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The Best Cookie Cutters for Sandwiches

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Sandwiches are one of the best meals. They bring back many memories of childhood and they are simple and can be made any way you like. One of the best things about sandwiches is you can cut them into various shapes and sizes and make them a little more fun. 

What shape do you like to make sandwiches for your kids? Maybe you’ve never tried using cookie cutters for sandwiches to cut into shapes, but it’s time to give it a try! Your children and your own inner child will definitely enjoy the different shapes. 

You will be pleased with that smile they offer as they see the fun shapes rather than just a plain square sandwich. Keep your sandwiches fun and exciting by trying out some cookie-cutter shapes! 

So which cookie cutter is the best to use for sandwiches? There are so many cookie cutters on the market and you want to make sure the cookie cutter you use will effectively cut through the sandwich without sticking to it or tearing it up. 

We’ve taken the guesswork out of figuring out the best cookie cutters for sandwiches and we’ve narrowed down the options significantly. Following, you will find a guide that will provide you with helpful tips for choosing the best cookie cutter and then we will share with your top picks. 

We hope you’ll keep reading to learn everything you need to know about picking the best cookie cutters for sandwiches for your home. 

Cookie Cutters & Sandwiches Tips

It might seem like choosing a cookie cutter would be relatively simple, and ultimately, it is. The thing is there are so many cookie cutters out there, and you do want to be mindful of the cookie cutter’s size and capabilities to smoothly cut your sandwiches into the perfect shapes. 

Choosing the best cookie cutters for sandwiches is about much more than just selecting shapes you enjoy, and that is why we’re here. We have some tips to share that are important to watch for as you peruse various cookie cutters. 

Did you know that cookie cutters for sandwiches have become so popular that many cookie cutters are now identified in some way as to sandwich cutters? These are cutters that have been specifically designed to provide the ultimate cutting experience (don’t forget your cutting board, either!). 

Sandwich cookie cutters are the perfect size to prevent excessive waste and they are made specifically to smoothly slice through those sandwiches and provide a fun and delicious result – in shape form! 

Here are some basic things you might want to consider as you select a cookie cutter for sandwiches. 

  1. Size – you can use any cookie cutter but you also don’t want to waste a significant amount of bread when you cut it. Look for a cutter that is going to be close to the size of your bread, without being too large. 
  2. Material – You want a solid cookie cutter, and most likely one that stands tall so that it slices smoothly through the bread but also to avoid smashing the sandwich and bread while you cut. 
  3. Cleaning – you may want to consider whether your cookie cutters are dishwasher safe or how they are made which could make cleaning a challenge or make cleaning extremely simple. We recommend dishwasher-safe cutters or something that easily wipes clean without worry of sticking in small crevices of the cutter. 
  4. Variety – One shape would be sufficient but it’s so much more fun to have a variety of shapes. You may want to look for a package option that comes with multiple shapes just to keep it exciting!

Excess Bread Ideas

It stands to reason that when you cut a shape into the bread you are going to have excess bread that is cut off. This is one of the reasons that choosing the proper size of cutter could be an important quality. 

The question is what do you do about the excess bread to avoid waste? First of all, let’s note that many people prefer their sandwiches with no crust and using the cookie cutter is a great way to eliminate the crust in a fun manner. 

Even if removing the crust is your primary goal, you still have removed bread that you either have to toss out or find another use for. Here are some ideas that we came up with. 

  • You can turn the remaining bread into homemade croutons.
  • Excess bread can be frozen and saved for your special Thanksgiving recipe.
  • Make your own breadcrumbs.
  • Crumble and add to your soups in replacement of crackers.
  • Coat them in cinnamon and sugar and bake them for a sweet treat.
  • Turn into a crust.
  • Use in bread pudding or various bread desserts.

As you can see, there is no need to waste the extra bread, there are many options to use every last bit! 

