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Can You Freeze Soda?

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With summer fast approaching you might be thinking of some creative ways to make delicious drinks for the beach or for entertaining.

Maybe you looked in your pantry and saw a stack soda cans and wondered “what would happen if I put a can in the freezer?” 

So, can you freeze soda? No, you can’t freeze soda in a can or jug. The carbonation in the soda and the expansion of the liquid will expand when frozen and could cause the can to explode in the freezer or when you try to open it. However, you can freeze soda in ice cube trays.

The answer is definitely not due, unless you want to risk your can or bottle exploding in your freezer thanks to the carbonation.

Read on to learn more about why you shouldn’t put that can of soda in the freezer and what happens if you do.

What Happens If You Freeze Soda?

While it may be tempting to freeze your soda to turn it into an icy treat, you should keep that can out of the freezer.

I once left a can of soda in the freezer section of my mini fridge and it practically blew the door right off!

Sodas are mostly made of water, and when you freeze water, it expands. Since soda cans and bottles are generally filled to the top there isn’t any space for this liquid to go once it freezes.

They are also carbonated, a process where carbon dioxide is infused into the liquid under a high pressure to give you that bubbly, fizzy final product. This gas creates that satisfying fizziness of a good can of soda.

Add the expansion of your frozen water to the pressure from the carbonation and you have a recipe for disaster. 

When your soda freezes it expands and pushes the carbon dioxide outwards since it is much less soluble in solids than in liquids. This can cause the cans to become misshapen and possibly even explode, either in the freezer or when you open it.

Can You Freeze Soda In Ice Cubes?

The main problem with freezing soda arises if you try to freeze it in the container it comes in. As a general rule, water-based liquids (like juice or soda) will expand by about 10% once frozen. So unless it comes in a bottle or can with lots of extra room, there’s going to be trouble. 

But, can you freeze soda in an ice cube tray? Yes you can! Just make sure that you leave space in the tray for the soda to expand so that it doesn’t spill everywhere.

Remember, though, that when freezing soda the CO2 will be pushed out, so you are going to lose your fizz when it thaws.

You should note that if you freeze your soda in an ice cube tray you are not going to get smooth ice cubes, but something that is more of a slushy texture. The reason soda freezes in this texture is that it pushes the water molecules out of the shape they need to be in to form ice.

The only way to get smooth ice cubes of soda is to use something that freezes the carbon dioxide, such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen. But if you’re looking for more of a frozen slushy soda, freezing in an ice cube tray works great! 

Can You Freeze Soda In A Cup?

Just like freezing soda in an ice cube tray, you can also freeze it in a cup so long as you leave some room at the top. A good rule of thumb is to leave about an inch of space below the rim for expansion. 

Remember that freezing your soda is always going to give you a slushy texture and you will lose the carbonation as you freeze it. So you will have all the flavor of your soda, but likely won’t get the same, if any, fizziness once you freeze it. 

Can You Freeze Soda Water?

Soda water is carbonated the same way as flavored and sweetened sodas. The only difference is that it doesn’t contain sugar. So, no you can’t freeze soda water in the can or bottle that it comes in or it will likely explode. 

However, you can freeze soda water in an ice cube tray or a cup, but just like soda, it will lose it’s carbonation and end up a bit more of a slushy texture and not a solid ice cube. 

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