7 Best Placemats For A Round Table

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Setting a round table for places and making it look nice can be a challenge.

If you like to use placemats, it seems like traditional rectangular mats just don’t fit properly. You just end up frustrated as you try in vain to set the table and achieve decent results. 

The good news is, though, there are plenty of options for using placemats on a round table.

When you picture a placemat, you probably picture the traditional rectangular shape but there are plenty of other options out there designed for just this purpose!

What is the best placemat for a round table? The best placemats for a round table are round or wedge-shaped placemats. These allow each place setting to stay in their own space with no overlapping corners, match the shape of the table edge, and help to keep the table looking neat.

In this guide, we will share with you the very best placemats for round tables. We’ve sorted through the market to find the very best options and we have found some really great choices!

Our goal is that when you finish, you will find at least one set of placemats that will work perfectly for you. Keep reading to learn about the 7 best placemats for a round table and more! 

Best Placemats for Round Table, A Buyer’s Guide

Before you pick out placemats for your round table, there are some things you might want to keep in mind. Not all placemats are created equally, so some of the things that determine which ones are best for you may depend on your own preferences. 

In this portion of the guide, we will share some specific information that may help you make the best decision.

We certainly can’t tell you what is right for your own needs but we can share some helpful insight to consider as you make a decision. 

Shape of Placemat

On a round table, you will want to consider the shape of the placemat. Since the table is round, the large rectangular placemats that are the traditional choice often won’t work as well.

You CAN use rectangular placemats but they may end up overlapping at the corners if you do. If you do use rectangles, be sure to look for materials that won’t be thick and lumpy should they need to overlap. 

Our recommendation for a round table is to go with a shape that is more suited to the table’s outer edge. There are round placemats that work perfectly for this type of table.

You can also use a wedge placemat that works pretty nicely as well, since these tend to have one rounded edge that lines up with the table, and a shorter side at the top, so there’s no frustrating overlaps.

Basically, round tables are a lot like oval tables when it comes to the right placemat settings; you want something that will mimic the curve of the table, rather than contrast with it like a rectangular mat.

Only you know what style and end result you will be comfortable with, but the shape of the placemat may just be something you want to consider. 

Size of Placemat

Another thing you will want to keep in mind is the size of the placemats in relation to the size of your table. What you will find is that most placemats come in standard sizes.

However, you may need to watch as there are options that might be small or there could be oversized options as well. 

If your round table is fairly small, the size of the placemat is something you may want to pay close attention to in order to be certain your placemats will fit comfortable for the number of place settings that you have. 

How to Set a Round Table with Placemats

Setting a round table with placemats really is not difficult. The hardest part is finding placemats that work for the round shape.

If you use round or wedged placemats, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you choose to use rectangular placemats, keep in mind that you may have to overlap your mats at the corners. 

Once you get your placemats set in each spot, try to space them evenly, leaving equal distance between chairs if you can for the best look.

It’s possible they will be touching slightly at the corners (or overlapping if you only have rectangular mats on hand) but it is best if you are able to put at least a small amount of space between them, even if it is only an inch or two. 

From here, you can place your plates, silverware, and drinking glasses using normal table-setting etiquette standards. (Hint: Napkins on the left under the fork if they’re not on the plate; glasses at the top right.)

7 Best Placemats For a Round Table

Whether you prefer something sleek and elegant or something curved and simple, we have got you covered! There are so many different types of placemats out there but we scoured the market to try to find the very best options. 

Below, you will find our 7 best placemats for a round table:

1.Famibay Decorative Wedge PlacematsWedge, 6 +center
2.Dachui Round Braided PlacematsRound, 6
3.Shacos Round Table PlacematsWedge, 6 +center
4.Benson Mills Pressed Vinyl PlacematsRound, 4
5.Herda Table MatsOval triangle, 4 or 6
6.DII Classic Woven Round PlacematRound, 6
7.IYYI Silicone Wedge PlacematsWedge, 4

We also have a full review of each below. We did our best to find a variety of both round and wedge placemats as well as a variety of styles to choose from. We hope that you will find something here that meets your needs. 

1. Famibay Decorative Wedge Placemats

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These placemats from Famibay are perfect for a round table. These wedge placemats come in a set of 7: that includes 6 place settings as well as a round center piece for your serving placement.

We selected a neutral beige color for our review but you should know the sets also come in mint, blue, brown, linen, grey, and wine red so you can choose the color you need. So don’t think these are too stuffy!

These mats are thin and simple while still providing the protection that you need from them. They are heat-resistant and the material is also non-slip so they won’t end up sliding all over the place.

These are vinyl and made with eco-friendly 70% PVC with a 30% polyester blend. They are durable and washable and should last for years to come. They are woven for strength and keeping food from soaking through to the table surface. 

The wedge shape covers a bit more surface area than round pieces and we love that this also comes with a center setting so your table will be perfectly set up.  


  • Six place settings and a round center setting
  • Wipes easily with a wet cloth
  • Non-slip materials 
  • Available in various color options
  • Simple but nice and quite effective


  • The weave is not super tight and drink spills might seep through to the table.
  • The mats can stain, particularly the lighter colors.

2. Dachui Round Braided Placemats

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This set of 6 round placemats is absolutely amazing. They are thick, woven placemats that will protect your table from heat and spills.

