7 Best Coffee Grinders for a Coarse Grind [2023]

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Do you want that perfect coarse grind for your French press or cold-brew coffee?

If so, then you need to invest in a good-quality coffee grinder.

Whether it’s manual or electric, a grinder that can achieve an optimal coarse grind is essential for achieving the perfect cup of joe. 

What are the best coffee grinders for a coarse grind? For the best coffee grinders for coarse grinds, look for burr grinders with adjustable settings and large-capacity hoppers. Examples include Cuisinart DBM-8 and Krups Precision Flat Burr Grinder.

In today’s blog post, we’ll cover the best coffee grinders available on the market that will give you consistently accurate results every time.

Let’s get started and equip yourself with the best possible gear for making delicious home-brewed coffee with a rough/coarse ground finish!

Coffee Grind Sizes 

The secret to a perfect coffee brew not only relies on the type of beans and the roast but also on the grind size.

Before looking at coffee grinders, let’s dive into the different coffee grind sizes and how they affect the taste of your coffee. 

Coarse Grind

The coarse grind is perfect for French press, percolators, and cold brew. This grind is the largest, with visible individual particles. 

The result of a coarse grind is a smooth, full-bodied coffee with low acidity.

Because of the large grind size, the water takes longer to pass through the coffee, resulting in a slower extraction process, resulting in a stronger brew.

Medium Grind

The medium grind is the most common and versatile grind. It’s perfect for drip coffee, pour-over, and Aeropress.

This grind size is finer than the coarse grind but still has visible individual particles. 

The result of a medium grind is a balanced flavor with a good mix of acidity and body.

The extraction process is faster than a coarse grind due to the smaller grind size.

Fine Grind

The fine grind is perfect for espresso and Turkish coffee. This grind is much finer than the medium grind, with tiny particles that stick together. 

The result of a fine grind is a rich, bold flavor with a heavy body and high acidity. The extraction process is the fastest of all grind sizes because of the small, compact particles.

Extra Fine Grind

The extra fine grind, also known as the powder grind, is the finest grind size. It’s used for Turkish coffee only due to its powdery texture. 

The result of an extra fine grind is a very strong, bold flavor with a very heavy body and high acidity. The extraction process is the fastest of all grind sizes due to the very small, powdery particles.

In-Between Grinds

There are some in-between grind sizes that are often used in specialty brewing methods, such as the Chemex or the siphon. 

These grind sizes are finer than a coarse grind but coarser than a medium grind. They are perfect if you want to experiment with different brewing techniques and taste preferences.

Types of Coffee Grinders 

Coffee grinders come in different types and sizes with distinct features that can make your coffee-making experience more enjoyable.

However, with so many coffee grinders in the market, it is difficult to choose the right one for your brewing preference.

Let’s discuss the different types of coffee grinders and guide you through their pros and cons to help you choose the right grinder for you.

Blade Grinders 

Blade grinders are the most affordable coffee grinders available in the market, but they are the least effective.

They work by chopping the coffee beans with the spinning metal blade until they reach the desired consistency. 

However, this method creates uneven grounds and can result in a bitter aftertaste in your coffee.

Blade grinders are suitable for beginners or people on a tight budget, but it’s worth upgrading if you aim to produce a better coffee flavor.

Burr Grinders 

Burr grinders are considered the gold standard among coffee enthusiasts due to their ability to produce consistent grinds.

They come in two types: conical and flat. 

The flat burr grinder is less expensive, simple to use, and produces less heat, limiting the chances of burning your coffee.

On the other hand, the conical burr grinder is more expensive, has a slower grind speed, and produces more heat, which may affect the coffee taste. 

Burr grinders are suitable for coffee lovers who want to have more control over their coffee-making process.

Manual Grinders

Manual grinders are non-electric and require you to apply physical effort to grind your coffee beans.

They come in various sizes and produce a more uniform grind than blade grinders. 

