11 Best SodaStream Syrup Alternatives
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11 Best SodaStream Syrup Alternatives

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Making soda at home has never been this easy — or fun! If you have a SodaStream at home and want to explore new flavors and syrups, then this guide will help you pick the best alternatives. 

What are the best SodaStream syrup alternatives? The best SodaStream syrup alternatives are made using premium ingredients that provide better nutrition and/or flavor. Brands like Stur Drinks, MiO, Torani, Country Time, Crystal Light, Ralph Soda Mix, Kool-Aid, and more offer a lot of syrup alternatives! 

Read below to learn more about SodaStream, how it works, its classic flavors, and how you can improve your SodaStream experience by using syrup alternatives!

Background Of Carbonated Beverages 

Hamburg, Germany - May 26, 2020: PepsiCo flavored syrups for SodaStream sparkling water maker, Pepsi Max, 7 Up and Mountain Dew sugar free syrup

SodaStream is simply a machine that allows you to carbonate regular tap water at home.

The company also sells a line of flavored syrups that you can use to make soda.  

While the idea isn’t novel, the company has been able to successfully make a mark by miniaturizing and simplifying a process that was previously only accessible to large soda manufacturers. 

Carbonated beverages have been around in some form or the other for a few centuries.

Europe has been a standout when it comes to its consumption, as fizzy drinks have been a mainstay around the region since they were invented! 

It didn’t take the rest of the world long to catch up. North America already has its sights set on becoming the biggest market for carbonated beverages in the world. 

It’s safe to say that ever since humans discovered we can infuse regular water with fizzy bubbles, we haven’t been able to get enough of it!

The Carbonation Process

SodaStream Carbonation Process

The process is very simple and only involves two ingredients: carbon dioxide and water

It turns out that carbon dioxide can dissolve in water, which adds a distinct fizziness to it.  

In theory, you can carbonate and make your very own version of soda at home using a range of flavoring ingredients instead of relying on the syrups provided by SodaStream.

The idea isn’t farfetched either. Take the soda industry as an example; they sell beverages that are made from a mixture of just flavorings, sugar, and carbonated water.

Previously, people had to rely on clunky machines or large canisters to carbonate water. 

But due to the inconvenience, cost, and difficulty of operating these machines, the general public largely couldn’t use them and fell back on soda manufacturers, who produced a far better product at a much lower price

However, in recent times, the fizzy drink landscape has changed for the better!

Before we introduce the syrup alternatives, let’s first take a look at why North America (and the rest of the world) is obsessed with carbonated water. 

Why Drink Sparkling Water?

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water, seltzer water, and SodaStream beverages all have one thing in common: carbonation.

The global sparkling water industry has a market size of about $33.4 billion — and North America holds about 35% of the global share!

The reason for this high demand is convoluted, but it can be better understood if we were to divide it into three categories:

  1. Health Reasons
  2. Taste Preference
  3. Fads And Trends

These are all connected to the recent changing trends of people moving away from sugary beverages and instead choosing alternatives like SodaStream and customized soda syrups. 

If you are on the fence about trying SodaStream or its syrup alternatives, then this guide will surely help you make up your mind!

Health Reasons

Bottled water has a very interesting story. 

The idea of bottling water originated from small towns that were centered around bodies of water. These springs, wells, or streams not only helped sustain life around themselves but were also touted by locals to contain health benefits.

It was initially because of these alleged health benefits that people around the region first started to buy into the idea of bottled water — then, as we established urban societies, the focus shifted to convenience and “better” hydration

The bottling industry in the USA started with mineral water, which is still sourced from exotic or domestic water bodies. 

This type of water is said to contain natural minerals and was marketed to be free of chemicals and harmful additives.

Mineral water was the smart, healthy, and convenient choice for you and your family for many years — until carbonated beverages hit the market!

As we have mentioned, the invention of sparkling water isn’t new but it began to take traction in the USA when people started to use it for its health benefits. 

Sparkling water is said to improve digestion and can also help you stay hydrated. These benefits may lack detailed scientific data but it hasn’t stopped people from using it as a supplement for tap water. 

Some like how it pairs with food and others believe it helps them with constipation and other minor stomach ailments. 

But perhaps the most important reason why people are shifting towards plain sparkling water is that it has zero calories and is an excellent alternative to soda drinks that are loaded to the brim with sugar and additives. 

Taste Preference 

Carbonated drinks are perceived as being more refreshing than regular water. 

