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The 5 Best Salts for Steak in 2023

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Seasoning and preparing steak can be done in so many different ways.

Whether you like to use simple salt and pepper or you like to try different marinades and seasoning blends, you can have a steak prepared to any taste and flavor preferences across the board. 

Many veteran grillers and steak preparers will tell you that salt is a must when you are seasoning steak. The thing is, not just any salt will do.

You can certainly use your iodized table salt but if you really know your flavors, you will know that the flavor could be even better with a quality salt choice. 

What is the best salt for steak? Avoiding iodized salt and opting for a coarse Kosher salt is better for seasoning steak, as the steak is able to absorb the flavor more easily and become more evenly seasoned throughout.

There are a lot of really great options but we recommend and prefer some sort of Kosher salt. There is just something about crystal-sized salt that really allows the steak to soak in the flavors and absorb them to give you delicious results. 

In this guide, we will share with you the best salts for steak. We’ve searched the market to find some delightful and flavorful options so that you know your best resources when you need them.

We have some great choices that provide you with options and some versatility in choosing salt for your steak. 

Stick with us to learn the best salt for steak and more! 

How to Choose the Best Salt for Steak

There are some things to know about choosing a salt for steak. While our favorite is Kosher salt, there are several different types and options of salt that can work.

The trick is not in the “flavor” of salt that you choose but really in the form of salt instead. With that in mind, you can use regular salt, Kosher salt, Himalayan salt, or some other option. 

Salt Compound

The style of the salt is really what you should focus on. When you use table salt, it is super fine.

We don’t have anything against table salt and it can certainly serve a purpose but when it comes to steak, we recommend using something that is still in salt crystals or grounds rather than something super fine. 

The crystal-sized salt options are the very best when it comes to salting steak. The steak can soak them up and absorb them far better than they can do with fine salt.

Also, we’re not talking huge chunks of salt, so try to find a happy medium to really get the best results. 

On the same note, you will probably need to pair the salt of your choice with other seasonings. Black pepper pairs really well but you can also use other seasonings, marinades, and rubs to flavor your steak. 

Is There a Noticeable Flavor Difference Between Different Salts?

If you happen to have sea salt crystals or Himalayan salt laying around but no Kosher salt, no worries.

While Kosher is one of our favorite options, there is not a lot of distinction between the different options when you pit them against each other. 

Remember that the key here is to get the right salt texture. You don’t want super fine salt like what is in your table salt shaker.

If you want a less salty flavor to your steak, we recommend staying away from sea salt. While all of the flavors and end results are pretty similar, sea salt is going to end in the saltiest flavor overall. 

On the same note, if sea salt is what you have on hand or what you end up purchasing to use, you probably won’t notice a major distinction in the flavors unless you are doing a side-by-side comparison of salt options. 

How to Use Salt on Steak

When you’re seasoning steak, keep in mind that the point is for the steak to absorb the flavors. Some of the seasoning and salt are likely to fall off naturally. Don’t be afraid to use plenty of salt and other seasonings

You want to generously coat your steak with salt as well as other seasonings before you cook it. Coat the front, back, and sides to get a fine layer over the entire surface.

You don’t want piles and piles of salt on your steak but you do want a layer surrounding the steak. This won’t make it overly salty; it will absorb into the steak and flavor it while you prepare it. 

There is a fine line between a thin coating and a pile of salt. If you get the coating right, your meat will be perfect and tender. 

Now, it’s time to look at the options! 

The 5 Best Salts for Steak Reviewed

Now that we’ve covered things to know and look for, it’s time to get down to business. We’ve sifted through the options out there to find the very best.

salts for steak

While you understand the variables and the different styles and flavors of salt, there are differences as well from brand to brand. 

It might seem like a simple decision but you could quickly get overwhelmed with the options. That’s where we come in. We’ve done all of the research and sorting and now we’ll share a few options with you. Any one of these will be great! 

RankType of SaltBrand
1.Coarse Kosher SaltMorton
2.Black Truffle Sea SaltCaravel Gourmet
3.Pink Himalayan Crystal SaltThe Spice Lab
4.Kosher Sea SaltManischewitz
5.Coarse Pink Himalayan SaltSaltWorks

1. Morton Coarse Kosher Salt

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Morton Coarse Kosher Salt

We told you Kosher salt in a coarse grind was one of our favorites and you can see that displayed here in listing Morton Kosher salt as our top pick.

You can’t beat the classic Morton option. This long-standing brand has always been known for quality and reliability and the same can be said of Kosher salt. 

This comes in a 16-ounce bottle and you get a pack of 2 of them for the price. The salt is coarse so it’s just the right texture for putting on steaks.

One of the best things about this salt is you can dump it right from the container. You have the ability to scoop out a spoonful or sprinkle it to your liking.

It’s so convenient and the bottles are easy to seal and clean up as needed. 

If you’re looking specifically for something Kosher, this is a great pick. If you’re looking for the best salt for steak, it’s still a great pick and will give your steak some really great flavor.

As Kosher salt, this does not have iodine

You also can’t beat a brand that has produced quality salt products since 1848. The long-term commitment to customers and quality really does stand out and you know that you can rely on this option. 


