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5 Best Beet Juice Brands in 2023

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Beet juice is becoming a popular option as a nutrient-dense and flavorful replacement for your standard orange or apple juices. Its bright red color means that it’s packed with antioxidants and vitamin C.

Another great bonus for adding beet juice to your diet is that some studies show the nitrates in it can improve exercise stamina. Many are turning to the power of beets to increase their health and add much-needed variety to their diets.

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to figure out which beet juice brands are the best and going to give you the highest value for your dollar. 

So, what are the best beet juice brands? The best beet juices are cold-pressed, not from concentrate, and have no added sugars or preservatives.

You also want to look for brands that are made from natural ingredients, stored in glass bottles, and are, if possible, organic. 

Read on to discover the 5 best beet juice brands and to find the perfect juice to meet your taste and needs! 

How to Choose the Best Beet Juice 

With so many options for beet juice on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is going to be best for your needs.

beet juice

We recommend taking into consideration the following points in order to find your best choice.

Not every one of the beet juice brands on this list ticks every box below, but finding a combination of the qualities that are most important to you can help you make your final decision.

1. Cold-Pressed

Cold-pressed juices are made using a hydraulic press. It uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the most juice and nutrients possible from whichever fruit or veggie is being processed. 

There is no excess heat or oxygen used in the process to keep the juice as fresh as possible. This helps to preserve flavor, color, and nutrition in the final product.

2. Not from Concentrate

To save money when shipping products around the world, juices are often turned into concentrates.

This process can use chemicals to remove the water from the product and can significantly decrease the nutritional content of the final product. 

Juices that are from concentrate have gone through the process of extraction and evaporation and then had water added back in as the last step to create a drinkable product.

They may also contain other additives and sweeteners to enhance the flavor and color lost through processing.

3. No Added Sugars or Preservatives 

Fruit and vegetable juices already have their natural fiber removed in the juicing process, which makes them concentrated sources of sugar.

Watch out for brands that add extra sweeteners, as they can end up having more sugar than a can of soda. 

You also want to avoid chemical preservatives if possible and look for natural preservative options such as citric acid (vitamin C), lactic acid, or lemon juice, which is a natural source of vitamin C. 

4. Made from Natural Ingredients

When you’re shopping for beet juice, you want the primary ingredient to be real beets. You also want to make sure any other ingredients in your juice are natural as well.

The juices listed below may include other fruits or vegetables to balance the flavor or to naturally enhance freshness.

5. Stored in Glass Containers

Many plastic containers are made with compounds such as BPA, BPS, or DEHP, which can be leeched into your juice.

These compounds may have hormone-disrupting effects, so the best brands of beet juice will often store their product in glass to preserve freshness, flavor, and nutrition.

6. Organic

While being certified organic isn’t necessarily required, it will make sure that your beet juice is as pure as possible and free from pesticide contaminants.

Organic vegetables are often grown in nutrient-rich soil, which makes the final veggie more nutritious and flavorful. 

5 Best Beet Juice Brands

beetle juice in a bottle
RankProductKey Features
1.Pmona Organic Juices Pure BeetCold-pressed, organic, no added sugars
2.Lakewood Organic Pure Beet JuiceOrganic, no added sugars or preservatives
3.R.W. Knudson Organic Beet JuiceOrganic, several options
4.Biotta Beet JuiceImported from Switzerland, probiotics
5.Beet It Organic Beet Juice Organic, probiotic, apple added

1. Pomona Organic Juices Pure Beet

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Pomona Organic Juices Pure Beet

We would rank the Pomona Organic Juices Pure Beet juice just above the Lakewood and R.W. Knudson juices.

All three of these options come in glass jars, are not made from concentrate, are USDA certified organic, have no added sugars or preservatives, and use lemon juice for freshness.

However, the Pomona brand gets a slight edge because it is the only juice on the list that is cold-pressed, meaning the nutrients are better preserved in the juicing process.

