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9 Best Smokeless Indoor Grills

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Indoor grills have come a long way since the early days when they were too large and clunky to handle. Now you can get a fairly compact grill that can easily fit on any kitchen counter without emitting smoke.

These grills have revolutionized the way you can have BBQ at home!

Previously, many BBQ enthusiasts would only swear on using traditional gas or coal-powered grill, but now many are making the switch to smokeless indoor grills because of how versatile and convenient they can be.

What are the best smokeless indoor grills? There are many brands for indoor grills, but generally, the best ones are compact, inexpensive, and can be maintained without much effort. The best types of grills are also the ones that you can use again and again without fear of them breaking down. 

We have compiled a list of some of the best grills on the market. This guide along with our recommendations will help you make a much better and informed purchase decision. 

If you have been planning to purchase a smokeless grill, but don’t know where to start, then this guide is just for you — read on to learn more!

How Smokeless Grills Work

Summer backyard picnic table with electric grill and grilled sausages.

Smokeless grills are designed to produce as little smoke as possible. 

There is a need for some clarification here though — most brands say that their grill produces no smoke, but this is not entirely true. 

Smokeless grills do produce some smoke but it is much, much less than what you would see in a traditional charcoal or gas grill. The idea behind smokeless grills is to allow the food to cook without releasing caustic smoke indoors. 

BBQ smoke can irritate air passages and may also irritate the lungs as well, leading to many health problems. Also, grills usually require a lot of preparation time, especially if you are using coal. Traditional grills can also be quite large!

A smokeless and electric grill solves many of these problems by heating food not via gas or coal, but by using infrared heating elements. This is the same type of technology that is used in toasters!

If you carefully glance inside a toaster while it’s on, you will notice multiple red lines running down the device. 

These bright red lines are infrared heating elements that get super-hot when electricity is continuously passed through them. This causes the surrounding air to get very hot too, and this ambient heat is what cooks or heats food. 

Just like bread toasters, smokeless grills use the same heating method, but on a much larger and efficient scale.

Smokeless grills can reach temperatures that mimic many ovens — some are able to reach around 500°F and more! This makes them more than sufficient to produce the heat required to cook food.

A typical smokeless grill is built using detachable components to make it easier to clean. The grill comes in a rectangular box shape with a shallow heating chamber.

This heating chamber is where you will find the infrared heating elements on both sides of the chamber walls. The chamber is made from a special aluminum material that can efficiently deflect and dissipate heat evenly. 

At the base of the chamber, you will see a drip pan, and above the chamber is where the grill will sit. When the device is turned on you will notice that it instantly starts to get hot. Be careful when turning on the grill!

Many manufacturers use multiple fail-safes to keep people safe. For example, in some models, the device will only operate when the grill is placed on top of it, thereby shielding you from the hot sides of the heating chamber. 

The fact that the bottom of the grill has no heating element, only a dripping pan, is one of the biggest reasons why this type of grill does not emit smoke — regular grills usually smoke as the meat’s fat and juices drip down to the coals. 

How To Use A Smokeless Grill

Allow the smokeless grill about 10-15 minutes to preheat.

You can also change the heat settings on the side of the grill to control the heat and residual smoke as well – most grills will have just one fixed temperature. 

Remember, the smoke that comes out of smokeless grills is not caustic or harmful!

The white smoke you will probably see is moisture from the food that is evaporating. This moisture, or “smoke,” is going to vary from ingredient to ingredient.

For example, if you have marinated pieces of chicken thigh, then it might sizzle and “smoke” more than a regular piece of dry meat!

One can argue that a smokeless grill produces as little or no smoke, as if you were normally cooking on a gas stove. This makes them ideal to use indoors or anywhere with a power socket. 

Anyway, when the grill is hot, you may use it normally as you would any other grill. The juices from the food will drop down onto the removable drip pan. 

When you are done cooking, just turn off the grill and place the food on a plate! You can then wait for the grill to cool down.

Once cool, simply remove the grill plate and wash it using dish soap. You can remove the drip pan and clean it the same way. Many grills have removable plates coated with a non-stick coating, so they should be easy to clean.

We recommend putting a thin and even layer of aluminum foil on top of the drip pan to make cleaning even easier! Just make sure you don’t cover the sides where the infrared heating elements are located. 

Smokeless grills usually come with detachable components which can make cleaning and storage easier.

This grill itself does not take up much space, but if you want to keep everything detached, then you can take out the drip tray and the top grill to make it easier to fit in tight corners!

Some grills may also come with a detachable cord that you can fold and store separately.

Smokeless grills are known for their versatility and convenience, but BBQ enthusiasts can find it a bit lacking when it comes to imparting that distinct smokey flavor to food.

