23 Best Kool-Aid Flavors

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Kool-Aid is an uber-popular drink that is available in many different flavors.

If you are looking for the best beverage recommendations for this summer, then look no further. We are breaking down 23 Kool-Aid flavors ranked from best to worst!  

What are the best Kool-Aid flavors? The best flavors of Kool-Aid are grape mix, strawberry, black cherry, tropical punch, and a range of lemonade-infused flavors based on popularity with customers and how well they fit their flavor profile.

You can find a lot more beloved Kool-Aid flavors on our list below!

Read on to learn more about the varieties of Kool-Aid and what makes the best-tasting Kool-Aid!

What Is Kool-Aid?

Kool-Aid has been a big part of many people’s childhood. It is a powdered fruit drink that you can mix with water or dairy to create fruit-flavored beverages at home. 

The formula was created by Edwin Perkins in 1927. Perkins wanted to create an alternative to soda drinks that were, at the time, dominating the market. 

He thought that there was a need for an instant unsweetened drink that could be customized at home. Perkins worked in his mother’s kitchen in Nebraska and started experimenting with different food ingredients.  

He came up with six original flavors that almost immediately garnered critical acclaim from customers.

The drink became so popular that the company even saw a profit during the Great Depression – although its popularity is also credited towards its price drop from 10 cents to 5 cents. 

What started as an experiment with just six flavors has now become a global presence and a part of North American pop culture. 

Now many Kool-Aid flavors come with plenty of vitamin C, no sugar added, and more. There’s a lot to choose from beyond flavor. Although, flavor probably comes first.

With so many options to choose from, it can be easy to get confused about where to start. Luckily, we have the perfect recommendation list for you! 

23 Best Kool-Aid Flavors, From Best to Worst

Here are all the best flavors from Kool-Aid ranked from best to worst as per ratings, reviews, and flavor-authenticity:

RankKool-Aid FlavorDescription
1.GrapeOne of the original 6 flavors
2.StrawberryFruity and sweet
3.Black CherryDeep and fruity
4.CherryClassic strawberry flavor
5.Tropical PunchMade from fruit flavors
6.Pink LemonadeSweet and just a little tart
7.Ice Blue Raspberry LemonadeSweet, tart, and well-rounded
8.Tropical PunchSugar-Free refreshing drink
9.Twists Soarin' Strawberry LemonadeFruitier than pink lemonade
10.Mixed BerryMix of strawberry and blueberry flavors
11.Watermelon Tastes like real watermelon juice
12.LemonadeClassic summer treat flavor
13.Lemon LimeClassic lemonade with a twist
14.Retro Purplesaurus RexTastes like grape lemonade
15.Peach MangoSugar-free, caffeine-free
16.Retro Rock-A-Dile RedSugar-free, tastes like fresh berries
17.Pina-PineappleSugar-free and fruity
18.Strawberry KiwiNot flavorful enough
19.Sours Shockin' Blue RaspberryToo sour
20.OrangeTastes like artificial oranges
21.Sharkleberry FinMixes orange, strawberry, bananas, and more
22.Green AppleNot as strong as other green apple treats
23.Sours Snappin' Green AppleAlso not strong on the green apple

Please keep in mind that rankings for best flavors are usually subjective. We encourage you to try out all of these variants so that you can get an idea about what flavors you like and dislike! 

1. Grape

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This flavor has been a part of the original Kool-Aid roster since the beginning and for good reason! 

The original grape mix drink has been a fan favorite for many people. It offers a mix of natural and artificial grape flavors that don’t taste cheap. 

If you are looking to try a Kool-Aid flavor, then this is a great place to start. 

2. Strawberry

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You simply cannot go wrong with a tasty strawberry-flavored drink. 

This flavor is also part of the original six. It provides a mix of sweet and slightly tangy strawberry flavor.

It can be made with either milk or water and is the perfect way to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. 

3. Black Cherry

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What makes black cherry so great is its balanced flavor.

