The 5 Best Vanilla Syrups For Coffee

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Has your morning coffee gotten a little dull? But are you also the person who likes to keep it simple?

Then you should certainly try vanilla syrup as a sweetener in your coffee. 

But what is the best vanilla syrup for coffee? The most important thing about vanilla syrup is its smooth flavor. Whether you choose a naturally or artificially flavored vanilla syrup, its taste should be strong enough to flavor the coffee but mild enough to not overpower it or leave a weird aftertaste. 

In this article, you learn what you should consider before buying vanilla syrup and what are the five best options you can choose from. 

Why Put Vanilla Syrup in Your Coffee?

If you are expecting to read that vanilla syrup in coffee is healthier than sugar, alas, it is not the case. However, that can be true if you choose the sugar-free varieties. 

But there are other reasons why you shouldn’t pass on vanilla syrups for coffee. 

First off, vanilla syrup has a very inoffensive flavor. If plain sugar is too plain for you but you are not bold enough for other flavored syrups, then vanilla syrup it is.

The warm flavor of vanilla paired with coffee is always a winning combination. 

And the good thing is, even if you switch from a naturally-flavored vanilla syrup to an artificial one, your taste buds won’t notice the change. You will still enjoy your vanilla-flavored coffee until you buy a better bottle of vanilla syrup. 

Secondly, the biggest reason why you should start using syrup instead of granulated sugar in your coffee is the feeling of smoothness.

The syrup blends right into the coffee and spreads in the cup evenly. With sugar, you may often end up with grittiness and chunks especially in cold coffee. 

Lastly, having a bottle of vanilla syrup at home will elevate your coffee experience. Not only will you be aware of the stuff that goes into your magic potion but also have control over it.

Who knows, you may decide vanilla is the coffee compliment for you, and you may even enjoy a tasty treat like one of our delicious and creamy vanilla whoopie pies to top it all off!

Choosing Vanilla Syrup for Your Coffee

If you are looking for a good vanilla syrup for your coffee, then the latter is most likely an important part of your day.

And if this is the case, you can’t just go and buy a random bottle of vanilla syrup. There are more factors to consider than you think. 

Here is what you should pay attention to before adding a bottle of vanilla syrup to your cart. 

Sugar Content 

Vanilla syrup is not like maple syrup that is naturally sweet. If you are not counting calories and all you need is a delicious cup of coffee, then you can go with any high-quality vanilla syrup that has good reviews.

But if you are someone that is trying to keep their sugar intake at bay, you may consider buying sugar-free vanilla syrup. 

It should be noted, however, that sugar-free syrups have their downsides too. While they come with zero calories, something we all enjoy seeing, they can cause sugar cravings. 

But if you know how to control your appetite, switching from high-sugar syrups to sugar-free ones can be a nice change in your diet. 


The flavor of vanilla is very mild and works for many people. You can find other variations of this syrup too, such as vanilla cinnamon, vanilla caramel, etc. 

If you know what exactly you are looking for in the syrup and know that you want other hints of flavor in your coffee, you can buy vanilla syrup with flavorings. 

However, we do recommend opting for plain vanilla syrup especially if it is your first time buying it. The good thing about plain syrups is that they are customizable.

Whenever you want additional flavors in your coffee, you can use other extracts and syrups in tandem to achieve the desired result. 


Vanilla syrup is quite versatile. You can use it to not only sweeten coffee but also other drinks, including cocktails and teas. However, it is always good to read the manufacturer’s recommendations before buying the syrup.

Some brands do mentions that you can use the syrup for all kinds of drinks and in baking too. Others, on the other hand, may specify that the syrup is best for just coffee. We won’t blame you for experimenting anyway, though!

Ingredient List

The ingredient list of vanilla syrup is not that long. However, if you are someone that wants to know what exactly goes into their drink, you might need to give it a closer look. 

The ingredient list will help you find out whether the syrup is naturally flavored or contains artificial flavors, what kind of sugar is used to make it, etc. 

If you want to buy a guilt-free version of vanilla syrup, pay attention to the sweetener used in it. 