Luckily, you can get the same smokey flavor with the use of liquid smoke on the meat. Additionally, many flavor rubs also contain ingredients that help impart that distinct BBQ flavor to food, so you should be good either way!

Now, that you know everything there is to know about smokeless grills, let’s look at a buyer’s guide to help you with your purchase decision. 

Buyer’s Guide For Smokeless Indoor Grills

Prawn skewers with lime on electric grill.

This buyer’s guide is designed to help novice and professional grillers to make a better and well-informed purchase decision when it comes to smokeless grills.

We have divided the guide into five different sections. Each section will discuss an important feature that any great smokeless grill needs to have.

Smokeless grills work differently than regular grills, so while most grills offer more or less the same value, here are a few key features that you need to keep in mind before investing in them:

  1. Design
  2. Features
  3. Heat capacity
  4. Size
  5. Portability


The design of the smokeless grill will be a huge factor in storage and its function. Normally, a typical smokeless grill is about 2 feet wide, which makes it easy to cook not just a steak but a few sides as well. 

Most smokeless grills have an ergonomic design with handles on each side which makes it easy to move even when the grill is hot.

The grill itself should also be designed with safety in mind. For example, some grills will only work when the top grill is placed securely and the lid is closed. 

Because smokeless grills get hot very fast, you should approach them with caution. Don’t look directly into the grill while it is operational and keep away from the top of the grill as well.

Make sure to use metal tongs or other utensils to cook food over the grill — no plastic!

Smokeless grills come with an open top or a lid design, so you can also smoke the food with hot charcoal and cover it to contain the smoke.

While most grills only have an on and off switch, some grills may also come with temperature controls that can help you cook food at different temperatures.

The bottom of the grill must also have rubber stands that slightly elevate and stabilize the grill so that it doesn’t move around while you turn or move the food above the grill. 


Smokeless grills don’t have an abundance of functional features, but it’s important to buy a grill that has user-friendly features like slidable or detachable components.

This will make cleaning much easier and will allow you to spend less time cleaning the grill and more time cooking with it!

Most grills come with a non-stick coating that is designed to last as long as the grill. We recommend going for a brand that also offers a warranty on their products. 

While these grills are straightforward to use, they can break down easily due to their compact size and ability to reach high temperatures. Always check the grill’s brand warranty or promise for peace of mind!

Heat Capacity

Most smokeless grills are designed to reach temperatures of up to 450°F.

This temperature is said to be more than enough to grill food, but if you are looking to sear steaks or get a char on some burger patties, then it would be wise to look for a grill that allows for heat controls!

Usually, manufacturers will provide an on-off knob on the side and the grill will only operate at its highest rated temperature.

We recommend that you check the heating capacity of the grill that you are looking to buy. While 400-450°F can be more than enough, you might need a bit more heat to char food!

For example, some grills, while they can cook beef patties efficiently and thoroughly, may fall short when it comes to getting that distinct caramelization on top.

If you are very particular about the texture of your food, then you must find a grill that allows for more temperature or heating controls. 


As mentioned, most grills are 2 feet long and about 1.5 feet wide. This makes them ideal to place on tabletops and to cook steaks or skewers. The weight of the device should not exceed more than 30 pounds

While there are grills that weigh significantly less (around 5-8 pounds), the bigger and more feature-packed a grill is, the heavier and larger it’s likely to be. Of course, this isn’t a set rule, but it does make sense.

A simple grill with just an on-off switch will have fewer components and is bound to be made with a mix of lightweight aluminum and plastic.

A more complex grill may have additional electrical and mechanical parts, making it larger and heavier. 


Smokeless grills are popular because of how portable they can be. You just need a power socket and a stable, solid base to fire up an electrical grill, unlike traditional grills that require you to first heat coals or set up a gas cylinder. 

The size and weight of the smokeless grill also play a huge role in how portable they can be. If you plan on taking the grill around with you, then we recommend finding a brand that offers:

  1. Detachable components,
  2. A compact design, and
  3. A lightweight chassis.

The Best Smokeless Indoor Grills

Now that we’ve covered some important factors for you to consider when you’re looking to buy a smokeless indoor grill, let’s move on to our recommendations!

These grills have been chosen as per our guide above and will offer a range of features that will be suited for multiple uses. Consider carefully what works best for you and your grilling needs.