IT’s sweet, but not sickly sweet. And it doesn’t taste like other cheap knock-off drinks on the market. 

You get a pure concentration of unsweetened black cherry powder that is enriched with vitamins.

We recommend this drink for anyone who loves cherry-flavored fruit beverages! 

4. Cherry

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Speaking of cherry flavors, Kool-Aid’s plain cherry drink is another classic flavor offered by the brand.

You get fruity notes along with distinct cherry flavors that can be described as a mix of sweet and tangy. 

Kool-Aid has fortunately maintained its original cherry-flavor formula so you can bet that you will get the same great-tasting beverage that you have always been used to.  

5. Tropical Punch (Sugar-Free)

This flavor truly packs a punch! The tropical punch flavor comes from a new line of powdered flavors by the company. 

The tropical punch flavor is the perfect way to beat the summer heat. It packs a mixture of lime, lemon, grapes, and cherries! 

Now that’s what we call a fruit punch!

6. Pink Lemonade

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This drink tastes great and is pretty to look at as well.

The pink lemonade flavor has been around for a long time and it is bound to bring back some fond memories!

This drink is a perfect balance of lemonade that is slightly curbed with a mellow and sweet flavor. There’s a reason pink lemonade is an old classic.

7. Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade

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Get a burst of blue raspberries and lemonade with this amazing artificially flavored fruit drink.

This pack makes 2 quarts. The best part is that you can pair multiple ingredients to add flavor to it. 

Some people like to mix in real lemonade to sweeten the beverage but you can try any type of sweet treat to garnish this refreshing drink!

8. Tropical Punch (Sugar-Free)

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Looking for a low-calorie drink? Then we think that you will love this low-sugar tropical punch flavor. 

While most other brands offer a bland and tasteless powdered formula, Kool-Aid focuses on maintaining the original flavor notes of the beverage.

This means that you can actually enjoy this drink with any natural or zero-sugar sweetener at home without adding extra calories.  

9. (Kool-Aid Twists) Soarin’ Strawberry Lemonade 

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Stay cool this summer with a mixture of strawberry and lemonade! 

This drink is perfect not only for children, but for adults, too. IT has that sweet, fruity and tangy tempered mix you’ve always loved about strawberry lemonade.

We think it’s the perfect balance of both fruits and makes for a killer lemonade at home. 

10. Mixed Berry 

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If you can’t get enough of berry-flavored drinks then we recommend that you give this flavor a try! 

It’s made from a mixture of strawberries and blueberries so you can expect it to have all the flavor notes of both fruits!

We guarantee that you will love this flavor for how delicious and adequately sweet it is! 

11. Watermelon

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A classic watermelon flavor is a must-have. Who doesn’t love the sweet, refreshing taste of watermelon? Nothing screams “summer” more!

Kool-Aid focuses on bringing out not just the sweeter notes in this fruit drink but also its subtle fruity notes too.

If made the right way, this drink will be virtually indistinguishable from real watermelon juice! 

12. Lemonade

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This is the quintessential flavor that everyone must try at least once.

If you love lemonade like everyone else, then you are going to fall in love with Kool-Aid’s lemonade mix. 

It replicates the flavor notes of real lemonade and if you add just the right amount of sugar to it, it will taste exactly like a high-quality glass of freshly made lemon juice.

13. Lemon Lime

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Lemon lime is a winning flavor! It’s a classic and it makes one of the best beverages to beat the summer heat! 

If you have tried Kool-Aid’s lemonade flavor, then you will surely enjoy the addition of lime too. It cuts down the sugary side and makes the tangy lemon flavor a little more complex.

And it’s yummy!

It balances the citrusy notes in the drink and provides a lip-smacking flavor!  

14. (Kool-Aid Retro) Purplesaurus Rex

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This one’s for the kids out there!

The Retro Purplesaurus Rex Grape Lemonade is built to capture the imagination of children – and it also makes for a great-tasting beverage too.

