13 Best Table Top Pellet Grills

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Pellet grills are becoming more and more popular as people get to know how convenient and simple they are to work with.

Now, you can even find pellet grills in portable or tabletop grill styles so you get the simplicity of pellets and the convenience of portability. 

If you’re at all familiar with the pellet grill, these are great for bringing you hearty smoked flavor without having to worry about wood chips and perfecting the smoking process.

They work almost like a charcoal grill but with a lot less mess in the end. And you can find different types and flavors of pellets as well. 

What is the best table top pellet grill? You want to find something that is well-made and that gives you total control of your cooking process. Quality includes the durability of the materials as well as things like temperature controls, portability, and more for this type of grill. 

In this guide, we will share with you the best table top pellet grills on the market. There are some really great options out there so we’ve done our best to narrow it down for you.

You will find 13 really great choices here, as well as a buyer’s guide to give you tips for making a selection. 

Stick with us to learn about the best table top pellet grills and more. 

How To Choose The Best Table Top Pellet Grill

Let’s start with a little bit of a buyer’s guide. This guide is designed to help you make a fully-informed decision. Before you look at the options, consider some of these details so you can be sure to choose something that is right for you. 


While tabletop and portable grills are small by nature, there are still different sizes to be found.

You will want to pay attention to the size details. You should be able to ascertain how many servings or how many square inches of cooking space a grill provides. 

This detail will make a difference in making sure you get a grill that is large enough or small enough to handle your needs. If you’re cooking for a family of 6, you’re going to want something larger. 

As a general rule of thumb, cooking for six needs more than 400 square inches of cooking space. However, if you’re only cooking for two or three, you will be just fine with more like 200 or so square inches. 

Temperature Controls

Next up, you want to make sure the grill you’re considering has proper cooking controls. Being able to control the temperature and have a wide range of temperatures really can make a difference depending on what it is that you are cooking. 

If you can find a temperature control that uses PID this is ideal because they tend to be the most accurate. However, as long as the temperature can be adjusted and it really does change per your settings, you will be just fine. 


Finally, you will find that there are a wide range of costs and options when it comes to these grills, and any other grills for that matter. 

Your goal is to get a quality table top pellet grill and you should be able to do that even on a tight budget. 

Be sure to know just how much you can spend on your grill and then stick to that budget realm. You will find that there are plenty of options for different budget ranges. 

The Best Table Top Pellet Grill

Are you ready for this? Now that you know a few details on making a good choice, it’s time to take a look at the options. We’ve searched through the details to bring you the very best and we hope you can find something here to meet your needs. 

Below, you will find our top picks for the best table top pellet grills out there. 

RankProductKey Features
1.ASMOKE AS300 Wood Pellet GrillMultiple colors, PID controls, 4 lb capacity
2.Pit Boss 10697 Table Top Pellet Grill7 lb capacity, 2 cooking tiers
3.Traeger Ranger Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker8 lb capacity, cast iron griddle, digital controls
4.Traeger Scout Wood Pellet SmokerPorcelain coated grates, simple controls
5.Davy Crockett Trek Pellet GrillWifi operation, 9 lb capacity, accessories
6.Green Mountain Davy Crockett Wood Pellet GrillLarge capacity, app controlled, foldable stand
7.Pit Boss Folding Wood Pellet Grill19 lb capacity, folding stand, auto start/stop
8.Camp Chef 20-Inch Pursuit Pellet Grill2 meat probes, rolling transport
9.Pit Boss Portable Tailgate/Camp Pellet GrillCompact folding, easy to use
10.Cuisinart CPG-4000 Pellet Grill and SmokerGrill cover and shelves, folds up
11.Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill and SmokerPrecision temp tech, easy to fold up
12.Z Grills ZPG-450A Wood Pellet GrillDurable and reliable, easy to control
13.Green Mountain Trek Wi-Fi Pellet GrillHeavy-duty materials, long lasting, versatile

1. ASMOKE AS300 Wood Pellet Grill

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First up is a really sleek and classy option from Asmoke. This tabletop grill is perfect for things like camping or tailgating.

The cooking surface offers 256 square inches of space and the temperature controls use PID so you know you’re getting top quality solutions. 

This little grill comes in blue, green, red, or black options so you can choose what’s right for you.

It weighs about 41 lbs so it’s really not too bad to handle for portability purposes. You can cook a full rack of ribs, 8 burgers, or 12 hotdogs on the surface. 

The pellet hopper holds up to 4 lbs, which is a pretty decent amount. The cooking section does offer two tiers of cooking space. The controls are digital and super easy to work with and you get a sweet little meat probe to track the cooking process. 

This stainless steel grill is high-quality and it works very nicely. 

