The Best Starbucks Coffee For French Press

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Using a French press is one of the simplest ways to brew coffee, but it also offers up some of the most flavorful coffee as well!

When brewing coffee with a French press, you’re able to keep the natural oils that paper filters tend to absorb. You can extract the full flavor of the coffee while keeping its rich and thick consistency.

If you love the taste of Starbucks coffee but want to be able to enjoy the fresh, rich flavor of their coffee at home in the simplest way possible, you’ll want to have the best grounds (or beans) available/

Which Starbucks coffee roast is the best for French press? The best Starbucks coffee for French press would be one of their dark roasts. These help to give the coffee a fuller, richer flavor, and give you the complexity of taste, using the simple method of a French press.

To help you make the best cup of Starbucks coffee at home, here are the best roasts to use!

Starbucks’ Dark Roast Ground Coffee

While any dark roast should fill out your cup of French press beautifully, there are a few popular roasts that really shine:

RankProductFlavor Notes
1.French RoastIntense and smoky, darkest roast
2.Caffe VeronaRoasty sweet and dark cocoa, balanced
3.SumatraEarthy and herbal, full-bodied
4.Dark Roast PackAll of the above

To prevent you from having to choose from the best three Starbucks coffees for French press, you can simply purchase this variety pack!

Starbucks’ Dark Roast Ground Coffee Variety Pack

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The Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee Variety Pack contains one bag of each of the following flavors: French Roast, Caffé Verona, Sumatra.

These are all ground coffee beans which are packed with a whole lot of flavor (and save you a lot of trouble if you don’t have a grinder at home).

Each bag has a distinctive taste, with all three being perfect to use with a French press at home. The French Roast has a smoky, singular flavor, with a pure explosive taste which is the darkest roast on offer.

The Caffé Verona roast is well-balanced with a dark cocoa texture. The Sumatra is a full-bodied roast with spicy, herbal notes that give the coffee a deep and earthy aroma.

With all three dark roasts included in the variety pack, you are able to explore the flavors of the three most popular dark roasts from Starbucks at home, giving you cup after cup of rich, complex flavors.

Being dark roasts, the beans are fuller-bodied and bold, with robust flavors and all the characteristics of an intense roast.

Four Fundamentals Of Brewing Coffee

When brewing your own coffee at home, there are four fundamentals to take note of, to ensure you get the best brew possible.

Proportion – For making coffee at home, the general rule is using two tablespoons (10 grams) of coffee for six ounces of water (180 milliliters). Using too few coffee grounds means an over-extracted, bitter coffee. Too many grounds will give up an under-extracted coffee with a weak flavor.

Grind – The different brewing methods require different grinds. Too fine grinds will give an unpleasant, bitter brew, and a too coarse grind will give you weak coffee. A French press requires a coarse grind, which will give you a thick, rich brew, true to the coffee’s flavor profile.

Water – Most of us do not put enough focus on the water we use. The type of water used will affect the taste of the coffee. Only use clean, fresh water which is filtered. Make sure it is heated just off the boil, around 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. If the water is too cool, the flavor will be weak.

Freshness – You need to store coffee in an airtight container at room temperature. Oxygen and moisture can destroy ground coffee and coffee beans. If you need to keep the coffee for longer than two weeks without being used, it should be kept in the freezer in an airtight container.

Fresh coffee will always give a better, richer taste to a brew. Keeping the coffee safe makes a huge difference in the end product.

Related Questions

How Long Should I Leave French Press to Steep?

French press coffee should be left for 4 minutes to steep. Stir the coffee and water vigorously with an up and down motion, and leave it to steep for 4 minutes for a robust flavor. Stir again before you “press” the coffee.

Some roasts might need shorter or longer. Some coffee fanatics like an even stronger flavor and choose to wait an extra minute or two. So experiment with your different coffee roasts to find the right time.

What is the Benefit of French Press Coffee?

The best benefit of French press coffee, other than the robust flavor, is that it offers the user a lot of power to make a cup of coffee according to their individual taste.

You are able to vary the amount of time the coffee grounds are steeped for, as well as how much coffee you make in one go.

You can make weaker coffee if that is your thing, or stronger coffee if you need more of a kick!

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