Manual grinders are considered the best for traveling, camping, and outdoor adventures but may not be ideal for regular household use.

Manual grinders are suitable for coffee enthusiasts who want to experience a more traditional coffee-making process.

Electric Grinders 

Electric grinders are convenient and produce consistent grinds but are more expensive than manual grinders.

They are available in different designs and sizes, and some have automatic features like timed grinding, programmable grinding, and weight measurements. 

However, electric grinders can produce more heat and create static electricity, which may affect the coffee flavor.

Electric grinders are suitable for coffee enthusiasts who want to experience a hassle-free coffee-making process.

Why Does the Grind Size Matter?

The grind size of coffee beans affects the taste and appearance of your coffee more than you think! 

Grind size can have a direct effect on the rate of extraction.

Finer grinds tend to extract faster than coarse grinds, which means that there is a higher chance of over-extraction with fine grinds.

Over-extraction results in a bitter taste that can completely ruin the coffee experience. 

On the other hand, coarser grinds tend to extract slower, which can result in diluted coffee with less flavor; under-extraction can result in sour-tasting coffee.

Therefore, balancing the grind size to complement the coffee brewing method and profile is essential.

Grind size is directly tied to the brewing method that you may prefer. Each brewing method, be it pour-over, French press, or espresso, requires different grind sizes to optimize the extraction, and if you don’t use the correct grind size, you won’t get the full flavor and results you expect. 

For example, for French press coffee, you would need a coarse grind size, whereas espresso requires a fine grind size.

Therefore, using the ideal grind size specific to the brewing method is crucial for achieving that perfect enriching coffee taste.

Grind consistency impacts the brewing process. When using inconsistent grinds, the smaller particles might over-extract while the larger particles under-extract. 

This kind of variation hinders the ability to achieve a standardized brewing method, resulting in an inconsistent taste on multiple brews.

It’s essential to always have a consistent grind size to allow for equal extraction and taste, no matter how many cups you make.

The brewing process impacts the grind size as well. Depending on the desired brewing process, one can determine how to grind coffee beans for the right consistency. 

If you prefer the pour-over style, a slightly coarser grind size will balance well with the paper filter to produce bright, flavorful coffee. 

At the same time, for a French press, you would need a much coarser grind, ensuring the coffee can sit in the water for an extended amount of time without over-extracting, resulting in a deeper taste.

7 Best Grinders for Coarse Grinds

RankProductImportant Features
1.Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr MillHeavy-duty motor, 18 settings, large grind chamber
2.Krups Precision Flat Burr Grinder12 grind fineness settings, 8 oz hopper capacity, removable top burr
3.Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder Mill3 grind settings, stylish design, removable grinding bowl
4.Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder3 grind settings, Chamber Maid Cleaning System
5.OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder15 grind settings, one-touch start, large hopper
6.Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse18 manual grind settings, adjustable ceramic burr
7.Mr. Coffee Automatic Coffee Grinder5 settings, twist chamber cleaning system

1. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

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If you’re looking for a consistent, uniform grind that meets all your coffee bean needs, the Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is definitely a great choice. 

This top-of-the-line grinder boasts a heavy-duty motor and 18 settings from ultra-fine to extra-coarse, so you can get whatever level of grind you need in seconds.

Cleaning is made easy with fully removable parts, while the large grind chamber holds up to 32 cups at once. 

Thanks to the electric motor and automatic setting, you can get reliable performance every time with this dependable, durable grinder for a perfect cup of coffee. 

2. Krups Precision Flat Burr Grinder

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The Krups Precision Flat Burr Grinder is the perfect choice for coffee lovers everywhere! 

With 12 different grind fineness settings, you can prepare your favorite brew exactly as you need it, from Turkish with its ultra-fine grind to French press with a coarse grind. 

Its 8-ounce hopper capacity allows you to store up to 2-12 cups of whole beans, so there’s no need to grind what you don’t need right away.

