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How to Make Boxed Brownie Mix Without Eggs?

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Boxed brownie mixes are super convenient to whip up a delicious batch of brownies when the craving calls, and you really only need a few ingredients to make a batch of boxed brownies.

However, this ingredient list doesn’t always come with suggested substitutions, so it can leave you feeling a little stuck if you have run out of a certain ingredient, or if you cannot have an ingredient on the list.

One such ingredient that is often a problem is an egg. How can you make a boxed brownie mix without eggs?

It is possible to make a boxed brownie mix without egg, and there are a few substitutes you can choose from to use in place of egg. Some of the best substitutes to use in place of eggs when making boxed brownie mix include yogurt or buttermilk, applesauce, and banana.

So, if you have a box of brownie mix waiting to be used, but you want to avoid using eggs, read on to find out how you can make boxed brownies without eggs!

Why Do You Need Eggs for Box Brownies?

Most boxed brownie mixes call for the inclusion of egg, as do many, many baked goods recipes. Eggs play a vital role in baked goods, like boxed brownie mixes, and they can help box brownies taste almost as good as homemade brownies.

three eggs

Knowing why eggs are used for box brownies will help you work out which substitute would be best.

The eggs used in the box brownie mix help with the following:

Eggs Add Moisture

Eggs do a great job of adding moisture to brownies. By adding egg to a brownie mix, you can keep them moist, and prevent them from turning crumbly and too dry. Brownies should be moist and soft, and eggs are great at doing this.

Eggs Add Structure

Eggs work well to bind the ingredients used in a brownie mix, as the egg acts as an emulsifier to bring all of the ingredients together. This gives the brownies good structure, while still allowing them to be moist and soft.

As well as binding the ingredients, eggs also act as a leavening agent, which allows brownies to rise as they cook.

Eggs Add Richness

Eggs, specifically yolk, are rich and creamy, and they add a certain richness to a brownie mix that many other ingredients aren’t able to.

Box Brownie Mix Without Eggs – How to Make It Tasty

It is possible to make box brownies without eggs, but you cannot just remove the eggs from the ingredient list and not add anything in the eggs’ place.

brownie mix without eggs

You will need to add a substitute in to make up for the missing egg, or else the brownies will not be as moist, they will not have a good structure, and the flavor will be lacking too.

When choosing a substitute to use in place of the egg when making brownie mix, think about what ingredients you can include according to any dietary restrictions, what flavors you are after, and also what you have ready to use!

These are the best substitutes to use in place of eggs when making box brownies:


Yogurt, or buttermilk, are both great substitutes to use in place of the egg, especially when making brownies. Both yogurt and buttermilk give the brownies good moisture, so they will not dry out of become too crumbly.


It is a good idea to choose full-fat yogurt and buttermilk, as these will have the right amount of protein and fat to replace the protein and fat that egg contains.

To use yogurt or buttermilk in place of egg, use 60 grams of either for every egg that the recipe calls for. Just keep in mind that you should use natural yogurt, and not flavored yogurt, as this could change the whole flavor of the brownies.


Applesauce is one of the best substitutes to use in place of the egg, and it works as a good substitute for it in box brownie mixes.


With a high moisture content, applesauce helps to keep brownies moist and soft, and will not let them dry out when baked. This moisture content allows the brownies to have a very similar texture to what they would have if they were made with eggs.

The other great thing about applesauce as a substitute for eggs is that it adds a rich flavor to brownies, which is sweet too, so there won’t be any flavor or richness lacking from brownies made without eggs.

To use applesauce in place of the egg when making box brownies, use 65 grams of applesauce for every egg.


Bananas are a super simple, and super effective substitute to use when you want to leave eggs out of a brownie mix. You likely have a banana or two sitting at home waiting to be used too, and it is a good opportunity to use any bananas which are overripe.

mashed bananas

The moisture content in bananas matches that of eggs, so you will not have a dry brownie. The sweetness of bananas also helps to add more flavor to a box brownie mix as well.

When using bananas in place of eggs, you would need to mash the bananas first. Place however many you need onto a plate, and mash them down with a fork. You will need to use 65 grams of pureed bananas to replace one egg.

Alternatively, you could puree the bananas in a food processor or blender, but make sure not to blend it down too much so that it becomes too much like a liquid.

Nut Butter

Nut butter is a less popular substitute for eggs, but it can work really well when used to make boxed brownies. This will only be a good substitute if you can include nuts in your diet, as well as if you like the flavor of nuts.

nut butters

Using nut butter will add a nutty flavor to the brownies you are making, and this flavor will depend on the type of nut butter you choose to use, such as cashew butter, peanut butter, or almond butter.

You can use either crunchy or smooth nut butter in place of eggs to make box brownies,  but just keep in mind that you will notice the bits of nut in the brownies if you choose to use crunchy nut butter.

As nut kinds of butter have a good moisture content, you can still expect moist and soft brownies, with a slightly nutty flavor that might be just what you like!

To use nut butter as a substitute for egg when making box brownies,  use 60 grams of nut butter in place of one egg.

Condensed Milk

If you like your brownies to be super sweet, then condensed milk will be a good substitute for you to use when making brownies.

condensed milk

You just need to be careful to not overdo the amount of condensed milk you use when substituting it for eggs, as too much could cause the brownies to be too sweet. In place of one egg, you should use around 30 grams of condensed milk.

As it is high in moisture, condensed milk helps to make soft, moist brownies that have a good structure, and a great sweetness!

What Can You Add to a Brownie Box Mix to Make It Taste Better?

Boxed brownies are a great treat, but they are also a great base to use to make delicious brownies at home, just by adding a few extra ingredients. Here are some things to add to a box brownie mix to increase the flavor:

Coffee Granules

Coffee granules, or espresso powder, make for a rich, decadent brownie. Only one teaspoon of coffee granules can help to enhance the flavor of brownies.

coffee granules

Pinch of Salt

Salt and chocolate are a perfect match – with the saltiness bringing out the rich, creamy chocolate flavor more. A pinch of salt is all that is needed to bring out the chocolate flavor better.

Chocolate Chips

Adding chocolate chips to a box brownie mix will give you decadent, double chocolate brownies that burst with flavor in each bite.

chocolate chips

How to Make Box Brownies Without Egg

Making box brownies without eggs is easy enough to do, you just have to find the right substitute to use. Yogurt, buttermilk, applesauce, or bananas are all great substitutes to use in place of egg, all helping to keep the brownies moist and flavorful.

Above, we have listed the different substitutes you can use in place of eggs when making box brownies. As well as how to use them as egg substitutes.

Related Questions

What Happens if I Don’t Put Eggs in a Brownie Mix?

If you do not add eggs to a brownie mix, the brownies will be dry and crumbly, and the various ingredients will not bind together properly.

Can I Use Oil in Place of Egg When Baking?

Oil can be used in place of eggs when baking, with a quarter of a cup of oil being suitable as a substitute for one egg. However, oil does not work well if you need more than one egg, as it would just be too much oil in the recipe.

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