, giving the brew a creamy flavor and texture that is smooth and enjoyable. 

This is a cold brew with a twist so you get the rich flavor of cold brew with the added creaminess. 

Just like with some of the other drinks, you can add a sugar-free syrup for some alternative flavor – we recommend 3-4 pumps. 

4. Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion

This tea is the perfect combination of tea and peachy flavor. It’s shaken to infuse together white tea with peach flavor.

Typically, this drink has some added sugar tossed in for sweetness, but you can easily just order it without the liquid cane sugar to enjoy it sugar free. 

If you like peach and you like tea, this peach tea combination is delightfully sweet, without being too sweet – and you have that sugar-free option. 

5. Skinny Hot Chocolate

If coffee really isn’t your thing, there are plenty of warm, comforting drink alternatives out there. Hot chocolate is one of the best cold-weather drinks, but it is typically loaded with sugar. 

Order a skinny hot chocolate and you get a rich, chocolatey drink that is so sweet and also has some froth for you. This version of hot chocolate uses Starbucks’ Skinny Mocha sauce as well as steamed milk, so be sure to request dairy milk and not a non-dairy milk option that could have sugar in it.

6. Chai Tea

You really can’t go wrong with a delicious chai tea and this is a perfect sugar-free option that doesn’t require a bunch of special ordering.

It comes to you sugar-free as a traditional chai tea. The only thing you need to clarify in your order is that you want Chai tea from a tea bag and not concentrate. 

This warm tea combines black tea with flavors like cinnamon, ginger, clove, and cardamom to give you just a touch of spice. You can also add a couple of pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup to this one if you feel the need. 

7. Cappuccino

You really can’t go wrong with a classic cappuccino. It’s the perfect blend of espresso and creaminess. You can get a warm drink, or you can get it iced if you prefer. 

This classic concoction uses espresso with milk foam. Be sure you use a dairy milk foam and not sweet cold foam or something else along those lines. You can also change up the flavors with some cinnamon dolce sugar-free syrup, or vanilla if you like. 

8. London Fog

The London Fog is another specialty order but it’s really a classic. You might be able to order a London fog, but it’s not really a menu title, so there is a certain way to order it to get what you want.

Here’s how to order this one: Earl Gray tea with 2 parts hot water and 1-part heavy cream. Add two pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup. You can skip the syrup if you want to, but to get this particular combination, it is part of the order. 

9. Iced White Tea

Here’s another request that you won’t see on the menu but any Starbucks barista can make pretty easily. It’s another creamy tea with a little bit of a twist but it also has delicious peach flavor in the mix. 

This tea would be made with unsweetened peach citrus white tea, paired with either heavy cream or another dairy milk. Add in 3-4 pumps of vanilla sugar that is sugar-free and you have yourself a sweet and creamy iced tea with a touch of peach. 

So yummy!

10. Café Misto

This coffee drink is a classic, particularly if you like cream or milk in your coffee. It doesn’t get much sweeter than this where coffee is concerned. 

The café misto is a menu item. This coffee drink is half coffee and half steamed milk. It is a great alternative to make a similar drink to French café au lait.

There is a catch here. You will need to be sure you don’t ask for the coffee to be sweetened and you need to be sure to choose dairy milk for the steamed milk portion. 

11. Iced Coffee

If you are a big fan of coffee or iced coffee, stick to a traditional iced coffee rather than something fancy. Iced coffee is just black coffee, but you can always add to it a little bit. 

Want more flavor? Ask for one of their sugar-free syrup options. If you want it to be creamy, try adding a splash of dairy milk. This will help make it not too sweet but add just a little something extra. 

12. Café Latte

The café latte can be made iced or warm, but we recommend getting it iced. It’s a delicious combination. 

Café latte uses milk with ice and espresso. You get that caffeine you’re probably after plus some creamy flavor in a cold drink. The challenge here is the milk can add some dairy sugars, so that’s something to be aware of. 

Ask for 2% milk or something similar and be sure to go with dairy milk to avoid other added sugars. 

13. Emperor’s Clouds & Mist

Yes, that really is the menu name of this item. It’s a drink from Starbucks made with green tea and some smoky and creamy effects.

It’s creamy and tea-based from green tea with absolutely no added sugars. It’s a 0 calorie drink, so you really can’t go wrong. 

14. Mint Majesty

Here’s another tea option for you. This tea is minty and citrusy all in one bout. It’s the perfect herbal tea and it has no sugar. This option is also caffeine-free and zero calories.

The Mint Majesty is a menu item and it’s made with a mixture of minty tastes, paired with lemon verbena for a classic, refreshing flavor. 

15. Flat White

The flat white stems from European inspiration and as people discover it, it seems to become more and more popular in the U.S. This drink is a good alternative to a sugary, fatty latte when you want something that mimics that design. 

The flat white uses a combination of flat foam with espresso to bring you a drink almost like a latte but not quite. You get foam and espresso and it’s sugar-free! 

16. Cold Brew

Cold brew from Starbucks is not your traditional iced coffee. The cold brew is made from a compilation of blends that is unique to Starbucks. It’s designed to be rich and smooth and it’s packed with flavor. 

Their cold brew blend is actually steeped for 20 hours to produce phenomenal flavor. 

An iced cold brew pairs this formula with ice and you can add a sugar free syrup as well if you feel the need. 

17. Espresso Or Iced Espresso

Finally, keep it simple with a traditional espresso or an iced espresso. You get that rich and savory flavor from Starbucks’ signature roast and more caffeine too. Get your espresso hot or iced, whatever you prefer. 

If you really want to mix it up, go ahead and add in your sugar-free syrup while you’re at it. 

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