The woven material is cotton blend with high-quality polypropylene. These measure 15-inches in diameter, which makes them plenty large for place settings without taking up too much space. 

For this particular option, you can choose from a grey blend, dark grey, brown, or white. This means there are colors to match pretty much any type of décor. The materials are made to be both heat-resistant and non-slip.

The material will protect your table from hot plates and dishes as well as spills on the mat. Plus, they are very easy to clean. You can wipe them down or rinse them off. They do need to be washed by hand.

The company offers a satisfaction guarantee but we think you will be satisfied. These are highly-rated across the board. They look nice and can be used for casual or elegant settings. 


  • 4 color options to choose from
  • Tight weaves to protect your table
  • Wash up easily 
  • Heat-resistant and non-slip
  • Pack of 6 round placemats


  • More thin than they appear in the pictures but still effective.

3. Shacos Round Table Placemats

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This next set is another set of wedge placemats. This set of 7 includes 6 place setting as well as the center piece. If you don’t need this many settings, you can downgrade to the set of 4 as well. The smaller set does not include the center piece, however.

This brand offers a variety of colors as well. We selected a beautiful black gray but you can also choose from blue, beige, green, black and blue, burgundy, white gray, orange, tan, and coffee. These are made with a blend that is 70% PVC and 30% polyester. They are woven but flat and simple as well so they don’t take a ton of space. 

These mats are durable and reversible. They are very easy to clean and you can just wipe them up or rinse them off. You should be aware that water can seep right through the mat so it may not protect from spills. The mats are non-slip and heat-resistant. 


  • Set of 7 with 6 place settings, can also choose a set of 4
  • Multiple color options to choose from
  • Designed for decorative purposes
  • Made with quality materials
  • Easy to clean up


  • These were made mostly for looks and won’t stop spills from seeping through.
  • Some of the lighter colors do stain easily.

4. Benson Mills Pressed Vinyl Placemats

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This set of 4 placemats is the set you will want to look at if you just want something to dress up or fancy up your place settings. These come in a set of 4 but you could always buy several sets if you need more or want to layer them to get really decorative. 

These come in multiple colors including gold, copper, blush, nickel, silver, black, and off-white. They also have different designs available so you can choose the style you like best. If you really want to get snazzy, you can even choose shapes that are poinsettias or leaves for maybe holiday or seasonal settings. 

They are made of 100% durable vinyl material so you can just wipe them clean or rinse them off if needed.

We love that these just add a little bit of beauty to a simple décor. These placemats are designed for simple elegance and really made to impress.


  • Designed for simple elegance
  • You can layer and choose various styles and colors
  • Vinyl materials that are easy to just wipe off
  • Perfect for gatherings and holidays
  • Durable and reliable 


  • Will not help with spill or heat protection.
  • Some users had issues with paint coming off after a time.

5. Herda Table Mats

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With an eye-catching modern design, these faux leather mats are ideal for anyone who likes a modern look.

This fun and funky set comes in a variety of colors, including unique harder to find options and can be purchased in a set of 4 or 6. They feature a textured design on both sides, so you won’t have to worry about them sliding around on the table.

A damp cloth is all you need to wipe them clean after wet or dry spills. We recommend taking them to the sink to make sure you have an adequate amount of water to prevent any staining.

Another pro for this pick is that the unique shape works for round, square, and rectangle tables should you ever change your style.


  • Unique, modern design
  • Comes in a set of 4 or 6
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in several colors
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • May require putting an object, such as a book, on them overnight until they will lay flat.
  • Some buyers reported some difficulty removing stains.

6. DII Classic Woven Round Placemat

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These placemats from DII are round placemats that come in a set of 6. They are classic, woven placemats that can be used indoors or outdoors and measure about 15-inches in diameter. These are simple but effective and really quite versatile as well. 

You can choose from a whole bunch of colors and keep it neutral or colorful. There are colors like red, pink, bright green, aqua, Baja blue, orange, yellow, dark blue, eggplant, off-white and brown, or beige. 

The mats are made with 100% polypropylene so they are thick, durable, and very easy to clean. They are woven so they will protect your table from heat and spills.

These placemats are so simple and yet so charming. They add the perfect pop of color to your table setting, no matter where you are serving. 


  • Simple and versatile 
  • Durable and well-made 
  • Easy to wipe clean 
  • Multiple color options
  • Full set of 6 circle placemats


  • Some users noticed a strong chemical odor at first with these so they may need to air out.
  • These are very thin to the touch and not very soft.

7. IYYI Silicone Wedge Placemats

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Our final option is another functional choice. These are not “fancy” but they work well, especially if your intention is to protect your table and reduce mess. They do come in colors so they can be used to decorate your table a bit as well. 

These are made with silicone materials so they are similar to plastic but far more flexible. You can roll them up and put them away. In the wedged shapes, you can choose from brown, gray, mint, green, dark gray, or red. 

These are nice because they totally protect from spills and stains. They are also heat-resistant and non-slip.

They do everything that a placemat needs to do and they add just a little something extra to your place settings. They are durable and simply just wipe clean when you finish! 


  • Silicone materials that are durable
  • Easily wipes clean
  • Prevents spills and stains from ever reaching the table
  • Flexible and simple design
  • Comes in a set of 4


  • These may need to air out to get rid of the chemical, factory smell.
  • Sometimes cleaning them is easier to just take them to the sink and rinse off.

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