It is also not diluted so you know you’re not paying extra for watered-down juice.

They also come in smaller containers so that you can keep the product fresher for longer. You’ll be able to open one bottle at a time, instead of pouring a glass from the larger bottle.

The more exposure your juice has to air, the more freshness you are going to lose. 

2. Lakewood Organic Pure Beet Juice

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Lakewood Organic Pure Beet Juice

This juice ties for the second spot with the R.W. Knudson juice because it hits all the criteria listed above, except for the fact that it is not cold-pressed like the Pomona brand.

It is made from certified USDA organic beets and uses organic lemon juice as a preservative. 

There are no added sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, or additives in their product, which means you get a delicious beet flavor and all the nutrition you’re looking for.

Lakewood stores all their juices in non-toxic glass bottles for optimal freshness. 

As a bonus, this company also sells a beet juice made with added ginger and turmeric. These spices add a great flavor and increase the nutrient density of your juice.

You can check the current price on Amazon for the Beet Ginger Turmeric Juice.

3. R.W. Knudson Organic Beet Juice

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R.W. Knudson Organic Beet Juice

Another contender for the top spot comes from R.W. Knudson and their USDA certified organic beet juice.

It also uses lemon juice as a natural preservative and has no added sugars or additives. The juice is stored in a glass bottle and not made from concentrates. 

Like the Lakewood brand, R.W. Knudson offers another delicious beet juice blend, this time made with apple and ginger.

This juice would be a great option if you want all the benefits with a slightly subtler beet flavor. You can check the current price on Amazon for the Beet Apple Ginger Juice.

And as a final perk, R.W. Knudson offers organic beet juice shots that don’t need to be refrigerated so that you can take the goodness of beets with you on-the-go. You can check the current price on Amazon for the Organic Beet Shot Blend.

4. Biotta Beet Juice

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Biotta Beet Juice

This option is imported from Switzerland. Biotta beet juice is certified organic and lacto-fermented, which means it has the added digestive and health benefits of probiotics.

The fermentation process is also a natural preservative that gives the juice a smooth flavor. 

There are no added sugars or additives and the lactic acid used for fermentation is the only extra ingredient in the product. It also comes in a glass bottle for freshness. 

5. Beet It Organic Beet Juice 

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Beet It Organic Beet Juice 

Our fifth favorite, but still an excellent option, is the Beet It Organic Beet Juice from James White.

Like the Biotta beet juice, it is lacto-fermented, which helps give it a smoother flavor, in addition to the probiotic benefits mentioned above. 

It is not made from concentrate and has no added sugars. The only reason it ranks in last place is because it isn’t 100% pure beet juice.

There is 10% apple juice in the mix to help cut the natural earthiness that is common in beet juice.

So this could actually be a positive for you and rank it higher up the list if you can’t stand straight beet juice and need all the same nutrients in a sweeter package.

Honorable Mention: Just Made Beets & Tumeric Juice

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Honorable Mention: Just Made Beets & Tumeric Juice

A final runner-up to the top 5 best beet juice brands is the Just Made 100% Cold-Pressed Juice brand.

Though the name claims it is 100% cold-pressed juice, we think this might be a bit of a marketing ploy. We noticed that both the beets and lime juices are from concentrate, instead of fresh-pressed.

Though a couple ingredients are from concentrate, the juice is free of added sugars and preservatives and made without high heat to help preserve nutrients, color, and flavor.

It also comes in plastic bottles instead of glass, which knocks it a little further down the list. 

Again, this option isn’t made with 100% beets, which can be either a pro or a con depending on your love of beet flavor. Besides beets, this juice has oranges, pears, carrots, and turmeric mixed in.

While these added fruits and veggies will boost nutrition, they can also increase the natural sugar content, which is something you will want to watch out for. 

How to Make Your Own Beet Juice

If none of these options are satisfying your need for fresh beet juice, here’s a fantastic recipe for homemade beet juice using your blender from the Clean Eating Kitchen channel on YouTube.

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