5 Best Vanilla Syrups for Coffee

You can make vanilla syrup at home. But why the hustle if you can buy a bottle of good quality syrup at a reasonable price?

These are five of the best vanilla syrups you can find on the market:

RankProductBest For
1.Torani Naturally Sweetened Vanilla SyrupLattes, brewed coffee, iced coffee
2.Jordan’s Skinny Vanilla Syrup (Sugar-free)Mochas, lattes, teas, dessert drinks
3.Monin Vanilla Syrup (Natural Ingredients)Coffee, shakes, cocktails
4.Starbucks Naturally Flavored Coffee Syrup VanillaBrewed coffee
5.DaVinci Sugar-Free Gourmet SyrupCoffee and cocktails

Whether you are looking for naturally flavored vanilla syrup or simply a rich-tasting one with additives used to flavor it, we have got great options for you to choose from. 

If you don’t want to add extra calories to your drink but still need some sweetness in your coffee, you can choose one of the guilt-free (that is, sugar-free) vanilla syrup options. We’ve included a few on our list.

Read on for more information about these fabulous syrup options. We’re sure whatever you choose will transform your morning cup from blah to BAM!

1. Torani Vanilla Syrup

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If you have ever searched for syrup for drinks, you have most likely come across the Torani ones. 

It is not surprising that Torani vanilla syrup is high on this list as it certainly one of the best options you can find on the market. 

This vanilla syrup is naturally-flavored. This is what provides the premium vanilla flavor to the drinks once you add a splash of this syrup to them.  

Torani vanilla syrup is made with cold-filtered water and pure cane sugar. The latter is something to pay attention to as it is less processed than ‘regular’ sugar. While you wouldn’t call cane sugar totally healthy, it is certainly a better alternative to processed sugar. 

Torani vanilla syrup comes in shatterproof glass. It is a perfect syrup to always keep at hand and use in brewed coffees, lattes, and iced coffees. 

2. Jordan’s Skinny Gourmet Syrups Vanilla 

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For those who are looking for a sweet vanilla-flavored coffee experience minus the calories, then Jordan’s Skinny vanilla syrup is an option to consider. 

You can make delicious lattes and mochas with this syrup without increasing your calorie intake.

The sweetener used in this sugar-free vanilla syrup is sucralose. Sucralose is one of the most common artificial sweeteners known for its zero-calorie property. It is an FDA-approved artificial sweetener that is also gluten-free and keto-friendly.

3. Monin Vanilla Syrup

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If you don’t count the calories and are only after a rich-flavored vanilla syrup with natural ingredients, then the Monin vanilla syrup is your best bet. 

This syrup is doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients. The flavor of vanilla in this syrup comes from vanilla extract and other natural flavors. 

A serving of this syrup contains 100 calories. Can you overlook this? Then you have found the perfect vanilla syrup for not only your coffee drinks but also cocktails and a range of other non-alcoholic beverages. 

4. Starbucks Naturally Flavored Coffee Syrup Vanilla

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Perhaps one of the reasons why many people are looking into buying vanilla syrup for coffee is to save themselves a few trips to Starbucks. 

If this is the case for you, then you should certainly give a try to the Starbucks vanilla coffee syrup. 

The rich and sweet taste of this naturally-flavored syrup will transform your everyday coffee experience.

Especially if you pair it with a Starbucks roast, it will make you feel as if you are in the famous coffeehouse, but from the comfort of your pajamas.

You can also opt for the sugar-free version of the Starbucks vanilla syrup. Just add a tablespoon of the syrup into your cup of coffee, add milk or cream to taste, and enjoy. 

5. DaVinci Sugar-Free Gourmet Syrup

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If you are looking for a truly versatile vanilla syrup that you can use not only for coffees and other drinks but also baking, try this DaVinci sugar-free syrup.

This syrup works perfectly in hot drinks and never curdles. It is also not overly sweet. This makes it a perfect choice for people who want the intense vanilla flavor without an overpowering sweetness. 

The intensity of the vanilla flavor of this syrup is the result of a balanced combination of both natural and artificial flavors. 

The sweetener used in this syrup is Splenda, an artificial sweetener that provides a guilt-free experience while still satisfying the need for sweetness in coffee. 

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