  • Long-standing brand with a good reputation
  • Kosher salt
  • Exceptional flavor
  • Simple containers that are easy to use
  • Coarse-ground makes it perfect for steak use


  • While we know Morton as a reliable brand, there isn’t a lot to back this particular listing

2. Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt

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Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt

Next up, check out this gourmet option that is absolutely awesome. It’s highly rated across the board as a steak salt.

This salt is a truffle sea salt. It’s considered to be a gourmet salt because it has the addition of Italian black truffles.

The ingredients are simple. It’s made with natural sea salt and truffle. It’s also flavorful and perfect for steak. This is a coarsely ground salt option so it will work perfectly when you are coating your steaks. The salt is natural and refined.

It’s described as pristine sea salt. The sea salt is perfectly infused with just a fine amount of Italian black truffle, which adds just a hint of savory flavor. 

This comes in a small 4-ounce jar but you can also purchase a 6-ounce or a pack of 3 if you want more than the traditional size.

This salt is perfect for steaks but can also be versatile. With a little bit of olive oil, you can season steaks, veggies, and anything else that might sound good. 


  • Coarsely ground sea salt
  • Infused with Italian black truffle
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Versatile for steaks and other uses
  • High-quality gourmet choice


  • A little bit on the pricy side
  • Some users feel as though the aroma is stronger than the flavor

3. The Spice Lab Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt

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The Spice Lab Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt

Get your grinder ready because this Pink Himalayan salt is another great option to use for steak.

This salt comes in the form of crystals. You can use it as is but you can also grind it up to a coarse grind so it’s not in large crystals.

Just avoid turning it into finely ground salt powder and you will be fine! 

This salt comes in a resealable bag so it is easy to use and store as needed.

The bag contains 2.2 pounds of crystals so it will last you for quite some time. If you need a different size, the brand does offer multiple other size options as well so you can choose something smaller if you want to. 

This pink Himalayan salt is 100% certified and natural. It will not contain any plastic or impurities like some of the crystal salts out there.

Pink Himalayan salt has a lot of health benefits that you can take advantage of as well. This salt is hand-mined and found and sourced directly from the Himalayan Mountains. 


  • Comes in crystal form to grind to your liking
  • Pink Himalayan salt is natural and certified
  • Comes in several different package options
  • No impurities 
  • This type of salt is known for its health benefits


  • Some users have noticed rocks in the salt that aren’t salt

4. Manischewitz Premium Kosher Salt

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Manischewitz Premium Kosher Salt

This option is another awesome Kosher salt for you to consider.

This is a premium brand of Kosher salt and it is coarsely ground, making it perfect for using on your steaks and plenty of other food items as well.

It’s flavorful and reliable and it’s a top choice in the option of steak salts. 

This container is nice because you can dispense it by sprinkling it out of the opening provided or you can pour it into your grater.

For steak, you don’t need to grind it because it is coarse but not large chunks so it works well for steak seasoning. 

This Kosher salt is naturally sourced from the Mediterranean. This salt is reliable and is really great quality. It doesn’t contain impurities or additives.

It is certified Kosher so you know you can rely on what you get. We love the easy-pour container that gives you options for how to use the salt. 


  • Great for steaks and other uses
  • Coarsely ground but can be added to a grinder if needed
  • Certified Kosher salt
  • Sourced from the Mediterranean Sea
  • Easy-pour container is convenient and easy


  • The grains are defined as coarse but some may be larger than you want for steak and will need to be ground

5. SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt

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SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt

Here is another option for Pink Himalayan salt and an option that comes highly rated across the board.

This brand has been very popular and receives lots of positive feedback so we know other customers are loving it.

This is a certified authentic Himalayan pink salt and it comes in a 5-pound bag.

If you like to stock up, you can even purchase 25 and 55-pound options as well. 

This does come in crystals, which is pretty common for Pink Himalayan salt. You will probably need to grind it slightly but not a lot because you still want it to be coarse. You can use it as is but it may hold better if it is ground just a bit more. 

This salt is 100% natural, hand-mined from the Himalayas. It’s a mineral salt so it holds all of the health benefits that Himalayan salt is known for.

Additionally, this salt is known for being clean with little to no debris or impurities in it by the time that you receive it. It is also Kosher certified, which just gives it yet another positive attribute. 


  • Pink Himalayan salt can be bought in bulk
  • Coarse crystals can be used as-is or ground slightly
  • Natural and reliable Himalayan salt
  • Kosher certified, making it a friendly choice
  • Ethically sourced with no debris or impurities


  • Some users did find debris here and there, though it is rare. 

Related Questions

We hope that you found this guide to the best salt for steak to be a helpful and informative resource for finding your new favorite salt.

There are some great options here and you really can’t go wrong if you remember to look for coarse salt. 

Check out these questions and answers for some additional information. 

How Long Should You Leave Salt on Steak?

We recommend seasoning your steak about 40-60 minutes before cooking it if at all possible. This gives your salt and other seasonings time to soak in and absorb for the very best flavor. 

Should You Oil Your Steak Before Salting?

There are mixed opinions on this question. You can really go either way. Oiling it will help hold the spices on the steak and will help retain moisture and keep it tender as well.

Can You Tell the Difference in Kosher, Himalayan, or Sea Salt?

Probably not unless you are specifically testing them out and tasting them together. They will all be similar, although sea salt may be slightly saltier overall. 

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