Notable Features:

  • Available in multiple colors
  • 256 square inches of cooking space
  • PID temperature controls
  • Comes with a meat probe
  • 4 lb hopper capacity

2. Pit Boss 10697 Table Top Pellet Grill

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Pit Boss grills are a popular brand, particularly when it comes to pellet options. This grill works awesome and it looks really awesome with the mahogany finish on the lid.

The materials are some of the best and this grill is highly-rated for quality and reliability. You will pay for the brand name here but it’s well worth it. 

You get digital controls that you can really dial in on. The readout display is LED and the temperature is easy to see and easy to set as well. The grill offers a slide plate so you can choose whether you want direct or indirect cooking. 

The temperatures can range from 180-500°F, giving you tons of versatility. This does include a meat probe and it operates 100% on pellets. The cooking grid is porcelain coated steel and it’s very nice. 

Notable Features:

  • 256 square inches of cooking space
  • 7 lb hopper capacity
  • Two cooking tiers for more versatility
  • Well-known quality brand
  • Temperature ranges from 180-500°F

3. Traeger Ranger Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

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In the world of pellet grills, Traeger is a leading name in the industry.

These grills certainly come at a premium price but they are some of the best quality you are going to find. 

You can purchase just the grill and smoker or you can upgrade your package to include a cover, a drip pan, or pellets even.

The grill has a digital arc controller so you can be in full control and easily make adjustments as needed. It even has a keep warm mode when you need it. 

This grill takes it another step and includes a cast iron griddle for you as well. The meat probe is included and it’s reliable.

The grill weighs in at about 60 lbs so it is a little heavier than some. The pellet hopper can hold 8 lbs and the cooking space is about 184 square inches. 

Notable Features:

  • 8 lb hopper capacity
  • Includes a cast iron griddle
  • Digital arc temperature controls
  • Reaches temperatures up to 450°F
  • The grill grates are easy to clean

4. Traeger Scout Wood Pellet Smoker

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If you like the idea of a Traeger but want to spend a little less, here is another great option.

This is a pellet smoker with a simplified design. It still has a digital readout for the temperature of the grill and a manual knob for making adjustments. It’s easy to use and includes that meat probe as well. 

The grill grates are porcelain coated so they tend to be easier to clean. This grill is on the small side and only offers 184 square inches of cooking space but this is alright for small meals or 1-2 people. 

The grill is a little bit lighter than the previous Traeger we shared, coming in at 45 lbs.

The hopper capacity of this grill is also slightly smaller. This just means you may have to watch it closely to be sure you don’t run out of pellets in the middle of cooking. 

Notable Features:

  • Alternative option from Traeger
  • Simple option you can depend on
  • Porcelain-coated grates are easy to clean
  • Simple temperature controls
  • Includes a meat probe

5. Davy Crockett Trek Pellet Grill

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Next up, check out this full package option that includes a collapsible rack, a cover, and even BBQ lights.

The entire setup is really awesome and stands apart compared to some of the other designs. 

This miniature grill looks like a smoker but it’s narrowed down in size to be the perfect option for a tabletop or tailgating use. This grill is made with Sense Mate, which is a thermal sensor that internally monitors the grill’s temperature. 

This grill has a temperature range that goes from 150 to 550, giving you plenty of versatility. The cooking surface measures in at 219 square inches. The hopper holds a whopping 9 lbs of pellets, which is pretty awesome as well. 

Notable Features:

  • Operates with Wi-Fi as a brand standard
  • 9 lb pellet hopper capacity
  • 219 square inches of cooking space
  • Awesome style and design
  • Comes with several accessories, including a cover

6. Green Mountain Davy Crockett Wood Pellet Grill

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This next Green Mountain Grill is a little bit larger and yet still small enough and designed to be portable.

It weighs less than 60 lbs and it has a folding stand on it so you can use it either folded down or standing up, whatever works for you in the moment. 

This features the company’s Sense Mate technology sensor to help monitor grilling temperatures. It also has that peaked lib that gives you some extra space as well as a probe to watch your meat’s cooking process. 

You can control things through the app if you like and it has a larger hopper for longer cooking needs. It also sports a utensil tray that just attaches and detaches from the side of the grill as needed. 

Notable Features:

  • 219 square inches for cooking
  • Large pellet hopper capacity
  • Foldable stand for more versatility
  • Control from an app on your phone
  • Peaked lid gives you more working room

7. Pit Boss Folding Wood Pellet Grill

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If you like the idea of being able to use your grill on the tabletop, for tailgating, or having the option of a stand, this could be a good option.

This pellet grill does have an attached stand and it even has wheels to make it more mobile.