But it’s not just convenient; the precision flat burr grinder also ensures that you get an even and consistent grind every time. 

Plus, it features a removable top burr which has an embedded cleaning brush for stress-free maintenance.

This is definitely a highly reliable and versatile grinder from Krups!

3. Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder Mill

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The Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Coffee Grinder is a compact solution for making café-quality coffee drinks in your own home. 

This ultra-portable grinder is designed to make fresh and flavorful coffee with every use.

It has three fine-tuned grind settings – from coarse French press to a superfine espresso – so you can customize each cup. 

Crafted from stylish black plastic and stainless steel, it adds an elegant touch to any kitchen décor and is even easier to store thanks to its compact size. 

Its steel blade slices through beans quickly and easily, making it perfect for busy mornings or quick midday pick-me-ups.

Its removable grinding bowl makes for effortless cleanup after you’ve enjoyed your perfect cup of coffee. 

4. Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder

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The Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder is the ideal choice for home coffee lovers, with three different grind settings: coarse, medium, or fine.

Whether you’re brewing for a single cup or up to 12 cups at once, this grinder ensures precision grinding to brew the perfect cup every time. 

This powerful machine makes it easy to grind your beans to perfection, thanks to its innovative design.

The wide upper collar allows you to easily fill and empty the chamber, and the flip-top lid helps keep things mess-free. 

It also features a Chamber Maid Cleaning System with brushes that sweep the chamber walls, helping to reduce mess and waste without sacrificing flavor.

Plus, the removable grinding chamber is dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning. 

And there’s no need to worry about it taking up too much space; this grinder is compact and stylish enough to fit your countertop while not taking away from your kitchen décor.  

5. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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The OXO’s Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is designed to provide uniform grounds for optimal flavor, which means you will get the most out of your coffee beans. 

Whether you’re looking for a fine grind for espresso or a coarser French Press grind, there are 15 different settings – plus additional micro settings – that allow you to customize your grind size depending on what type of coffee you are making. 

The one-touch start provides convenience and remembers your last setting every time, so all you have to do is push a button and start grinding again.

The large hopper holds 12 oz of coffee beans, so you can make lots of delicious cups of coffee in one go! 

With its stainless steel conical burrs and sleek design, this grinder is easy to use and even easier to clean! 

6. Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse

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If you are a coffee connoisseur looking for a professionally-engineered manual coffee grinder, then the Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse will definitely check all the boxes. 

It’s equipped with an adjustable ceramic burr, professional-grade ceramic conical burr, and 18 manual grind settings that provide an incredibly consistent ground for your favorite beans. 

The best part? This manual grinder eliminates over 90% of the noise electric coffee bean grinders produce. 

Enjoy the fresh aroma of freshly brewed coffee in your own home while grinding beans in peace.

No more waking up the neighbors or interrupting conversations. Plus, it’s built to last, with its ABS housing ensuring quality performance over time. 

This manual grinder will give you barista-quality coffee at home without spending too much on expensive machines. 

7. Mr. Coffee Automatic Coffee Grinder 

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Mr. Coffee Automatic Grinder is a must-have tool designed for all coffee aficionados who are looking for high-quality convenience and hassle-free grinding. 

You can enjoy your favorite cup with precisely tailored grind sizes thanks to its five settings that let you customize from fine, medium, and coarse grounds. 

Additionally, its easy cleanup design featuring a removable grinding chamber helps maintain low mess while making sure none of the flavors gets lost in the process. 

Cleaning is also made easier with its twist chamber cleaning system, which works to remove any residue leaving exceptional results. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about unexpected grinds thanks to its lid-activated safety switch that only starts when securely locked in place.

The automatic settings are easy to use and ensure that you get a uniform grind size for every cup! 

I hope you enjoyed my article on the best coffee grinders for coarse grinds. If you want an even more in-depth look at coffee grinders, here is a great video:

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