The added carbonation in cold water also helps add a perception of flavor, even though sparkling water is just regular water with carbon gas!

These characteristics may be subtle, but they are certainly enough to cause people to purchase carbonated water in bulk.

Seltzer water is a great example of this. It’s just plain water (without minerals) that is carbonated and sold at a premium — and people buy it because they perceive it to be better.

Apart from the plain variety, you also have flavored sparkling water which is marketed to be better than the sugary drinks on the market. 

This is a big reason why established brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co are introducing their very own versions of sparkling water. 

Flavored sparkling water products are available in many forms and companies do their best to introduce new flavors every year to keep the market fresh.

These beverages usually contain a fraction of the calories found in regular sugary colas and contain less harmful chemicals and additives. Some of them may even contain added electrolytes or vitamins to add nutrition. 

In fact, one can also deduce that the rise of carbonated drinks and growing taste preferences is what helped companies like SodaStream to exist in the first place!

Fads And Trends

The last part of the equation in the success of sparkling water is its perception of being the new, hip thing.

This is perhaps the biggest and the most relevant reason why sparkling water is making a big splash in the United States!

More and more people are now shifting away from regular sugary drinks (for good reason) and settling for better and healthier beverages

Interestingly, bottling companies have also been able to attach a certain prestige to sparkling water — and with the help of celebrity endorsements and marketing, carbonated water has become all the rage around the country.

Today, there are several sparkling water brands in the market and each sells a range of flavored sparkling water products that are positioned to be better than sugary drinks. 

SodaStream – Convenience, Sustainability, And Syrups

SodaStream Bottle Outdoors

SodaStream entered the market at the right time and was able to ride the rising wave of the growing demand for sparkling water.

The company started by introducing a portable and compact machine that could sit atop any kitchen counter. 

The idea was to empower the common consumer to produce their version of carbonated water at home using nothing but ordinary tap water and a convenient SodaStream machine, which would also cut down on plastic waste. 

Needless to say, the idea was welcomed with open arms, and many people bought into the concept of making homemade fizzy beverages

Of course, SodaStream didn’t just stop at selling the CO2 machine — it ventured into introducing flavored syrups, too! 

SodaStream wants people to enjoy a range of flavored fizzy drinks that they can make at home by themselves, using whatever ratio they like. 

How SodaStream Works

SodaStream works by using a simple mechanism that releases pressurized carbon dioxide gas into a SodaStream water bottle.

The company sells CO2 canisters for its machines separately. All you have to do is add the canister in the concealed back compartment of the machine to get it ready.

Fill up a SodaStream water bottle to the fill mark. You can use any type of water, but most people prefer to use tap water for cost savings and convenience. 

Secure the bottle into the nozzle at the front and then just press the button in succession to release (or pump) the pressurized gas into the bottle!

The company states that you need at least 3 pumps for adequate carbonation. But your preference may vary depending on how strong you enjoy your sparkling water.

Most people agree that a regular-sized SodaStream bottle requires 4-5 pumps for adequate carbonation that matches the strength found in commercial sparkling water products.

For flavored SodaStream beverages, just add a compatible flavor after you have carbonated the water. 

Add the flavored syrup at an angle to avoid overspilling. Gently move the bottle around to mix the syrup and voila! 

Environment-Friendly Sustainability

SodaStream set out with a daunting task: to reduce the consumption of single-use bottles

The biggest problem with bottled water is that it also produces a lot of waste — plastic waste, to be precise. 

Plastic waste is a growing problem that has infiltrated almost every aspect of human life, from microplastics in water and food to the detection of plastic in livestock and even humans! 

Many bottling companies are now talking about sustainability — this is what SodaStream is allegedly all about

Instead of a single-use bottle, the company sells reusable bottles that can be used over the lifetime of the SodaStream machine. 

The initial cost may be high, but the company claims to be able to save you money over time compared to how much you would spend on regular carbonated beverages or sparkling water.

This customization, ease of use, and love for sparkling water are perhaps the biggest reasons why SodaStream has become so popular in the USA. 

Current Syrups Offered By SodaStream

As of right now, the company offers around 100 syrup options (or “Soda Mixes”) for its customers. 

The most iconic flavor offered by SodaStream is its original Cola flavor. This flavor is what helped the brand become an important player in the sparkling water market. 

Despite the negative health associations of Coca-Cola, people can’t stop consuming it because of how great it tastes.