Here are some of our top picks from the current market:

RankProductBest Feature
1Simple Living Product’s Electric GrillA straightforward smokeless grill designed for portability and convenience.
2Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XLDesigned for enthusiasts and novice grillers. Perfect for a quick and accurate grilling session.
3Maxi-Matic Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ GrillSmokeless portable grill with a circular design. Easy to use and great for storage too.
4Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing GrillTop-lid grill with temperature controls. Simple design with removable components.
5Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5-in-1 GrillMulti-purpose smokeless grill designed to sear, broil, cook, and even press paninis.
6George Foreman Electric Smokeless GrillSmokeless indoor grill designed to be portable and lightweight. Perfect for a quick grilling session at home.
7PowerXL Premium Indoor Electric GrillOpen-top portable smokeless grill designed to cook multiple foods at the same time.
8Gotham Steel Smokeless GrillSimple, detachable, and easy-to-use smokeless grill. Perfect for quick grilling sessions.
9George Foreman Family Size Digital Smokeless GrillExcellent design, digital controls, and large-sized grill that is made for the modern BBQ enthusiast.

1. Simple Living Product’s Electric Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

Starting with a simple grill, this smokeless grill is perfect for people who just want to cook their steak without worrying about multiple settings.

This grill has a simple knob that can either turn on, preheat or turn off the grill.

It can reach a temperature of about 450°F and is great for cooking multiple things with space enough to place 4 chicken breasts.

It’s lightweight, ergonomically designed and you can also take it with you while you travel. 

2. Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL

Check Current Price on Amazon

Looking for more controls? Look no further than this amazing smokeless grill that has just about every setting that you can ask for!

This grill is designed for people who like options. Designed and sold by Ninja, the brand promises superior grilling quality and durability.

It’s designed to broil, cook, and sear food without any hassle. It has a 4-quart capacity cooking chamber and a top lid for more heating options and control.

The best part about this grill is that it is super versatile. You can do multiple things with this one grill and it even comes with a cooking thermometer.

3. Maxi-Matic Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

This grill is designed to be compact, powerful, and portable.

It comes in a circular design that can easily cook two steaks at a time along with some sides. It also has a temperature knob that can allow you to precisely control the ambient temperature of the grill.

You also get a top lid that can help smoke food without it getting out. This way, you don’t have to use liquid smoke and can just easily smoke hot charcoal within the grill. 

4. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

This portable electric grill is designed to have removable components which make it very easy to clean.

It has a slidable drip pan at the bottom with a removable grill pan above. The entire product is easy to use and clean.

With a simple temperature knob, you can either cook or sear food with ease.

The grill comes in multiple variations. For example, you can purchase a top lid sear-griddle or an open-top smokeless grill with the same functionality. 

5. Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5-in-1 Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

Why settle for just one grill when you can have 5 options in one grill?

This grill is great for pressing paninis, searing steaks, and for cooking a range of food. It has a detachable surface that allows you to either grill or press food without fail.

It is super easy to clean and comes with a high-quality, food-grade non-stick coating that will last a long time. It also has variable temperature controls that can help you cook food just the way you like it! 

6. George Foreman Electric Smokeless Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

Portability is what this grill is all about — it is compact, light, and super convenient!

It comes with a simple temperature knob and can easily fit in most spaces without demanding much attention. 

It is easy to clean and you can also easily sear and cook up to 2 chicken breasts at the same time.

It comes with a top lid that can sear food from the top as well as at the bottom – both at the same time! 

7. PowerXL Premium Indoor Electric Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

Bring the grilling experience indoors with this amazing open-top grill that is designed to cook multiple types of food thanks to its elongated cooking surface.

Made using high-quality materials and weighing in at just 12 pounds, this is the perfect way to enjoy a grilling session with the entire family.

This grill has a simple temperature knob and a convenient design that will allow you to cook, sear and even store the grill without a hassle.

The detachable top comes with a plain or grill-textured plate that you can easily switch depending on your needs. 

8. Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

You don’t need a party as an excuse to make BBQ at home!

This grill is designed to be portable and simple. It comes with a detachable temperature/power plug.

The grill itself has a high-quality grilling top along with a ceramic drip pan and a fire-proof base.

This is your answer to those sudden BBQ cravings. Just turn this grill on and start cooking. Its detachable design also makes it a breeze to clean! 

9. George Foreman Family Size Digital Smokeless Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

This product is what you get when technology marries the art of grilling.

George Foreman presents a digital grill that is made for the modern kitchen. With digital temperature controls, a slick design, and a searing lid, this is the perfect grill for cooking steaks and other sides!

You can cook two full-sized steaks on the surface of this grill and still have room left for a couple of sides. The lid is textured with grill marks and the brand promises a 3x faster cook-time than traditional electric grills. 

It is designed to be precise with digital touch controls and has just the right size. Whether it’s bacon, burgers, steaks, or vegetable skewers – this grill can do it all and more!

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