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A Package of Oreos – How Many Cookies Are There?

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Oreos, one of the most well-loved cookie brands out there, can be found in just about every store! You can enjoy the original, traditional Oreo cookie, or opt for one of the new flavors or types of Oreos that can be found now too.

One thing you don’t want to happen is that you run out of Oreo cookies, whether it is for your after-dinner snack, or if you are having people over for some cookies and tea. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to plan how many Oreos to keep in the pantry!

How many cookies are there in a package of Oreos?

How many cookies there are in a package of Oreos depends on the pack size you are buying, as well as the type of Oreos you choose. You can expect anywhere between 6 to 48 cookies in an Oreo pack.

Read on to find out more about how many cookies each package of Oreos contains, so you can better plan your pantry, or make sure that you have enough Oreos to use to make a base for a dessert.

Does the Number of Cookies in Oreo Package Vary?

Oreo packs come in many shapes and sizes, which means that the different packs contain different numbers of Oreos.

Smaller packs of Oreos contain 6 Oreos, while larger family packs contain 48 Oreos. This is quite a big difference, but these various sizes suit different tastes and needs.

You can also buy packs of Oreos with individually wrapped portions, so you don’t have to risk any Oreos going stale before they go off or make smaller portions of Oreos easier to enjoy on the go.

There is a pack of Oreos suited just to you – you just need to think about how many Oreos you would want, and how quickly you would be able to finish them before they go stale.

What Are the Different Oreo Pack Sizes?

The Oreo Brand knows that everyone has different needs when it comes to their cookies, so they have various pack sizes available. The pack sizes also vary depending on the flavor and type of Oreo too.

Here are the different pack sizes of Oreos you can find:

Regular Oreos

Regular, traditional Oreos, are the ones you will find in most stores and homes, and are the best-loved Oreos around. These are available in a few pack sizes.

Singles: Single Oreo packs include 36 cookies, which is the most popular size sold. This single pack is great for most households and is the right amount to make a base for a delicious dessert.

Family Size: If a single pack of Oreos isn’t enough, the family size might be right for you. A family pack has three rows of 16 cookies, so you will get 48 Oreo cookies to share with your family.

Single-Serve: Single-Serve Oreo Packs contain 6 cookies. These 6 cookies are packaged together, and sold in a bigger pack. You can buy these in packs of up to 30, which means you could get up to 180 cookies, but the pack sizes are usually much smaller than this!

Thin Oreos

Thin Oreos are a popular choice, with a thinner shape that means less Oreo in one bite, but you still get the delicious flavor.

thin oreos

A standard pack of Thin Oreos contains 40 cookies – this is because more cookies can fit in a row!

Double Stuff Oreos

Double Stuff Oreos give you more cream, which is often everyone’s favorite part of the cookie! These thicker Oreos give you a creamier bite and are slightly larger in size.

Double Stuff Oreos

In a Family Pack of Double Stuff Oreos, you can expect around 30 cookies. This is less than you would get in a standard Oreo pack, but it is because the Double Stuff Oreos are thicker.

The larger Party Size pack of Double Stuff Oreos contains around 45 cookies, which is quite a bit!

Party Size Oreos

If you are in need of quite a large number of Oreos, whether for a party or just to bulk buy, your best bet would be to purchase a Party Size pack.

A Party Size pack of Oreos will contain up to 72 cookies. This is more than enough cookies for most purposes, and you will be sure to have some Oreos leftover to snack on.

Fudge Covered Oreos

Fudge Covered Oreos are the ultimate decadence and are a serious treat for those who love chocolate and Oreos.

Fudge Covered Oreos come in smaller pack sizes compared to other types. There are around 12 fudge-covered cookies in a pack, which is great to have one or two as a snack during the day.

Flavored Oreos

Over the decades, Oreos have come in over 85 different flavors! You will not be able to find all of these flavors on the grocery store shelf, but the flavors you do find will be in a similar size pack as traditional Oreos.

A pack of flavored Oreos comes in Family Size, which is 48 cookies, or standard size, which will contain around 36 cookies.

What Flavor Oreos Are Available?

Nothing can quite beat a traditional Oreo, but if you are looking for something a little different, there are some great Oreo flavors available at the moment for you to try. These might be difficult to find at your grocery store, but you can order them online.

flavored oreos

These are the various Oreo flavors available:

  • Oreo Toffee Crunch Chocolate
  • Oreo Chocolate Hazelnut Flavored Creme
  • Oreo Java Chip flavored Creme 
  • Oreo Mint Flavored Creme Chocolate
  • Oreo Birthday Cake Creme
  • Oreo Chocolate Creme
  • Oreo Dark Chocolate
  • Oreo Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
  • Oreo Caramel Coconut Flavored Creme
  • Oreo Golden Lemon Flavored Creme

Can You Purchase Oreo Sleeves?

You might not want a standard pack of Oreo cookies, which could be too many for you to finish, and instead are wanting a smaller portion. However, you might not be interested in the smaller snack packs of 4 or 6 Oreos.

If this is the case, the best option for you would be to purchase a sleeve of Oreos. Oreo sleeves contain around 12 cookies. You can find single sleeves in some stores and online, but if not, you will be able to buy a pack of 3 sleeves.

These should be individually wrapped, so you can keep the other sleeves packed away, and the Oreos fresh, while you open another.

What Can I Do With Leftover Oreos?

To many people, the concept of leftover Oreos seems ridiculous, but if you have bought too many Oreos, and need to use the leftovers before they go stale, there are some great ways that you can make the most of them.

The most obvious way would be to eat the Oreos as normal, as a quick treat, or to dunk into tea or coffee, but this might not be what you want.

If you are treating yourself to some ice cream, you could crumble the Oreos onto the ice cream for a crunchy topping. You could also add the Oreos to a milkshake to give it a creamy, biscuit flavor.

If you have quite a few Oreos left over, you could crush them, mix them in with some butter, and use them as a base for a dessert. This base doesn’t have to be baked and can be set in the fridge. It gives the dessert a chocolate flavor, mixed with the creaminess of the filling.

How Many Cookies in a Package of Oreos?

How many cookies there are in a package of Oreos will depend on the size of the package, as well as the type of Oreo.

You can find anywhere between 6 to 48 cookies in a pack, so there is certainly a pack of Oreos to suit what you need, and how many people you are serving.

Smaller pack sizes are best suited for those who don’t go through too many cookies, or who want small packages of Oreos to enjoy on the go, whereas the bulk packs are suited for larger families, and for when you have guests over.

Different types of Oreos, such as Double Stuff, and Thin Oreos, come in various pack sizes too, so you have more than enough variety to choose from!

Related Questions

How Many Packs of Oreos Are in a Bulk Box?

In a bulk box of Oreos, you can expect 12 packs. 

Can You Microwave Oreos?

Oreos can be microwaved, and this can help to soften the Oreos. Oreos can be placed in a microwave-safe bowl in the microwave, and heated at 15-second intervals until soft enough.

Are You Supposed to Eat Oreos With Milk?

You might remember the advert on TV showing Oreos being dunked into milk, so when we think of eating Oreos, we picture a glass of milk with it! The “twist, lick, and dunk” is the famous method to eat Oreos.

However, you can eat Oreos whichever way you want, with a glass of milk or without!

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