This flavor is free from sugar and is a low-calorie and healthier alternative to commercial sodas.

If you are looking for a great hydration drink that also tastes delicious then we fully recommend this flavor! 

15. Peach Mango (Sugar-Free)

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Peach and mango may seem like an odd pairing but trust us, once you try this amazing flavor, you will instantly get hooked on its fruity and naturally sweet flavor. 

The best part about this flavor is that it brings out the flavor notes of real mangoes.

You know how cheap commercial candies and ice creams have that distinct artificial mango flavor? Well, this formula has none of those bad qualities!

You get a great combination of high-quality peach and mango flavors that is guaranteed to freshen you up!

16. (Kool-Aid Retro) Rock-A-Dile Red

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Here’s another great flavor that is specially made for children and the young at heart.

This flavor is highly nostalgic and will take you back to summertime!  

This flavor is made from mixed berries and zero sugar – so you can make it for your entire family without the added guilt. 

Just pair it with a healthy sugar alternative and enjoy the balanced fruity flavors! 

17. Pina-Pineapple

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This flavor has the right amount of tanginess and sweetness! This is a rather rare flavor that is seldom found in stores. 

You get hints of pineapple with just the right balance of sweetness. This drink can be used as a base for other beverages and pairs extremely well with savory food too!  

WORST Kool-Aid Flavors

Now that we have discussed all the best flavors offered by the company, it’s time to look at some of the worst offerings by Kool-Aid. Sadly, not all of them can be a winner.

18. Strawberry Kiwi

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Strawberry kiwi is a great example of a contradictory flavor.

Each flavor note seems to compete for the spotlight and you are left with a lackluster flavor that is neither exciting nor tasty. 

The only way you can get some value out of this flavor is if you were to pair it with other fruit flavors, like when making a punch. 

If you plan to drink this as a standalone, then you are better off without it. 

19. (Kool-Aid Sours) Shockin’ Blue Raspberry

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Sour flavors may appeal to the young but for the masses, this super sour flavor is a huge miss. 

This is the type of drink that you should only try once – just for the sake of novelty. The flavor is so strong that it can’t be paired with other drinks without making them sour. 

Don’t bother mixing sugar to “fix” it because then you will end up with a bad-tasting and highly caloric beverage. 

20. Orange

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Kool-Aid orange isn’t the worst flavor, but it is certainly down the list of bad-tasting formulas by the brand.

Somehow, Kool-Aid’s orange flavor doesn’t taste like natural oranges, which is quite odd considering that the company can pull off a long list of tasty fruit flavors. 

Maybe it’s the fact that we have already been overexposed and accustomed to the classic orange flavor in so many products – or maybe Kool-Aid just needs to tweak its orange flavor!

21. Sharkleberry Fin

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This flavor has caused a divide among Kool-Aid enthusiasts. Some people claim that this flavor is passable while others downright hate it. 

It’s made from a combination of fruit flavors like oranges, strawberries, bananas, and more. 

We think that you shouldn’t try this drink if you dislike the combination of bananas with strawberries or oranges. Which again, some really DO like, and others really don’t.

The worst part is that you can’t pair this flavor with other fruit drinks because of how odd it tastes! Even if you like this odd combo, you’ll struggle to pair it with something else.

22. Green Apple

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Green apple should have been a classic flavor by Kool-Aid.

Instead, it is one of the most divisive flavors by the company. 

You might think that a typical green apple flavor would have a tart flavor but this drink has none of the flavor notes of green apples.

It tastes odd but many people have pointed out that you can probably get some value out of this flavor if you pair it with other sweeter fruity flavors. 

23. (Kool-Aid Sours) Snappin’ Green Apple

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Imagine the same lackluster green apple flavor – but with a layer of sourness.

This drink may appeal to a small percentage of children who enjoy sour candies but for the majority of people, it may be a bit too much. 

You could mix it with ginger ale or other ingredients to make it more bearable, but if you’re having it on its own, then you might just end up questioning why this flavor exists in the first place. 

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