It is heavier and takes up more space but the stand folds down so it can still work tabletop style if needed. 

This grill is made with high-quality stainless steel. It’s a top-notch grill that delivers results. It comes with the meat probe and even sports automatic start up and cool down features.

The controls are digital with a nice LED readout screen to help you out. 

Notable Features:

  • 387 square inches cooking space
  • 19 lb hopper capacity
  • Folding stand for added convenience
  • Automatic start and stop features

8. Camp Chef 20-Inch Pursuit Pellet Grill

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Here’s another pellet grill on a stand that is still foldable and portable.

This grill has a folding stand so you can use it as a tabletop grill or use it on the stand as well.

The stand has wheels for your convenience and it folds down to a pretty compact size. 

The grill is heavy, weighing in at 100 lbs. It includes 2 meat probes and temperatures that reach up to 500°F.

This grill has everything you would find in a large grill but designed to work for portability. Even the temperature control and readout are really awesome. 

Notable Features:

  • Includes 2 meat probes
  • Rolling transport that folds up completely
  • 500 square inches of cooking space

9. Pit Boss Portable Tailgate/Camp Pellet Grill

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This Pit Boss is really sleek. It offers a lot more cooking space for a portable grill and it folds up to be more compact.

You can easily use it while it is in the folded position for things like tabletop use, camping, or tailgating. 

This grill has 340 square inches of cooking space and weighs just a little bit less than 100 lbs.

The hopper has a nice capacity. This grill is also stylish with a really awesome copper finish on the lid. You really can’t get much better than this! 

Notable Features:

  • 340 square inches of cooking space
  • Folds down to compact reliability
  • Easy to use and understand

10. Cuisinart CPG-4000 Pellet Grill and Smoker

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Cuisinart is a common kitchen brand and this portable smoker and grill fits the bill for a good tabletop pellet grill option.

It’s not quite as compact as some of the other options but the legs do fold down for portability as well as tabletop use. 

The grill has 450 square inches of cooking space as well as a 15-pound hopper capacity. You receive shelves for the grill as well as a grill cover to protect it when it’s not in use. This is a heavy option, weighing in over 100 lbs but the wheels help with transport when you need it. 

Notable Features:

  • 450 square inches of cooking space
  • Includes a grill cover and shelves
  • Folds up for easy transport

11. Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill and Smoker

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This Traeger grill is perfect for the tabletop portable grill usage.

The nice thing is that it does have a stand but the stand folds down to make it compact and make it table-friendly if that is how you prefer to use it.

This grill has the round barrel design and only weighs about 62 lbs. 

The cooking area on this grill is 300 square inches. It comes with a digital controller that is really easy to use and operate. The temperatures are guaranteed to be within 15°F of the set temperatures.

It’s designed to be precise and reliable and the overall design quality is really great for this grill. 

Whether you’re tailgating, camping, or just don’t have a lot of space, this grill is there for you. 


  • 300 square inches of cooking space
  • Precision temperature technology
  • Easy to fold up and use as a compact grill or on the stand

12. Z Grills ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Grill

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This grill from Z Grills is one of the best sellers in this category. It’s got almost 4,000 reviews on Amazon and it surpasses 4.5 stars.

It’s another foldable portable grill with sturdy legs that fold up to make it more compact and to make it portable. 

This grill offers you 450 square inches of cooking space. The temperatures are consistent and reliable.

You also get a grill cover that works even in full standing position. The temperature controls are easy to work with and you have a digital display to monitor. 

This grill doesn’t appear to have a temperature probe but it is consistent and efficient. 


  • 450 square inches of cooking space
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Easy to work with and control the temperature

13. Green Mountain Trek Wi-Fi Pellet Grill

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Finally, we leave you with one last pellet grill from Green Mountain. The Trek is a portable, simple pellet grill from the brand.

It sports a large hopper and that peaked roof to give you some extra internal space. It also is compatible with their Wi-Fi technology, which is pretty nice. 

This grill is made to be solid and sturdy. You can even purchase an additional cart for it if you really want to. It is incorporated with the company’s Sense-Mate technology. The cooking space is 219 square inches, which is decent for this size of grill. 

The hopper holds 9 lbs of pellets, which means you can cook for quite some time as well. 


  • 219 square inches of cooking space
  • Heavy-duty materials that last
  • The latest technology to give you versatility


We hope that you find this guide to finding the best tabletop and portable pellet grills to be a valuable resource. There really are quite a few options out there but only a few different brands to choose from. 

The good news is that there is something here for everyone. If you need a large or a small grilling space, we’ve got you covered. If you want something on wheels or something that just hangs out on the tabletop, we’ve got you covered!

Which will you choose? 

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