Throughout the years, many have tried to dethrone Cola but none have come close to toppling the market leader because of its distinct flavor and carbonation — until now!

SodaStream’s line of cola flavors is a favorite for many that have a SodaStream machine. A lot of people enjoy the naturally sweetened cola flavor, which comes close to the citrusy and refreshing flavor of Coca-Cola. 

The company similarly provides a range of “inspired” flavors that try to mimic the flavor of popular soda drinks in the market. 

It even partners with other beverage or food brands to create “partnered flavors” that work with their machines. This is why you can expect to find fruity flavors, energy drink syrups, and even ice tea flavors! 

Why Go For Alternatives?

You might be wondering: if SodaStream already sells a range of flavors, why does one need alternatives? 

The short answer to this is that the alternatives offer more customizability and even better nutrition than SodaStream syrups. 

SodaStream syrups are made from sugary ingredients and some of them might even come close to being as unhealthy as the commercial products.

While the company also offers a range of diet options, they just aren’t enough for consumers who are looking for an organic, natural, and healthy solution. This is where the alternatives come in!

Not only can you unleash the full potential of SodaStream by using different flavors, but you can also your use imagination to create new and fully customized beverages from the comfort of your kitchen!

Best SodaStream Syrup Alternatives

We have included a diverse list of alternatives that offer a combination of flavor and nutrition along with other benefits such as cost savings. 

These brands sell multiple types and flavors of soda mixes that can be used with a SodaStream machine!

RankProductProduct Features
1Stur Drinks – Healthy And Low Sugar AlternativeMade from fruit extracts, stevia leave extracts, and natural fruit or vegetable flavors
2Torani Syrups – Cane Sugar AlternativeMade using 100% cane sugar
3Kool-Aid SyrupsNatural and classic fruity flavors
4Ralph SodaMix – Non-Artificial Sweetener AlternativeFlavored using natural flavors, cane sugar, and organic stevia — no high-fructose corn syrup
5MiOHigh-quality syrups with added electrolytes in fruity flavors, zero calories
6Crystal LightMade from natural fruity ingredients — no high-fructose corn syrup
7Country TimeBest lemon-infused flavors, sugar-free variants
8Jelly Belly Drink MixNaturally flavored using real fruit juice, zero sugar — no corn syrup
9NuunLow caloric profile, balanced mix of electrolytes and minerals, sold in tablet form
10TangRange of fizzy flavors
11Dasani DropsFlavored using natural ingredients, contain sucralose, zero calories

1. Stur Drinks – Healthy And Low Sugar Alternative 

Check Price on Amazon

If you are looking for nutrition and health benefits, then we recommend that you try out Stur Drinks’ range of flavored syrups.

These syrups are made from fruit extracts, stevia leave extracts, and natural fruit or vegetable flavors

The founder of the company came about the idea when he sought to create a healthy and flavorful drink for his pregnant wife.

After years of experimentation and growth, the company has come up with a line of fruity flavors that are based on fruits like pomegranate, strawberry, orange, blueberry, watermelon, and more!

These flavors are a bit less sweet than SodaStream syrups but they are almost equally flavorful. They are a bit cheaper too, which makes them the ultimate cost-saving alternative.

The best part is that you can use Stur Drinks syrups in the same way as SodaStream syrups without adjusting for ratios. 

2. Torani Syrups – Cane Sugar Alternative 

Check Price on Amazon

Torani stands out as a premium and quality brand that has years of experience under its belt. 

The company produces a range of flavored alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage syrups.

Perhaps its most in-demand flavors are hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel, which you can use to make several beverages and even sparkling tea mixtures. 

Torani syrups are made using 100% cane sugar, which is a healthier alternative to table sugar. Table sugar on its own isn’t bad but it is commonly found in large quantities in commercial colas and even some SodaStream syrups. 

You also get a lot of value here, too — one 750ml bottle of Torani syrup can produce up to 6 liters of beverage in a SodaStream bottle! 

3. Kool-Aid Syrups

Check Price on Amazon

Kool-Aid continues to expand its horizons and its relatively recent partnership with SodaStream shows just how serious and open it is to creating flavor mixes for existing and new consumers. 

Sparkling water and Kool-Aid certainly hit different and if you follow the instructions right, you will have yourself a delicious and potentially less calorie-dense beverage than regular colas or even SodaStream syrups. 

While you may need to add a more concentrated Kool-Aid mixture, it will still pack fewer calories than a regular can of cola and the kids will just love the natural and classic fruity flavors offered by the brand!