The 4 Best Cookie Cutters for Sandwiches

Now that we’ve covered some basic informative topics about cookie-cutter sandwiches, let’s talk about our top picks. We’ve sifted through a significant number of cookie-cutter options and narrowed it down to a select few for you! 

cookie cutters for sandwiches
RankProductKey Features
1.Tiblue Sandwich CuttersMultiple shapes and sizes, stainless steel w/ PP grip, set of 24
2.Star Pack Kids Sandwich CutterFun and colorful shapes, plastic, set of 4
3.Cookie Cutter for KidsMultiple shapes for kids, stainless steel, set of 6
4.KAISHANE 23 Pieces Sandwich Cutters Fun and colorful shapes, multi-size, stainless steel w/ plastic frame, 23 pieces

Check them out in more detail below:

1. Tiblue Sandwich Cutters, Set of 24

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Tiblue Sandwich Cutters, Set of 24

Set yourself up for success with this variety pack that comes with 5 large sandwich cutters, 5 medium sandwich cutters as well as a variety that work well on fruits and vegetables. The mixture of shapes includes neutral designs as well as girl or boy options. 

Key Features:

  • 24 piece set of varying sizes
  • Stainless steel cutter
  • Includes gift box packaging

These cutters provide a smooth cut and are easy to clean. They easily cut through bread and other substances and they last for many sandwiches to come. The plus side is this package has a variety of shapes and sizes, including fruit or vegetable cutters. 


  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • The large ones are the perfect size for an average sandwich
  • Stainless steel cutter easily detaches from grip to clean


  • Almost too big for some breads

2. Star Pack Kids Sandwich Cutter Set of 4

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Star Pack Kids Sandwich Cutter Set of 4

If you’re looking for a simple package that just provides fun shapes for sandwich cutting, look no further. This set if the perfect set for your sandwich cutting needs! These sandwich cutters were designed specifically to fit a sandwich. 

Key Features:

  • 4-shapes dual cutters 
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% FDA food-grade materials

These cutters are the perfect size for cutting and they make a cut on each half of the sandwich. There is a puzzle, heart, dinosaur, and butterfly included in the set. These are very fun and versatile and with the affordable price tag, it makes them one of our favorites. 


  • Simple to use
  • Makes a great gift option
  • Works well on peanut butter and jelly as well as lunch meat and other products


  • Per the seller’s instructions, you must press into sandwich and jiggle slightly to slice to the bottom

3. Cookie Cutter for Kids, Set of 6

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Cookie Cutter for Kids, Set of 6

Take it back to the simple way with this set of 6 stainless steel cookie cutters that are the perfect size for sandwiches. This set even includes a unicorn, which is really all the rage these days. These are plain and simple but they get the job done well. 

Key Features:

  • Food-grade stainless steel
  • 6-piece set with various shapes
  • Rolled metal top to protect hands

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these cutters. They are designed to work efficiently. These are a versatile tool. They are large enough to be used on sandwiches but they were designed to be used on other products such as biscuits and cookies as well. 


  • Strong and durable
  • Multi-purpose cutter
  • Easy to use and clean


  • A bit small for most sandwich breads, leaving quite a bit of excess

4. KAISHANE 23 Pieces Sandwich Cutters

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KAISHANE 23 Pieces Sandwich Cutters

Have fun with sandwiches and vegetables. Play around with designs and enjoy various seasons through this cookie cutter set that is perfect for sandwiches.

In addition to the sandwich cutters, you will find vegetable and fruit cutters, as well as animal food picks included in this set. 

Key Features:

  • 23-piece set of varying sizes
  • Fun and colorful shapes

These cutters are great for every style and every season. Enjoy the optimal design and easy-to-clean style of these cutters as well as several other fun food toys for your kids to enjoy.


  • Ultra-durable design (stainless steel and food-grade BPA-free plastic)
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel
  • Various shapes
  • Fun and easy to use


  • Potential to rust

Related Questions

We hope you have found this guide to the best cookie cutters for sandwiches to be helpful and informative. We invite you to review our question-and-answer section below for additional information. 

Do I Have to Purchase a Cutter That Specifically Says Sandwich?

You absolutely do not. You can purchase any cookie cutter of your choice and it should work relatively well on your sandwich. 

If I Purchase Cutters for Sandwiches Can I Use Them for Other Things Also?

Yes! The beauty of using these various cutters for sandwiches is you can wash them and use them for anything you desire. Just wash well between uses. 

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