We recommend going with the Hawaiian Punch or Diet/Zero Sugar flavors for people who are new to both SodaStream and Kool-Aid. 

4. Ralph SodaMix – Non-Artificial Sweetener Alternative

Check Price on Amazon

Ralph Soda mixes come very close to tasting like SodaStream syrups but with one difference: they are cheaper, better, and arguably tastier!

SodaStream is known for its cost-saving potential and you can further double down on this by opting for Ralph SodaMix syrups. 

These syrups do not include high-fructose corn syrup and are instead flavored using natural flavors, cane sugar, and organic stevia. 

The best thing about this alternative is that the brand also offers samples that can make 1 liter of beverage. So, you can try the samples before picking up a larger-sized bottle! 

5. MiO

Check Price on Amazon

MiO is owned and operated by Kraft Foods — a name that stands tall in the realm of powerful brands. 

MiO produces high-quality and flavorful vitalizing syrups with added electrolytes.

They have a range of delicious fruity flavors and you can use their energy drink mixes to produce your very own energy booster at home.

While the brand flavors its syrups using artificial sweeteners, the good news is that its syrups are formulated to have zero calories

6. Crystal Light

Check Price on Amazon

Crystal Light (another entity owned by Kraft Foods) and SodaStream have partnered to create a range of yummy and nutritionally superior flavors that you can use at home. 

The brand offers Lemon, Raspberry, Peach Tea, and a whole list of other “Pure” and “Classic” flavors that are formulated with the same ideology as their other fruit-flavored drinks. These syrups do not contain high-fructose corn syrup and are made from natural fruity ingredients

Please note that Crystal Light syrups contain artificial sweeteners rather than natural sugar-free alternatives. This may not give them a nutritious profile but they are far better than other sugary drinks and syrups on the market. 

7. Country Time

Check Price on Amazon

Love lemonade? Then you are going to love this partnership!

Country Time and SodaStream have partnered to provide their customers with a refreshing hit of lemony flavors that are guaranteed to freshen you up!

We recommend Country Time syrups because they are the best in providing lemon-infused flavors and you can also use their sugar-free variants to create a refreshing and relatively healthy soft drink to beat the summer heat.

You can use Country Time in the same proportion as Kool-Aid and Crystal Light products. Don’t forget to adjust the concentration of the beverage as per your preference! 

8. Jelly Belly Drink Mix

Check Price on Amazon

Jelly Belly produces its own line of sparkling water, but if you are looking to cut down on costs and get the same great flavor, then we suggest that you look into Jelly Belly drink mixes!

These pre-mixed syrups are extremely convenient and can also be a healthier alternative to sugary drinks. 

They are naturally flavored using real fruit juice and do not contain corn syrup. You get a smooth-tasting, zero-sugar alternative that is refreshing and delicious! 

9. Nuun

Check Price on Amazon

This alternative is for people who like to stay active. 

Nuun flavor mixes are one of the best in the market when it comes to instant energy drinks. They are very flavorful and contain a balanced mix of electrolytes and minerals that can help with fatigue and prevent dehydration.

Nuun is sold in tablet form and is designed to have a low caloric profile, which makes it extremely convenient to use.

Just drop in a tablet according to the serving size and enjoy a refreshing and instant energy drink that you can consume without the guilt of added calories. 

10. Tang

Check Price on Amazon

Tang works in the same way as Kool-Aid – which means you can enjoy virtually any type of flavor with your SodaStream at home.

Tang has been around for a very long time and was also once the drink of choice for astronauts! Take a trip down memory lane and invigorate yourself with a range of fizzy flavors

If you only have the powder, the best way to use Tang with SodaStream is to first make a syrup with it. Dissolve Tang in water and add it to the prepared carbonated water at an angle. Gently mix the mixture and enjoy! 

Although Tang typically contains sugar and artificial flavors, they are far less caloric than other syrup brands and commercial beverages on the market. 

11. Dasani Drops

Check Price on Amazon

Dasani Drops are the perfect way to enjoy fruit-infused flavors with a carbonated twist! 

This has got to be the best alternative for people who want a healthy yet flavorful beverage that they can easily make at home. 

Dasani Drops are flavored using natural ingredients but contain sucralose. You can find flavors like lemon, watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, orange, pineapple, and more! 

These drops are free of calories and can infuse a range of interesting fruit flavors that can turn ordinary water into something extraordinary! 

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